Friday, May 30, 2008

Needing to Vent

So I brought my laptop on my Cooperstown, NY adventure, and I will fill you in all the details of how awesome the trip has been. My nephew who is 14 came a long, and hes getting on my freaking nerves...My dad spent and OBSENE amount of money on him yesterday and today... seriously very very obsene... I will post a picture later of his loot... ANYWAYS- we spent today and yesterday doing whatever he wanted to do... The plan is to come back Sunday. This has always been the plan. Since we have seen everything here in Coopertown we are going to leave tomorrow morning and stop in PA for the day and do some shopping, back near the amish villages that have the really cool outlets, spend the night and come back Sunday as planned. Well, I guess since Jake has done everything he wanted to do, and had my dad spent seriously probably $1000 on baseball crap, he called his mom and wanted her to meet us somewhere so he could go home a day early. He also swiped $10 from me but thats another bitter story.

I am going to the hot tub and I am going to shop my heart out tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend....

The weekend was great, and even better cause Dave was home which is rare on weekends. Saturday we spent getting ready for the cookout we were having Sunday. Hence why I had a doo-rag on my head for part of the day. I mean I had to at least look like I was working hard to get ready. Later that evening Dave and I had dinner at a new Mexican place in City Center that is yummy, and then it was back to work with cooking some food, and cleaning the house for Sunday.

I thought the cookout was fun. We mainly just have family over, that right there is enough people. The kids had fun playing around the kiddy pool, and Laura ended up in her bathing suit before the end of the party after soaking herself in her regular clothes. After everyone left I rode my bike to the pool for an hour of "me time" while the kids napped. Monday I had three hours of "me time" at the pool during their nap time, and I burnt the hoo-hoo out of myself. Dave was supposed to get the kids together after their naps and ride up to the pool and I kept looking out for him and he never came, so I rode home and they were about to leave then, so we rode the bikes back to the pool and let the kids play. I am so glad our pool is open, and happy its just a bike ride away. The kids ride in the bike trailer thingy the in-laws got me for my birthday last year. Later that evening his mom wanted to watch the kids again, so we took advantage of that and saw the new Indiana Jones movie. Normally thats not the type of movie I would go see, as I like the chick flicks, but I have a soft spot in my heart for Indiana Jones flicks as I remember watching them when I was little and being all excited. It also makes me remember games in PE class we used to play at my elementy school that had a Indiana Jones theme. My favorite game was this jumping game where we would pretend to jump over the temple of doom or some mess. I can't remember the specifics but I remember being really excited about it lol.

This Thursday morning I am heading out of town to go to Cooperstown,NY with my parents and oldest nephew to the Baseball Hall of Fame. I have traveled a lot this year, and this will probably be my last trip for a while or at least last trip without my husband and kids. We are thinking about doing a small weekend in Nags Head this summer just the hubby and kids depending on how I am feeling. Anyways, I am excited about going, not excited about the long drive. I used to be all about baseball and softball back in the day so it will be neat to go there. I am attempting to take my laptop so my nephew and I can watch movies on the way up and back. He's not looking forward to the long drive either.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Though in general I have been looking rough, my feet have never been looking better. I have always been a big fan of the pedicure, but good lord people, I have had three in the month of May. Yes I know I know...It started with me wanting to take my mom in for one for her birthday and of course getting one for myself. Then one two more seperate occasions I had some people ask me to go with them as they had never had one day before... I am trying to reason that I wont get one done for a while now or at least until I mess this last one up that I had done, and I have also been telling myself with the foot and leg cramps that this is a nice treat for me. Never mind the current cost of gas, and the fact that I had wanted to spend my extra fun money on makeup I am in desperate need of right now rather then foot care. I am running super low on my mineral makeup, and the foundation I have been using I have been squeezing to death trying to force out the last little bits. I am also in search of a good blush/bronzer. I windowshopped a little at the mall last night with my little family, but didn't find any makeup, and in fact my only purchase at the mall was a free panty that I had a coupon for at Victoria's Secret. I swear almost every panty I own right now is from one of their free coupons lol.

I have been reading other people's blog about their favorite makeup products, and I am after this bronzer/blush thats called Laguna Beach, and of course its a upscale makeup counter that my local malls don't have. (I will post pics of the stuff at the top of my blog as I am too lazy to put it in down here where it belongs) I also want to try this Estee Lauder stuff that is supposed to give you a little glow and shimmer and smell super yummy.... I have been using Vaseline lotion that has a bit of sunless tanner in it, and its not bad, but I have not mastered how to put it on my feet without having some minor streaking issues. Nothing too terrible, but could be better.

So do not ask me to get a pedicure with you for a good 3-4 weeks as the very thought may be too tempting for me to turn down, and I need to waste my extra fun money on makeup, not my freaking toes.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Things on my mind...

I look as crappy as I feel today. I am freaking tired as can be and its showing... A coworker today who is rather a plain person (no makeup etc) pretty much told me I looked like crap. I can't be mad though cause its true. My hair has seen better hair days lately as I don't feel like messing with it much, which is sad as a bob isn't that much work. I blame this on myself with trying to be better with the prenatal vitamins, as when I take them like I should they just make me sick and feel crappy. I kinda think its in my head, cause I can look at them and start to dry heave, and even talking about them makes me feel pale. When I don't take them I usually feel pretty awsome, and when I do take them I feel nasuseas no matter what time of day I have them, with or without food, and all the different samples of them I have tried do the same thing. I think its the iron but of course I have always had low iron and been anemic, so I need the freaking extra iron. Blah...

I need to take a nap and exfoliate my face cause my face looks like sandpaper, and my hair is nappy. I also need to shave my legs. I am soo turning you all on right now right? My husband must be oh so proud of his hot wife. I might as well just put on my bikini and march around the neighborhood showing off my stretch marks to top it all off.

I have paypal if anyone wants to donate to send me to a spa for some grooming.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The numbers don't lie....

So I went to the baby doc this morning, and knew my weigh in was going to suck. I seriously tried all the tricks in the book... I ate sensibly this morning, I even took my cardigan and shoes off before I got on the scale, and made sure I didn't wear any heavy jewlery. So the good news is I have only gained 7lbs this pregnancy and I am almost at 23 weeks, but the bad news is I gained 5 since my last appointment... The nurse tried to make me feel better by telling me its just my body carrying around the extra blood volume and what not that is starting to build up, but I know deep down its those damn Krispy Creams and other crap I have been eatting... But I am pleased that I am still under what I was when I first got pregnant with my other kids by a good amount, so thats progress I guess?

I have also been having some leg cramps at night and foot cramps during the day, and apparently I need to increase my potassium and calcium intake some more... So I guess the icecream bars I have been eatting everynight aren't a good source of calcium either huh? I am going to work on eatting more bananas and taking a calcium supplement, and hopefully that will ease up the leg and foot cramps.

Oh, Dave went to my doc appointment with me this morning and since that was sweet of him I told him where the helmet was lol. He tried finding it the last few days but was unsuccessful... and he wants to make detective one day? Please... the sucker was in the pantry and he even looked in there and didn't see it...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day 10 of helmet captivity....

So yesterday Dave causually asked me where the helmet was and I explained that I had hid it 'cause I am all mature like that... He laughed, and then when he learned I was dead serious, he pouted like a baby, AND then called his parents and had them BOTH leave messages on our machine while we were out apologizing for the messy stroller, moldy bottle incident. Yeah I am totally not going to win the daughter in law of the year award in this lifetime or the next. So I still have not seen a new bottle appear, but I might take the helmet out of hiding cause in the end I am punishing the wrong person as it belongs to one of his nephews and not his mom or dad. But it still was pretty funny while it lasted.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Holy Moly...

I just finished watching Desperate Housewives season finale that I recorded last night, and oh my GOSHHHHH..... Love that show!

TJmaxx find...

SO during lunch today, I some how ended up at the local TJmaxx down the road, and I found this for the girls... It was marked down so I had to grab it, and now I am on a man hunt to another pink chair so every Giles girl has a seat....If you spy another pink one at your TJmaxx I will be your best friend for ever if you grab it for me!

Cute pool pics

Having a pity party at work for myself...

So, apparently I over did it this weekend… Saturday I tried really hard to do some late Spring Cleaning. We have gobs of laundry to catch up on with the kids and ourselves, and I also made it my mission to clean the porch some. We have those white Cracker Barrel rocking chairs for us and the kids on the porch, and I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but they mildew very easily and look nasty after a while. I scrubbed them down with soap and water and even after they still looked dirty so my mom sprayed them with bleach. Bleach seems to work good but it took some elbow grease from the both of us.

Then later that afternoon while Dave was still sleeping from working the night before I tackled the garage somewhat. Our garage is so nasty. Nothing is organized, and my husband leaves trash everywhere in there. Seriously, he will clean out his truck and leave the trash in the garage rather then put it in the freaking trash can. We also have some leftover garage sale stuff that never sold cluttering the area too. So I did what I could, which meant throwing a crap load of stuff away. I am going to try to free cycle some of the leftover garage sale stuff. I was thinking about having another garage sale, but I rather just get rid of the crap all together now. I am over the clutter and mess, and maybe, just maybe, if it gets all organized Dave will be inspired to keep it nicer. I can dream right?

So then after being fairly productive Saturday, I spend Sunday morning walking the Noland Trail with a friend, and that pretty much did me in… I have been feeling good this pregnancy, so I have not tried to take it easy at all… I have been riding my bike and walking a lot, and I have been doing the 5 mile trail with this girl about every other weekend lately, and I have been fine. Yesterday though I was uncomfortable about half way through and could feel myself getting slower and slower. I seriously almost called Dave from my friends cell to get me and drive me back to my car, but I didn’t want to scare my friend and didn’t want to make a big fuss unless I knew something was really wrong. So I finished the walk, but I am unsure I will be able to do it again any time soon… or maybe not all of it, may just half of it or something.

The rest of Sunday we spent in the backyard in the new swimming pool we bought the kids. The kids played in the pool while Dave and I sat with our feet in it from our lawn chairs. I am determined that I should bought the kiddy pool years ago, even before we had kids, as it just felt that good sitting there with my feet in the water. I can already see myself sitting in the whole thing this summer readying a book when the kids are napping. Yeah it doesn’t take much to make me happy.

So I am still sore today, and just feel better while laying or sitting down. The sad thing is, even though I accomplished a lot of housework this weekend, I still have a zillion more things to do. For starters, the nursery still has not been worked on… We have the crib cluttering up the garage of course, but we need to paint the room and take down the bed that’s in there. I also want to paint our front door to the house, and I need some mulch in our backyard in the non-exhistant flower beds that need some flowers as well. Also, I think we are going to have a cook out this weekend, so that means I can’t be on my behind but so much. Dave is off today and tomorrow but he has court cases which takes up so much of his days, so I doubt he will get much of anything done around the house…

I think today I will go and buy paint for the front door since I have a shop right near my work. The door is a small enough project that I can take care of. Then I can check that off my list.

I do have some cute pics from the weekend I will put on here later, so if your over my whining you can at least see my adorable girls lol.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bike Helmet being held for ransom...

So I have been trying to decide if I should post this story as many of you may think I am being a huge brat. I have decided even if you think I am being a brat, you will at least see some humor in this and have a laugh. Before I begin the story I need to explain to you that we are still using baby bottles with Rachel. YES I know, I am a horrible mother, cut me some slack though, and just let me worry about that, and for the record I saw a picture of Tom Cruise's baby with a bottle and she's a heck of a lot older then my youngest. We are working on the situation- Rachel just has not given in yet.

ANYWAYS- when Dave and I went to South Carolina Dave's parents had them the majority of the weekend. They were left with a an extra pack -n- play for someone to sleep in, our nicer double stroller, two over night bags with clothes, milk, snacks, food, a good supply of bottles and sippy cups, and a crazy amount of diapers. When we were on our way back Sunday I explained to Dave how great it would be after a 7 hour drive if we could just go straight to our house and have his parents meet us there with the kids. They live in the same city as us, but their house is several miles out of our way. I also thought it would be easier so we could get everything back as our big 'ole car was loaded down with our stuff we took and bought on the trip. So Dave calls them, and he wont directly ask them 'cause he's a big puss like that, and apparently after the conversation he has agreed for us to just pick them up on the way home. I kept my cool and didn't say a word...

So we get our kids and right away we realize most of the stuff will have to stay with his parents as we don't have room in our car (duh)and some of the stuff is missing. We are missing a sippy cup and a bottle. I can deal with a lost sippy cup, we have oodles and their fairly cheap, but a lost bottle.... hello!!??!?! We only have like 3 now as some have cracked and just plain got worn out, but those suckers are expensive. His parents tell us they will look around and let us know, which I doubt they did, and we are sent home with one less bottle, and they clearly lost it somewhere in their house.

SO fast forward a bit, we get our double stroller back and pack-n-play a week later or so. Since Laura has been wanting to walk when we are out and about I had just been using a single stroller for Rachel so I had not even messed with the double stroller at all. Anyways, on my mall/gymboree adventure with the kids by myself, I take out the stroller from the back of the car and notice its a bit heavier then usual. I pop it open and I am horrified to discover the bottom basket under the stroller is stuffed 5 or 6 empty Gatorade bottles, 3 bags of open potato chip bags, some chips spilt in the basket, a bike helmet, and low and behold, a Advent baby bottle without about 3 inches of mold growing in it. I threw everything out in the back of my car and cussed my inlaws out silently. I threw away the baby bottle rather then attempt to save it. I was pretty hot. First of all, it took us about a week or so to get the rest of our stuff back, second of all- it just shows me how hard they looked for the bottle, and third of all, what is with the Sanford and Son junkyard in my stroller??

So on Mother's Day we go to his parents and Dave informs his mom and dad of the findings, and his parents laugh and say they will take the helmet back. Yeah right guys, I have that joker hidden, even from my husband, and I will gladly return it to my mother in law or father in law once they buy me a new baby bottle. Call me a brat all you want, but since I am pregnant, I am going to use that excuse on my behavior on this one. No bottle, no helmet.

For the record my mom lost a bottle this week as well, but she had the common courtesy to track it down, so its been saved. She wouldn't have turned my stroller into a garbage can and left it in there to mold over.

So thats my evil pregnancy mood related story for the day.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Crew Cuts- the J.Crew kids line, is having a sale on their clearence items, you get an additional 20% off... They have some cute things...But alas, I am out of baby clothes hangers so I am taking that as a sign that my kids really do not need anymore clothes right now... Have I mentioned how cute Crew Cuts stuff is? It's pricey, I wont kid you, I only buy items already marked down, so hurry up and check out their sale!

Swimming recap

I forgot to post on our swimming lesson this past week. It went fine, she didn't get upset that I did class with her rather then Dave. She is loving being in the pool and likes being around the other kids. As I have said earlier we didn't sign up Rachel this time around, and because we are all about taking pictures during swim lessons we either leave her with a grandparent or she comes along and goes to the daycare there during the 1/2 hour class... however the past two times she has come to the daycare she gets very upset and they end up bringing her back to one of us. Poor thing...I think she gets confused that Laura isn't there too, and sees nothing but strangers. I think we have plenty of pictures now of swim class with Laura so I am not going to leave her in the daycare without her sister anymore since its upsetting for her.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

When I came home from work today it was almost like Christmas on my porch. I had ordered some things online and everything came at once. I broke down and used some Ann Taylor Loft giftcards to order from their maternity line. I got those gift cards for Christmas to finally purchase some real nonmaternity clothes and who would have thought I would get knocked up again and sacrifice my gift cards for more freaking maternity clothes. I was happy to hear they are carrying maternity as I love Ann Taylor Loft, don't get me wrong. I just have been bitter about getting back in the elastic waist pants and the billowy shirts. Ever notice how maternity clothes make you look even fatter? You can put them on when your not pregnant and still look pregnant. I got two cute tops and a pair of white jeans that I am hoping I can get away with wearing to work.

My other items were Ebay splurges. I order off Ebay from time to time if there is a good deal. For example, GRITS had posted a blog on a adorable pearl necklace from Silpada that her mom bought her. Silpada is a company that does those home parties and sells mainly silver jewlery. I actually had a party at my house for Silpada when I was pregnant with Rachel, and their stuff is really awesome and neat, but super expensive. I just had to get this necklace and sure enough I found it on ebay for quite a bit cheaper then what it costs to buy it from a seller of Silpada, AND it was free shipping... What could be better then that? I have to reason the spending some how, and buying jewlery is a lot more interesting then maternity clothes.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I am copying Jenny

i am: totally bored at work and ready to go home
i think: i should go by TJmaxx on the way home
i know: that i'm incredibly blessed
i want: long hair
i have: no patience
i wish: my granny knew my kids
i hate: mean people
i miss: not having stretch marks
i fear: something bad happening to someone i love
i feel: happy
i hear: the radio at work
i smell: nothing
i crave: diet coke
i search: online for almost everything
i wonder: how swimming class will go today
i regret: dating some losers and letting my life revolve around them
i love: my husband
i ache: for women who are unable to get pregnant or for anyone who has lost a child
i care: about children
i always: want to go shopping
i am not: confrontational
i believe:in Heaven
i dance: with my kids
i sing: hardly ever cause it makes the dog growl
i don’t always: have a reason for the things i do
i fight: rarely
i write: thank you notes and invitations for everything
i lose: my keys all the time
i never: am totally caught up on laundry
i can usually be found: at home in our den
i am scared: of something bad happening to someone i love
i need: to go grocery shopping


Billy Ray and annoying strangers...

I borrowed my sisters flat iron, as I have never tried one before as a test run before I buy one. It looks ok, not that different, but yesterday before we left for Dave’s softball game I tried it again while I had my hair parted down the middle. I have not parted my hair down the middle in a few years now I guess, and the results were interesting to say the least. I totally looked like Billy Ray Cyrus. Not mullet Billy Ray, but his current hair style, so I nixed the middle part to say the least! Yeah Dave laughed when I showed him…

This little girl who is a child of another softball player on Dave’s team is driving me crazy… She’s probably 7 or so, and she’s obsessed with my girls. She wants to chase them, pick them up, tickle them until they fall down, and of course she wants to feed them. It was cute at first, but seriously, I reached my breaking point yesterday when I asked her for the 30th time not to touch them or pick them up. The little girl has other brothers and sisters and some are my kids ages so I don’t know why she’s obsessed with mine. And you would think her mom would notice my distress when she hears me telling her child firmly to put down my kids, but she doesn’t even bat an eyelash at it.

So tonight I am going to get in the pool for swimming lessons with Laura. Watch her tell me that this is her and daddy’s deal and for me to keep my bathing suit at home! Should be interesting!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

pic of the cool pool I bought at Target

I love it!

Whiter teeth?

So yesterday I went to Target. I scored the cutest Madras plaid kiddy pool for the kids, and I can see myself sitting in it this summer possibly too lol. I also bought Crest White strips. I have never used them before, and I decieded to see if they really work. I am supposed to put them on twice a day 30 minutes a pop, and let me tell you its the weirdest thing ever. I put them on this morning while I commuted to work, cause that was one of the boxes suggestions. I felt like a fool driving with them on my teeth with my mouth partially open. I guess I don't have to have my mouth open a little but it feels even weirder with my mouth shut. When I took them out it left a gel on my teeth, and I didn't want to swallow the gel residue, so I spent 5 min or so spitting in the parking lot before going into work. Hopefully noone saw me lol. I also had the taste of peroxide in my mouth which made me want to gag. So I am going to try to use these all up, and hopefully they will get easier to use, and I wont be such a fool spitting every where. Has anyone tried them before and have any luck with them? I know the best way to go is to have them done by your dentist, but I am not willing to dish out the money, and I have heard some people who have had it done say it made their teeth very sensitive, so I guess in 13 more days I will know for myself if I just totally wasted my money or not!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I hope every mom out there and every mother to be has a great day and gets spoiled! Dave came home this morning and this allowed me to get a shower since Rachel had woke up early. I don't know about other moms, but I am not very comfortable with getting a shower unless the kids are sleeping or someone else is watching them. I have done it while they have been in the pack in play, but now that Laura is able to climb out of it, I just rather just wait and shower later. Those girls can be pretty sneaky together given 30 seconds of not being supervised...

So I had a lovely shower, and after I decided to put some lotion on, which I seem to skip as I am in such a rush to have the shower, get dressed and relieve Dave... So I am putting on the lotion and I notice its not rubbing into my skin very well, and it just feels weird. Of course I continue to lotion up, and when I am done I look closer at the bottle and realize I have just put body wash cream all over me rather then lotion.... For the record the bottles and the look of the cream is identical to the lotion I meant to be putting on... I thought about just getting dressed anyways, but then decided I would be screwed if it was raining or I got water on myself later and I would just sud up lol. So I have to jump back in and shower all over again... Major blonde moment I guess...

Anyways, when I was finally done, I came back out and my mom had now come over and she wanted to exchange with me. I gave her gifts to her first and she loved the star I made for her that I posted about a while back. I did end up fixing the pictures that I cut upside down lol, so it looked better. She also seems to really like the shell necklace too so all in all I did good. My mom spoiled me silly with a cute Vera Bradley tote, and inside the tote I got a certificate for a pedicure, AND a Motherhood Maternity certificate for some maternity clothes. I love my momma!

Dave and the girls got me the pink Sony cybershot camera I have been spying. I was surprised cause Dave doesn't read my blog, and I only mentioned it once about a month ago, and usually he forgets my little comments. I have not used it yet cause of course the silly thing didn't come with a freaking memory card. So that's on my to do list. I also got a bottle of Happy Clinique perfume. I freaking love that scent... I think it smells so fresh and its not so overwhelming.

So this is my third Mother's Day that I have been able to celebrate, and I just have to say I love being a mom. I love my kids, and can't imagine life without them. I seriously feel really bad for people who choose not to have children, or are unable to have kids or adopt. The idea of not wanting kids is just insane to me. Sure its crazy and insane sometime, (ok most of the time, ok, all of the time) but its just the most amazing experience ever. The moment my kids were born were the happiest moments of my life. It was such a overwhelming feeling of immediate love. And guess what? I get it to happen all over again in September! I can't wait to meet the new little princess.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Recent happenings...

I hope one day someone will make stores, especially baby/kid stores easier to navigate with strollers. This morning I ventured to the mall with the girls, and went by Gymboree 'cause they have a killer coupon going on right now where you can get 30% off your entire purchase. Our Gymboree is teeny, and theres just not much room in there when you have a stroller. Add in a bunch of other moms with strollers, and myself with a double stroller, and its just not very pleasant. I do appreciate the TV they have showing cartoons, but its hidden in the back, and basically theres just room for one stroller. Ugg... So I behaved myself with the coupon, bought one outfit and a couple of bracelets for them to play dress up, and got a great deal.

I also was able to find a necklace for the shell pendants I got my mom and Dave's mom for Mother's Day. I had spent a good part of the week trying to find a nice one at Hi-Ho silver,and a bunch of other places between Williamsburg and Newport News, but nothing really would go with the pendant. Today I found the necklaces in freaking Claire's at the mall. I have not been in there since middle school probably, but low and behold they had something that looked good and it was super cheap. It's basically just a necklace with several strands of tiny brown beads. It came with another pendant, so I just took that one off, and replaced it with the shell ones.

My mom is having a lunch Sunday for everyone, and my grandparents and sisters are coming. I usually get my grandmother a plant since shes a big gardener, guess I need to take care of that soon! I will probably get that tonight as I want to get Dave to take me to Anderson's greenhouse tonight to get some plants for our yard.

In my freecycle group someone posted a crazy amount of paintballs they were getting rid of, so I scored those this week. Dave plays from time to time, and my nephews are always messing with paintball, so I gave one bag to Dave and the rest my nephews got. Not bad for free...

Laura had swimming again this week and shes all about it. Everyday she asks if we are going swimming. I am glad she got over her fit from the first class. This week I may brave getting in a bathing suit and getting in with her for the class. Dave has been the lucky one the last three lessons, so its my turn now. I mainly have not been getting in because I have wanted to take photo's with the camera, but now that we have 100 of them lol, its time we leave the camera at home. I think these classes go through the end of May, and then there is another session. I am going to sign both kids up this time, and then we will both get in with both kids. Guess I will have my sister tag along to be the paparazi and capture Rachel's experience in class.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Blah days...

So yesterday Dave had a softball game and my kids were a bit high strung and wanted to spend the entire time running circles, attempting to walk off with strangers, eat food from stangers, you get the picture... someone asked me near the end of the game how old my kids were and I promptly told them that Laura was 2, Rachel was 1, and because my husband and I are retarded we are having another one in 4 months. It was just that type of day lol.

Today wasn't much better as I oinked out on krisy creams 'cause they were just talking to me from their case at the gas station this morning...cause the big bowl of suggary ceral just wasn't enough I guess... AND at work I sneezed and was this close from peeing in my pants....classy huh?

I am also starting to show I guess cause someone at work asked me if I was pregnant today, either that or all this healthy food I have been eatting (Ben and Jerry's, Krispy Cream, etc) is starting to pack on. Probably a bit of both!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Random happenings...

* I had another ultrasound done and we are def having another baby girl! Guess we need to get serious on a name soon

* I went to Walmart the other day (shudder) and I saw a freaking rattail on a man, and wanted to laugh, point, and take photos so everyone would be believe me. He even had braided his rattail, cause the man is stylish like that I guess...

* I just polished off an entire thing of Ben and Jerry's baby doctor is not going to be impressed this time around with my weight gain I am more then willing to bet...

* I also spent way to much on pants from the Gap yesterday. I am still trying to figure out why I did that when there not maternity and wont be able to wear them much longer... I need to start buying maternity clothes not regular clothes since my maternity wardrobe is non-exhistant

* Confession: the playroom storage I spent a crazy amount on is assembled, and upstairs but nothing is in it yet as we have been too lazy to keep working on the room and organize it. I could slap both Dave and I for that one...

* I was pretty bitter yesterday that I couldn't have a margarita on Cinco De Mayo or however you say it.

* I rocked the vote today for city council and school board, and I am hoping the people I voted for won!

Monday, May 5, 2008

What not to wear....

Laura didn't get her fashion sense from me I can assure you... Yesterday she decieded to take half her clothes off while playing dress up, and then before I knew it she opened the back door to go after David who was in the backyard and she pranced around the yard like this.

As you can see she is also winning the binky war. I try to keep them out of sight, and she does fine if she doesn't see them, but she does still want one at night, and as tired as I am come bedtime, I am just going to let her have the binky... I have tried to tell myself that she's going to need braces anyways for the under bite she has. But for now she wins!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

A little ebaying...

Dave and I have been a little sick. I don't think we have strep as our throats hurt for one day and then we moved on to coldy symptoms, so we have been trying to take it somewhat easy, which is no easy feat. During some down time on the couch I came across this cosmetic bag on ebay that I had seen at the outlets that day I should have been at work.... The auction was almost over and I made a bid and won! I think the outlet had it for $100, and with shipping I got this one on ebay for $30 and its the same freaking one.... Of course I don't need a cosmetic bag, that would be entirely way too practical! But I couldn't pass up the great deal....I will put it to use some how lol.

Friday, May 2, 2008

My redneck family

Sigh..... yes my parents decieded to entertain the kids some this morning, since I wasn't feeling so hot, by driving up and down our street with the kids in the back of my dads truck. They freaking loved it, and thought they were pretty special. Before anyone goes and calls Child Protective Services on us, I swear they were going like 2 miles an hour and my mom was holding on to them. You gotta love the rebel flag sticker on my dads bumper...I can't believe he put that on his truck in freaking Newport News....