Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday catch up

I have nothing exciting or ground breaking to share. Not that I ever do anyways, but seriously, we have had a pretty boring weekend. We played lots of Wii yesterday with our friend Sarah, whom we probably bored to death. By the way I love the freaking invention ever....I think every family should have one.

So I totally said I would settle on a baby name, and I have not yet. Believe me, I am trying hard. I watch credits to movies now for gosh sakes, I have looked at old year books, baby name books, I even scoped out the names of other kids at preschool orientation hoping for some inspiration. I have looked at the obituaries for some ideas, how sad, how sad. When I watch TV now I am not paying any attention to the plot, just the characters names...

In between the name hunting, I am slowly getting the house together. The kitchen is pretty clean, and the rest of the house will be even cleaner at the end of this week when the cleaning ladies come. Yeah all summer I was on this grand hunt for the Martha Stewart of all cleaning people, and it just didn't work out. People "no showed" to give estimates, some people didn't return calls, so guess what... We are going back to the same Ladies we had before that we kinda got frustrated with. I am pretty sure they were slacking on cleaning the upstairs of the house, and I just didn't want to waste the money so we just dropped them. I am desperate to waste the money now if it will help with keeping the house better looking, and I am just going to be after them to clean the downstairs. All the upstairs really needs is some vacuming since we don't spend a lot of time up there, so I am hoping the price will be a tad nicer if we tell them to keep their tails downstairs. Plus, we are familiar with these ladies, and know they are very trustworthy, so I don't feel odd about them in the house when we are not home. Hopefully it will work out and be worth it.

I discovered that my daughter Rachel has excellent landscaping skills. This morning I was working on weeding the front flower bed, and my one and half year old was just going to town right besides me. She understands the difference between a plant and weed, and was putting them in the trash bag and everything. I was loving her help. She worked for a good 10 min before getting distracted by Laura, who has no interest in weed pulling. Who can blame her?


Friday, August 29, 2008

September 11th?

I went to the doc today, and since my docs office staff are huge slackers, they already booked up a bunch of appointments for the 12th for the doc to do, so they are unsure if they will let me in the 12th, so they are saying it might be the 11th, but of course they don't freaking know yet, and wont know until I go back next Thursday. I mean don't they know who I am??? Just Kidding! I guess the 11th is ok, but I am just irritated with them, and irritated I still don't have an answer on when baby day is. My cool sister has been there when I have given birth to take pics when the baby comes back to the nursery, and I have not seen her in over a month now. Not sure whats up with that, but I am getting worried that I wont have anyone there to take pics. My mom and Daves mom are camera retarded, and I doubt Dave's mom will even be there. Sorry mom since I know you read this, but I mean it in the nicest way possible, hey at least you will be there, hopefully unless you hate me now for calling you camera retarded.


Shopping Adventure...

Last night we headed over to our mall. I had a mission to get Laura's Halloween Costume, and figured it would be a good idea to stock up on some socks and tights for her for school. Gymboree had recently sent out a 20% coupon, so I wanted to put it to use. We let Laura pick out her Costume, and she seemed to like the Butterfly one, so thats what shes going to be! I did get a couple pairs of tights, but you know I broke down and got some clothes... I mean they had a sale going so with my coupon I ended up getting 40% off so I reasoned it...I picked up the apple dress pictured above, and of course those cute red shoes. Hey she needs some real shoes for school, and she went bonkers over them in the store, who was I to say no. I also got her another apple top and a pair of matching leggings. I figured it would make for cute school clothes for her. It's Gym buck earning time too, so I scored some bucks to use later in October...

I headed over to Old Navy after a Chickfila pit stop, and I am loving everything they have in there these days... I see myself doing some serious damage there after baby... The stuff is just really cute. I got the pink and green argyle cardigan for myself post baby, and a green light weight cable knit sweater, and another top I can't describe or find on their website, but its cute. I wanted a gazillion other things, but I better wait and see just how much work I gotta do post baby to get off the extra pounds.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Recap of Preschool transistion phase 1...

Today Laura had to go to preschool to meet her teacher and see her classroom for the first time before she officially starts school next friday. I was a bit bummed as they didn't inform parents of the time until last night at our orientation about this, and I had to be at work, so Dave got to enjoy this experience...

I did however get to prepare her for the morning which was interesting...It was just supposed to be a 15 min deal, so she just wore jeans and a cute Lily polo. The first outfit I grabbed for her Laura actually told me "no". She's starting that crap with me mighty early I think. I don't remember doing that to my mom until I was older... what the heck people??? I did however, make her wear real actual shoes. The child has lived in flip flops this summer, and before that her crocs, so I knew she wasn't going to be a happy camper when I pulled out the lace up shoes this morning. She flipped her lid. I had to carry her to my moms because she didn't want to even walk in them. She then laid on the floor and proceeded to cry why my mom and I told her how pretty her shoes were and what a big girl she was. I left and went on to work, completely stressed how her preschool adventure would be...

When Dave got home to take her, she was doing a little better. But then he had her show him how fast she could run in her tennis shoes, and of course she ran through a nice pile of dog poo in the yard, so her new shoes had to get a fast cleaning before they left.

Apparently, it went well. Dave followed the classroom rules by having her walk from the car inside the building. They frown upon it if you carry them in. They have to wash hands before heading to class in the bathroom there, so he did that as well. So proud of him for remembering all of this! Anyways, she briefly met her teacher with all other 12 kids, and apparently enjoyed playing in the play kitchen area of the classroom. Dave says all the kids just kinda ignored each other and played independently. Too funny.

Next week is the 1st day! She just goes for 1 hour, but this will be the first time she is left, as parents can't stay on this day. Then her first full day is the 12th, but of course a full day is like 2 hours, so its not forever and ever, but its still nerve wracking for me because I feel really really old now. I can't wait though for her to start bringing home all her little art projects! She is supposed to bring in some pictures of her family for her snack placemat that they are going to make already.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Super Yummy...

A brave coworker approached mean prego lady yesterday with a reciepe that she wanted her to make...I mean hello, I am not Betty Crocker.... I have hardly cooked at all this pregnancy, as I am just too flipping tired chasing around my kids. It's a wonder I didn't flip out on the coworker, I mean normally these days I would either start slamming things around, or cuss like a sailor. But I actually looked at it, and it sounded kinda yummy, and I actually made it to take to work tomorrow for her and everyone else. I did some tweaking to the receipe she gave me, as I wasn't motivated to actually grill the chicken ( I bought canned stuff, yes I know what a slacker, but hey) but its pretty yummy.... Dave said if I was going to actually be nice to the coworkers I had to give him some too to be nice to him, so we sampled it at home tonight....

You gotta try it:

Buffalo Wing Dip
* 2 10 ounce cans chunk chicken drained and shredded
* 2 8 ounce packaged cream cheese soften
* 1 cup ranch dressing
* 3/4 cup hot sauce of your liking- I used tobasco as its what we like
* 1 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese

Chips or crackers for dipping

Heat chicken, and hot sauce in skillet over medium heat, until heated through. Stir in cream cheese, ranch dressing, and half of shredded cheese until well mixed and nice and warm. Transfer to baking dish, I used a pie plate, top with remaining cheese, and then stick in pre-heated oven until cheese is melted on top.

Yeah super bad for you, but super yummy. Hopefully it will microwave up well for coworkers. I am sure it would do well in a crock pot, but I am not hauling that big 'ol thing to work....

I am totally making this for my party next week at the house.


Dude...preschool is serious....

Tonight Dave and I went to Laura's preschool orientation. She is going to be in their two year program, and she's only going once a week for like 2 hours, so I wasn't stressing it, but after orientation I am feeling like its serious stuff....

Laura goes tomorrow to meet her teacher for like 15 min. I will be at work so Dave is taking her for that adventure. All the other kids will be there too, and we recognized a few families from the pool, so I am glad Laura will already know a few kids.

I am nervout about some of their rules. They can't wear any sort of sandel or even a freaking Croc shoe. Laura is all about her sandles and flip flops, but of course we did go shoe shopping last week and got her some preschool approved school shoes. They can't bring in a binky or nighty. I understand why, but my kid is THAT kid who likes her binky at times when she is tired or a bit needy, and I would imagine heading into a new setting is going to make her feel a little needy at first. She also has a nighty, but usually just wants that at bedtime or at naps, so that should be easier. We will just leave them at home and not even bring them in the car.

I guess I am just concerned that this is going to be a huge shock to her system since she hasn't been in a daycare setting before other then when Dave and I would work out at the Y, and I am sure she doesn't even remember that. To top it off, her first full day is the day I give birth if this baby doesn't come sooner, and if the hospital approved the 12th, so I am worried shes going to be super stressed with all the changes going on in her life.

Dave and I didn't expect Laura to have a hard time adjusting to Rachel when we brought her home as Laura was only 12 months old, but she completely freaked which shocked us, so I am trying to prepare myself for another meltdown from both of them this time, as well as her preschool transition. Hopefully, because I am trying to prepare myself and getting myself super worked up then the actual result will be easier to manage.

By the way, I felt a total grownup going to my first parent orientation thingy ever, haha. I am really excited for her, and got the biggest kick out of seeing her name in her classroom on the decorations and things. I know regardless of what she thinks at first that she will like it in time and have a blast.

One total downer is apparently there is a kid in her class with a peanut allergy so we got this huge lecture and list of foods they are not allowed to have in the room, and wow, it must really stink to be allergic to nuts....


Some advice for you go getters....

Dear Marketing People from Home Health, and other Medical sales Orgs,

Please call before you are going to drop by, and there really is not a need to come by once a week to see me at work. Once a year is plenty, unless you are going to bring me food. I don’t have a ton of business to give you, but will use you if there is a need and your services are worth a crap, which half the time there not. Obviously I am about to have a baby and I don’t need you wasting my freaking time or trying to have me find you some referrals and put money in your pocket.

With that being said, I love drug reps and other professionals that take the time to schedule in-services and bring samples of meds, and food, and take the time to be polite instead of barging in, so if you fall into that category your still ok in my book.


Super Social Worker


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The big 5

Our 5 year anniversary is September 6th, and I don't know what to get David. Not sure if we will even be celebrating as 1. I have been a bit of a nutjob lately, and why would he want to celebrate being stuck married to me. After my stellar attitude while out of town this weekend it will be amazing if I don't get divorce papers, or get knocked off by a hitman he's hired. 2. It's Bay Days and apparently he has to sign up for extra duty for work sometime that weekend for the event or they will just stick him with some 3. I am about to pop a baby out so what is there to do thats romantic and special that wont send me into labor? Guess we can always go out to eat and just stuff ourselves silly.

We are doing maternity/family pictures that morning, which should be interesting, and scary, but may just be the highlight of the weekend. Stretch marks and cankles probably don't photograph very well. Happy 5 years sweetie hehe.


So we are back, and I didn't have the baby though I seriously thought I was going to yesterday as I had some contractions. I think I just worked myself up though as I was stressed the entire time. I was not excited about being away from home with two kids this far along, who missed naps, and weren't getting the sleep they needed. I also got two hours worth of sleep Saturday night which I was amazed I even got so all in all it just made for a stressed out Robyn. In hind site I should have just stayed home with the kids, but Dave didn't want that. In Dave's hind site though he probably would have left us at home if he had known just how cranky we would all be.

I am glad his granny is at peace. I didn't know her very well as just about the entire time I have been a part of his family she or her husband had been sick and they don't live around here, but it seems like they both lived full lives.

I don't want to grow old.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dave's granny passed away this morning. Very sad. She had been sick for so long though, so I am just glad her suffering is over. So I had said I wouldn't be going more then a hour away from home since I am close to baby day, but I guess I gotta break my own rule. You know I am stressing about going into labor while I am away, but I will try not to harp on it. If I do I will be a complete basket case, and those of you that know me, know this is wigging me out.

We spent the day doing some house stuff and prepping for going out of town. Dave painted the front door black, which looks amazing. I think we are going to get a kick plate thingy, and new door knob. I finished up the kid table. It looks really cute. I went with parrot feather for the color of the table (lime green), with black board chalk paint on top. The green was left over from some other project. I still need to paint the chairs. I think I am going to paint them pink. We don't have enough left over pink paint from old projects so I gotta go buy some.


Fun with Chalk Board Paint

About a month ago I bought some sidewalk chalk in the dollar store I thought would make for a christmas gift for the kids. I decieded to break it out early as sidewalk chalk probably would get more use when its nice outside, and the entire family has had fun with the chalk and our driveway. A particular male in our family was inappropriate with the chalk (given theres just one boy you can figure out who it was), and drew some not so nice things. Boys will be boys I guess. Anyways, its been a lot of fun, the kids seem to like it, so we are braving up and going to possibly allow it inside (shudder) because we are making the kids table chalk friendly.

In my garage sorting out mission, I discovered Dave had bought chalkboard paint a couple years ago with some sort of project in mind I guess. I saw a cute article in a parenting magazine where someone taped off the sides of the kids table and put the paint in the center then used another color to sorta frame the outside of it. So thats what I am working on. The 2nd coat of chalk board paint is drying now this morning. I woke up super early before everyone, and just decieded to do the extra coat. I don't even know if your supposed to do 2 coats but hey, its going to have 2 coats of that crap now.

The table is this little white table and chair set the inlaws got the kids for Christmas. I plan on "framing" the chalk board area in some sort of bright color. Not sure what, as I am going to try to use some left over paint we have in the garage from all our other household projects over the years, and I want to paint the chairs, and legs of the table too some sort of crazy color.

Most certainly this table will move upstairs to the playroom rather then the living room when done.


Friday, August 22, 2008

The Name Game...

I know a lot of people want to know what the heck we are naming this baby. I just don't know, its not a secret or anything this time. I really just don't know. I can't make a freaking decision at all these days. So I will just blog about it.

The name I had on my mind when I bought the letters I painted was Alison Emma. I have also considered Emily Alison, Alison Braxton, Natalie, Ashley, Annabell (don't laugh)Molly, and about a million other. I have always wanted a little girl named Ashely, BUT the husband has had two ex girlfriends with that name. Now grant it, before me, Dave's longest relationship was like 2 months or something really sad like that, but still, I can't be running into one of those girls one day and they find out we have a girl with their name. Yes, I am petty like that.

I really would like Grace to be the middle name, but then she would have a funky Momogram with two G's next to each other, and I like momograms, so I can't let that happen. Grace Giles is just too silly sounding so its not going to be a first name either, so Grace is just out of the question. Moving on!

A part of me thinks I will wait and see what she looks like before I name her, but I might be entirely too doped up by then to think straight. I have a baby bracelet I am just dying to get her name put on, and I really want to hang some letters on the wall before she gets here too.


We survived....

This morning we went to the outlets when they opened to do some shopping. I needed fall shoes for the kids (aka non-flip flops)and wanted to check out some fall clothes. Earlier this week I hit the gold mine at my fav. consignment shop in Williamsburg for kids. I spent 34.00 and got a load of adorable fall items. I found a knitted Gymboree infant outfit for new baby girl, and a really cute infant pumpkin hat for her to sport this fall. Those were the highlights, but I got a ton of other crap as well. My mission was to get a bouncy seat but they didn't have one.

So this morning Dave got home before I left for the shopping adventure, and he's off tonight so he went a long. I was tagging along with my parents as it was so it was just one big family outting I guess. Dad scored some "old man" jeans, the kids got shoes at Stride Rite. I didn't even take them in there. Laura acts like a crack head in shoe aisles or shoe stores, as she has developed a serious shoe fetish, and every other parent was in town with their crying kids. I just went in armed with my wallet, and a shoe from each kid that fits them now to eyeball it, and my plan worked fine. They fit the kids, and theres a little room for growth without over doing it. I also got a cute sunflower outfit at Gymboree for Laura's 1st day of school, and a cute little yellow headband that I am determined she will wear with it. She might fight me on that one.

We then went into Kate Spade, and mom bought me a nice new wallet that I may sleep with tonight as I love it that much. Mental note, never take Laura in Coach or Kate Spade ever again as she is also purse obsessed just like her momma.

I copped an attitude later as we were leaving as my parents wanted to grab lunch, and at this point I wanted to go home as I was tired, and I had someone coming over between their lunch hour to bring me something, but I lost battle. I thought about telling my family my water had broke so I could just go home, but figured that would just get me a quick trip to the hospital.

Oh well. Now I am home, listening to my husband giggle as he is watching Revenge of the Nerds the original for the very first time on HBO. Umm hello? I saw that like when I was 4 or 5. This may explain a few things about me as who the heck lets their young child watch movies like that? Yepp that would be my parents. The kids are passed out, and I am going to kick my feet up for a bit.


The Binky Sisters...

Yesterday the girls thought it was funny to sit in each others laps. I thought they looked adorable so I had to grab a picture. Would have been a better pic if those darn binkys were not in their mouth, but hey, at least I have Rachel off the bottle now. One step at a time...


Nursery pics...

I took these last weekend when Dave sat the crib up. I have since done some organizing of baby clothes, and setting up some stuff in the dresser. It's not a super frilly, girly room, but I still think its cute. We reused a dresser that has been in my family for freaking ever, and the little side table was my granny's I think. I need to find some curtains.

Oh yeah, I bought white letters to do the momogram for the wall, painted them, had a name settled on, and now I am rethinking it again... Admit, you just want to slap me too.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Doc appt recap...

Late this morning I ventured off to the doc with Dave. Last week I had seen the doc who will deliver baby girl number three, and has delivered my other two. It's just him and a nurse practioner lady these days. Last week he said I wouldn't be given the strep test and they would just assume I was a flunker with the big ole honking blood in urine specticle a week and half ago, he also said Sept 12th was the date, and they would check with my hospital to make sure it was cool.

So today I saw the nurse practioner. I like this lady, I am pretty frank in people I like and people I don't. I hated the midwife lady he used to have on staff, and I am very pleased she is gone. But I was frustrated today because obviously his office staff sucks in communication skills. I still had blood in my urine, but it wasn't as bad this time and since I am not having any other symptoms they decieded to forget about the kidney ultrasound unless I develope some other symtoms. After they got all dramatic on me last week. I hope they know what they are doing. I just finished all of my antibiotics so hopefully it's going away, and hopefully its not a stone and just a UTI. I guess by now if it was a stone I would have been in some pain by now. I just freaking better not end of on dialysis, but then again, at least I could keep my job!

So anyways, this is where the office communication skills suck. They did the strep test after they said they wouldn't give it to me. I think it was a huge waste of insurance money since if I still have blood in my urine then obviously I still have a infection I would think I would flunk the test from that. Maybe I am wrong. Who knows. Then they said they didn't call the hospital yet to confirm the 12th, but they would get on that asap. I really don't care if its not the 12th, but I will be mad if when I go next week they still haven't called the hospital to confirm there is room for me.

They said today that they think this baby will actually be in between Laura's weight and Rachel's weight. Laura weighed 6'2 and Rachel was 7'3. I guess we just make small baby girls lol.

I know I have been slack posting nursery pics. I promise I will get on that today. Life has just been a little hectic, and I am trying to wrap up loose ends. Of course like a silly idiot, I am going to have attempt to have a party at my house a week before I have the baby. It's going to be thirtyone gifts party. They sell super cute momogrammed stuff. I swore a few years ago I would never have another direct sales party, but I really like this stuff, and had never heard of it until one of of my friends had a party a weekend ago. So yes, I know having a bunch of people over wont help with stress BUT we have house cleaners coming earlier that day, so the house will finally be clean, and I think it would be nice to see some friends I have not been able to see in a while before life gets crazy, and its excuse for me to cook some fatty food and pork out. So hopefully the people I invite will come.

Speaking of which, its funny what people will tell you when your pregnant. Some people say I look small, some say I look huge. Speaking of which, I don't think I would have the guts to tell anyone they were huge even if they were like a month late giving birth. It's just not nice. I might think it, but I wont be mean enough to tell someone who obviously is feeling like whale. I am measuring right on target so I just tell myself I am normal.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My work day was super annoying! I work between two units and Wednesday is the only day I am a particular one and I am sick and tired of my other boss calling me to fix unfixable crap while I am trying to get some junk done at the other unit. She can be so freaking dramtic sometimes. She's such a nice person, don't get me wrong, but my god people. Not to mention a certain coworker who is leaving her job for a position else where is practicing her upper management skills early by being super bossy to me today, made me a pissy Robyn. We did get a free lunch today, so that always rocks.

Yeah I am so in need of a mental health day. Thinking tomorrow would be perfect.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More Giles Household Random Happenings...

Dave's part of the nursery is done, and face it, he had the hard part. I will post some pics later. I am going to organize the dresser at some point this week after work, and move some stuff out of the closets. I have the clothes pretty much organized in the closet, so at least thats done. I need to find a new storage place for our lovely Christmas China. Apparently, both Dave's aunt and one of my aunts think we need Christmas China so we have been receiving this, and I am just not a Christmas china person, and I have a feeling we will be getting this crap every christmas for the rest of our lives, and who the hell needs two different sets of Christmas China...Also, I would never give any set of China to someone unless they had asked for it and picked it out. I mean come on now. No offense to any Christmas China lovers out there. We have every day china and the wedding china and thats plenty for us. Of course maybe one day we will have big Christmas gatherings, but not now. For now when we have big gatherings I usually pull out the paper products since theres a bunch of kids. Hey, it makes for easy clean up.

So now that Dave is done with the nursery, and he completed some other missions on his list, I have given him another project. I want to paint our front door black. I have been wanting to do this for a while, and was going to do it myself a while back, but Dave says he would like to do it, so who am I to stand in his way, considering I didn't have a clue to what to do anyways.

So this is random but does anyone else love those Cinamelts from McDonalds? There are soooo good....Well today I learned some nutrional info, and it wasn't pretty people.... I mean , I knew they were bad, but just didn't know how bad...Let's just say when I order them for breakfast some mornings on my way to work, or if Dave tries to be sweet and bring some home, I always get 2 orders of them... well apparently thats like 900 calories...Yeah not good people. I am never eatting them again. But I insist, if you want to treat yourself, you gotta try them, and then go run a 5k.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

I was all domestic today and everything...

I saw this receipe on one of the blogs I read, and made them today and they are super yummy. Check out her blog its on my link list- she's What Would Kate Gosslin do... Of course we didn't really pick our blue berries like she did... I did go and buy them at the grocery store though and the fresh ones looked iffy so I went with frozen, and they were still yummy and super easy. you gotta try them..

Blueberry Sour Cream Muffins
4 eggs, beaten
1 cup veg oil
2 cups sour cream
2 cups sugar
2 cups blueberries
4 cups flour
1tsp salt
1tsp baking soda
2 tsp baking powder

Mix ingredients together (don't overmix) folding in blueberries last (and gently). I used my Kitchen Aid mixer with the paddle attachment.
Bake at 375 degrees for about 20 minutes (24 to be exact)

Makes 2 dozen.

So this has to up my 1930's house wife points....


It's some sort of progress...

I have been a bit aggravated with the house in chaos, the nursery not set up yet, and the garage looking like a homeless man lives out there. A few months ago I went out in the said garage and started tossing some crap, but apparently that did not do much good... either that or the homeless man is back.

I had just gotten back from taking the kids for a walk, tried to get a toy car out for Laura and nearly killed myself, so then I decieded to grab the dumpster and start dumping some crap. Dave had cut the wood for the chair rail out in the garage so saw dust was freaking EVERYWHERE, and little pieces of woods and mess ups were laid around where ever you looked. I don't know why, but the fact the garage is always so crappy looking, just gets on my freaking nerves more then anything. There is some clutter don't get me wrong, but it could look a lot better if he would just throw his trash away and use his little shop vac. I have a very hard time understanding it as my dad is Mr. OCD when it comes to doing anything, and his garage has always been kept very clean and organized, and he was always out working it, and my moms car has always been able to live out there. None of our cars have been able to ever be in our garage... sigh... Dad was always vacuming up out there behind himself, and always looking for new ways to organize an already organized garage.

Seriously, when I lived with my parents, I thought my dad was just an annoying crazy man half the time. But I have a whole new appreciation for his handyness and organization, and his opinions. I just wont tell him to his face.

So I vacumed what I could in the garage with the shop vac that Dave had to have one Christmas but probably has never used. Dave came outside, and I only yelled like once or twice, and then I just decieded to shut my mouth and be nice and just work. I figured the less I ticked him off the more helpful he would be, and I think it worked...

I even asked him sweetly if he could start to throw his trash away out there and use his shop vac from time to time, and he said he would work on it, and now he is upstairs putting the crib togther, so I have kicked started him a bit I guess. I am working on my calmness and patience, but I may have to get elementry school on him and give him a chore board here soon. I am this close to asking his mom if this is her freaking doing in raising him, or if he's just always been this difficult. Dave is probably this close to asking my mom if I am part demon.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Garage Sale...

I love going to garage sales, and I like having them from time to time to get rid of junk. Thought I am not a hard core garage saler, I try to go to ones around where I live if I see a sign out. It's always interesting what people are selling. A neighbor around the corner was having one today, so you know I went. The lady who owns the house I sorta know or at least know of her. She's newly divorced, has three kids, and it appears they were having this sale as I am under the impression she is either getting remarried or the boyfriend is moving in. Or maybe she needs the money to cover all the plastic surgury she has recently had. Seriously, she's had this mega makeover, and I am totally jealous.

ANYWAYS, I scored this doily that is framed for $2.00, the picture doesn't do it justice, and I already hung it in the living room. I seriously love it, and its just a freaking framed doily lol. I also got the cowboy boots for the kids to play dress up in for $3.00. I was a bit nervous about getting the boots at first. Laura really wanted them, but they didn't have a price on them, and the youngest son was naming prices for his stuff, and he was a bit out of control with some of his items. When I asked him he looked at me, and proceeded to tell me how they were his when he was "growing up" (he's like 10 now geesh) so I braced myself for the worst, but was glad he kept the price low for me.

They also were selling the daughters dance costumes, that looked hideously slutty, but I held them up for Laura to look at thinking she could use them for dress up too. Thank god she said no. I guess she has some taste after all.