Thursday, July 30, 2009


It's safe to say the kids and husand finally got me sick... I felt off my game yesterday, and this morning all I want to do is sleep and whine. I did feed my family last night at least and wish to share this goodness with everyone else before I sleep the day away and try to get in to the docs office...

This is a receiep for a meatball casserole... yes, meatballs.... trust me it's good and easy.

1pkg stove top stuffing mix for chicken

1 can cream of mushroom soup

1/4 cup of milk

1pk (1lb) frozen meatballs

2 cups frozen peas

1 cup shredded cheese of your liking ( I used cheddar)

preheat oven to 400, prepare stuffing according to box and set aside, combine soup and milk in a 13 x 9 dish, stir in frozen meatballs, peas , sprinkle in cheese and top with stufing.... bake about 30 min and then serve... total yummy comfort food, and I am so happy I have left overs...


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I can exhale now....

Ahhhh work stress is behind me now, as the crisis we have been going through has been solved, and some how I am still alive after turning into a ball of stress.... seriously.... I was not in good shape there for a bit.... Did you know that stress can make certain monthly visitors late? Yepp... yours truly whose husband has been "fixed", was super stressing there for a while. Laugh all you want, butI was going to have to be admited to Easter State Mental Hospital if by some freak of nature I was pregnant again. I still can't believe I have three kids....

We head off to the beach a week from this coming Sunday. I love Nags Head, and can't wait to plop my butt in the sand and soak up some sun with my family. Dave has also won husband of the year award for coming up with a plan for celebrating our 6 year anniversary... We are going to go to Luray, Va, stay in a cabin for a weekend (kid free woohoo), and go on a floating trip the first weekend in September. Basically you float on a inner tube down a river for 4 hours in the mountains, and you can even get an extra tube for a cooler of drinks to enjoy while you float. I am super excited to do this., We hope to go hiking, and other outdorsy stuff. The cabin is actually really nice. The best part is the trip is super cheap!


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Surry Festival....

Thought I would post updated pictures of the kids. These were taken last weekend at a local festival over in Surry, VA. Last year I scored a ton of mess at the craft tables, but this year, not so much.... There wasn't as many vendors, and all the stuff I loved last year wasn't even there this year. Oh well... easier on my pocket I guess....They did have a lot of fun/free kids activities. There was a petting zoo area, with a bunch of animals that were all clean, and laid back. My kids seriously visited with all the animals at least 5 times before we left....They also had a lot of the blow up kiddy stuff to climb on, jump in, and slide down... Rachel climed all the way up the mega slide, then freaked when she saw how high she was up, so I got to climb up and then slide down with her...

Side note, I can't believe how much my kids have grown up... with the exception of Emily, they are simply not babies anymore!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The bday hat...

Yepp, the bday hat I blogged about totally would make me Joe Jackson's twin, if I had a tan going on....


Monday, July 20, 2009

It's my bday and I can cry if I want to...

I am 29 now. Geeze. I am going to be a old geezer before I know it. My birthday was uneventful. I don’t mean it in a bitchy way, I just mean it was ok, and not all that exciting. Friday was the actual day, and I had to work, but had hoped to get out after a couple of hours. Not so much…. Then my middle baby needed to get to the doctor, as she was sick, so I had the joy of putting her and myself through torture so they could swab her throat, and declare her infectious. The husband did take me out for a awesome dinner, (I love me some P.F Changs) and he got me a pretty Shiva Shell necklace from Hi-Ho Silver. I got snarky once we got home from dinner, as my mother in law is the one person who for the life of her isn’t able to get my kids to go to bed. Her efforts are pretty half hearted though. Once again they were all up. She had the other grandkids over too, so of course mine didn’t want to miss anything. This led to me having to be the bad guy and put the kids to bed while they screamed because they still wanted to play. Not loving it. So the kids went to bed an hour late, and the next morning I had to wake them up early for stuff we had going on Saturday.
Sunday was the actual birthday celebration per say. My mom made a yummy dinner, and I had a candle less cake cause I am loved like that. I then got to humor myself while I opened the gifts from my grandparents. They are 90 and 91, so it’s not like it’s easy for them to go shopping, so you just never know what your going to get. In the past they went the money route, which always works, but lately they have been getting creative. Side note they really don’t need to get me anything, I am lucky enough to still have them in my life, so please don’t write a hateful comment on my page about what a spoiled brat I am. Anyways, I got a black straw hat, (that would totally get me on the What Not to Wear show), a food scale (nothing says you’re a fat ass like receiving one of those), and a fry pan. Bless their hearts. After stuffing our faces, I was outside with the kids when I noticed Dave’s family was coming over…. Apparently we were doing birthday with them too, and Dave forgot to mention this. So to our house we went for birthday round 2. We again did some cake, that I didn’t even get to have any of as I was too full to eat a bite, after we had freaking just did birthday 5 min ago, and then there wasn’t anything left over so I don’t even know if it was any good. Not feeling the love here….Dave keeps asking me why I am being some quiet. Umm since when does this BS become acceptable? I think more thought was put into celebrating the fact Chick-fil-a is opening up near us soon. Story of my life.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Super Star!

My friend took this pic of me at the pool with her cool camera. It was the best pic out of three, the others are very scary, and the pics have given me some drive to workout and eat better... I have a facebook friend who who did p90x or whatever and looks banging now... but I think that's out of my league. I have heard stories of people throwing up while working out doing that program...I'm not the dedicated... I have been a slacker with working out and eatting good lately.... I am a major stress eater, I don't know how that happend as a long time ago when I was stressed I just wouldn't eat... though that isn't healthy either the after effects of weight loss are easier to deal with then gaining...

Sigh... I am going to hit the eliptical now... I have to get serious.... if not for overall health, then for the family photo we are doing in September lol....


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Feeling better...

I am feeling more relaxed this morning, and I am determined to attempt to be a grownup and talk with my boss without having a nervous break down. Easier said then done, but I am trying to be more positive, and get through this.

Yesterday was a great Friday. I took the kids to the pool, came home, put some no longer used stuff on Craigs List, and sold one item already, and have someone coming today to get something else. I have never used Craigs List before to sell anything, and by gosh, I love it! So freaking easy to use, and no fees involved. I sold the Bumbo seat yesterday, and the Jumper Roo is going to be gone this afternoon. No I didn't make a killing, but I did much better then what I would have done at a garage sale, or through Consignment, so I am happy. Plan on putting that money to the side and getting the kids some fall/winter clothes with it.

Friday night our pool has family grill nights, in which one family grills food for those at the pool for a small fee. Last night the family in charge was doing Smoked Sausage, and the usual hot dogs and burgers, and they had french fries,and ever watermelon... So we all had dinner there at the pool and did a little bit of swimming after. Dave and I are going to sign up to do a grill night I think in August. If you volunteer a few hours, they waive the $50 maintenance fee, so we will do that to knock that out. Might as well since we are there all the time anyways.

Later I went to Costco before it closed up for the night. Geeze. I will be so glad when the kids are done with diapers... I had to get them for Rachel and Emily, and also swimming diapers, milk, bread, and laundry detergent and I spent a small fortune. Oh well at least I know in the long run it saves money by buying in bulk.... I am super excited that they have swimming diapers at Costco this year... those things are crazy expensive and we fly through them. Costco also just got in some amazing furniture.... I drooled over everything... the prices are really nice... I really like this Lingerie chest they had... The price wasn't bad either, and I came close to getting it, but seriously my bill was bad enough with what I already had in my cart. I told Dave about it when I got home and he laughed at me saying I don't exactly have a massive lingerie collection. Ouch... guess my granny panties aren't that impressive...haha. I had to explain to him that you can use the chest for other stuff, but I think I lost him.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


ahhh my work week is done... deep breaths...let's just say the work stress has offically gotten to me this week, and three times I broke down in sobs. Once in front of my boss while attempting to talk to her, and another time in the bathroom, and once more at lunch...

So I never claimed to handle change or stress very well... You ever feel like you can never make anyone happy? Today I had the urge to walk out and smoke a cigarette, and I don't even smoke. I can't go into specifics, but I was so excited to solve half of a transportation crisis, in which I made two patients very happy, but my boss feels if a patient goes to anyone but us they will be shot on sight, so instead of her being excited for these patients and saying how awsome it was for me to find a place for them (against all odds might I add), I get to hear how VERY disappointed she is that they wont come to her. Seriously... I just made two little old ladies day, the ladies will be able to keep their same routine, have the transportation, same appointment times, keep their doctor, but because they are going somewhere besides our place it's a disappointment. So she's hurt they chose some place else, and is taking it personally, when her place has never even been a possibility for them, and I am hurt and taking it personally for working hard and trying to explain to patients every five minutes whats going on ('cause face it, old people's memories are not the best) while not feeling appreciated, and worrying about people going behind my damn back. So yeah shortly after I had a nice long cry in the bathroom. I feel all of the course of events lately have just torn everyone apart. People are mad at each other, getting feelings hurt, being sneaky, etc, and it bothers me for two reasons. 1. the whole thing has been a cluser f*** 2. let's face it, my coworkers are my closest friends these days, and I hate all the tension, and feeling of hatred, and that I can't talk to anyone.

I know things will get better, but I just wish it would get better soon. I am really unhappy.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

For now she's a free agent....

I signed up Laura for gymnastics....I attempted to get Rachel in too, but as I didn't sign up early enough there wasn't any opening for her age group. Major bummer for her, but fall will be here soon....

Today was the first day of class. The gymnastics center is really nice. I don't have much to compare it to, but it looked pretty impressive... There are 6 people in her class, and one of the kids was in her swim lesson class just a few weeks ago, so it was nice for Laura to see a familiar face. I came armed with my camera, but they don't let the parents watch from inside the gym, they make you go out in the lobby where you can watch from a two way mirror, or go upstairs to a similar parent lobby...Weird. I guess it helps the kids from being nervous when they are older, and when they are young it probably helps keep their focus on their teacher, rather then wanting to see what mom and dad are doing... Still, I had a hard time with this, and I spent the hour pressed up to the glass trying to take pictures, which came out horrible and all blurry. Apparently, the last day of class they let the parents come in and take all the picures you want, so I guess I have to wait 8 more weeks...

It was really neat though watching. Looked like a ton of fun... I would actually love to get in there and play on some of that stuff...Laura did great and didn't shy away from anything, and had a big grin plastered on her face the whole time, so I know she loved it!


Sunday, July 5, 2009

So cute!!!

How cute is this Land's End beach blanket?? It's on sale for under $15.00 right now, they even have a boy version with sharks on it. The grid is perfect for tic tac toe, and the towel is huge! I think my girls are a little bit young still, but next year should be great. Instead of just buying them for now and holding onto them for next year I told my mom about them as she's like me and starts her Christmas shopping super early... I figured she could get these for my older two now they they are on sale, and we can play with them in the playroom until it gets warm enough for pool and beach time!


Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Beach Bag, and surviving the pool with three kids...

Over three years ago I was watching Oprah, and she was having her favorite things summer edition. She featured Land's End Beach Tote, and I was suckered in. Land's End and L.L.Bean do have amazing quality, and these bags looked very well made, and the price was right for $24... I ordered the Large Size, and got it in orange with our last name on it. I am on my third summer with the same bag, and it's held up amazing....The orange on the handles has faded a little, but that's from the the chlorine and sun, and to be expected. It still looks over all fine, doesn't smell funky, etc.

I am able to put in our towels, two sets of water wings, drinks and snacks, sunscreen, swimming diapers, regular diapers, beach cover ups, massive water guns, and a few other pool toys. It also has a a nice side pocket I usually put some change in so the kids can buy a snack or I can send them over to the snack shack to fetch mommy a diet coke. The inside has pockets too to keep my the swimmy diapers organized. It also has a metal clip to put your keys so you are not searching for them in the bottom of the bag.

The bags also don't tip over easily, which is a big plus.

We mainly take this bag to the pool, but it has been to the beach as well, done awesome there as well. It will be making the journey with us again this year when we head to Nags Head in August.

Other beach/pool items I am in love with includes no rub spray lotion. Now this one is better for the pool rather than the beach or boat, mainly because if there are strong breezes, you could miss some spots or end up with it it in your eyes. It's so nice to just spray down the kids. I do use a screen stick for their faces. As far as brands go, I usually by the Neutrogena kind as Costco has that and usually they offer a coupon on it, but if I don't have a coupon I get the Target store brand. (By the way, I don't really like how they changes the name of all the store brand stuff to Up and Up, how are we being up and up if we are buying store brand???) My kids don't have skin issues with either of these brands, so I use these on all of our kids, and Dave and I use them as well.

Hope everyone has a great 4th of July!


Thursday, July 2, 2009

More catching up cause I have been a bad blogger...

I have been such a blog slacker. It's just been so busy, and it's hard to get to the computer when it has been so pretty outside.

The latest happening with us has been Laura developed pink eye, as well as some funky eye infection on Monday evening. All is well, the drops have worked sooo fast, so she keeps doing them for the rest of the week and has to take some anitbiotics. She missed out on swimming classes for two days to recover and to keep from sending the health department down to our pool haha. She had her last class today, and she has just been doing so well. She really loves it, and I know she's still young, but I really feel she is going to have some interest in the swim team... A lot of her little pool friends this year are older and are on the team, so chances are I think Laura will want to do that with them.

Work has still been stressful, I have deemed it a cluster f***. Everyone could benefit from stick removal surguries in places that don't get much sun.

Timeshare crap with getting things transfered are slow, and apparently those that work there just have GED's, or English is their 2nd language,and make the process so freaking complicated that we had to get a lawyer involved, and it's too late to book anything through it for the summer at the beach. It looks like everything will be done with the transfer in a month or so MAYBE, but since we still want to go to the beach this summer we went a head and got something set for a week in August today. We found a good deal, and even though it sucks we couldn't use the timeshare like we wanted this summer, the week has been "banked" so we can use that week still for something else later, or heck go for two weeks next year. It will be used. But the lesson is, buying Timeshares is easy, but transfering to another person is a hooorrrrendous experience. RCI= Special Education drop outs...

Regardless I am just excited to have found a decent price to go for a week this summer and have already been making lists of stuff to pack. Our place is on the ocean, and has a indoor and outdoor pool. Our unit is poolside so we can walk right out the front door and jump in the pool. The kids will love that! If the kids were older we could sit on the front porch on just watch them swim. August just can't come soon enough!

Our 4th of July plans are to cookout with family tomorrow night, Saturday our pool always has a big party, so I will take the kids to that, but other then that no major plans.

Well enough catching up, the kids just woke up, so it's time to carry our tails back to the pool. Seriously, everyone needs to belong to a local pool if they have one near them. So much easier, and so worth the money!