Friday, August 9, 2013

Summer wrap up....

Summer is winding down, my two girls start school in approx. 13 days I believe.... It's been an amazing summer! Laura and Rachel swam again this year.  Laura worked hard on the 7&8 year team, she's learning to love the butterfly stroke, and is excited for next year!  Rachel rocked it on the 6 and unders. She was the fastest in her group on the team, and came in 3rd in the city in both free and back at the City Meet.  She should have gotten 2nd in City, but the timers suck. If everyone at pool can clearly see she got 2nd and the times don't that tells me something is wrong...  Emily has had fun at the meets playing with her friends, and will be on the team next year.  She is currently in swim lessons but doing great!

We spent a great deal of time at the pool. We also took about 10 days and went to Hatteras and Duck, NC.  Beautiful weather and great relaxation.  Dave and I had a getaway to DC for a another National baseball game. We went to a lot of cookouts and just had a busy fun summer!

I am presently in back to school mode.  Trying to wrap up some shopping and get my house together.  My house seems to fall apart in the summer with us never being inside.

Looking into September we will be celebrating Emily's 5th bday, going camping, and playing some soccer!