Monday, December 31, 2007

Pinky toe drama

Apparently the pinky toe is very important and has many nerve endings…. Yesterday in the evening we were attempting to put away some Christmas decorations. I was wearing flip flops and just ran up the stairs to put away some crap, and was on my way back downstairs. Dave and the kids were right near the stairway. Suddenly I just slipped and fell down the stairs. Dave was on the phone and hung up on whoever he was talking to, Laura found it hilarious and said “momma fall down, haha” I just sat there and cried and my poor pinky toe started bleeding enough to make me feel sick from seeing the amount of blood. Dave’s reply to my crying was “you just can’t keep a pedicure can you?” I had just gotten one the day before, and it will probably be a while before I let anyone touch that toe.

The sucker hurts still I tell you. After some first aide from David, and some examining I must have ripped the toe nail somehow. The nail is still there but its been bleeding off and on even today a little bit. I don’t see a cut or anything so who knows what the heck I did. I can move the toe so I doubt it’s broke, but the sucker still hurts, and at work today I still managed to some how stub my toe and I wore crocs today trying to be careful. That caused me to make quite the vocabulary impression on my patients. At this point I am ready for someone to just amputate the toe and be done with it.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Oh to be a Campbell...

Today was the annual Campbell Family Reunion held at my great aunt Julia's. Picture a crazy amount of Campbell's backed into a small house. It's crazyness as we are loons. My Aunt Julia is the queen of knick knacks, she has more crap then my mom and that really says something. This meant I had to chase after Laura and remind her a gazilion times not to touch. The highlight of the affair was my youngest nephew Justin asking my mom in front of everyone what a "Diry Sanchez" is.

So New Years Eve Dave and I are going to head to dinner somewhere which will probably end up being Plaza, and then we are going to go bowling with some friends. Don't joke on bowling- its so much fun, and its been a good three years since we have been able to go. SO that's going to be our big New Year's Eve outting....

Friday, December 28, 2007

Croc crazy!

Laura's impressive Croc collection. Pretty crazy.... But she loves them!

The gift that keeps giving...

We are all sick. It started with poor Rachel who woke up Christmas Day with it, and when we took her in to the doctor the next day she had a temp of 104. She has a cold and a ear infection, and over the last few days shes passed it on to Laura, David and myself. We were going to try to go to Appomattox today to see Dave's grandmother, and even yesterday Dave was set on going, and was getting frustrated with me as I said I was going to stay home with Rachel, and he was dead set on taking her. I was not going to budge. This can been a common theme with him as a week or so after I have birth to Rachel he wanted to take everyone up to see his grandmother immediatly as she was very sick and ill and not going to be around much longer. I refused to go as I had just had a c-section and my freaking incision was open, and Dave pouted like a baby. But we went have been to see her several times since then so I am not trying to prevent him from going or actuing like this out of evil, I just want everyone to be healthy and I like to be present when we do these trips.

I was feeling like crap yesterday and it was obvious Rachel still was feeling yucky, so I was a bit happy when Dave woke up sick today and decieded it would not be a good idea to make the trip. DUH! So the trip is postponed for a bit, but eventually we will all go, and we will all go in good health so we don't end up getting her sicker then she already is. I seriously just wish they would move her down here where everyone is. There just comes a time you have to step up and say enough is enough, and I know Dave's mom and aunt have got to be just plain tired and burnt out.

A few days earlier we ended up finally picking out a mattress. We get it delivered Tueday and I am super excited, as it felt heavenly when I was rolling around on it in the show room. We ended up getting it from Mattress Discounters as my sister recently got her a new one from there and had shopped around and done some investigating on them. Never just go in there and buy what the sticker says. If you sit around in there for a while the saleman gets overly dramatic when you try to leave and makes these phone calls to see how far he can come down on the sticker price, and apparently he can come down pretty far. But like I said my sister filled us all in on this, so we got a good price, free delivery and removed of old mattress and he even got us a matress pad cheaper then what the sticker price said for just the mattress.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Adventures in brushing teeth....

No this blog is not about brushing my kids teeth, in fact its my own personal experience. One of our gifts we got this year was the Ultra Sonic electric tooth brush thingys. I have never used anything but basic tooth brushes and apparently such a concept is a bit over my head. I didn't read any directions as I thought I would be smart enough to figure it out- I was wrong. I started with putting a glob of toothpaste on the brush and then I pushed the button on and then put it in my mouth. The vibrations scared me and I was certain I was going to chip my teeth or shock myself. I was scared to death while I did it, and I came out in the den to do this while attempting to watch something on TV so this amused David watching me. When I was done I came back in the den and Dave pointed out that I had a glob of toothpaste on my shirt as I turned the thing on before putting it in my mouth resulting in me slinging the toothpaste. I amused David with my antics at least.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

T'was the day after Christmas

Well Christmas has come and gone, and even without as much running around it was still crazy! BUT it was wonderful and magical and all of that oosshyy goooshhyyy stuff. Christmas Eve was spent at the inlaws and that was the first round of the spoiling. The girls got so much stuff. Laura was still not interested in opening present this year, we sort of thought she would be more into it, but she was more interested in prancing around, which was fine as having us or others open rather then a 22 month old or 10 month old makes the process speed up some. The big hit for Laura Christmas Eve was her table and chairs that she was crazy about. Big hits for Dave was some golf pass thingy, and golf shoes. For me it was kitchen stuff- I got my Wok and a panini maker.

When we came home we let the girls open a present under the tree which was new PJ's, and Laura did help open them up at least. They were ready to crash soon after that as they had a super long day as they had gone to Richmond with Dave's parents to a party earlier.

So then "Santa" came and boy was Santa busy. Santa even wondered for a split second if he had brought enough which was silly, but still he wondered, so then Christmas morning I got up SUPER EARLY. I don't know what it is, but I am still like a little kid on Christmas morning. I used to get up so freaking early when I lived with my parents, and I guess its just carried over. I hate to admit this, but I actually got up at 4:30am, yes I know, but I couldn't fall back to sleep, so I just got up and prepared for the day by doing some cooking for breakfast. Each year I make a breakfast casserole. Dave loves those, and I never make them except on Christmas. I also did a little more straightening and then I tried to keep busy without waking up every one else. Dave woke up about 6am, and soon after Rachel started crying. She however, woke up sick. Poor thing... first Christmas and she is sick. She had a runny nose and was pulling on her ears some. She did perk up a little after some food and some Motrin, and was ready to go back to sleep. Dave and I decieded to go ahead and exchange, as I was by this time dying to start opening gifts. Santa was very gracious with what he left in my stocking. I got lots of gift cards, and can't wait to use them.

So after stockings I let Dave open his gifts from me and the kids. His big gifts where a golf driver that must have inside diamonds or something for the amount it cost, and the North Face coat. He also got a ACDC CD set, and some other little stuff.

My big gifts from Dave and the kids was a beautiful Coach purse and wristlet, that he picked out by himself. He said the sales ladies where he bought it at are like car salemen. I also got a new ipod nano in baby blue! I also got the Magic Bullet blender things I had been wanting and some tupperware stuff I needed.

About 7am we heard the Laura and Rachel stiring so we brought them down to see what Santa left. Laura went straight to her kitchen set and started checking it out. Rachel also got to try out her car, and Laura decieded she like that too. They really seemed to enjoy their toys and were soon making a mess. My parents then popped in to see what Santa had left, and thats when we gave my parents their gifts. My dad is really hard to shop so I usually get him gift cards to Bass Pro Shop and Green Top in Richmond, as he loves going to both places. I also got him a shirt and some CD's he wanted. He's been on a CD kick as he got a Bose stero thingy a few months ago, and ever since hes been Mr. Music Man. I find it hilarious as when I was younger and bought CD's he would tell me I was wasting my money on that S!*%. I got my mom a Coach purse which she loved, a vera bradly book cover, some Mathew's County sign thing, and a sunflower garden decoration thingy. They also got the scrapbook on the girls that I worked on for freaking forever, and they got the picture of all their grandkids that we nearly killed us with that experience.

About the time they were done opening up, Dave's parents popped in to see what Santa brought and to see the kids before they left to head out of town, but just as soon as they came they left. I know it must be hard for them to be away from their kids and grandkids on Christmas.

We got the girls dressed and then headed next door to my parents and then got to open our gifts. Christmas with my parents is always over the top and crazy. They buy a crazy amount of gifts, and my mom spends forever wrapping them beautifully with perfect bows, and baking every kind of cake and cookie you can imagine, and then preparing a feast. Seriously, she's freaking Martha Stewart Jr. They spoiled us silly again. Dave's big gifts were a Bose Radio CD thingy, a pressure washer, and some crown molding kit he wanted. My big gifts were a Dooney bag, a cool scrapbook tool called the Silohette, and a bunch of every day dishes by Longaberger, and a gazillion other stuff.

The kids got a crazy amount as well, and soon "santa" was not feeling like he should have brought more, and left Dave and I wondering where the hell we were going to put everything. Laura was all about this leapfrog laptop she got, and Rachel was all about her Elmo Chair.

My nephews were a trip. My 13 year old nephew got some crazy pogo stick from his Dad. It doesn't have springs, it operates by air you put into it with a air compressor, and its made for adults, and apparently the more air you put into it the higher you bounce, and if your a pro you can jump over cars. Jake brought that over and was showing that off. Hopefully he doesn't kill himself on it, but it looks like some fun, and I am going to try it out hopefully today if it quits raining.

Justin got this motor scooter, and I got to try it out. Picture this, me on the scooter all dressed up riding down the street like a crazy lady. To top it off a house on the corner got sold and our new neighbors were picking Christmas Day to move in which was odd, but I zoomed past them while they looked at my like I was nuts and yelled Merry Christmas. Dave and my nephews were cracking up at me, and said they think the neighbors think I am mentally retarded.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Ok so counting is a bit more involved then I thought. There's a gazillion items to count, as well as a gazillian medications. But its over, and I get to do it all over again monday, every monday I guess, and the last day of each month, until Crystal comes back. It's actually not so bad but stuff is a bit disorganized and spread out everywhere. But I can't complain as we got it done and entered in some computer program, and I went to lunch and left for the day.

One of the many cool things about being a parent is that Christmas gets magical again. I thought it was so cool to play Santa last year for Laura, and I spoiled her silly. I attempted to scale back this year as my kids have everything already they could possibly need, but I some how managed to get a ton crap anyways. Laura will be more excited this year getting her gifts and may even open a few this year lol, but she is still a bit too young to understand whats going on. Rachel will be clueless of course but I bet she will enjoy all her new goodys.

Merry Christmas!!!

It's Christmas Eve and I am at work. Yes I know... tell me all about it. Normally I would be at home, BUT our unit is open cause people still have to get dialysis. I am here though cause like some idiot I agreed to learn how to do inventory today. Our super secretary had her baby, so she is out on maternity leave, and she normally does them. So two techs here were put in charge of it and they are not liking it to well, and there have been some major mess ups. My Secretary at my other clinic is filling in some to help us out with secretary stuff, so I am going to have her show me how to do the inventory. I don't think it will be all that hard- I mean isn't it just counting what you have? I can count! So today of all days has to be the day I learn to count supplies.

I seriously have nothing else to do until then, so hence that is why I am on. As soon as I get trained and do it I shall be going home. My kids are heading to Richmond today to visit their great grandmother and great aunt and uncle- Dave's mom and Dad are taking them, and of course I am a wreck as they are traveling a long distance without me. I know they will be fine but I still worry cause that is what I do best. They never get to see this side of the family (Dave's Dads side) so it will be good for them. Dave's dad's family is from Appomattox as well, and his aunt lives in Richmond. I think its really weird that we never see them. When we go to Appomattox its always hang out at Dave's moms parents house the entire time and then on the way out stop by his Granny Sarah's for 5 min or less. Seems odd to me, and a bit unfair to her. So that is why I did not protest and let the kids go.

I do not plan on going back to work until Friday I guess. Dave judt dropped the news to me we are going to Appomattox on Thursday to see his other granny.

Dave is going to come up and have lunch with me today, and then before we go to his parents house to do Christmas tonight we are going to Plaza, so just call me a big fat pig right now. I have to admit I really like Dave's parents doing Christmas the day before cause it will make Christmas day easier for us. Not so much running around and chaos, and his aunt pissing me off, as we wont even have to see her!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ghost tour

So Friday night we went to dinner in Williamsburg at the Polo Club. It's like a Ruby Tuesday or something like that but its not a chain, and its owned by some family locally. It was pretty yummy, and I was ate lots of horrible fatty things and I enjoyed every bite. We then went on to Colonial Williamsburg and walked around while we waited for the tour to begin. There were about 15 people as well that took the tour too, but we were the only local ones. Everyone else was pretty much from out of state. You meet in front of the bookstore and then you walk down to the William and Mary Campus where they tell some ghost stories about the President's house. Apparently the president's house is really really old, how old I can't remember, but it's old. Anyways, every president and there family has had problems with a particular door staying shut in a room. Even if they would lock it or put furniture against the door the door would still open. Well 42 years ago a President living there decided that it had to be something with the structure and made some workers look into it, and under that very room they found a skeleton under the door, and ever since they removed the skeleton the door behaves itself. They told another story about the house, and then we walked down to Bruton Parrish Church and he told stories about the graveyard and sightings around the church, then we went to the Wyeth house and he told another story about Lady Skipwith and that her ghost is sometimes seen or heard there. After that he just told some historical stuff. It was sooo freaking cold that night, and the tour lasted about an hour and a half. I would rate it so so. It would have been cooler if they took you inside some of the places at night. Dave ditched our group and went over to the graveyard at the church to take pictures like a goof. He took a ton of other pictures on the tour and after we looked at them and didn't see any caspers so no ghosts lol.

I hear Richmond has a ghost tour as well and I wouldn't mind going to that either sometime for fun. I know I am a huge nerd, but I have always liked scary movies and ghost crap.

Super Sunday

I can't believe Christmas is just a couple days away... I am officially done though with shopping and wrapping which is good. Like the world's biggest idiot I went to the mall yesterday around noon. Yes I braved the mall the last weekend before Christmas. I only did it as Dave has been hinting around about that jacket some more, so I went ahead and splurged and got it for him, which involved the mall trip.

It was way worse then black Friday in my opinion. I almost gave up on finding any parking space and went home, but then I cut off two people and found one. I am completely against shopping this late in the season as its jut too crazy and dangerous out there. One of my bosses had told me on Thursday she has not started shopping yet, and I wanted to ask her if she was retarded, but I guess that may not be the best thing to say to someone with authority over you.

So I got the jacket, and had planned on getting a birthday gift for my niece, but instead of getting a certificate somewhere I am just going to put some money in a card. Her bday party is today which means we are going to the "other sisters" house which is always interesting!

I will post more stuff later with a recap of the ghost tour!

Friday, December 21, 2007


So yesterday I got to pick up the clothing and toy items and the rest of the food stuff for my patients, and it wasn't too bad. BUT, I left work at like 3pm and when I almost was home my boss called saying the Salvation Army also had a bike for one of my patients kids, and I needed to get it by Friday. I was not about to turn back around and go back to Williamsburg so I went this morning with the kids to grab that on my day off.
I ran it by the unit for my patient and she didn't even seem to care, she was basically trying to ignore me, shes the one that drove off when I went to help her get the Thanksgiving food in her car. I know her kid will like it, so I just bit my lip to keep from flipping out and left.

Dave is playing golf today with Stevie, and later on tonight Dave and I are going to dinner and then the ghost tour in williamsburg. I am super excited and Dave has been joking on me all week, asking if we should watch Ghost Busters before just in case. Whatever, I know were are not going to see anything- it just a historial tour and some spooky stories.

Work has been good besides all this damn do gooding crap I have done all week. The drug reps have been very good to us with lots of food and free crap with the drugs names on it, so I have stocked up on pens, and all sorts of stuff, and I have eatten way to much. I am not even going to weigh in this week its been that bad. I will weigh in the next week, and I will start working out again then I promise.

We decieded to hold off until after Christmas to get the TV up. Our friend came by and he and Dave worked out a game plan for filling in the cubby area so we can put our TV over the cubby. I know its just killing Dave to have the TV sit in the box, but if we wait we can repaint the room and everything and not worry about a mess here on the holidays. My sister Becky has her TV up and in action. She had the cubby thing in the wall too, but her cubby hole was small enough where she could hang it over the hole and you not even know the hole was behind it. My other sister probably wont even get a TV she came and grabbed the cash when it was being dubbed out, but she probably is going to do something else with hers which is fine, but I bet it ticks my dad off.

I am just glad it worked out this way though as I know Dave was days from just buying one himself, and I wanted to use that money for a new bed and mattress so now we can get the bed and matress and everyone is happy. We have a queen size bed but the mattress is really really really old, and we agreed to go for a King when we got one. I am still trying to figure out what kind of bed I want. I know I want a cherry finish, but I don't know what style. I used to love Sleigh beds, but now I am not so sure. I went and looked around at Haynes but honestly I didn't like any of there stuff, I am going to check around at Haverty's and some other places for the frame, but I think we are going to get the matress at Matress Discounters. They have really good prices on their stuff.

So Christmas is going to be here soon. Christmas Eve we are going to spend it with Dave's family as his mom is going to go out of town to take care of Dave's granny. Sucks we can't see everyone for Christmas, I know his granny is sick and they want to be with her. So Christmas Dave and I will do our thing with each other and the girls, and then spend the day next door at my parents house.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Dean and Don spooky experience...

Ok so I was asked about my spooky experience at D &D and though having every male country bumpkin family member hit on you is a bit unnerving, that wasn't it.

It's not really that interesting I guess, but there was this woman that worked there and had been working on and off there for a long time. Her name was Beverly- she was telling me that she had seen the ghost of Mr. Parrish, who was the original owner who had died I guess in early '97 right before I went to work there. I can thank Katy for calling me and offering to get me a job there. Thanks bitch! I am just kidding.

Anyways, Bev swore when she was in the back doing butter bean duty, she had seen his ghost. Bev was a bit nutty, and had a story for everything and anything, so I still don't know if she was being serious or not. Anyways, I worked there a bunch of summers as a slave, and I did take part in some not so kosher activity while on duty-whethere it was spiked Slurpees, or other matters, and were always horsing around when we could. Anyways I was on butter bean duty myself, and I was in a bad mood as the beans were really nasty and it had been raining so I was covered in dirt, and cranky from working like a mexican migrant work for hardly anything. When you shell the beans its a process of sorting through them before they go in the sheller and after and its not so much fun, so I started cheating at the process by just dumping them in the sheller, and I even threw one batch in a dumpster without shelling it as if I finished shelling all we had I could just go home. Yes I know terrible as the butter beans are the holy grail there, but its gets old I tell you, and don't judge till you work there. So I throw some away, and I swear to god something pulled the crap out of my pony tail really really hard,not just a piece of my hair but the whole pony tail, and noone was there. So yeah granddaddy parrish got abusive on me maybe. Scared me enough where I tried to do the beans the proper way after that.

Wednesday crap

Argg I am a grinch today... I had to go and get Christmas food baskets for my some of my needier patients today, and it was not as organized as Thanksgiving was. I knew they would let me down. I only got half of them and had to drive all over town to get them, I get the rest tomorow and I get toys and clothes for those who have kids or grandkids in their household. To top it off, they sent cards to my patients telling them to pick it up, so that caused a bunch of confusion as some people went after I picked them up and were told it was already given away. I hate unorganized crap- I know they are all pretty much volunteers, but seriously its plane rude to be disorganized. If people want to put stuff off and be messy and scattered they need to not effect other people. Other people don't have time for that crap.

After my stressful day I stopped in the outlets and went by Gymboree. I didn't see anything exciting, but in the clearance racks I found some shorts for .99 for the kids to wear. Sock are never even that cheap at that place so I bought what I could find in my kids sizes, and then went back to work.

Dave and I are planning a date night for Friday. I think we are going to go to dinner and then we are going to go on a Ghost tour in Williamsburg. Ghost stories have been my obsession lately. I like getting scared, and reading about stuff like that, especially local stuff. I have all of those Virginia Ghost books, and I have been watching Ghost Hunters on SciFi. I have never seen a ghost, but I did have an erie experience once at my work when I worked at Dean and Dons. My sister had an experience herself. She works for as a government contractor on base at Ft. Eustis, and many many years ago she was working nights at Ft. Monroe, and got the crap scared out of her. The door at her work opened and this man walked in uniform- she could hear him and see him and he walked in and vanished in front of her and some other people working there. Scared the crap out of her. Dave swears she must have been on drug, as he doesn't believe in that mess, but I believe her.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas gift from Employer.....

Drum roll please...We were given the choice of either new scrubs or a lab coat that has the logo on it. Each new employee get this already when they get hired, and trust me there not that nice or even that great of quality. Guess a new lab coat is coming my way. Wish it was another Target gift card like last year, but I guess this is my companies version of coal.

Tuesday Heffer report

Well this mornings weigh in went better I guess. I lost the 2lbs I had gained the previous weeks, so I have least gone down some during the holiday season, so my total weight lost is still -3.4lbs from when I started. Of course the holidays are not even over yet, and I have been cheating, so all and all I can’t complain but so much. It sure would be easier if Dave was dieting with me. He says he will after the holidays. Last night I had some chicken I wanted him to grill, and he refused saying it was too cold outside, and I didn’t want to bake the chicken, so I settled for sending him out to get subs, and of course he comes back with some foot long sub for me, I only ate half but still it was a steak and cheese so I know it wasn’t as healthy as the grilled chicken. I told him he was going to have to freeze tonight though, as I we are eating the grilled chicken, and its supposed to be even colder =)

Monday, December 17, 2007

Everyone is just going to get coal....

Welp… Like I was afraid there was some silly thing on his contact where he can’t do any upgrades until spring, so if I purchase a phone I have to buy it at retail cost, and for the price that that costs we could go on a freaking vacation to Cancun, so Dave will not be getting a phone this year from me anyways. Maybe father’s day or something…. But for now it looks like Dave is going to get a pretty golf club and some odds and ends… He did buy me a North Face coat the other day, and then afterward mentioned he wouldn’t mind having one, so maybe I could get him one as well or something… If I get him the same color we could be twins.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ho Ho Ho....

The weekend has blown by for me....It was an interesting weekend for us. Friday I was off, and Dave was off as well, so we were going to finally venture up to Richmond to see the "real santa" at the Children's Museum. We were up bright and early, the kids were dressed in their Christmas dresses, tights and shoes on,everything was ready, and then Laura did her best reenactment of the movie The Exorcist. She had some congestion, and she decided to throw it all up on herself and David. It was not a pretty picture, so we called off the trip then and there and just hung out all day. Laura was acting better in the evening so our major outing of the evening was to go by this neighborbood in Hampton in which one house always goes all out with decorations. The house is just insane, and we make it a tradition to go each year.

Saturday we got brave again, and got the kids up and ready to see Santa. When we got there they have a note on the door that it was currently a 90 min. wait to see Santa. We went earlier in the year last year and we litterally just had to walk in and sit on the mans lap, but not this time. I made a mental note to never come this close to Christmas again. But the wait wasn't so bad. They gave people pagers so if they wanted to you could just tour the museum and stuff and then they would beep you when it was getting close to your turn which was cool. I guess we waited almost an hour, and finally it was our turn to go see the Snow Princess who gets your info from you like your name and what not, cause she passes the info to Santa who calls the kids by their name. Rachel did fine, and was in a daze about it all, Laura however pulled a Brandon. I say pull a Brandon as he was my cousin who passed, and my mom and his mom always took us to see Santa every year in Richmond and he never did so well. My grandmother had a collection of framed pictures of us with Santa, and in all of mine I am smiling and just talking Santa's ear off. Brandon's are quite the opposite. In one Santa has him in a head lock, in another my aunt is the picture trying to restrain him, and then in one he looks terrified and he always hand wrote a letter to Santa rather then said what he wanted, as it was just too scary for him I guess.

So yes, Laura pulled a Brandon, and I have quite the picture in my possession. I will have to get my mom to scan it. Oh well, maybe next year she will be ok, she did great last year, I think she was just too tired after waiting in line and the long ride, and we were in the middle of nap time as well, so all and all it was just not the best planning. But I have a picture to preserve the memory.

So since we were already in Richmond and the kids were napping, Dave stopped me by the awsome scrapbook store for me to treat myself to more crap that I hardly get to use anymore. I have finished the albums for our parents though at least. Well...its only done up unto Rachel's baptism, but I think all I am going to add is some Christmas pics, and I can't really get those together until Christmas so I will just give them to them, and then give them the Christmas pages later. I bought a really cool Ribbon Organzier for my scrapbook mess, and I got some cool paper for me and my sister. The paper was for her as she babysat for us later that night at our house so we could have a dinner with some friends.

We got our TV, and its presently in the garage. When we built our house the in thing was to have a built in hole in the wall thing for the TV over the fireplace, and the hole is pretty big so Dave wants to fill it some and then put the TV up. A good friend of ours is coming over who does sheet rock to see what we need to do. He might do some of the stuff tonight, but the part I am dreading is we would need to paint, and we don't have any leftover paint to match what we have now, and the contactors did it when we built the house, so we have no idea what they used as we have forgotton by now. So this TV project is going to require a bit of work and painting is something I don't want to do this close to Christmas. My sister is going through the same thing as she has the hole in the wall too. She just painted her wall though and just did that one wall so be kinda a accent color as everything else is a different color, so if Dave and I wanted to be slackers we could just do that wall, but then I would be such a copy cat, as if I did it I would probably use the same color, so hence I don't know what to do, but I don't want to tear the house up painting right now. We might just try to get as close as we can to what we have now, and then later on repaint it all.

I think I know what I am going to get Dave for Christmas finally, but my idea might not pan out. He's been talking about wanting a black berry phone this week, so I might see if I can get him that, but I don't know what kinda of contract he has with Verizon, and it seems like theres all kinds of silly rules about that stuff or they make you pay extra, but I am going to try to look into it. If it doesn't work out I will just get him the golf club hes been wanting.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Pushy Mary Kay Lady

I have always liked those silly at home parties and the Makeup sales people like Mary Kay. I think Pampered Chef products rock, and I have had just about every little party under the sun to earn free products or whatever. I have to say though that some of the sales people are just so damn pushy and sometimes rude. My sister being the exception as she does Longaberger, but she mainly just takes orders from her friends and family.

So flashback to about 2004 or so when a coworker has her MaryKay lady come to our work to buy some Christmas stuff for herself and kids. I let the lady into giving me a "facial" right there at work which is pretty much when you wash your face with their products and then she puts all kinds of makeup on you. I really liked the cleanser stuff so I ended up buying some stuff. Then the stalking begins.... She tries to get me and my coworker to sell it, and we resist. Then some new cool product came out, and she invited me to come with her to try it out at her meeting that they have once a week. I did get to try the new product, but they then try to brainwash you into joining up to sell, and the other consultants were all dancing around to music and telling you just how cool they were for being Mary Kay consultants. When I left they gave me a CD in which some lady tells her story how Mary Kay changed her life. I was pretty turned off by the ordeal in general, but I still liked the product, so when someone else at work was selling the stuff I let her have a party at my home, and then I had pretty much what I wanted and I just started avoiding when the other lady that would try to pop in at work. The lady that had the party at my house changed jobs so I never bought from her again.

But I don't use just one product, I always try other brands out, so when my crap ran out like hell I was going to call the stalker. I just went with whatever else I felt like spending my money on at the time.

Soo about a month ago or so I was at work and in walks the stalker again, and she breezes right past me to set up shop in my bosses office. My boss had called her as some contractor we use at work for supplies wanted something for his wife, so my boss hooked him up with her. I cringed thinking she would try to get on her soap box again about getting me to sell the crap again, so I hid out from her. In the mean time she harassed every other coworker, and then asked where I was. Guess I couldn't hide forever...I said hello and she was acting cool about everything and wasn't so pushy. She left a book for me to look at, and that was that, and I was impressed she was leaving me a lone.

So anyways I saw some stuff I liked, and figured I would get a few things, wouldn't you know when she dropped off my crap she got on me again about selling, wanted me to come to some meeting to try out a new product. Like hell. So I vow never to buy from her again, no matter how much I like the stuff. What's even funnier is she says she doesn't "bug" people about selling or having a party, but seriously she's the worst I have ever seen. Guess she wants the pink car or something...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

He cracks....

Dave sent me flowers to my work today trying to get on my good side, so I am going to give in and be nice now. =)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gymboree Line coming out soon...

Trip pics

We left friday morning, and headed out of town. Our first stop was in Stauntan, VA at the Cheese Shop to get bulk spices and snacks. Such a neat shop. The we went on to Roanoke where we had dinner in Catawba, VA at the Home Place where they serve all you can eat comfort food to your table. This is where I lost my mind and forgot all about my goal to not gain weight on the trip. We then drove to Rockymount about 45 min away and checked in. The Bed and Breakfast was beautiful. Our room was really pretty. Lot's of antiques and charm. We were the only folks staying there so it was pretty cozy. We then ventured to Ferrum which is 15 min away I guess and walked around campus at night some and checked out the new stuff. We ran into the old owner of Fud's. Fud's was this gas station right there at campus which didn't look like much but it could be a fun place to eat and hang out. The owner remembered us and talked to us for a while. He had sold the place and its now called Happy Pappy's.
On our way back to the bed and breakfast we stopped at a new mexican place near campus for some drinks before going back to call it a night. One interesting thing about the bed and breakfast was there was a grave yard behind it across the street. Kinda creepy, as it was a very old grave yard.

The next day we had a yummy breakfast, and then we went back to Ferrum to poke around some more. Saw some old professors and people which was nice, and we also got to go in the bookstore as it was open for a open house they were having.

We then went back to our bed and breakfast for a while, and the owner said we could stay later rather then check out at normal time which was cool. We still ended up leaving a bit early as we wanted to go to Roanoke and wander around there. We went to Macadoos for lunch and I enjoyed some shots. Yes shots at lunch time, but hey I was pregaming for the wedding. We then went back to Rocky Mount for the wedding which was beautiful, and so good to see some old friends. The reception was awesome too. I saw some more friends there, even one from school that was working there.

This is when I get pissy. We were going to stay in Roanoke at the Marriott after the reception and then take our time going home the next day. Well the reception was a bit out of the way so we talked about maybe stopping in Charlottesville or Lynchburg instead. Dave thought we might as well just come home, and I thought this was a bad idea as we never get the change to just get away, and we would get a chance to sleep in. Also it was the 7 year anniversary of our first date, and I wanted some romance damit. Dave never says no to me ever, as he usually knows better, but this time he lost his mind and drove on home, which infuriated me to no end, but of course when he asked me over and over if I was mad I would say no. We got in super late, and I was super pissy. The kids were still at his parents, but my nephew came over early and woke us up so still no sleeping in...

So yeah I am being a bit bratty, but whatever. He says I will get over it soon enough, but this was a big deal to me, so I am holding out.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tuesday fatness....

Fat girl gained 2 lbs after the trip- go me... oh well its back to the diet now and no more excuses.....

Sunday, December 9, 2007

A short rant....

This will be quick. We (David) deceided to come home after the reception rather then spend a night away, go to bed at a descent hour and have some romantic time. Instead it made much more sense to drive home completely tired and get in at 1:30am with out even stopping when I had to pee.

THEN in the evening to leave your wife to go to Hooters- which I normally have no problem with when I can come along too, but its fine to leave me and go off and drink for 3 hours after no romantic time.

Yes this is me being a brat.

Finally home...

The trip was amazing... we had a great time and I will post pictures and stories later.

But for now reason 50089709 why my dad rocks. This morning he rounded up me and my sisters and hes getting us all flat screen TV's. Yes me and my sisters are now the awesome owners of big ass Tv's. Dave is pretty excited anyways!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Roanoke bound.....

So Friday is finally here, and in just a couple hours Dave and I get to leave for Roanoke and Ferrum for Rob's wedding. Seriously, the two of us are so excited you would think we were going to Aruba or some crap. But hey, Roanoke seems to be the furthest we have been able to get by ourselves, and I am still excited as can be about it.

Yesterday during my lunch break I got my ornament for my sisters party Sunday in the event we are home in time. I found it at The Mole Hole, and they even wrapped it up for me and everything. I think if I don't make it back I will just give it to someone for Christmas lol, since its already wrapped! Another exciting moment for me yesterday was I found out there is going to be a crop at a hotel in Williamsburg in January, and I have already booked my spot. Some lady in Yorktown has put it together, a butt load of people are going. It's Friday night -through Sunday, and I am going to spend the night two nights and scrapbook my little heart out. So I have another get away planned, and I can actually work on my own stuff other then these albums for family. Can't get any better then that!

The low point of yesterday was a conversation I had with the dietician I work with at my work. We have become pretty good friends over the years after sharing an office together and working at the same two units. We seem to have a lot in common as well, and we tell each other a lot of personal stuff, and can ask each other some personal stuff. Well yesterday she asked me if I had the lap band. It came about as we were talking about a patient who had it placed a few years ago, and it obviously didn't work for her, and they think it snapped. She asked if I had it done after I had Rachel. UMMMM no- for starters if I did I would have told everyone and their brother as I have told everyone and their brother about my future plans of getting a tummy tuck, oh and the boob lift- can't forget the boob lift. Both are crucial after kids, and if you don't think so - consider yourself blessed. I didn't even breast feed folks, and I have granny boobs now. Great mental picture I know!

Anyways, the weight loss I had after Rachel was like 20 sum lbs, and I would hope to god the band could do better then that, cause I am still fat. Seriously I was just eating better, and much more active with chasing two kids around. I am just doing the weightwatcher thing for a boost, and to try to get the weight loss going again as I pretty much just hit a plateau. I was pretty shocked though by her comment, but it gave me a good laugh.

Anyways, I fully intend to gain a few pounds while we are gone on our trip, but I will get back on the plan come the time we get back. It's pretty hard this time of year, our clinics get so much crap from other companies, and people. It's hard not to stare the Harry and David Chocolate tower and not stuff my face. Yesterday my mom baked fudge and cookies and sent them over in gallon ziplock bags and I didn't eat even one. I did put my head in the bags and inhale all the aromas though, and I probably will do a taste test if they stay around my house much longer!

We got our portraits back from the photographer that came to the house to do a family pic and kids pics, and there just awesome. The Christmas cards look really cute, and I am just ecstatic. I got a big one of all of us and have it framed already in our Living Room. I also scanned the hoo-hoo out of a few of the kids and framed them up. I know I know, but seriously a freaking 5x7 is $50 so your crazy if you think I am going to buy multiples of a pose and then just give them away. My mom has a new scanner/printer that is awesome so I gave it a good work out. I guess I am cheap like that. In my next life maybe I will be more ethical.

So I guess no more posts until I get back! Hope everyone has a good weekend!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Almost the weekend!

Not much new going around here. Just trying to get ready for Christmas, finish up some shopping, and wrap everything. I try to get presents on my way home after work or just whenever I can get out, I just have little stuff to get, except for Dave of course.

Last night I got a small gift for my mom at the pharmacy where I live. They carry a nice selection of Vera Bradly. It's just a paperback book cover, but I think she will like it. She's a reader like me. I almost bought the lunch bag for myself, but then I scolded myself reminding that I need to finish up on everyone else. I then stopped in the nail place there too to get an eye brow wax. When I left I noticed next door a new Massage and Yogo place had opened up. I wanted to go in an get a brochure, but when I get my eyebrows done, I like like a crazy person, for a few hours before the redness goes away. Yes a few hours. I love that nail place. It's called Nail Luv and its owned by you guess it, a nice Asian family. Usually those places are a bit sketchy. But this place is different I swear. They speak English, and English only around the customers, its very clean as well. You can even buy your own kit for manicures and pedicures so you don't use other peoples stuff. Their prices are always very reasonable too, and they do waxing in the back! They were thinking about starting Massages, but with the place opening up next door I don't think it would be a good idea.

I am going to to go back to the massage place and get a certificate for a massage for Dave as a stocking stuffer. He's a girl like that.

I packed up the kids stuff last night in their new bag I got from Bizarra Bazzar. I hope they behave while we are gone, and I am going to miss them like crazy, but boy am I excited about our getaway. I am also excited to see a few people from college. Rob was such a good friend of ours, and I am really happy for him and his wife to be.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Weigh in Report for Fat Girl

Fat girl weighed 171.6 today, sooo I lost 3.4 lbs which I am proud of. However, its going to be a hard week with our trip as Dave has planned out already where we are eatting, and folks its not good... Our bed and breakfast is going to give us a breakfast in the morning which I know will be mega points, and Dave wants to go this place called the Home Place which is in the middle of nowhere, and its deep south favorites. Think all you can eat comfort food brought to your table. It's super yummy though... and of course we are going to Macadoos as it was our favorite hangout in college. Sooo I guess my goal for the week is save as many points as I can for the weekend, and just hope not to gain this week....

Monday, December 3, 2007

Just another manic Monday...

The weekend was nice and low key, our only outting pretty much was the company christmas party for the staff and patients at one of my units. A few more patients came then I thought, but guess what? After my running around for every freaking water bottle Target carries my boss didn't even hand them out. She wants to wait and see what the company gets them first, as she is scared they might get them the same thing. I doubt they will, but I worry that if for some reason they do, she will send me back to return an ungodly amount of water bottles.

I have cheated some on the diet I will admit, but I have kept it under control considering all the food that has been around. We shall see tomorow. I have weighed everyday pretty much though so its not going to be a big surpise or anything I guess tomorow when I weigh.

I did get to scrapbook for 2 hours when we got home from the party last night which was nice. I will be glad when I am done with the books for my parents and in laws, so I can scrapbook my own stuff. Christmas is creeping up way too fast for me. I still need to get Dave some stuff, I think his big item is going to be some crazy golf club. I am just at a loss for anything else. I know he would love a new TV but thats way out of budget for Christmas.

I am sooo looking forward to our trip this friday. Who would have thought going to Roanoke would be so exciting.