Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mary Braxton Hudgins

She was my granny. My momma's mom. Today she passed away. This is my granny with Alzhiemers, who had been staying at a special care unit for a few years. Apparently for a few days she had stopped eatting and was refusing to take her medications, but today it got worse. My mom and Dad went to be with her, and I left work and met them there. She was just laying in her room with her mouth open and taking shallow breaths, while sleeping. A hospice nurse had come and enrolled her in their program, but she didn't have to do much else as my granny was pretty comfortable and was very peaceful, so she left. We stayed for a while, and we were told it could be hours or it could be a day or so. We said our goodbyes to her, and my mom wanted me to drive her home. On our way home my aunt called to say she had passed and my aunt was with her when it happend. Everything is fine, and I know she is in a better place. I know she is with my grandfather once again who died when I was two. I know she is with my great grandparents that I was honored of knowing as well, and of course I know she is with my cousin, her grandchild. She's kinda been gone for quite a while now, but now she can totally be at rest.

She was such an awesome granny. She spoiled me and my cousin rotten, as well as my sisters. She got to do so much traveling with her lifelong best friend MaryJane. I envy the friendship they had. Friends since they were little, and friends in their old age.

I just can't believe shes really gone now, but I am glad she's free. I wish my kids had a chance to know her, but I guess all I can do now is tell them all stories about her.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


So far I have not bought any supplies or food for my daughter's 2nd birthday party this coming Saturday. I have not even ordered a cake yet, but you can bet I made a decoration thingy for her party... Any time I can use my scrapbook supplies I am game. These shadow box frame things are so cool and you can order them from a Creative Memories consultant in black or white... They are worth the money, and I can already swear to you I will be using mine for years and years to come...

Monday, January 28, 2008

Is it almost over?

Apparently it appears, cross your fingers, that its a 24 hour bug, as we are begining to feel better. I totally feel like I have the worst hangover ever... The kids have slept most of the day, with the exception of the times they were throwing up on myself or Dave. Yeah not one of the prettier things that come a long with parenthood I tell you.

I hope we have not infected all that have come in contact with us the last few days I tell ya. I do not wish this on my enemies.

Speaking of enemies, an old friend of mine that I have blogged about some, who was having all kinds of marriage problems, and had reconciled with her cheating with minors husband. Yeah the friend that only comes around these days when she needs something, and then disappears for months and months. Anyways, someone was telling me a week ago they heard there were some more marital problems going on still, and low and behold I got a text from my old friend. It was a simple text just seeing how we all were. But it totally figures as now that her life is falling apart again I guess she expects everyone to be there for her again. I know it sounds mean, but I am just tired of friends that only want to be around when its convienent for them. That's just crappyness, and I am not going to play those games anymore. So I have done nothing. I have not called her or texted her back. Considering that she lives about a mile away if its that bad she can come in person, and even then I know I would want to slam the door, but deep down I know I am not that mean. Should be interesting how it all plays out all around.

God doesn't want us to go to Appomattox ever again..

Dave's grandmother is home again and perked up some, well as much as she can I guess, and Dave wanted to take us all there of course. Rachel had been sick, and Dave thought it would be a good idea for us to go anyways. I should have just stayed home with her, but I caught a bunch of grief from him, as he thinks I never want to go see his grandmother. Not true, he just always picks the worst time to go. So we decieded to leave Rachel at home with my parents, and I was not feeling good about that but whatever. Dave's neice went along as originally we thought both of the kids were going and we though she could entertain then some. So we went had a short visit, and came back.

The scrapbook store is right on the way back the way we go through in Richmond, and Dave let me go in. While his niece and I were inside Laura got sick, so we left went to target bought some clothes and cleaning supplies to try to straighten the car up a little. It was an interesting car ride home as you can imagine. Soon after we got home we were all sick, the kids eventually went to bed, and Dave and I stayed up and spent the wee hours in the bathrooms.

So against my better judgement we went to Appomattox, I left a sick child home which guilted me to no end, and now we have probably given his grandma the kiss of death. So I think the moral of the story is I will just go with my gut for now on, no pun intended, and the kids are never going anywhere ever again if someone is sick...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Outgoing or Passive????

Soooo next year Laura will be attending Hidenwood Presschool which is at a nice church half a mile from our house... I went to that school as well as my nieces and nephews, so its no surprise that I want my kids to attend. February I get to register her, and apparently her age group is popular which means crazy parents stand outside for hours in cold waiting for the door to open. Uggg... The paperwork arrived yesterday for it. I completed it and have everything together for it. For the two year old program you either do one a week preschool on fridays, or twice a week preschool on either monday or wednesday, or tuesday and thursdays. My first preferendce is just fridays, because that way I can take her since I am usually off, and considering shes never been in daycare besides hour long visits at the YMCA while Dave and I work out, and face it, Dave and I have not been working out much lately. I am certain friday is going to be hard as hell to get her in, but I will give it my best. I don't really have a preference on the other days.

One question they have on it is is your child passive and shy or outgoing and friendly. Immediatly I said active and outgoing, as she loves to show off and never really cared who was around her except for the Santa visit to Richmond last December of course.

Well, today we had a birthday party for a friend of ours child wo was turning 3. It was held at one of those places with the blow up bouncy crap indoors. (side note, those places are soooo cool) The whole way up to Williamsburg which is where the party was at we talk about how much fun we are going to have and she can run wild, etc etc. Well, we arrive and Laura has glued herself to me. She litteraly will not pry herself off me, and SHE NEVER is like that. Never been much of a cuddler or anything. She was seriously freaking out on me. I tried to put her down she just wrapped herself tighter around me. She would let a few people hold her, but she was not going to let those feet hit the ground in there. Outgoing my behind... Maybe I should add, panic attacks in social settings with kids her age...

I even took off my shoes and got my big behind in one of the blow up things to show her how much fun it was, and she just sat in it crying while I jumped up and down. She seemed to enjoy it when I held her and jumped around, but put her down and it was all over with...

When we went to do cake and icecream she started to warm up some, but by then it was over. I just don't get it, and I am already dreading the first day of preschool when I drop her off. Maybe Dave and I need to hit up the YMCA some more so she can mingle with kids her age, or maybe I need to do some play dates with some friends who have kids her age. Who knows, but I don't want to be a big liar on the form I filled out.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Retail Therapy....

Yepp you guessed it, I went back to the consignment shop in Williamsburg on my way to my lunch meeting, and I scored some stuff for the girls. I can't tell you how much I love that place. They are just now starting to get their spring stuff in and I had to use some restraint today. The owner even teased me by saying a whole bunch of cute stuff had come in the sizes I was looking for and she was going to try to get it tagged later today... so I am dying I tell you to go back tomorow and buy it all up, but I can't as I have to hurry home and take care of birthday stuff for the husband.

My lunch meeting today went fine. I did see my old coworker and she came right on up to me and was just as nice as she could be. So that was cool at least. The food was perfect and yummy, and I am still stuffed from it hours later.

I popped over to the Vera Bradley shop near the resteraunt after that and checked out all their new patterns. I had seen them online and wanted to check them out in person. Some I like, and some are so so. I got a small drink cooler bag thingy in a new print. What I need is a new diaper bag as mine is wearing out some. I just don't know what kind of print I want this time around. I thought about going with a Coach diaper bag, but we have had some spills in the bags before and at least with the vera bradley bag I can wash it. We shall see though...

Daily ramblings....

So sad about Heath Ledger... I hate when stuff like this happens. I first saw him in the movie 10 Things I hate about You. I freaking love that movie by the way... I watched it over and over whenever I could in college. The songs from the movie rock, the actors were great, it was just a perfect movie in my mind.

So Dave's 29th bday is this week. We are going to do cake with family Thursday here at the house, and then Saturday we have plans to go to dinner somewhere of his choice. So far I scored him some green fee's to his favorite course in Williamsburg, and even better they ended up being free as a friend at work hooked me up. Basically all he wants are golf certificates to his favorite golf shop cause he wants some new custom made irons. Seriously thats all he wants, and I will get him some certificates, but he mentioned one other thing that I might get him from the kids..

Today I get to go to lunch at my all time favorite place- Sleshingers or however you spell it. A drug rep is taking the social workers and dieticians. I am excited but also hoping my former coworkers will not be there. I liked them fine, but it will be the first time I see them since I left, and I know it will be a little akward, considering I heard the new person they hired in my place was fresh out of school and its taking a long time to get her trained which has made it super hard on everyone there. In good time everything will be ok I am sure.

So my babies are all doing great. Laura is trying to talk so much these days. Well she is talking its just hard to figure out what she is saying sometimes. It's really cute though. Last night I asked her what she did all day, and she told me she played with Nanna and Pappa. Laura has my dad wrapped around his little finger. I still do not know what to get Rachel for her bday besides some clothes. I grabbed a few things at Gymboree Monday with my gymbucks. I got her the cutest bathing suit and cover up, and I am planning to use the rest of the gymbucks this week sometime to get them some clothing for spring that I will just give them for their bday. I just can't think of what to get her as he exciting gift. The kids have everything and anything, and with bdays after xmas its a bit tough, considering they can't tell me what they want, so basically I just buy what I would want lol.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cropped out....

This past weekend was my scrapbook away weekend in Williamsburg... It was fun and I got a lot done. I finished my 2007 album, and that was it, but it ended up being quite a bit. My album is freaking packed. So friday I stayed up until about 1:30am cropping, 7 of us from my sister group attended and there were about 25 other people I guess, maybe a few more. So it wasn't too too crowded. I shared a room with two other ladies I knew. The only crappy thing was that one chick snored. When she told me I thought no big deal as Dave is the worst snorer, but she put him to shame.... Not so bad the first night, but the second night she went to bed first which meant by the time I went back to the room she was in full snoring force.....

Saturday we took a small break and went to a scrapbook store in Williamsburg, and to a few shops, it started snowing some while we were out, and continued until late that evening. It didn't stop us from going out to dinner later though. After dinner the 7 of us had arranged for a massuse to come and give Massages. She took over one of our rooms to set up her table, and she brought her hot stone massages. I got an hour long one and it was awesome. However, I didn't fully get to relax as I was paranoid that my feet stunk, so when she was working on my feet I just pictured her sitting there with a nasty look on her face lol.

My sister and her friends were out of control and at times a bit annoying I have to admit. One lady in the group dropped her hair spray can on a toilet seat and broke the seat off some how. Then my sister tried to be cute and on this raffle thing she wrote down her name as Annita Dick, and low and behold she won so they annouced her name like that, which was a bit interesting when everyone else caught on. They just do not know how to behave.

I came home Sunday about 2pm. I worked until I finished the 2007 album and was proud to have at least have done that. I had brought extra stuff to work on just in case but I was happy with what I did. They are having another crop in March at the same place in Williamsburg and its $55 for 3 days, so if anyone wants to come please let me know cause I would love to bring some friends.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Easily amused...

This is a nightly game, Laura gets in the cabinet and Rachel shuts her in and they laugh hysterically.....


I bought the above frame for Laura off Ebay last year... I had seen in in the Pottery Barn catalogs, but by the time I needed to get one they were all out, so my last hope was Ebay. I put all her pics in it month by month of her life and then I had a special picture taken to celebrate her 1st bday, and it looked really cute. I had it on display for her party, and now it hangs in her room, until she is old enought to tell me she wants it out of there it will hang lol.

ANYWAYS, as my 2nd child turn 1 the end of February, I have been hunting down another frame just like this. I tried EBAY and no luck as when it has been on there I have lost in cut throat bidding wars, even when I attempted to pay triple the retail value. I know, crazy, but I have to have this for my daughter, or I will just feel like a failure lol.

So this brings me to yesterday. I head over to my favorite kids consignment shop in Williamburg, (Sugar and Spice) and I wasn't even going to go as the lady had said they would just be trying to get rid of some winter stuff and wouldn't have much new until Feb. But something told me to go, and so I went. While wandering around I saw MY FRAME! It's the exact same Pottery Barn 1st year frame I had for Laura! It's brand new and perfect, and even better it was only $10.00. When I spied this, I seriously freaked out and ran, grabbed the frame and made a big fuss. The owner thought I was humerous, and was probably regretting setting the price so low after seeing my reaction. I am telling you I love that ladies shop. They always have such cool stuff, and her prices are always awesome. So I guess it's time for me to start going through Rachel's pics and putting it together!

Weight in

I totally forgot but I weighed and I have done good, I am at 169 but I am not going to be weighing in anymore as even though I record my Tuesday weight only, I actually end up weighing myself literally every time I walk by the scale, and because we have these built in the floor scales at work for our patients to use it means I am usually found a few times a day on those scales and the scales at home. It's just not healthy anymore, and given my history of eatting issues I just got stear clear of the scales for a while, so I am just going to keep on trying to eat right and being healthy and everything will work out in the end I guess.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

coupon find

Click the above link if you do not have a TV capable of receiving a digital signal.

2009 many people will need a converter box to keep watching TV and the above link will get you up to two coupons to get the box dirt cheap.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Facebook drama

I have a facebook account I hardly use... I am more of a myspace person I guess... I pretty much tried to sign up for one many years ago, and apparently I was too old or something at the time as it said I couldn't sign up, or maybe I just did the damn thing wrong who knows... Anyways, eventually I did get an account on here for Facebook. It's a lot like myspace I guess, and the only reason I even kept it was because there are some old friends on there that I have not talked to in years who really meant a lot to me at some point in my life. One being Clara Kim, we were HRA buddies, and were best friends. No idea why as she was a freaking genius, straigh A student, never in trouble, father was a doctor, and her parents had expectations for all of their kids to go to medical school. I remember her telling me when we were in the 6th grade that she was going to be a doctor because her parens said she had to. Me? I was quite the opposite of her. We stayed close even after I left HRA through our highschool years. She ended up going to an Ivy League school and I have not seen her since my 12th grade year. It's been nice to be back in contact with her some, and yes she is in medical school lol.

SO that was my good Facebook story. My BAD Facebook story is I found my 8th grade boyfriend on Facebook. He was a HRA person as well, and also the opposite of me. Smart, good grade, etc, and he too went to a very prestgious school. He was even freaking on Jepardy not long ago. He was my firt boyfriend, and we used to spend hours talking on the phone at night, and our big moment was holding hands at a movie theater. However, like most young relationships the breakup was tragic for 8th grade anyways, and we didn't exactly become friends afterward. But my god that was eons ago! I had known him since elementry school and everything, but apparently he still has not so nice feelings towards me as he has not accepted my Facebook request hahaha. I guess some people can really hold grudges!

I found it humorous anyways!

Sunday, January 13, 2008


My baby girl Rachel took her first steps today! She did them exactly where Laura took her first steps which was cool. She let go of the couch and stepped right to me, as I was sitting on the ground. Dave missed it as he was in the bathroom, but she did it again for him to witness a little later. She's just growing up sooo fast!

She will be 11 months in a few weeks, I am already working on birthday stuff for both of my girls. Still have no idea what to get Rachel, besides clothes, but I will figure it out in time I guess.

Today was a boring day lazy day. Dave came home this morning from work and usually he takes a small nap and then stays up if he doesn't have to work the next few days, and today he woke up from the nap but then took another later one for hours and hours. The kids napped forever too today. I guess it was the rainy weather today or something. I didn't nap, I have a lot on my mind right now, and I have just been pretty down these last couple of days. I know it will get better though, but for the moment I just need to feel sorry for myself. Pitty parties never help, but sometimes they are just required.

I love it!

Saturday, January 12, 2008


So this morning Dave and I went to Costco, AND we got the bed. It's gorgous!!!! They only had two left this morning, and after seeing it we knew it was a keeper. Presently it's in our garage and sometime later tonight or maybe tomorow we will get it set up in the room. I want it up now of course, but its kinda hard to do all that with two little ones running wild and wanting to get into everything!!!!! I will take pictures once we get it together.

Friday, January 11, 2008

I freaking missed Grey's last night....

This morning I was fumbling for something to watch while I picked up and ran the washing machine. I was going through my DVR to see if there was anything cool to watch that got recorded, and low and behold a new Grey's Anatomy was staring back at me. I totally forgot it came on last night as with the writer's strikes nothing worth a crap has been on. Immediatly I was mad that I missed it last night, but then I remembered at least it got recorded and how cool it would be just to fast forward through the commericals. God bless DVR's.... It totally prevented me from a hissy fit. Life couldn't be better, but seriously what is Meridith Grey's problem?????? Hello? McDreamy wants to build a dream house for them??? Let me tell you, if McDreamy pulled out some house plans and wanted to talk about getting married and having kids, I would drag him to a church pronto. And what about the chick dissing McSteamy? Even if he is a dog wouldn't a one night stand be worth it? I mean geesh...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Robyn Ramblings....

Finally! The TV is up, it works, and Dave is content with it. He ended up getting it up and working Tuesday night, and Wednesday he spent reprograming the Tivo/dvr thingy to record our favorite shoes on HD channels.

Now for my obsession.... My sister called me frantically last night saying she found the bed of my dreams at where? Costco. She sent me the picture over the phone and it appears to be my baby. It's cheaper then the Pottery Barn one I am in love with and it looks identical. I am going to go see it in person maybe today after work. Now my dilemia. I love Costco. Really I do, its no lie. You just can't beat that store, and I would go every day if I could. I just wonder if the bed is good quality. I have bought little side tables from there before for the house and they have been fine, but I have never bought a big item like that before from there, and a bed is something I plan on having for life, so its a big deal. Anyways, I am hopeful that it will be quality goods for the cost, and that by the time I figure out if I want it or not it will still be there. Oh well, if they run out maybe I can go to the Costco in Richmond or something and get it. Seriously its the bomb though, or at least my sister swears it is.

Does anyone else listen to 94.9 the point in the morning? They have been reading this thing called the Towne Point Park Diary for I guess 2 years now, its an actual diary one of the DJ's found on a jog in a park,and its super juicy. It's coming to an end I think tomorow, and I am excited and sad at the same time. I want to see what happens, but I don't want the sucker to end. The girl that wrote it is freaking wacked out, its like a great gossip mag everyday. I am not even working tomorow but you bet I will be up with the radio on listening to the last entry.

Today I am heading to work late as Rachel has an ear check to see if her Christmas ear infection is gone. I can't believe Laura and Rachel have birthdays just around the corner. Laura is going to be freaking 2 years old, and Rachel is going to be 1. WOW , it just goes by soooo fast.... I have been hunting down some invitations for their parties. I found some for Laura, but nothing for Rachel yet. Dave has a birthday the 24th of January, and my nephew Jake has a bday in between Laura and Rachel's, so it looks like it will be birthday bash after birthday bash. Geesh. I have no freaking idea what to get Rachel though. I have a tricycle for Laura I bought like a year ago, and of course the Dooney, and some clothing items for her, but for Rachel I don't even know what to get her. I got Laura the Elmo TMX last year and clothes, but theres nothing big out there like that this year. Neither of my kids are into anything on TV yet, so theres not big character they are crazy about. The only thing I can think of is to get a pearl or two for her add a pearl necklace that Dave's mom has given them both, but I need something else half way exciting for a one year old. Any suggestions?????????

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

TV Drama!

I have not typed on here for a few days now as this damn new TV has consumed our lives, and as I sit here and type I look up where the TV SHOULD be and there's nothing but a wall mount... YES this project started Sunday and is not even over yet.

Sunday Dave and my best good friend Aaron dry walled, or rather Aaron did. Monday apparently Dave spent all day ALL DAY I stress, figuring out how to put together the wallmout ( I guess reading the directions were unmanly). When I came home from work it was finally put on the wall, and then for about 3 hours Dave couldn't figure out how to program the channels so it could work. Not trying to bash Dave here, as I couldn't figure it out either, nor could my dad, his dad, and some friends lol. SOOOO we finally figure it out, and low and behold Dave is not happy with the picture, and turns out it was blurry because it was too big for the room. If you stood in the living room and looked at the TV it looked great, but if you sat on the couch it was blurry... So then after all that work Dave packs it up and takes the TV back. The rest of the night was spent trying to find another one like he wanted in a 42 inch size, which was impossible as everyone was sold out after the holidays... So Dave spent the rest of the night pouting and feeling unmanly as he didn't have his big TV...

Today as he was off he played golf, and then deceided after we went to Chucky Cheese with the kids that we would check one last place, which THANK GOD, have the TV he needed to be manly. Now my dear husband has gone to Lowe's to find some screw he lost for the wall mounts before he can hang the TV, so hopefully (fingers crossed) the TV will be put up some point tonight...

But its not over there, as they did not completely close the hole behind the TV they left an opening for wires, but the opening is too big as you can see in from the sides on one end so that has to be fixed at some point this lifetime, AND our den needs to be repainted now. I have at least picked the color, and there was talk of him buying the paint on his quest for the missing screw, so we shall see.....

In other Giles Drama Dave's grandmother has perked up, but this may be that last perk up before the end. I don't know if anyone else ever sees that, but I see it all the time near death, where they just seem fine all of the sudden, and they have their chances to say goodbye, and then thats it. Hopefully she still has some time though as she's obviously putting up a fight, but I am hoping to GOD that a social worker / discharge planner will sit the family down and discuss Hospice care. It really would benefit the family and her.

I did weight myself today and I am down this week, but since the start of weightwatchers I have only lost 2lbs now with all the fluctuating over the holidays as I didn't exactly follow the diet at all so I can't complain but so much....

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Coupon Sunday...

The coupons in today's paper are aweseome so if your looking to get started, get today's paper, and start clipping, and keep in mind Harrist Teeter doubles them EVERY day if the coupons are .99 and under, and Kroger I believe doubles them everyday up to .50 I THINK. It's worth it on some things trust me. I can think of other things to waste my money on besides items at the grocery store.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

yadda yadda yadda

I came across a really cool website called They have healthy recipes and another plus is they already have figured out how many points they are if you are doing weight watchers. I printed a few ones but I have not made anything from them at this time, but I look forward to it. I had been doing well with the dieting this week, so hopefully when I weigh Tuesday it will pay off. It better because I turned down homemade banana pudding, and I freaking love that stuff...

Today when the kids napped I actually scrapbooked! I worked on Rachel's baby book, and tried to organize what I want to work on at the crop in a few weeks. I hope to finish my year book for 2007 while at the crop. Right now the year book is up to the nags head trip, but I did skip ahead and did a softball page from my coed fall ball team, so I hope to finish that up. If for some reason I have more time then I want to work on Nags Head pictures. I usually just do one layout for the year book of Nags Head, and then scrapbook the rest of them in a vacation book. Speaking of which, I may need to buy a new vacation book as I think the one I have been adding too is getting full. But who am I kidding, it will be a miracle if I even finish the 2007 book. I also need to stock up on some tape runner refills before the crop.

So anyways, that was my big accomplishment of the day was working on Rachel's book. The rest of the day I have been lazy, and I have been catching up on Ghost Hunters. That show comes on the Scifi channel, and its the only thing I have ever watched on Scifi, but I am totally addicted, and love being spooked out. It's a pretty good show, and since I am into the ghost stuff.

Tomorow Dave and our friend Aaron are going to work on getting the TV up and working after they do some drywall, I am guessing it will take a day for the dry wall to dry so the TV may not be up, but Dave thinks it will dry just like that I guess... I need to pick out paint asap. I think painting is going to be Dave's next project on his days off.

Friday, January 4, 2008

New GYmboree line due out soon...

Also... gymbuck redemtion is coming up soon and I have a ton to burn....


I venture to Richmond today with my parents and kids. My dad wanted to go to Green Top also known at the redneck store, as he wanted to purchase some new gun. I did not get over to the scrapbook store as it was on the other side of town but thats ok as I have enough junk I need to use up anyways, and I need to play with the Siloutte Machine that I got. I have practiced with it some, and its pretty cool, but its does so much junk I need to play more with it. I have my crop coming up very soon this month and I am excited!!! I might try to scrapbook some this weekend when kids are napping, who knows.

Anways, while Dad was in Green Top, my mom and I drove to Penelope's with the kids. Penelope's is a really cool silver jewelry store. I scored some earrings which made me happy, and mom got the cutest pumpkin pandora charm for her bracelet.
That was our big outting for the day.

Dave's grandmother is still very ill, and its just a matter of a few days they think. Dave is glad he got to go up with his brother the other day, and admits bringing the kids would have been a bad idea. They all slept in the lobby that night, and so taking the kids would have been ridiculous. I just hope they keep his grandmother as comfortable as possible.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Triple Coupons...

Today through the 5th Harris Teeter is doing Triple Coupons... I went today after work and got some killer deals... My price before coupons was 74 and some change, and after coupons my total was 40, and I had bought a cake for my dad, and a birthday card. My best deal was free Crest toothpaste as I had a .75 coupon and it was already on sale for 1.99. Everything I got is stuff we need for the household whether it be freaking tampons, dishwater detergent, or seasonings, so I was pretty proud of myself, and I stocked up on some things we needed.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


So New Years was fun, bowling was a blast, and the drinks were yummy, but I think have done enough nonsense to hold me over for quite some time, and apparently life itself wants me to be more serious as well.

Work is crazy as I have been home with sick kids, sick selves, holiday and what not, so I am backed up with the usual, and a lot of my patients are in crisis personally. I had a patient lose a child to murder this past week and its been hard on everyone. We also had a state inspection at my other clinic that was unannounced, so I was freaking on if my paperwork was caught up, and thankfully it was.

Today is my grandmother's 90th birthday. My father's mother. We did a celebration this past weekend, and I ran to see her today. I hope I can make it to 90 and be in as good of shape she is in. She's so cute. My dad's birthday is tomorrow, and its always up to me to do something for that, so I guess we will have a small party. I am getting him season tickets to the Pilot baseball games with my sis. He should be excited.

Dave's grandmother had to go to the hospital today and apparently she is septic now,which isn't good at all. So this evening at 7:30pm Dave decides he is leaving right then to go to Lynchburg where she is at, and planed on taking the kids and spend the night. He lost the battle of taking them. It just wasn't going to happen with me. Seriously though why would you want to take two kids who still are on antibiotics themselves with nasty colds and ear infections on a long ass car ride this late at night in freezing weather, to a freaking hospital. If she's in ICU or whatever I doubt they would allow young children like that in. WHAT IS THE DEAL with him wanting to drag my kids off to kingdom come when they are either a freaking year old or sick as crap. I don't care if he wants to go, I don't blame him, but quit trying to throw our children in her face and get her even sicker. It's killing me.

So here I am at home alone and the kids are in bed. One cool thing is I have the nice new mattress all to myself I guess. We just got it today, so it's going to be nice to spread out on the new bed. It's super comfy. I just hate the way our room looks now as we just have it sitting on a metal frame so our room looks uber ghetto. I found the bed of my dreams at Pottery Barn, its everything I want, but of course the price isn't so nice, so hopefully I can find a twin to it somewhere else...

Oh I am not even stepping on the scale for a few days as I have totally been an oinker, so no weigh in this week. but I did myself today with the diet, and I am going to be good now that the holidays are over, or at least the best I can be.