Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bad news ladies...

Do you remember a post about a week ago where some skinny lifeguard ticked me off after I had unloaded my kids and my junk at the baby pool? She redeemed herself for allowing us to get in aways, but today she put herself back in the grave. The lifeguards at our pool have to wear a lifeguard uniform I guess, and for the girls its a sporty bikini. This lifeguard makes me sick with her killer abs, and secretly I have been thinking to myself, "haha just wait until she has kids, then she can say goodbye to that body and wearing bikini's"

You know where this story is going don't you? Today, Dave and I took the girls to the pool, and she was at the sign in area, and was asking me when I was due, and how old my kids were. She then casually mentions she has two little girls. I almost dropped Rachel, and then proceeded to tell the lifeguard to shut her mouth. Yeah turns out she has a child Laura's age, and apparently another that is under a year. I was completely pissed to learn this. Totally not fair. My kids have made their mark on my body, and I could get a tape worm and never be as fit at her without major plastic surgery.

Before we left I visited the snack bar, cause icecream will surely help with eatting myself into a fat depression, and I decided to talk to her again, just to hurt my ego more. I told her she was my personal hero for being that skinny and toned after having babies, and she tries to humor me in showing me the stretch marks she has, which I think she was just making up as I didn't see any. I would have shown her mine, but there were small children around, and lets just say I have my fair share. I then waddled away, and made a mental note to get a personal trainer post partum.


Some pool advice...

Dear Childless Couple at my pool Saturday,

I know you both wanted to have some alone time. I am guessing that is why you chose to set up in the baby pool area away from everyone else at the pool. Please note though that the baby pool area is reserved for those of us with kids under 6. If you are a member you have received the rules in your newsletter, but maybe you don't know because maybe you just snuck in, and haven't paid your outragously high dues like the other members. I know you didn't appreciate it when I came into the baby pool area with my kids, as you both scampered off to the adult pool before my kids even had time to splash you or have a melt down. You did have plans to come back though to your chairs, as you happend to leave your nice expensive cell phone and knee high leather boots next to your chairs, not put away in a beach bag of course. These items were just so tempting for my kids, and given they were 12 inches away from the baby pool, its a wonder they survived. My kids went nuts over these items, and clearly you had to of seen my distress of trying to keep them away from them, so they didn't ruin them, and have you come scream at me. So a word of advice next time you visit the pool. Please note knee high leather boots in the summer are never cute, especially at the pool, nor should you keep them them unattended with your cell phone inches away from the water. Myself along with all the other moms, would also appreciate it if you wouldn't take up two chairs in the baby pool area if you don't have a baby. Next time I am going to let my little demons hurt your items, so this is your warning.

Mother of two rugrats


Friday, June 27, 2008

Dave is a smart man. He came home and the first thing out of his mouth was "I will put the kids down for a nap, and you just go to the pool and relax for a couple of hours." He must have seen the furry in my eyes. I didn't even get a chance to freak out on him. I quickly grabbed my suit and bag and he already had my bike out waiting for me. I enjoyed two hours of bliss at the pool, and then he came up there with the kids when they woke up, and we had some quality family time. So don't worry about Mr. Dave, I was nice to him today after all.

We got word we get the car back at some point in time Monday. I miss my Pontiac, but I would be ok if instead the car shop grows attatched to it and wants to give me a new Ford Edge instead.


Friday frazzles

No word on my flipping car yet, so its spent the night twice at the Dealership, over night stays are never a good thing. Today is Friday and its my day off, so what have I done? Cleaned up the mess my husband made out the house on his days off. Yepp, Dave has this nice habbit of hardly doing crap on his days off. When he gets motivated he gets motivated, but not so much lately. I am also cranky as I am having a really hard time getting sleep. I have to pee every 5 min it seems, and then try to get all comfy again. The joys of pregnancy. Also, baby girl in the belly likes to get active at night and kick mommy to make sure she stays awake. So I am tired, its also hot as freaking you know what outside, and I get to spend my time home cleaning up mess.

Also, my stupid dog slept in the house last night, (my animals for the most part have moved in with my parents) but some idiot let him in the house last night, and he always does something when he graces us with his presence. Today it was a pile of crap on our nice carpet, and he was probably inside the house at night for 5 hours. He loves us like that. I love him enough to shoot him if I catch him over night in our house again. So whoever got cute and put him inside last night better not try that again, not sure if it was Dave or my Mom, but don't do it again.

No nursery progress yet either. I am giving him one more week to do something, and then I am going to pay someone.

Dave gets to spend today with me when he gets home from work because he took off tonight as he wants to do some fishing tournament tomorrow. You can tell hes going to have a swell day with mean pregnant lady.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Car drama part

Apparently when the car place took my car into the shop to work on it my back window suddenly shattered as well, luckily they are paying for it assuming it was their fault. I don't see how back windows just shatter, but whatever, as long as they fix it and don't charge me. So my car has to spend another night at the shop. At this point I am hoping my car just disappears/explodes and they have to give me a entire new car. One can dream right?


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Car Drama

Many months ago my check engine light came on in my Pontiac. I needed to get a state inspection and so Dave took the car in to a friends brothers car shop to see what was wrong and get it inspected. Apparently, it needed a small part, new brakes, and some tender love. Dave let them do the brakes and some minor stuff but didn't want to pay to have them fix this "small part". Dave told me he would do it and save all this money. These are always final last words... A side effect of not getting this small part fix was I would lose some gas mileage, but it was not supposed to be noticeable. I sure as heck thought it was noticeable, and I have been the only one driving it back and forth to work. I kept after him to get the part and he kept putting it off, but promised he would fix it soon. Last week I told him to either fix it or I would pay someone else to, so he bought the part... He then gets on google to try to figure out how to do this, which makes me feel really uncomfortable right away as obviously he didn't have a clue what he was doing. He decieded to take a break and work on my car after his softball game last night. I told him to just do it in the morning, since he would be home and I would just drive my Expedition to work and he could spend some time on it then. I also told him my gas light was on and I had planned on filling my car up on my way to work so he might need to go ahead and put gas in it. I went to bed thinking he would listen but he didn't.

He stayed up and figured he would fix it into the wee hours. To make sure the car wouldn't explode he decieded to drive it up to the gas station near the house to see if it was ok, and it passed his test... the lovely husband put gas in my car alright, he freaking put in $5.00 of gas. Thanks honey, that will get me to the corner and back, and then I will just ride my bike the rest of the way to Williamsburg. He puts down the passenger window to the car on this adventure, and when he goes to put it up the window dies and makes this horrible sound. So my car is now at my brother in laws dealership to make a long story short... my dad feeling sorry for me I guess, gave me us money to get a tuneup for it and whatever else it needs, and to make sure Dave's awesome repair job will work. He totally didn't have to do that, nor did we ask but hey, I am sure after I see the bill I will be more then happy to fork over his money instead of our own. We still don't know what else they will find wrong with the car, as car places always find a way to tack on as many charges as they can, but never again will I allow Dave to play repair shop.


Job fun

I really do not like to complain on my blog about work. There is that fear that the CEO will come across it and read something they do not like and then fire me. Hey it could happen I guess. I am very fortunate to have a good job, I love the majority of my coworkers, and I like the flexibility. I like that I don't have to work ungodly hours, and still have a life. When I worked at Dean and Don's 12+ hours a day it was nice when the overtime was factored in, but its just not worth it to me to bust my butt and not be able to enjoy life. I never want to live a lifestyle in which I have to work a gazillion hours just to be able to afford it, if that makes any sense. I rather be at home with my family. Now grant it I would love to be a stay at home mom, but since we can't afford swing that with all these kids, I am happy with this balance of working partime. I still get to be home often with the kids, and I still get to try to make a difference at work, and I like going to my job and feel comfortable enough to think of some my coworkers as good friends. In fact I wish many of them lived near me so we could hang out together outside of work.

So I love my job that is clear, I am so glad I came back to it, as last year I took another job doing the same thing for another company for a heck of a lot more pay that was closer to home, but the grass isn't always greener and money isn't worth it sometimes, so I went back and I wont go anywhere until I am forced out or life throws me a curve ball.

But seriously, I need to vent. My job is to help people. That is what social workers do. I try really hard to get people everything they are entitled to and need. I think I do a good job with getting the job done. But I am sick and tired of busting my butt to help people when they don't make any effort to help themselves. Meaning if I need your proof of income for a grant, and it takes you three months to get it to me, don't complain to me about not having what you need in timely manner. I am also sick and tired of charting every tiny detail and then have to answer a staff members question about something when its in the chart. Read my charting damit, the answers are there. I admit I need to work on being more sympathetic, and compassionate, but its hard for me to be like that if someone isn't going to meet me halfway and make an effort too. I don't have a magic money box in my office filled all the money people need, or the medications they can't afford, but damit I promise I will get it for you if there is a way, or funding out there.

But I love my job, I swear to you I do.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Glucose test and other fun stuff

I had a glucose test this morning. With my past two pregnancies, they would just do this test at my docs office. They told me to drink a certain ounce juice or soda an hour before my appointment and then they would draw the blood, then if I failed I would go to the hospital and do this horrific three hour glucose test where I had to keep drinking this orange soda stuff and get my blood drawn over the whole ordeal. Now they have everyone go to the hospital for the initial test, where I was given the soda and got to sit for an hour and then have my blood taken. I didn’t mind a chance to just sit and read a book, but good lord was I starving afterward.

Of course not being healthy, I wanted to grab a McDonald’s biscuit after the test on my way to work, and I couldn’t get over in the right late, so then I figured I would get breakfast at the one right by my work. I order a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit, and when I get to my desk to tear into that bad boy, I am horrified to discover they left off the bacon and cheese. Now, I know my behind could go without those lovely toppings, but I still wanted them, so I marched over across the parking lot with my crappy non-fattening biscuit in hand and demanded the grease. You don’t mess with a pregnant woman’s food after she spent all morning starving.

For lunch I tried to be better. I had read on someone else’s blog about these Lean Cuisine Flat bread melts, and how tasty they were. They really are that good… If your doing weight watchers they are 6 points. They don’t taste anything like diet food, or even microwave food. I have only tried the chicken pesto so far, but its wonderful and very filling. Go out and try one now… Makes me feel better about all the other crap I consume.

I have been on a major icecream kick, and in a effort to try to be more healthy for baby I bought skinny cow ice cream yesterday during a Costco shopping adventure. Dave wasn’t impressed as he has become quite fond of the Snicker Ice Cream bars we have had lately, and the Drum Stick ice cream cones, but he can deal.

We did buy paint this weekend for the nursery, and we even took down the bed that had been in the room, so that is progress. I am guessing Dave might even tape off the windows and what not today since he’s off, but that might be pushing it…. He’s very nervous about this whole stripe deal. We went with a pale yellow and a sage green. I think it will be pretty when it’s a done deal.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

A great love in my life....

This is my pink bike I speak so highly of. Dave got it for my birthday last July, and since then its been love at first sight. It waits for me at the bike rack on our trips to the pool, we coast around the neighborhoods, and I can pretend for a few minutes I am a kid again.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Starting the nursery....

This weekend we will purchase paint, and hopefully on Dave's next few days off coming up we can get started... I have declared we are doing stripes in the room on the walls. I want to do something different. In the other girls rooms we put up chair rail, and did different colors above and below the chair rail. We owe it to this baby to do something special, or at least try. If our stripes comes out all crooked and messy we will just have to ditch the effort I guess. I am not a border person at all so I don't want to try that out. Dave is nervous about this whole stripe deal so if you see him pump him up about it...


Friday Fun

Yesterday I took both girls to the pool and wore their little butts out. I thought I was going to have to beat up skinny life guard biatch though at first. I had taken both girls by myself, and going to the pool is almost like prepping for a week long vacation. We got there right before they opened, and while I was getting out of my car my little nephew and his friend came running up to me on. They had been riding their bikes around, and wanted to swim at our pool which they are not members of. They belong to the nicer yacht club, so unsure why they wanted to come to our pool but hey. So, I take in the girls in their strollers, with the gianormous Land's End tote, sign in my guests, and then make my way to the baby pool area, where I get myself undressed and lotioned up, and then the girls undressed, pool toys put in the water, chairs set up, and then finally I take the girls out of the stroller and get us all in the baby pool. After the 10 min it took me to do this, miss life guard comes to inform me that the PH level in the baby poool is a bit low, and she doesn't know if they are going to be able to let people in it today, and she needs us to get out while she calls her manager to get his say. I look at her thinking to myself, couldn't you have told me that crap before you watched me go through all of this... I tick off the girls by snatching them out of the water and I put the back in the stroller and we wait... thankfully her manager gives the ok, and everything is cool again. If it had been off limits we would have had to of gone back home, as I can't manage them both in the adult pool obviously. That is just a two adult deal. So I am guessing a low PH in the pool means we are at a higher chance of catching something, or maybe theres a lot of baby pee in the pool. I didn't really care though, it looked clean to me. If we all catch something these next few days remind me I am a bad mom. We had fun though playing, and by the time we went home we were all ready for a nap...

And get this! Bad yard family had cut their grass! HAHA... makes me wonder if they read my blog... sadly I bet they wont cut their grass again until the end of July.

Friday night Dave and I had a child free dinner at Carabas with a gift certifcate we had. That place has really grown on me. I hated it the first time I went, but I love it now. I can't get enough of the bread with the dipping oils/spices they give you. I usually get their spagetti, and they give you a ton. With my left overs alone I have enough for the kids and I for lunch today. We then continued our date in Target, and picked up some odds and ends we needed.

So tomorrow is the day I think Dave's mom wants to take the kids to her pool out in BFE. I was putting my foot down, but apparently every excuse in the book I have them for not going has been fixed. I wasn't keen on them watching 5 kids at the pool, but other grandkids are not in town, and then I thought it would just be his mom watching the girls while his dad takes his boat out, but they are both going to be present, so it's sounding better. I do not know what time they are wanting to do this, but the kids have to have their naps or Rachel especially will let her inner demon out, so good luck to them, and the coach diaper bag will not be making the trip. I could totally just picture that sucker floating in the deep end or something.


Friday, June 20, 2008

My Grandfather


week 27...

I had a doc appointment this morning, I have been thinking for a day or two I have a UTI and mentioned it, they are running a culture and are going to call me if it pops up. I actually am not having any symptoms right now, and I did force myself to just have water since it started trying to knock it out, so maybe all will be ok without antibiotics. I know I should do the cranberry juice, but I am not a big fan of it.

All is going well with the pregnancy, I was pretty peeved to see the number on the scale today. Yesterday I rode my bike, and mowed my grass and my parents in an attempt to get some excercise and it obviously didn't do any wonders for me today at weight in time. I hate to even admit this, but since we live next door to my parents, and my dad has a riding lawn mower he has been just cutting our grass too for the most part. He's cool like that. Well, I was riding my bike yesterday and rode past one of my neighbors houses on my street who are big weirdos. It's a milatary couple who have two kids who are highschool age and middle school age. The dad I believe is in Iraq, and mom was some big wig in the milatary but is now retired and stays at home. They stay inside, and they totally do not believe in upkeep when it comes to their house. Their grass is tall as mess , there bushes over grown, the house is just looking like crap, and I don't get it. I mean I know dad is in Iraq, but come on. Make your perfectly able kids get out there or get out there yourself and do something.

So as I was riding by their house thinking I wish they would just move or get motivated, I started feeling guilty cause my dad has been doing our grass, and in an effort to prove that that wife or kids should cut their grass, I decieded to set an example and get off my butt. The kids were napping and Dave was napping so I pulled out the push lawn mower and got busy. I was almost done, and then here comes my dad who just couldn't stand it that I was trying to be nice and do him a favor as well, and he got on his mower, and we finished up in no time.

I think I will be rude and take a picture of the said neighbors house so you can see I am not exagerating. I mean I hate yard work too, but I will be damn if I have my grass grow like that. If they were elderly I would leave them alone about it or try to help them out, but these people are capable.

So enough about yard work, back to my doc appointment. I go next week to do my blood sugar test, and I start every two week appointments now, but this next time it will be three weeks since the 4th of July they are going to be closed. Next time we will get me scheduled in the books for the c-section, they will take me the friday before my due date, usually a week before the due date, which looks like either September 12th or 19th depending on how busy they are... September 19th is my sisters birthday... my sister Charlotte, and I don't want that to be baby day, so I am crossing my fingers for the 12th. Guess in three weeks I will have a better idea!


Books I want to read...

Nothing ground breaking, just looking for good pool/beach books and these are three of my top picks I want...


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Prepping my hubby and family for July 17th...

So in less then a month now I will be celebrating my birthday, and of course I am sure my immediate family, and hubby are just dying to know what to get me. Of course I am sure they don't need my help, but just in case they get stuck heres some suggestions....

The earrings are from Tiffany and Co, BUT they are very reasonable for Tiffany's anyways. The duffle bag I would prefer in the larger size. I have the medium size duffle that Rachel uses for over night trips, and I sorta borrow hers for myself, but it tends to be on the small size, so I need my own. The other bag is just a simple lunch bag that would make me excited about hauling my lunch to work...

Other things that always work are pedicure certificates, chick lit fiction books, (I will post on some things I wouldn't mind reading later), basically any gift certificate works wonders with me. So there you go, let the brain washing begin on my family....


Your kidding me right?

Seriously, I can't believe the crap people pull sometimes...,0,2288145.story


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rachel's first swim class....

Rachel did great, Laura was a wild thing in the water, and nanna came along to be our paparazi for the ordeal. I also had my hair did, so I was trying to be very careful not to get it wet. By the way, Jamie, I loved Jeff, and already made an appointment to go back to him. I finally got blonde enough, if there is such a thing...


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yesterday Dave and I took the girls for walk in the stroller, and I was bummed as I wanted to go for a bike ride afterwards, but it looked like it was going to rain. I announced that I was going to start taking small bike rides before work starting this morning, figuring mornings are not hot, and it would get in a little exercise for me. This morning I glanced at the alarm clock, thought about getting up and riding the pink panther around the neighborhood, and then suddenly I lost all motivation and went back to bed.

I am getting to that point in the pregnancy I guess where I am getting tired again. I am not getting much sleep as I have to pee every hour, even when I cut myself off of liquids in the evening to try to give my bladder a break. I don’t remember having the sleeping issues this early on, I seem to remember it being horrible near the very end of the other pregnancies. This baby just seems to be really low in my belly, and I heard that you carry each kid lower each time, but that may be just one of those pregnancy myths. At any rate baby girl is resting on my bladder 24/7. I go back to the doc this Friday to see how fat I have gotten (those scale readings are just torture), and I am not sure what other fun I will have. I am sure I am close to the glucose testings.

In one more month I will be turning 28. Seriously, when did I become old? Ok ok, I know I could be older, and 28 isn’t that old, but I can’t get over how after college it just seems like life goes by faster and faster. Teenage years seemed to drag and drag, and then boom, its like life is on fast forward. I have to remind myself of this during times my kids are driving me crazy and I just want them to hurry up and grow up. I am reminded I will never get these baby years back, they will never get younger, and I don’t want to wish their years away, because one day they will grow up and not need me anymore. Just another reminder not to live in the past, or put too much thought into the future, but just to be happy with the present.


Monday, June 16, 2008

Random Giles Junk

• The pretty kiddy madras pool from Target bit the dust this weekend. Not sure if Dave broke it when he was cleaning it, if I broke it while wallowing in it, or if it was just normal tear and wear….I have another one I bought (exact same one) to have for next year or in the event this would happen, so have no fear. I tried to get another one today at my Target near work and there all gone… so sad….

• The rest of the Whimsy Target stuff though is marked down 75% I discovered today, so even though they didn’t have my pool I got some other cute stuff like a picture frame, table cloth, plates, etc….I also bought a pack of newborn diapers for the new little miss priss

• I still don’t know what to name new little miss priss…I had really liked the name Savannah, but Dave said it sounds like a stripper stage name, so that’s no good.

• I am going to see a new hair stylist Wednesday with hopes of being very blonde. Not going to change my cut as I like it but I need a color change. I am sure within a few weeks I will be complaining about my roots, so remind me I wanted this.

• I am in love with my new phone, seriously I couldn’t be more excited about it, I sent Dave two text messages today just so I could use it.

Sunday, June 15, 2008