Wednesday, April 30, 2008

So proud!

Well today was her 2nd swimming lesson, and she did WONDERFUL! No crying whatso ever, and when class began she marched over to the ladder to get in the pool. She was jumping off the side of the pool, putting her face in the water, and she was even laughing this time. Summer should be fun!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Freecycle rocks!

So far I am really likeing this Freecycle concept. I got the bag of clothes, and there were some things I wouldn't let my child be caught dead in, BUT there were some things that were fine, so all in all I was pleased. I am going to donate the things I don't want to Goodwill on the way to work tomorrow. My person picked up the vacume we had to give away as well and sent an email saying how happy they were. I also put together a bag of baby clothes of things that wont work for the baby coming along, and items I didn't want to take to consignment, and I have a taker getting those in the morning from my porch.

Dave had me send out a request for old kitchen cabinets as he wants some to hang in the garage for storage to hold his crap in. Our garage remains to be a nightmare, so hopefully some storage will inspire him to organize some of the mess. My parents garage is super organized as my dad built all this cabinets and shelves, I think Dave needs to just copy him, and I know he would be more then glad to help him, but I think Dave has some sort of vision.

Rachel update

welp... Rachel doesn't have 5th disease but she does have Strep Throat, so weird since noone we knows has it or has been sick. The rash she has is actually hives, and the doc doesn't know why she would have them as its not the typical rash some people with strep get, so shes on a Steroid for that. My poor baby! So hopefully no other family members come down with Strep, and hopefully the meds will kick in soon and make her feel better!

Monday, April 28, 2008

My kids are zombies

My kids have pretty much slept the day away, they don't nap or sleep very well at my in-laws house, and they even came here Saturday night hoping they would do better in their cribs, but no dice! I guess they are just used to us or my parents being around during nap times and bed times. But regardless my kids have been soo sleepy, and Rachel has a fever going on and a rash so I am waiting around to take her to the doctor. I was going to work today but I think the kids need some home time with me, which they are using mainly to sleep, so I guess Friday I will be carrying my butt into work when I usually have that as my off day. Depending on what Rachel has going on I might need to be home with her tomorow. I just hope she doesn't have 5th disease, cause its not so good for pregnant women! Her rash doesn't look like it, but shes has a low grade fever for the past few days, and now today the rash, but I am probably over reacting, so I will just let the doctor tell me whats going.

On another note I have been doing good with trying to be more environmentaly friendly. I have been great about using my own bags at the grocery store. I really like how easy my bags make it for taking things into the house, and you can really load those suckers down instead of having two things in plastic bag. I have been trying to use dishtowels more rather then papertowels, as this family can sure go through some paper towels just like that. I also joined my areas freecycle group, after I finally filled out the online enrollement thing correctly lol. I got rejected the first time as I didn't read the enrollment stuff close enough and see I had to put in some needed information. Tonight I am picking up my first free items from another local house, (its girl clothes in larger sizes for this winter) AND I have someone picking up a vacume we have had in our attic that my grandparents gave me a while back. So we shall see how it goes. If I don't like the clothes I get I am going to just donate them to the goodwill or something. It's a pretty neat concept so hopefully tonights experiences will go well. It's cool just to see what people are giving away.

5 products I love

So I wasn't tagged, but I saw this on the GRITS blog and since its raining and the kids are sleeping, I am going to do mine...


I really like the mineral makeup that is out. I have been using it for a year and I love how it feels and how it stays on until you wash it off. I have only tried the Bare Escentials line, but have heard good things about other brands as well. Sometimes I will layer it over regular foundation if I need more coverage and it still looks great.

This mascara is awesome. I first tried it on my wedding day since it was water proof, and I just love it, and have been hooked since.

This is Maybelline coverstick, and I have been using this very product since like the 10th grade and have not found anything to beat it yet.

Turvy Tumbler cups are the bomb. They come in different size with different designs, they don't sweat and they keep ice cold and just are the perfect cup I think.

5. I couldn't find a picture of this, but the last product I love is the Pampered Chef bar pan. Pretty much its a cookie sheet type pan made out of stone. I use mine for everything, and highly recommend you trying it out for bacon, as once you do you will never fry it again... seriously its that good... I also use it for cookies, biscuits, etc etc.

So we are back and we had a great time! Charleston is such a neat place, and I can see why people love it so much. We got there late Thursday about dinner time and explored the area a little, but most things were closed so we ended up going to Folly Beach and hanging out on the beach and pier some, and then having dinner at a place across the street. We were both pretty zonked after a long day of driving, so we crashed not long after our late dinner.

The next day we went back to the Historic area to where the shops are started off at the market. My mom wanted a sweet grass basket which are these crazy over priced baskets made out of pineneedles, sweetgrass, and some palm tree leaves, so we got one at the market for her. We also got a few other gifts for my parents and Dave's parents for keeping the kids. I even scored a cool pineapple thingy for Dave's aunt that I am going to give her for Christmas. We then to a few shops and I was excited their J.Crew carried Crew Cuts which is their kid line, as our J. Crews around here don't carry it, so I went a bit nuts and got some cute stuff for the kids. Dave even scored us a discount for being a police officer. We then had a quick lunch and went to a massage place to get massages. I am usually not the biggest fan of prenatal massages cause I prefer massage where I am flat on my back and on my stomach, and for prenatal ones they generally put you on your side with a body pillow, but this massage was awesome, and I wish the therapist was here locally as she rocked.

We then spent the rest of the day back at Folly Beach back at the pier and on the beach, and then had dinner at some Crab House that had been flipped by the famous house flipper guy in Charleston that Dave is obsessed with watching.
That night we went back to the historic area and did a night ghoust tour cause we are goobers like that. It was a neat tour, but we didn't see any ghousts lol.

The next day we went to Middleton Plantation which was gorgous. I am obsessed with the giant oak trees in Charleston and there were plenty at this plantation for me to gawk over. We then went back to the Historic Area and had lunch and did some more shopping, and then some hanging out at the parks. We walked our butts off this weekend and saw everything we possibly could. I def will go back.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Maybe not a future gold medal winner......

Laura sure looks excited about swim class right??? She was the class crier lol... yepp the only one... BUT she did relax some near the end and seemed better, so maybe after a few more times she will like it better. Funny enough when it was over all she would talk about the rest of the night was " Did you see me in the What-eee?" She sure was proud of her self regardless...

I figured being something new she would freak a bit, but she loves bath time, and loved the pool last summer. I just don't get it, but she will come around.

At lessons Dave got in with her this time, and I think next time I will attempt to be her partner. Right before lessons started I saw a familiar girl come in with her child about the same age. I recognized her from the school I went to in 9th and 10th grade. She was a cheerleader, and probably the most popular girl, and for the record she was mean as a snake to me. When I saw her my stomach just filled with the same dread from back then. I sat there ignoring her pretending I didn't know her, and after a while she turned to me while watching her child and asked if I had gone to her school, so I had to fess up and say yes. She was actually really nice and we talked for a while and caught up on our lives. She doesn't seem so bad now. I guess people really do change since school. I would love to ask her her take on things back then, and find out why she was so freaking mean back then to everyone that wasn't in her clique. She mentioned that she got a message about their 10 year reunionon coming up and she wasn't going to go as she hated that school. So maybe highschool life wasn't all that magical for either?

We are all packed up and ready for our trip so eventually when the kids get up an we spend some time with them we shall hit the road! I am going to miss my kiddos sooo much, so hopefully I can still enjoy myself without wondering every 5 seconds what they are doing.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yeah... so tomorrow morning Dave and I are leaving and we are not packed yet. Nor are the kids items for their getaway to Grandma's. They are spending one night with my mom and dad, and then the other two nights with Dave's parents. The kids will have just as much fun as we will I am sure.

Not only do we still need to pack, but I have to work today, and then Laura has her first swimming lessons this evening. Dave is getting the oil changed in our car at some point, and hes going to work tonight, which means I will be driving a chunk of the trip so he can rest.

I am totally unprepared, and disorganized and I hate that feeling. Last night I couldn't get any packing done as I was making a dessert for my boss's b-day to bring in to work today, and getting a card together for Admin Professional's Day for our secretary. We also went out to buy the crib for New Baby Girl. I had a 15% off coupon to burn and wanted to use it on the crib before it expired. The crib is just like Rachel's but its a cherry finish instead of white. Of course they din't have it in stock, (Babies R US never has freaking anything in stock, nor are the employees at our location helpful at all for the most part) but we ordered it and paid for it, and it should be in in a week or two.

The kids went to bed super early as they were drained so I couldn't fish out our suitcases from the attic as the attic access is in Rachel's room, and it wasn't worth it to me to wake her up to try to get prepared, so I will just have to settle for not being ready for now.

It looks like it will be a 7 hour trip from our house to our hotel. Prepared or not I am sooo excited!!!

Yesterday I had a baby doc appointment, and all went well. It was a typical weigh in, pee in a cup, blood pressure check kinda appointment, but they did draw some blood, and listened to the heart beat which was cool. I got props from the doctor for "excellent weight control" and instructions to come back in a month, and a reminder to go for my big ultrasound at Riverside May 6th. I hadn't gained any weight since last month, and overall I have gone up 2 lbs. I think its mainly because I am chasing around two babies at home, and I have been riding my lovely pink beach cruiser alot. Of course, the hard part with gaining is at the end when your retaining enough water to fill a swimming pool. Yeah that was me gaining 4 lbs in a week with Rachel near the end....

I have not been forced into maternity clothes yet either. With my first pregnancy I wanted to put on maternity clothes right away and couldn't wait to show. I don't mind showing, but I am not in a hurry to have to be in maternity clothes 24/7. It gets old wearing the same things over and over and over....

So as far as baby names go we have a few names we like, but can't come up with middle names. I think we will keep the name quiet again once we make our mind up. We did that with Rachel's name, as it seems when you tell people the names they want to give you their opinion on the name,and totally trash it. Then you second guess naming your child that. Or maybe thats just me!

Oh my goodness, my mom emailed me a Kate Spade coupon to the new outlet here in Williamsburg... It's good for 25% off if you spend $175 or more, which isn't hard to do. Its good until May 22nd, so if anyone wants one shoot me your email and I will send it to you. I didn't spend that much on her gift the other day to put the coupon to use, so I have been debating in my head if this coupon is a sign for me to go and by something for me lol. I need another bag like I need a hole in my head, but I am such a sucker for them... I am going to try to think on it for a while, and maybe force myself into doing something awesome and then using the bag as a reward for my good doing... Anything to make it easier to justify spending the money on myself. We shall see!

Yesterday on Oprah she had a really neat Earth Day special. They discussed composting, which I am interested in, but need to talk to someone who does it to see how much is involved and how stinky it can get. My grandma used to have a compost pile and she would use the dirt for her garden. Maybe I will have to talk to her about it. She used to have a veggi garden, but now she settled for a flower garden as it was easier for her to keep up with given that shes 90 years old now! My parents used to have a huge veggi garden when I was younger on the lot my house is on now. I am have been toying with the idea of having a small one, a seriously small one.

Ok so I guess I need to get going and head into work and start this day!

Monday, April 21, 2008

My Confession....

Today at work we had a insurance meeting. The financial casemanager comes to our unit during these and we go over each patients insurance with me and the Secretaries of both my units. She brought plants for each of us at this visit. One for me as last month was Social Work month and I missed the last meeting, and one for the other two ladies as Wednesday is Admin. Professional's Day. The other secretary didn't show up. She works at the other clinic and when I called to check on her I was told she was going to be late for work. I had finished up my stuff early, and had decided I was going to go to my other unit to take the other secretary her plant, and to get some work done over there. I had good intentions. I really really did!!

However, on my way over I rode past the Williamsburg Outlets....They have expanded and have 25 new shops, and some of them opened this past weekend. I had not seen them yet or even looked up what was coming. So as I was driving past them I saw these huge letters over a store : KATE SPADE

I did an illegal U-turn and turned in, and went right into Kate Spade, and molested everything in there. Seriously, I bet the sales ladies were glad to see me leave so they could wipe everything down I touched. I ended up with a sensibly priced bag for my mom for her b-day gift. I try to do nice gifts for her since she does so much for me. She watches my babies for me, and never fails to go out shopping without bringing home something for the kids or Dave and I. She's just awesome like that. So I got a pretty bag for her and could have maxed out all of my credit cards on stuff for me if I hadn't reminded myself I needed to save for our trip. Seriously, I want a pair of sunglasses, a business card holder, wallet, and like 10 bags from there asap.

They are also opening a Hanna Anderson Outlet soon! Yepp, my wallet is in trouble...

I left and ended up going home, feeling guilty I didn't make it to the other unit, but proud of myself for getting my mom something nice.

Directions for star....

So someone left a comment wanting directions on how to Alter the metal barn start. I found these directions on this site:

I didn't follow them, but I think they are pretty comprehensive. I just kinda eyeballed it and didn't use the tracing paper that they suggested. I used tape runner to stick down my photos on the cardstock, and I used a combo of tape runner and some craft glue to adhere the card stock to the metal barn. I had wanted to use glue dots or lines but I couldn't find mine.

I saw some really cute examples of small ones people did for Christmas tree ornaments...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Semi finished product

Ok so measuring and cutting angles is not my thing, but I kinda finished my version of the Star photo thing. I need to redo a few pics though as they are upside down, and it never crossed my ming that they would be upside down as I was cussing silently for trying to get this all adhered, so I am going to change out some pics and make them right side up, and then give it to my mom from the kids for either her b-day or mother's day.

I might attempt to make one more at some point, but no time soon as it was a serious pain in my butt, but like I said its probably due to my dumbness in meausring and trying to make nice angles.

What I plan on Making next.....

Today I got up and printed a coupon for Bed Bath and Beyond. I was on a mission for my Aunt-in-law's birthday gift. Her daughter gave myself and Dave's brother a choice of two ideas. 1. a small crock pot, and 2. Some sort of cups in her everyday china pattern. Turns out both his brothers family and us decieded to go with a crock pot and realized this later. Oh well, she can take one back, and get something else. ANYWAYS, while I was there I also bought one of those metal barn star thingys. It seems they are getting pretty popular in some areas and people are hanging them on the outside of homes. I think they are neat, but I don't want one on the outside of my house. I instead want to use my scrapbook tools and stick paper and pictures on it.

I first saw the idea from someone in my scrapbook group. A lady made one for another lady for her birthday that had pictures of the birthday woman and her family all over it. It was really pretty! So I saw one of the stars in the shop and decieded I need to try to make one, and I think I am going to do one for my mom of the kids of course. If it works out I will take a picture, and put a picture on here, and then make one for everyone I freaking know for Christmas or something lol.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


So this morning I ran a load of clothes in the washing machine, and was walking over to my parent's clothes line to hang them to dry, and as I approach it, I look down and see a f*ing snake. Now for the record it was little, but I have a HUGE fear of snakes. I turned around with my laundry basket and walked as calmly as possible back into my house. Dave saw my face when I came in and knew something was wrong, and all I could say was snake. He was my hero and beheaded it with a shovel. All you animal lovers don't hate on me. I KNOW that snakes wont mess you unless you mess with them, but I don't need a snake in the yard my kids play in, so if I see any, I am going to find someone to kill it. Don't try to educate me further about the subject, its just not going to happen.

I made Dave stay with me as I hung the clothes, and I made him go back with me to get them off the clothing line when they were done. Hopefully I will get over it and be able to go by myself back to the clothes line as I enjoy letting them dry in the sun. But if I see one more over there then thats it, its back to the dryer for good.

Mother's Day shopping....

I came across these mommogrammed shell pendants on the website
I ordered two, one for my mom and one for my husbands mom. I think they will make a cute Mother's Day gift, and I thought it was really cool that they engrave on the shell. They are a steal for $19 and that even includes the engraving! Once I have them in my hands and see what they look like in person I may have to order myself one....

My mom's birthday is a week before Mother's Day. Makes it so hard as I have to come up with two unique gifts so close together! I am hoping to find something while we are in Charleston that she will love...

Friday, April 18, 2008

Lilly Pulitzer

Another reason why Costco rocks. They are freaking carrying little girl Lilly Pulitzer dresses for $22.00 which is a GREAT deal. Last year they had them, and Laura was too little for size 2T which is the smallest size they have them in, but I bought one anyways for this spring/summer. I put it on her today and she looked so cute. They have them back in again ladies, so get 1 or 6 for your little girls or friends girls. I am going to buy some today as I need to hit up Costco for some milk and to get some pics developed to make some room on my camera's memory card for our trip to Charleston.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nursery stuff

This is the quilt that goes with the bedding set I bought for new baby girls room. The bumper has the lady bugs on it, an the sheets are a pretty red gingam. I really wanted to get away from doing something super girly (aka pink) and its pretty easy to find ladybug decorations, so this is what I made my mind up on as the theme. I would like to paint the walls a sage green color, and of course Dave is going to put up chair rail like all the other baby rooms lol. I am deterimined to buy a crib between now and next week. I have to buy a new crib because 1. Laura still sleeps in hers, and 2. Rachel still sleeps in hers. Laura is getting to the age of being ready for a big girl bed, but regardless my kids cribs are white, and Laura's will convert into a full size bed, I can't remember if Rachel's does or doesn't. ALSO, the dresser for this baby's room is a dark wood finish so I can't have a white crib. I had someone suggest I should use one of the white cribs with the dark dresser to be thrifty, and that's like saying to me that its snowing in July. It's just not going to happen. I can't have my child sleeping in a room with mismatched furniture. I would expect Child Protective Services to take me away for doing that.

Maybe my baby will not care how hard mommy and daddy worked to make the nursery nice looking, but gosh darn it, my own ego cares, and I will take pictures and tell my baby's how pretty all their rooms were before they got a say in decorating their own rooms.

Mother's Day hint hint...

SO my current camera is awesome, I love it. It's simple, it takes good pictures, and it's just pretty nice. BUT its a tad bulky, which isn't a big problem most of the time, but sometimes it would be nice to stick a camera in my pocket to have, and I could do that with this pretty one! Got to love the pink color too....

So... Mother's Day is the next little holiday coming and I just think that since I am a bomb mom, Laura and Rachel need to put a bug in Daddy's ear what mommy wants/needs.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wednesday catch up...

* My husband has taught our two year old the word "fart", and aparrently now if anyone passes gas in front of her she calls them out and shrieks " farted!" Yeah what a classy family I have... considering someone has to fart for her to say it... Dave is feeling bad about teaching it to her now, and is trying to work on a nicer word like "tooted"

* The playroom storage is put together, but we decieded we needed another piece so thats on order now, so for now the plaroom is still a mess as all work has stopped until the next piece comes for it.

* I got my hair trimmed and highlighted, I like the cut and the color is ok, but I really wanted to be blonde blonde, and its blonder but not a huge change from what I had before, but at least I wont have drastic roots coming in to deal with, so maybe the lady did me a favor.

* Dave and I have committed to going forward with sending the kids to private school, and are going to aim to send them at least through 5th grade. I know this is silly cause our kids are young and one not even born yet, but we agree its important they go to a good school, and our lovely school they are zoned for would be awsome but they bus in kids from downtown, and I have heard some horror stories. We have been researching some schools, and got the choices narrowed down to two, one religious based, one not. I guess I will just go and tour them in another two years, and considering we got a while, I have lots of time to be anal about the entire process, and be an over protective crazy parent.

* I am totally distraught as I went to bed early last night and the DVR thingy didn't record the final show of Biggest Loser, so I missed most of the show, and missed seeing the first girl get the Biggest Loser title...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The neighbors can be rest assured that my bike tire is fixed now, and I forgive them for the nail in the road. I know how silly for me to be so upset about it, but I just love riding my bike, and was exciting to have my bike ready for me.

The weekend has been busy and fun. Dave got the air hockey table out of the bonus room and has talked his parents into taking it for all the grandkids to play with. I don't know why as the table is pretty crappy but as long as its out of my house, who cares! We have decieded to have a garage sale again I guess in the next month or so. We just have some junk to get rid of, and stuff that didn't sell from the last one we had last fall, and we might as well get some money out of it. This time I think we are going to set up to have a place come and get what doesn't sell, instead of store it back in the garage until the next one, just to get rid of some clutter.

I think we are going to try to put together the Pottery Barn storage stuff in the playroom at some point today if we have time. So we are making progress on that room, AND I have talked Dave into getting a new TV for the upstairs. However he doesn't want to hang it on the wall, he wants to get a entertainment center for it to sit on. But whatever, its a compromise.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday ordeals...

Today was fun and busy. We finished up the lady big box project, and then I went to the mall to spend my Gymbucks at Gymboree. You know, I guess it can be a good deal sometimes, but not such a good deal for me today. I bought two outfits for both girls and even with my Gymbucks I spent a small fortune. Oh well! At Old Navy I bought my first pair of Maternity shorts for the summer. Shorts are something I dread when pregnant, but these don't seem that bad. Remind me of that this summer...

The weather was gorgous so we spent a lot of time outside today. I did some yard work and cleaned the pollen of my cars, and chased the girls around. I took them to playground up the road at the church and they had a blast. I love days when we can play outside. That way Dave can get a good sleep, and the kids stay busy and active.

Our trip to Charleston, SC has been booked. I had wanted to stay in the historic area but evidently its a small fortune a night to stay there and most places were booked. I rather spend the money on shopping, and sightseeing, so Holiday Inn Express here we come baby lol. Whatever though, there not that bad. I am getting a massage at some place Friday there and I am counting down until that let me tell you.

I had quite the moment tonight. Dave got me a pink beach cruiser for my birthday last summer, and I dragged that out today and had my tired filled back up, and went for a nice long bike ride this evening. All was well, until I came back to our street, and I ran over a frigging nail in front of a house on our street that has had some work done lately. Immediatly my tire went flat, and I flipped out. Dave was outside and witnessed my ordeal which included me crying and screaming in the direction of my neighbors house vowing to make them pay for a new tire. Pissed me off as I love riding my bike, and I had made plans in my head to ride my bike down to the shopping center tomorow to get my eyebrows waxed and possibly a pedicure if they weren't busy. I love my freaking bike, and my back tire is now ruined. Dave says he will get it fixed tomorow on his way home from work. Watch them be out of those tires or something, or give me one that doesn't match. I know I sound like a freak, and I should be happy I didn't get hurt, but seriously all I wanted to do was ring my neighbors door bell and tell them to have their help clean up after themselves.

Pregnant Robyn can be scary folks.


Dave and I made this for the baby's room. We bought it before we found out what we were having and I already deceided if it was a girl it would be for her room, and if it wasn't it would just be a storage thingy for the playroom. We bought the wood box thing at Michael's and I had a nifty coupon to get a better deal. We also bought the lady bugs at Michael's alreay painted, and just painted the box and hotglue them on. I left one side blank as I plan on either putting on the name in red letters or just one big initial, but we don't have a name yet, so thats one hold!

I totally didn't come up with this on my own. I have a friend due pretty soon who made one for her baby's room, and she stole the idea from another friend, so steal away!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

So yesterday was the big day, and when we arrived at the place we got there a bit early so we sat in the car and Dave was trying to figure out what gift he would get the baby if its a boy. For our girls when we found out the sex, we would go by baby bracelets and have them engraved with their initials. Dave deciedes if its a boy, he would like to go by little cowboy boots. YES cowboy boots... I just didn't get it, but I played along.

We went in and the place was really nice, and the woman who also owns the shop and does the ultrasouds was sweet as could be. We went into a huge room with some chairs and couches, and I hopped up on the table ready. It started off looking like a regular ultrasound, and she just flipped a button to show the 3d stuff, and she kinda went back and fort between regular and 3d/4d. It was really neat. It was kinda crazy looking because the baby is so young, so its very skeletel looking and whatnot. She then checked out the sex and told us, and we just started cracking up laughing. Dave was just certain it was a boy, and I have to admit I was thinking it was as I have been feeling different this pregnancy, and I guess I just thought I would get something different this time lol. We are happy though of course as we love our girls and love everything that goes along with them. We got a ton of pics, a CD, and a DVD, plus they also gave us some freebies like some samples of formula, etc. I thought it was a great deal for just $80. They only offer one package unlike some places that have a bunch, but I thought it was pretty comprehensive and she took her time so we got lots of time to see the baby girl. She says if we want to come back later on when the baby is further along its only $60.

Dave of course still says there is a chance it could still be a boy, so I guess May 6th Dave will get the final check to make sure its still a girl. We are pretty certain its a girl though, we even went and purchased another baby bracelet, but no engravings yet as we don't know about a name right now. I even already ordered the bedding.

I am excited, and at the same time overwhelmed with everything that just needs to be done. I am also sooo tired all the time that it makes everything else even harder. I went through baby clothes tonight for a while and started hanging up things in the new nursery. I had given so much away, but I still had so much stuff, so this baby isn't hurting at all, and somehow, someway, there are still some things with tags on them that they didn't get around to wearing. I sorted some things to give away that are just the wrong seasons, and I started a pile to take to a consigment shop, and tomorow I am going to call and try to get an appointment set up to drop it off. I was proud of myself for getting some of that mess accomplished. My next mission is to clean out the nursery that has serves as a guest bedroom/ dumping ground for things we don't know what to do with. I moved some things to the attic that we need to keep, but some of the stuff just needs to be thrown away. I was using one closet in the room to store my wrapping paper and gift bags, and now I have no idea where to put that crap. I guess I need to get one of those organizers that you store under beds or something to put it in. I am just running out of room! So that gets me thinking of some stuff in the attic that needs throwing out or organizing, and of course the stuff to organize the playroom will be here in a few days, and we need to clean out that room, and thats when I panic and realize just how much crap needs to be done. I guess I just need to focus on one thing at a time.

Dave and I are trying to plan a trip possibly this month for a little getaway for us before I blow up like a whale, and before theres another addition to the family. We were thinking about going somewhere nice and tropical and then realized that Dave doesn't have a passport, and mine has my maiden name on it, so I doubt its any good anymore, so that nixed that. Dave thought about booking a 3-4 day cruise, but I am not sure I would feel safe about being out on a boat in the middle of nowhere while I am pregnant, so I ruined that. Our latest brain storm is a trip to Charleston, SC, and right now thats what we are leaning towards, but that may change by this evening lol. But regardless, we are going somewhere by the end of this month I guess!


The 3rd Baby Girl Giles!!! Will update with more info later- been super busy these last few days!

Monday, April 7, 2008

It was a crazy Saturday as I am determined the kids banned together and thought they would give me a run for the money. We got to go outside some in the morning as it didn't rain until later, but man after we came inside the crankys came out of both of them. Rachel is my emotional child, and will cry at the drop of a hat, of course she's only 13 months, and can't really express herself yet, but good grief. Laura was trying to get into everything that she is not supposed to be in, picture her climbing on the dining room table trying to get my purse and what not. It's funny but when they get quiet I know they are into something they are not supposed to be in. Dave was trying to sleep all day (trying being the key word) so I felt awful for their behavior. Part of the problem was they didn't want to take their full naps. I even ventured up to the playroom ( I shouldn't even call it that yet) which was a huge mistake. I had not been in the room for freaking ever, and with good reason. The room is a disaster. It's actually a pretty big room, and before we had kids we had a air hockey table in there, a couch, and a TV and stereo. Well, everything is still in there plus 2 more TV's, none of the TV's are hooked up so they are taking up a big chunk of room. A ton of the kids toys are stacked on top of the air hockey table, most brand new and not even open yet. Some are older toys they got for Christmas or Birthdays and are not ready for yet, and some we just have not gotten around to opening. We also have younger toys they have outgrown but we are saving for number three. Horrible enough, when we have had birthdays at our house the kids usually head upstairs to play in this room and have left trash up there. Thanks guys. I just seriously never go in the room. I gave orders to put the toys in there to Dave, and I figured it was bad in there, just never figured it was that bad....

Anyways, like an idiot I take the kids up there and Laura finds a baby stroller and we only have one which causes problem since Rachel deciedes she really wants to play with it as well. Even a bigger problem- we have stairs going down from the hallway into the bonus room, and they both want to fight over the stroller at the top of the stairs, and every time I put them back in the chaotic room with me they go up the stairs. So we give up on that, and head back downstairs where I try to get them interested in coloring, which works for a while. woooo... They are not bad kids, they just had an off day I guess, and my patience just is not there. All I could think about during all of this was, what am I going to do with a 3rd? When this happens I just repeat in my head "John and Kate plus 8 can do it so I can do this" LOL. I swear sometimes I think I watch that show just so I can appreciate how easy I have it. I am in awe of her organization though.

Sunday, I thought Dave had to work that night for some reason, so I was prepared for another rough day without his help, but he came home from work that morning and reminded me he was off, AND he brought home breakfast for me. Big props to Dave. What a better day it was. After there naps we all went to the Virginia Living Museum, and I renewed our membership so we have another fun filled year there. Last year Laura thought it was ok, and paid attention some, and of course Rachel slept through most everything since she was a baby, but yesterdays visit they were both in awe, and loved seeing all the Fish. We couldn't do the outside stuff since it was raining, but they had a blast, and I look forward to taking them back. We then went to BJ's in Hampton which is like a Costco. My mom has a membership so I always take her card and she gives me her credit card so the names match up and I just go through the self check line to try to advoid someone looking at the picture on her membership card, and then I just pay her back when I get home. It was a disappointing trip, and makes me appreciate my Costco in Newport News. I only wish Costco sold Pampers at our location. They just carry Huggies and their own brand. Huggies seem to leak on my kids, and the store brand Dave can't stand how they feel, so we suck it up and he gets the Pampers from Sam's Club. I do everything at Costco though, from getting my pictures developed, to buying the kids milk.

So last night I sat down with Dave after the kids went to bed, and told him I was about to spend a small fortune on Pottery Barn Kids play room storage. At first he tried to tell me he was going to build the storage himself, and then I reminded him of all the other projects he has paint a new nursery, tile our master bathroom, build a playset outside, paint the hallway, etc etc etc and he gave in and gave me his blessing. So within a week I want the airhockey table out of there and either thrown away or given away. I don't care at this point, but after years of talking about getting the playroom ready, we are going to get that damn room ready.

I want to buy a small cheap off brand Flat screen TV for the room. Surprisingly, Dave doesn't want us to. I was shocked since hes all about TV's. He wants to use one of the TV's we have upstairs and put it in an entertainment center. His view is we can store all their DVD's in one place (and I am sure his playstation, video game crap as well)my view is I want something mounted to the wall and not taking up any space as the kids have a ton of toys and need the room. I am not looking at getting something huge or expensive, I just wanted something cheap but flat and with a built in DVD player. I may lose this battle though....and personally I don't care as long as we can have the room set up for the kids asap.

So today might just be the big day if the baby will show its privates. I could hardly sleep last night, and I am dying to see it again and especially in 3d/4d. It's been rainy here so I am thinking Dave may not be able to play golf after all. I took today off after all, and I think I will spend some of the day buying stuff for the baby if we can find out the sex!!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fun with free photo shop

I have been wanting photoshop for freaking ever but the real deal is pretty expensive and seems pretty hard to use considering I have seen magazine and books dedicated to helping people learn how to do cool stuff with it. My sister bought an smaller scale edition of it but hasn't used it yet, and I am dying for her to hook it up so I can see what you can do with it. However I came across this link today for a freebie version that is good enough for me for the moment. Here is one example that I did of it today with Rachel. Check out the link to sign up.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Craft showed out...

I went this morning up to Richmond with my parents, my girls, and my nephew Jake to the infamous Bizarre Bazzar craft show. I had a moment yesterday when I found out Jake was tagging along, not that I didn't want him to be with us, but rather with two car seats, and the double stroller it makes my parents car pretty tight and they have the same car Dave and I have, the expedition. So I had some concerns about where I was going to put all the awesome stuff I was going to buy. I threatend to drive myself, but my family told me I was being insane and that there would be plenty of room. Of course everything I bought fit in my Land's End tote so once again I am just going to blame my insaneness on the baby in my belly.

The spring show is never as big as the Christmas show, but its still super cute and good. I was happy that it wasn't as crowded, so that made it easier on my dad who was entertaining the Gile's girls. One booth was selling sheets for your bed, and I may have totally wasted my money on them, as the deal is just too good to be true. They are brand new, 400 thread count, and any size you wanted from twin to cal king was just $22.00. I bought one set as we need sheets for our new mattress for our master bedroom, and I want to see if after one washing if they fall apart. But hey for the price I just need to test it out, and if they work out great! I also found Laura some flip flops. Last summer I paid a crazy amount for some cute ones from Gymboree, and Laura threw a fit and refused to wear them as she did not want anything between her toes. This year however she started putting my flip flops on and clops through the house in them. On my trip to PA I bought her some tacky glittery ones from the Disney Store to test out again, and SHE LOVES them. She tracks them down every morning even after I put her in different shoes and has a fit until they are on. Last night she even slept in her bed with them. Rachel however is going through the same phase as Laura last year, and hates anything in her toes so I didn't get her any flip flops at the show. Shhhh don't tell her...

I got some silver shells. I am guessing that they are real shells diped in silver or something that resembles silver, their pretty regardless, and I want to arrange them in a clear vase or something in the house with these blue shells I got at the Christmas show last December. I also bought some bag that has a liner inside. I can either use it as a lunch bag or a dirty diaper bag, and lots of other stuff. I think it would be also good for putting wet bathing suits in it for the pool or beach. And that's all I got. Dave is going to be so proud of me for not going crazy and spending more. I used serious self control and reminded myself that my work car needs new brakes between now and when I go back to work next week. Damn that car for holding me back lol!

So this weekend I am not sure what we have planned. Dave is working nights so the days I will spend it entertaining the kids, and its supposed to rain all day tomorow which is crummy cause I hate staying inside all day. I rather take the kids out so they can burn off their energy, makes for a happier mommy!

A while back I read a blog on someone I am friends with through Myspace who inspired me to take my own bags to grocery stores. I did it once and then I fell off the bandwagon. I had a moment when I went to Walmart and at the last second didn't take my bags in as I was afraid they would think I was shop lifting or something if they saw me go in with a bunch of tote bags. Silly I know! Anyways, the secretary at one of my units told me she started doing it and she thought the same thing, and also worried that her older kids would be embarrased if she did it in front of them, but she says the stores are nice about it and no cashier seems bothered. I have decieded I will try again. Will be interesting to see how long I last this time. I think the trick for me will be to store some in my car so I have them when I make spur of the moment stops.

Something else I am going to try sometime this lifetime, maybe even this weekend, are veggi purees in food. Jessica Seinfield wrote a cookbook on it, as she had a hard time getting her kids to eat veggies, so she started purreing them and adding it to normal dishes. Think purreed sweet potatoes in pancake batter and you get the idea. I got the cookbook for Christmas, but have not tried anything out. I have never pureed anything in my life either, so this should be interesting. Hopefully it will be easy enough and I will be inspired to make my own baby food for our baby on the way so I can be like my cool friend Jamie who is mom of the year for making her own baby food.

Another Gymborree line coming out....

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bathing suit shopping...

Now in my wildest dreams I can only hope to look like this during the summer while pregnant. Her belly is probably smaller then mine is non-pregnant. Anyways, I came across this shop that is based out of Richmond that has some cute maternity clothes. A bit on the pricey side but I didn't think it was a bad price for a bathing suit. I am a bit nervous that its going to be too small, and since its on clearance there are no returns, so I just got the biggest one they had and will cross my fingers I can squeeze in it, and that it will cover the belly. If all else fails I will just sell the bathing suit to some other pregnant person on Ebay, and be bitter that they are skinner then me.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Yepp, my pregnancy attitude is just the best. I can be so freaking irritable when I have a baby in my belly. Monday I had planned to take off since our ultrasound appointment is at 10am, and hopefully we will find out the gender (with my luck we wont), and then I had wanted to get the baby something special to celebrate what it is, and then have a nice lunch with the husband. However, my husbands plan is to go with me, rush back home, get his golf crap together and then meet his BFF for a round of golf. Not my idea of a special day butt head!!! However, apparently they are going to some snobby golf course for free and I hate to disappoint my husband as I know how much he loves golf and how he lets me run off and have my free time, so I can't say anything when I am soooo tempted to just smack him with the mop. I actually hit him with a mop last weekend but thats another story, and I have been asked to work on my temper lol.

I am also irritated as he only has like one weekend off a month with his stupid schedule, and I look forward to them. I don't know why as everyone else in the world wants his attention then as well, but I still hold out an hope to have him to myself with the kids. Of course though he and his brother are making plans to go freaking Turkey hunting at his grannys on that weekend. He hasn't hunted since college, but apparently he just has to go and kill a poor turkey immedialty or hes not a man.

I mentioned the other night that I just wanted one day to lay in bed and watch TV and nap and not have to worry about the kids AND not feel guilty about someone watching them. I don't know what it is, but I get this overwhelming feeling of guilt if someone watches the kids and its not due to me being at work or something else important. I think its a female thing as men have no problem with this. But if I did this, and had my parents watch them, I wouldn't be able to enjoy the day as I would just think what a crappy mom I was for not using a day off to spend time with them. After I explain this to Dave he says he has a great plan, and his plan is to take the kids with him when he goes hunting, in hopes that it is his moms turn to be taking care of his ill granny, and have his mom not only take care of her but also the girls. That idea does not make me feel guilt free and willing to lounge around all weekend while my kids are several hours are away from me. The idea set me off and I in fact told him the idea sucked, and if my kids were heading several hours away I would be with them.

So just a warning that my blogs may be rants for quite sometime, and that I will try my best work on my 'tude, and someone may want to suggest to my husband that I need some butt kissing big time. Like every day.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Monday might be the day!

I never got a really cool 3d or 4d ultrasound with my first two kiddos, and with this baby I decieded I wanted to do it. My docs office doesn't have one of those machines, and at my last appointment he pretty much told me he doesn't like those places that just offer the "fun" ultrasounds places as he feels it should be done only in doc office. I see his point, but still I want to get one done, so don't tell my doctor I am going. SHHHH!!!!!!

I found a place in Chesapeake which is a bit of a hike away that does them, and I called got a message saying to leave my name and someone would call me back in the evening. So I left a message and gave my number where they could reach my in the evening. I got a not so nice message back from them today when I was at work saying they can't call me in the evening as noone is in the office then, and they needed me to call back with more info ( I don't care if they don't but their stupid message said thats only when they call). ANYWAYS, according to their website they can tell you the gender as early as 18 weeks.

I also found a place in Hampton which is much closer that does the same thing. I was a bit hesitant at first as I am not a big Hampton person and was wondering what kind of establishment it was, but after looking into it I think its fine. The owner who is a nurse says she will tell people at 16 weeks, which is where I am almost at and will be at by Monday. OK OK I know there is a possibility that they can totally be wrong at that is pretty early for them to tell you, but I have my main one from the doctor a few weeks later, so I can get complete confirmation then. I know I sound like a complete nut ball, but I just want to know. I don't know how some people go the entire time without finding out. I think it would be cool to be surprised, but I like to prepare. Personally, the gender neutral clothes I got before I knew I was having a girl with my first baby, I never put her in as I wanted her to wear the cute girly stuff rather then a yellow outfit. I also want to have a fun nursery all planned out in a boy or girl theme.

I will confess one thing. I have been looking pretty hard at boy stuff. I don't really feel one way or the other about what I think I will have, but because I never really looked at boy stuff before and I have been thinking about what I would buy if I had a boy and scanning the Pottery Barn baby boy stuff pretty fierce. Regardless though I will be excited and love him or her no matter what!

What not to wear

So I found a new blog I like read and they just did an article that is now making me rethink my work clothing. Read the article first here

I work in a pretty casual enviornment. The nurses wear whatever scrubs they want, and other staff like myself which is like 2-3 other people just dress casual. There isn't a dress code, and its just not a dress up place. I guess I COULD wear a nice suit from time to time, and if there is some crazy mondo meeting I do make more of an effort to be pulled together.

So here are a few rules of casual work dresscodes I have broken according to the blog. I have been guilty of wearing flip flops to work. I think I first did this when I was pregnant with my first and my feet were so swollen I just went with what felt best. However, I admit to wearing them when I have not been pregnant, and sometimes it has been because I like to look at my pretty pedicured toes after I get them done. One time when I was pregnant I even wore slippers to work. In my defense they sorta resembled Uggs, or at least I hoped they would. Someone called me out on it. Crocs are also a nono according to the writter. Nurses at the unit sometimes wear them, although they are cracking down on it with them if they have the holes as blood could get in their shoes, but yes I have worn them as well, and yes they are ugly as can be but man don't they feel good? I have also done the tennis shoe bit from time to time.

Don't get me wrong, I know that sometimes this may make me appear to be unprofessional when I am in a professional placement, but in my defense most of my work is done in the privacy of my office as its basically a paperwork job. But maybe I do need to work on my dress especially since I tend to slack on it during pregnancies.