Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Working on my fitness...

I have a love/hate relationship with the Wii Fit. I love it, mainly because I love the Step Program and the Yoga. I hate it because it can be super mean. For example… I had not used it in a crazy amount of time because I was using the Wii active some late spring/early summer, and then the batteries went dead in everything, and I was just super lazy and didn’t replace them… until last week. I was just really busy, and we didn’t have any batteries and I never thought about it…So low and behold Dave came home with batteries and we put them in the remotes and the Wii Fit Board…. I got on it, and the Wii chewed me out for not playing with it for 200 and some days….yes it kept a record. Then it informed me I gained 5lbs from last playing with it, and that I need to get a move on it. Also, because I gained wait my Mii got fatter and looks all fat and depressed now.
You will be happy to know though that I got a charging station and chargeable batteries for the remotes, so there will not be any more excuses, so the Wii can get off my back now. I also have been to the gym twice since the holidays, and almost all of the leftovers are gone. I also am back on Alli, and I am attempting to eat better. However, my moms red velvet cake isn’t gone yet, and every night I have a fatty moment with it. Her red velvet cake is to die for by the way.
Despite all of these efforts, I am thinking about selling the elliptical that we have in the playroom. Our gym membership is super cheap and I tend to use the gym one more then the one we have. I am also kinda nervous the kids might hurt themselves on it, as they like to climb on it. Also, I am sure the kids would like more space for all their crap they got for Christmas. It’s a really nice one, and I didn’t pay much for it, so I am hoping to come out ahead in selling it… and my plan is to buy myself something really nice and super selfish with the money. Like a new purse or something of the sorts. Hello, maybe I can get the LV I have been sweating, or some jewelry. I figure I might have some luck making a sale on Craigs List with people trying to get fit in the New Year… Doesn’t hurt to try…


Sunday, December 27, 2009


The Giles Family had a wonderful Christmas. Christmas is always so busy, and lots of running around. I love it though! Santa spoiled the girls rotten. The girls love their scooters, and doll house. That was the big hit from Santa. Their other favorite items are new earrings, and cowgirl boots (for Laura and Rachel). The problem is always trying to find a place for all of the toys...I went through the playroom yesterday and packed up a bunch of toys they have outgrown to make some room, and slowly I have been putting things away...

I was also a good girl for Christmas. Dave got me a pair of Tory Burch Revas that I have been obsessed with, and my parents got me a David Yurman bracelet. I was a very happy camper Christmas morning to say the least. Dave received some tools he wanted from me, and some playstation 3 games. He also finally got a big honking gun safe from my parents, which he is making room for in the garage. (Side note: he made a mess of the garage again, and actually had the nerve to ask me to help him clean it out. Ask him how that went over)

Yesterday I hit some after Christmas sales. After Christmas sales put Black Friday to shame. I think so anyways...I always hit up the mall, and Target after Christmas and I was not disappointed. Gap had killer deals, as everything was marked down, and then it was 40% off. I got some adorable things for the girls. Gymboree continues to be kinda a let down for me these days, their sales have not been all that. At Target I got some christmas ornaments for the girls pink tree, and I also scored a really cute tree skirt for their tree. I will take a picture of their tree before I take it down this year. If I had it my way I would leave the trees up year round. I hate taking down the Christmas decorations. For some reason I think taking down the decorations is just depressing.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Catching up....

The big news around here is we had some snow this past weekend.... nothing major, but any time we get snow that sticks we get excited. Laura and Rachel were so excited, and wanted to be outside playing in it 24/7. We took Emily out for her to experience it, but she wasn't to thrilled as it was hard for her to walk, and she didn't like the cold. But, I made her go outside for few for some pictures and to just experience it. She will like it more when she's older.

The girls got to test out their snow bibs. I always find some in their sizes at a local consignment shop. Since we don't get much snow around here it doesn't make sense to spend a small fortune on snow clothes. Their snow bibs were super cheap, and barely used. Later on in January we are going on a vacation to a ski resort, so I know the kids will get some use out of their snow clothes this year.

I have been off work since Tuesday, and I have spent some time wrapping some presents, and finishing my digital albums for the grandparents.... I printed the pages at costco, and I have been working on getting them into the albums in proper order. It was so much easier to go the digital route this year..... I think in the end digital scrapbooking and classic scrapbooking cost about the same. It seems like digital scrapbooking is cheaper at first because of all the freebies out there, etc... but when you go to pay for your pages your probably spend as much as you would on stickers, paper etc...But I guess since you are saving a ton of time and don't have to deal with creating a mess, you come out ahead in the end... I keep telling myself that anyways...

Last night we went to see some Christmas lights. We went to the Newport News park ones, and the girls loved it! Tonight we plan on seeing some neighborhood ones in Hampton. I just can't believe that Christmas is in two days! It sure did sneak up on us fast!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Some Rambles

First and foremost, I have to mention that my father in law had triple heart bypass surgery today, and did well. Dave has been visiting him lots, and stayed in the waiting room all this morning while his dad was in surgery. I hope to go see him maybe tomorrow, once he is out of ICU. The kids are not allowed in the hospital, and they are going nuts asking about Grandpa. He’s a wonderful man, so please keep him in your thoughts, and wish him a speedy recovery.
I am almost done with my Christmas shopping! Can’t believe I am not done already, but hey… I honestly just have some gift cards to buy, and I can probably get them all done at my local grocery store since they have that nice gift card set up with every gift card known to man. Don’t you just love that! I ordered Dave’s big gift today, after I went to every Lowe’s and Home Depot in the immediate area trying to find the dag on thing. Speaking of which, if you try to go to those stores early in the morning, you will notice everyone there shopping too is Mexican. I settled with ordering it off Amazon.Com, and it is supposed to come on Christmas Eve. That’s cutting it close…. but oh well, at least it’s free shipping…
Next week I am working Monday, and then taking the rest of the week off. I hope to do some fun things with the girls while I am home with them. Maybe do some baking, play some games, go see home Christmas lights, etc etc.
Laura had a Christmas program yesterday where she sang some cute Christmas songs. She was adorable! She was all into it with hand motions etc, I am very proud of her. Rachel’s age group doesn’t do any programs, but tomorrow I am the parent helper, and I am bringing in some things for snack time. The girls already brought home their gifts to Dave and I, that they made. Laura made an ornament with her picture on it that is in the shape of an angel, and Rachel made and ornament with her picture that looks like a snow globe. They were so proud to give them to us, and I know I will treasure them forever.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Santa Progress...

Ok so this is as good as it gets...and major progress.... Last night we visited Santa at in Hampton at Bass Pro...Let me take you down Santa lane....

Year one, Laura is 10 months old. She's an only child, but Rachel is due in two months. We dress her up, and we make the journey to Richmond VA to visit the Real Santa. The Real Santa is the same Santa thingy my parents would take me to every year... Once upon a time he was at Miller and Rhodes.... now that it's closed up and Broad Street = Ghetto, he is now at The Children's Museum....You can see Santa come down the chimney, speak to the snow princess, and then Santa calls you by name to sit in his lap for a photo and or video for a fee.(yes, there are many videos of me seeing Santa as a wee one) So year one goes wonderful.... Laura was the easiest baby ever, and we spent the day in Richmond and had a great photo with her all decked out with Santa.

Year two.... Laura is a year older, but almost two. Rachel is 10 months...We make the mistake of going to Richmond on a Saturday closer to Christmas and we end up waiting in line for freaking ever....Laura and Rachel are dressed in matching outfits, with their monograms on their dress, and I am excited to have a precious photo of my two little girls..... Once we get to Santa Laura freaks, and the picture is Laura begging for her life, and Rachel looking confused....The picture horrible....

Year three.... we forget going to Richmond, and this is the first year Bass Pro starts a Santa Land, in which they have a pretty nice looking Santa, free photo, etc. No snow princess but whatever... and Santa sure as heck doesn't know your name... but hey it's free... We visit Bass Pro probably everyweekend and even some during the week but my older two refuse to get near him... We get a million photos of Emily and Santa, but mine have full blown panic attatcks if they even see him from far away....We do however have a run in with a Santa at the Picture People who is able to get in a photo with my kids and my sisters kids and my kids keep it together for that...

Year four is the above result.... Instead of dressing the kids up, we go on a whim to Bass Pro, while the kids look their worst as we figure it wont even happen... Laura and Rachel team up and tell us they will do a photo but under no circumstances are they getting on his lap.... When it's our turn the kids freeze up, and say they will do it if we are there with them, resulting in a family Santa photo..... Laura and Rachel at least talk to him and shout what they want at him, and end up giving him a high five.... Emily plays is cool but is confused.

Maybe next year we can attempt Richmond....In the mean time we are doomed for cheap free photos at Bass Pro...


Friday, December 11, 2009

Ho Ho Ho

Santa is offically done Christmas shopping for the kids... woohoo! It has been no easy feat to buy for three girls so close in age, and poor Emily, pretty much everything age appropriate for her we already have, but Santa still figured a way to get some cool stuff for her... from Costco of course =) She's going to be a happy girl.

The older girls are getting a doll house, barbie scooters, little people noah's ark, little people nativity, some art stuff, books, clothes, cameras, some other doo dads, and of course some lipstick. Stocking items have been purchased, and the traditional new pj's to open on Christmas Eve are taken care of....

Santa even got Dave's first gift today, but it was just a playstation three game, so he needs to hurry up and give some more ideas before time is up....


Sunday, December 6, 2009

I did this yesterday with some ribbon. Yeah kinda tacky, but I thought it was fun, and whimsy. I don't leave the lights on long though cause I am afraid I will burn the house down!


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Where does the time go?

So it's been a while since I have posted... I have been such a slacker lately, but mainly it's because my whole family has had the crud. Lovely sinus, coughing, runny nose, sore throat, etc etc.... It's lingering too. I start to feel like I am getting better and then bam, back to square one.

So since I have last blogged I have read two more books, cheered Rachel on as she is now fully potty trained, saw New Moon, picked out and decorated our Christmas tree, celebrated Thanksgiving with both sides of the family, which included gorging myself into utter fatness, and I have not worked out since last Monday. It's safe to say, I pretty much feel like a sloth. Thinking about walking into the ER asking for emergency Lipo.

I did not partake in Black Friday. It's been a long time since I have skipped out on that madness...I usually hit up Target, Michael's, and the mall. I woke up for it, but couldn't drag myself out of my bed. Later I wanted to go to the mall, but Dave had plans to shoot, and I figured by the time he would have gotten back, the good stuff would have been gone.

I did some shopping online though today, and picked up a few things for the kids while out today. I have no idea what to get the husband for Christmas. No freaking idea. We said this year we would just do something light for each other hence the three kids and our large familys, but he's not giving me any ideas other then things that cost a crap load. Go figure. Not that I am any better as I have big wants as well. I know awful right? But let's be honest, the little affordable things I like I pretty much just buy when I want/need them.

So on this weeks agenda: going back to work (AHHHHHHH)Bizare Bazzar with my mom Thursday, gymnastic classes, making red playdough for Rachel's class,(guess who will look like a loon at work now with red hands), work Christmas party, Sister's ornament exchange party, and crossing my fingers for everyone to stay out of the doctors offices this week. Oh and I must hit the gym before I have to get all new pants.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

What shall I read next?

I just read two books from my local library this past week. The first one was The Red Tent. This was something totally not me, but it wasn't that bad. It kept my interest. It was kinda weird, and I kept waiting for something major to happen, which never really did. But it was all in all ok, and interesting.

The second book was by my all time favorite author, Wally Lamb. I always say She's Come Undone in my favorite book. It's perfection. I read it during a huge transition in my life, (right before leaving for college), and a lot happend that summer that I could relate to within this book. I have re- read that sucker many times,and will always love it. Anyways, the book I just read by him was called "Wishing and Hoping" It's a Christmas story, and set back in the 60's. It was cute, and a quick uplifting read. Totally not as good as "She's Come Undone" but hey. Speaking of which, I have heard for years that they are making a movie out of that book, and I hope they do, and it better not let me down! I actually have a postcard from Wally Lamb, as I wrote him a fan letter cause I am a big geek like that. Hey, I thought I was pretty hot stuff to get a personal post card from him that he took the time to write and sign for me.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's mainly PMS driven

The husband, bless his heart, has one weekend off a month, The poor guy probably feels pulled in a million directions, as when he's off he's usually hit with a million things to do, or places to go. I also know he needs some rest and relaxation, and time to do manly guy things with his friends and family such as fish or golf. He went fishing last weekend, and I am not going to lie, I want to spend some time as a family for my own selfish needs, and get some things done around the house. I was excited that Dave is home again this coming Saturday, so I was going to have half a weekend at least. This means with out fail some other plans will suddenly arise.... On cue this morning Dave mentions he was asked to go up to his grandparents place (who are deceased) and rake some leaves. Said area is 3 hours away, so this would take up the entire day. I am going to be brutally honest. Personally, I want my husband home, and I don't want us to make a family day of it, because 1. it's long drive and not exactly an exciting area and add three kids in the mix and we are talking this is torture 2. we have enough to do around here such as get our own leaves up, and 3. I think it's weird they have not sold the house or divided things up yet. They will go over so many months to check up on it, but that's all thats been done. I understand not wanting to let go, but after so long it gets to be weird, and I rather not be aiding in the process. It's not exactly a vacation spot by any means so it seems a bit wasteful, and sad that what will probably happen is the place will be broken in to, etc, or just slowly waste away.

When my granny was no longer able to stay in her home my family did move fast with renting her house out and dividing her things up between family. It made things easier, and her valuable items have been well cared for, cherished, etc. We didn't leave it as a museum so things could get musty and waste away. In all seriousness, my husband mentioned he wanted to get some gun that belonged to his grandad and fix them up, that were just layingn around in a basement, and another family member head started rotating exorcist style. He ended up sneaking the sucker out behind her back. So sad.

So have I shared my thoughts with Dave about not wanting to go? You betcha. He totally understands and shares my exact thoughts on the entire situation and thinks it's weird. But he hasn't said yet if he is going or not. For the love of Jesus, let me have one freaking day at home with my husband on a weekend to take care of our own house that we live in.... WORD.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

How I wish weekends were longer...

Saturday morning my mom and I ventured over to Virginia Beach to go to the awesome Tjmaxx/Homegood store. It was night to get out and do some shopping after being stuck inside for a few days thanks to a major Nor'easter in our area... This is hands down the best TJ in the area... They always have the best brands and other goodies. The above dress I scored for Miss Emily to wear on Christmas Day. See? I am sticking to not dressing all three girls alike! I thought this dress was adorable and had a bit of a Santa feel to it too. Now all girls have a pretty Christmas dresses...that coordinate but aren't identical... it's progress.

I did not get to run over to Walmart yet to get the white tree I want for my tropical theme Christmas tree. I am actually wondering if I should wait another year. Emily is into everything right now, and I can just see her now attacking it.... Our normal family tree (when we get it up) is usually elevated so that I can water it easier and can stack presents under it. The elevation is a bonus of her not reaching many ornaments... The pink tree in the playroom I can control by keeping an eye on her.... but the white tree would be somewhere else down stairs, and trust me- she would find a way to attack it, and my ornaments for this tree are not cheap.... Oh well... gives me more time to plot I guess.

I went ahead and drug out most other Christmas decorations...The other things I have not done require my husbands help, and I am sure he wont be rushing to get his part done until after Thanksgiving! Yes, it's crazy early for me to have my stuff up but I figure I get to enjoy the holiday spirit a little longer.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Christmas sneaks into the house...

I know we just freaking celebrated Halloween, and Thanksgiving isn't here yet... but Christmas is slowly sneaking into the house... The pink tree is now up in the girls playroom. They had a blast helping put the decorations on it. I wont lie, I love this tree probably more then the girls. I love the pink color, I love the girly ornaments, it's just really cute.

Last year I decieded I wanted to do a tropical tree in addition to the pink tree and family tree. I have been stalking bargain stores for a white tree.... Big lots had one but it was only 4' tall... Target had one, but it was $200, and that's nuts. I think I am going to go with a 6.5' one from Walmart for $40, and I hope to pick it up tonight...per the website it's in stock just waiting on me to take it home... I can't wait to start working on it!


Easy Taco Soup

1 can Northern Beans undrained

1 can Mild Rotel undrained

1 can corn undrained

1 can veggie baked beans

1 medium onion chopped

1 envelope dry taco seanoning

1 envelope dry hidden valley ranch dressing

1 can chicken broth

1lb ground turkey

brown turkey then combine all in crockpot for 3 hours on high. So yummy with a little sour cream and cheese on top!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday Topics

Today in my email in-box I got my local libraries newsletter. I was glancing over some of events they were having, checking out when story times are etc, when I saw this : Nov. 10, Wii Celebrate Vets: In celebration of Veteran's Day, Pearl Bailey Library teens will show their appreciation by teaching local veterans how to play games on the Wii system. I couldn’t help but crack up. I love my Wii system, though truth be told I have not played it in a very long time as my batteries have been dead on the remote and I have been too busy to get around to replacing them. What a way to celebrate Veterans day though huh? In all honesty, I do know that Wii does have benefits for older folks who may not be able to get out to a bowling alley, but can bowl in their home, but the idea of a Vet celebration with it cracks me up. In all honesty I would like to just go and watch these men learn this.

P.S I am halfway through with Tori Spelling’s first book- sTori Telling. It’s been like reading a favorite gossip magazine, I like it even better then her second book that I read last week. I have to admit, I do like Tori now after reading her books, but the mama issues are crazy! What a cold person Tori makes her sound like. If anything the books have made me glad to have such a awesome mom.
Next on my list to check out from the library for myself is a book called The Red Tent. This one is going to be something kind of different for me, and it’s a biblical fiction. A lady I met at my girls gymnastic center was telling me about how her reading group had read it and how good it was. We shall see!


Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Morning Reflections....

Emily was baptized this past Sunday. The pastor came over to meet us as agreed last Thursday, and that was pretty interesting… Rachel, (our 2 year old) kept saying over and over again "I don’t like that man." Then Laura (our oldest) said she wanted to show him her gun. (My dad bought her a pink .22 rifle for Christmas last year. Yes totally inappropriate but that’s my dad in a nut shell) I am quite sure this pastor will never forget our family.

As for the baptism, he would not allow for a private service, so we all headed to church Sunday. Emily just wanted to get down and walk, and being her christening dress was super long it was impossible, so Dave and I took turns trying to wrestle her in our arms, stepping in an out of church service until it was time for baptism. After she was baptized, Dave took her to the car and the poor thing was so wiped out, she took a nap while they waited for church to be over.
Sometime this week I am going to take her to have her portraits done in the gown, and hopefully she will be in a better mood! I am still proud of her.

Obviously we had a busy weekend. I did knock out some Santa shopping for the kids which I am pretty proud of. I got Emily’s main gift which I am was sure was going to impossible to find something for her, but I found the perfect item for her at Costco (gotta love it!). I got some great bargains at Target as two items Laura and Rachel wanted were on sale, and they were running coupons on the items, AND they gave me a gift card for spending over $50 on toys, so all in all I got an amazing deal. I need to get everything out and look and see what I have for them so if I can see if I am almost done Santa shopping…I think I am getting close though!
Tonight I plan on setting up the girls Christmas tree in the playroom. We do a real family Christmas tree so I have to wait until they are for sale. I also have been collecting some beachy ornaments to do a beach theme tree this year, but I don’t have a tree yet for that… I think I want to get a white tree for it. Guess I have to do some bargain hunting for that…


Thursday, November 5, 2009

End of week wrap up...

Today I went to a craft show and it wasn't that exciting... I didn't see anything that I had to have. We did however see Santa... The Salavation Army was there and had set up an area where they would take your photo with him and the fee for photo would go to chartity. Rachel didn't have a problem, and promptly told him she wanted lots of toys. Laura was terrfied, and only did a photo if I held her. Santa looks to be about 90 years old BTW. All these years must be catching up with him!

The time change has me tired. It's getting dark so early, that by 6pm I am ready to go to bed. It's everything I can do to stay awake. Momma needs some Red Bull or something cause the diet coke isn't cutting it....

Emily is getting Baptized Sunday at church. I'm peeved the new pastor wont do a private service as we have done with the others... It's a new pastor, and I see his point as this is her joining the church, etc.... but being a man he doesn't understand that my three kids do not feel like sitting still and quiet during the service, and we have some older relatives attending that have a hard time sitting comfortably in pews. Yeah I don't see this going well. Also, he's coming to our house tonight to meet with us about it, so I am rushing around now trying to put away my creepy halloween decorations before he think's we worship Satan. Ugg I wish he just would have done a private cermony. Totally bitter....

We went last week to see about a new car, as they had sent us this letter saying our trade in was at peak, and the number they gave us was high... HA! When we went in they gave us a crappy trade in offer, below what the letter said, and they gave us this speech about how a different organization handles those letters and their numbers are not realistic... Umm no thanks then. Our car is still in excellent condition with very low miles, so we passed on it. Not any easy choice after we freaking drove the new loaded model which I still have dreams about still. Oh well.

My kids have become obsessed with books. We have read everything in the house, so I got a great idea to head to the local library and check out the kids section. Why didn't I do this sooner?? They have so many books, they are free, and I love how I can bring home a "theme". For example, I got a bunch of halloween books last week. Love it! We have several library branches in our city, so I have just been going to one that is on my route home from work. I also have found a few things for myself to read, and even though I love my Kindle, you can't beat free... I also love how I can go online to reserve books, have them sent to the library branch where I want to pick it up back, and I can even recheck out books if I need to keep them longer by going online. Love it! It doesn't take much to excite me lol. I just completed Tori Spelling's book Mommywood... it was cute. Good lord she has some momma drama though... I am about to read her first book she did sTori Telling.

Our weekend is going to be busy, Laura had a birthday party to go to for a school friend, then the pool we belong to is having a fall festival, and then of course Sunday is the big baptism.

In between that, I am trying to knock out my christmas shopping for the wee ones... wish me luck!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dream House

Sigh... My dream house is for sale. This is a house on the next street over. Whenever I have gone for a bike ride, walk, or a short drive I always gaze at it and think to myself how much I love that house. When I saw the for sale sign I gasped. I can't believe anyone would ever want to move and leave the house, but I am pretty the sure the owners are in bad health and that is why... It's prices at 685,000 but seriously it's a steal at that price because everything inside is custom and perfect! There is a view of the river, two kitchens, it's just perfect in everyway.

I had to share the link because you can take a virtual tour, and the insides of the house are awesome.... I love their furniture, their decorations, etc etc. I would kill to be able to afford this house, and for this lady's taste. Seriously, take some time to check it out!



Halloween 2009

My girls were all girly bugs this year. Ladybug, Butterfly, and Bumble Bee. They were so cute in their little costumes! Halloween is my favorite! There is just something magical about it.... I love the smell of pumpkins once they have been carved and have a candle going in them. I love seeing kids dressed up in costumes, and I love decorating for halloween!
We carved pumpkins the night before, and the girls loves playing in icky pumpkin guts. They were so excited about lighting the pumpkin that night, they ran and got my parents (they live next door), and made them come out and look. It is my mission to make my girls love halloween as much as I do, and I think I have accomplished that!


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ann Taylor Loft Sale...

Run to your nearest Ann Taylor Loft cause they are having 40% off everything on sale, and ALOT is on sale... I ran by yesterday and scored a crazy amount of stuff. Love that store and love their sales! Sale runs through Sunday.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


*I got the flu shot today at my work, will be getting the H1N1 too as soon as it comes in. As for my kids I usually do the regular flu shots for them, but I am still on the fence with the H1N1. The H1N1 has already hit my children’s preschool, but so far knock on wood, they have been fine. One day I say I am going to get it for them, and then the next day I read about someone having crazy complications from it, and it scares me off.

*So excited that Halloween is almost here! My kids have Halloween parties at their school this week, and Halloween costume parades. Tomorrow I am taking off to attend Laura’s school party, and see her parade in her super cute lady bug costume. Friday we do the same with Rachel. The girls are going to be so cute dressed up in their frilly costumes! I am already itching to take pictures!

*I am toying around with the idea of a new car. I am on the fence with this decision as well, as my car payment is super low, it’s almost paid off, and it’s the only car payment we have going on the three cars we own. It’s still is good condition being a 2006. There is a really good deal going and we could get a awesome trade in… but of course our payment would go up, and then we would have a payment going for a while instead of just a few more months... However, the car we have found we are obsessed with… it’s the same kind we have now, but new and has all the bells and whistles…Seriously, it’s the nicest thing I have ever sat in…I love it. But is it worth it? These decisions are so hard when you have three kids. You just never know what unplanned expense is going to come up. But on the other hand, it we would have a nice warranty, and not have to worry about car repairs, and if we wait, down the road our payment would be a lot more since our trade in would not be as good… I’m not going to lie, I want this car super bad, but it wont kill me if we decide to hold off. I still have a super nice car that has plenty of room for my family, and for that we are blessed. I just wish I had a crystal ball to see if it’s the best decision. Mean while at least this has inspired my husband to clean up the car really nice to get top trade in…


Sunday, October 25, 2009

An attempt to be trendy...

I forced the husband to take me to the mall last night, because I had a mission. I NEEDED this sweater dress, and decieded I needed to be trendy and get leggings too....The dresses are on sale currently in store (old navy) for $25 (all the other styles too). Totally wanted a crazy amount of them but I was good and just got one... The leggings I got at Macy's and they are by HUE. They were not on sale and apparently their stuff runs a tad high.... They do feel like good quality though...they were $25 too, but I loved how this brand didn't have lace on the ends like a lot of the more affordable brands and stores have the leggings...

Ok, so this outfit is very Lindsay Lohan like....but I love it! I rocked the leggings in the 90's and you have to admit, that was a very comfy style. Hey I could also wear these suckers like long underwear when we go on our vacation this Jan. because they are very warm. I am now impatiently awaiting for the weather to get cooler so I can wear this new outfit, because the last few days around here have been warm... That's Virginia weather for you though!


Friday, October 23, 2009

The end of a busy week....

Today I was channeling the tired mom from the Suave commericals...the one that is a complete mess. Rachel had preschool this morning, so I took advantage of doing some cleaning in the house, and a lot of it was gritty stuff so I made sure to wear old clothes, and I skipped the shower this morning. I got a lot done, and then took some time to eat a doughnut... When I went to pick up Rachel from school I soon found myself completely embarrassed to wait in the hall, as the "elite moms" were there looking all perfect in their top of the line clothes, and decked out in David Yurman. Totally would kill for one of those bracelets.... Don't get me wrong, their nice as can be, but seriously, most of them are stay at home moms, what's with dressing up so much? Here I am coming down the hall in jeans I have had since my junior year of college, a t-shirt, and some old flip flops and my toes are seriously lacking a pedicure... Not to mention my greasy hair from lack of shower, and I skipped the makeup.... nice....

Oh and to top it off, when I got home I noticed I had some leftover doughnut crumbs on my face... naptime mission today is to get my butt in the shower.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Poor husband.... I seem to always have a ever running list of projects going on that require his assistance in some major way.... He's a good sport, and once he get's motivated he comes through...Here are some projects I want to accomplish ...

1. Paint our kitchen table and chair black. I got this set when we built our house, and I bought it at Haynes. It was cheap, and it fit in the breakfast nook. Note to self, never buy crap from Haynes because everything we have ever bought in an effort to save money has been a pile of poo. We had to take two chairs back when they arrived because two came broke. (a dresser we bought has issues as well). Anyways, back to the painting project- I want them black now, and if is a big fat fail, then we aren't out of much as the set was uber cheap.

2. Hooks for the laundry room to hang coats and book bags.

3. Re-do Laura's room. I want to convert her bed to a full big girl bed, and paint her room.

4. Paint hallway upstairs. This hallways still has the original flat paint that the contractors used.

5. Paint play room. This should be done already, but I couldn't choose which color... I wanted to do a hot pink, but then I thought it would be a bit extreame.

6. Paint Master Bath.

7. Find new chair cushions for kitchen chairs... I want zebra ones... I found some sweet ones, but it would cost $200 for 4, and chances are the kids would stain them on day one, and all the happy pills in the world, wouldn't prevent me from losing it.

Sigh... not sure when everything will get done, but that table is going to be painted within 2 weeks. Now I just have to inform Dave.


Friday, October 16, 2009


Yes that is a witches boot hanging from the berry wreath... I love my pumpking urns... Dave says it's looks like a rich persons porch lol.


Fun with spray paint...

Friday morning project: operation fall decorations with spray paint... these urn thingy's were given by a family friend who didn't want them anymore. She had found them at Walmart. I have spent the morning spray painting them black while Rachel was at pre-school. I have one complete as you can see... I had to put some random items in the urn so that my items sit level on top (if you peek inside it you would find a sand bucket, and a big candle holder lol) I covered the top with a huge bag of spanish moss and then stacked two pumpkins on top of each other that we got at the pumpkin patch last weekend....
I plan on putting them on either side of my front door when I am done with the other one. Of course that means I have to figure out where the other crap on my porch is going to go now or things will look too cluttered.... stay tuned for final picture...


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Getting ready for Christmas...

The dress above is what I ended up getting with my gymbucks from Gymboree this past weekend. It's going to be Laura's Christmas dress. Rachel will be wearing something similar but it's red and green plaid, and her dress I got at the Hartstrings Outlet when I went to PA with my parents. I have yet to figure out what Emily is wearing... I am sure everyone is shocked that they wont be in the same dress, but I figured they might appreciate their mom chilling out with that. Emily has quite the extensive holiday wardrobe with all the Christmasy handme down outfits from her sisters, but you know I will end up getting her something special for Christmas day...

We had a busy weekend with a trip to the pumpkin patch (check out my scrapbook blog for those pics or look at my facebook), and this coming weekend I am taking the girls to the Poquoson Seafood festival Saturday, and then Sunday we are going to the mountains for the day with Dave's side of the family. I will be sure to take lots of pictures!

I have not been doing much p90x lately, mainly because I have been short on time, but I have been going to the gym regularly. I still plan to do do the videos when I have some extra time, but at least I am making good use out of the gym membership.