Tuesday, June 30, 2009


A - Age: 28 and holding

B- Bed size: King

C - Chore you hate: taking the trash out I refuse.

D - Dog's names: Sampson but he moved next door.

E - Essential start your day item: diet coke, seriously without I might have withdrawls...

F - Favorite color: pink, but in clothes I like white and black

G - Gold or Silver: Silver

H - Height: 5'6

I - Instruments you play: I was into sports, not band....

J - Job title: mom, wife, MSW

K - Kid(s): 3 no more though and no we are not trying for a boy

L - Living arrangements: a pretty brick cape cod

M - Mom's name: Elaine

N - Nicknames: Ra-Ra

O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: tonsil and adnoid removal, kidney stones

P - Pet Peeve: trifeling bitches, snooty bitches, lateness, people who don't stick to their word, rude people, traffic, dishwasher not loaded to my liking, sales people, late night phone calls for non-emergencys, do you want me to go on?

Q - Quote from a movie: I don't have it on me to think that hard

R - Right or left handed: Right

S - Siblings: two sisters that I wish I could spend more time with.

T - Time you wake up: 5:30 most days

U- First word that comes to your mind for "U": Urine

V - Vegetable you dislike: cabbage

W - Ways you run late: Trying to get 3 children ready

X - X-rays you've had: Many!!

Y - Yummy food you make: Chicken Enchiladas

Z - Zoo favorites: I heart the Giraffs


Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday thoughts....

*So the Michael Jackson thing-crazy....Honestly I think it's odd that everyone is so upset when just a few days ago we all thought he was a weirdo and would never let him near our kids. With that said I did totally download a bunch of his songs today.

* I go back to work Monday after a doc appt in the morning. Yes I was called two more times at home by the boss lady, but I am over it now as my other boss caught wind of it and said she wasn't going to use my vacation hours because of it saying that wasn't very fair. Can I get a what what!!

* I am about to attempt to start dieting again- starting Monday after my physical lol.

* Dave and I are going out tomorrow on a date, and we have a new sitter we are going to try out. It's a girl on my softball team, and I am hopeful she and my kids will get a long great!

* I jumped off the diving board several times yesterday at the pool, and man I totally forgot how fun that sucker is... I will be jumping off of it all summer probably now, and making people snicker at me.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Late Father's Day Post...

Dave was working on Father's Day this year. Poor guy. I was a huge slacker and sorta waited until the last moment to get gifts for the father's in our life. Father's Day morning I had my dad take me to Lowe's in which I had planned on getting Dave a big grill. He has been talking about these new grills that do both charcoal and gas. They only carry one of those types at Lowe's and wouldn't you have guessed they were sold out... The ever helpful Lowe's man offered to sell me the display model, but informed me that it was missing 2-3 parts... umm yeah... good luck selling that buddy.... Actually, I was kinda relieved they didn't have the grill. It looked really cheap, the brand was sketchy too. I decieded to just get a regular charcoal grill and then get Dave something else to go with it. I figured we never have charcoal grilled before no sense in getting a dual thing until we know if we like it. I decieded to also get Dave the Itouch, as this way he can leave mine the hell alone now lol.

Dave was really happy with his gifts. I offered him the receipt in case he wanted to take back the grill and wait until the dual one came in. He says he has thought it over and thinks it would be smarter to just get a really nice gas grill eventually, and have the seperate charcoal grill. We used the charcoal grill yesterday for dinner and it was soooo yummy. We just did burgers, but wow, they tasted really good.

Anyways, Father's Day morning and afternoon was spent with my dad, and then we did steaks at my sisters house, and I was able to see my granddaddy. That evening when Dave came home we went to his parents and grilled out again as well, and played a lot of cornhole. So that was our father's day in a nut shell. Dave is such a good father and husband. I love how involved he is with his girls, they love him so much. I am also glad to still have my dad and grandfather around to celebrate with, and appreciate everything they have done for me. Speaking of which my grandfather and grandmother are celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary this week! My parents are having a small family party for them Friday.... so my question for blog readers are what in the heck do you get a couple that has been married for 70 years????? That is certainly something to celebrate!


Monday, June 22, 2009

Swim Lessons

Laura had her first swim lessons of the year at our pool. I took off this week because I wanted to take her. I figured the first day she might be shy and need me to get in with her. Nope. She's officially fearless at the pool. I should have given her more credit, she has been having a blast at the pool since it opened. She is in the beginner class that is mainly just about getting the kids comfortable with the water. Several of the kids in her class are hesitant to even stick their face in the water, so they took Laura and two boys who are pretty comfortable with the water and worked on them by themselves. Ut-oh I see swim team in our future! She even got to jump off the diving board at the end. What a change from her first swim lesson last year at the YMCA.....She was not a happy camper to say the least... by the 2nd session she was fine, but that first one was a doozy... swim
It's amazing how much changes in a year!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Personal Eye Candy

I am home from a stressful day, and I had planned to go to the pool with the kids, but of course it's about to storm, so I am stuck home with no husband as he has training tonight. Since he's gone I am trying to get my secret boyfriend to come over. Allow me to introduce to you my top celebrity crush- Johnny Knoxville. I am obsessed with him. Seriously, if he was a local he would have a restraining order against me. He's hot, he's funny, he's goofy, he likes to laugh, and well he's hot. And now I leave you with a confessional... when I was in college there was this guy who looked ALOT like Mr. Knoxville. He was a few years older then me, and was just as goofy and funny. He was fun to party with from time to time. He had the best parties... Long story short he came back to college after he graduated because I guess he was one of "those guys", and it was right when Dave and I were starting to date. (Dave and I were not serious yet so don't get your pantys in a ruffle) He cornered me and gave me this song and dance about how always had a crush on me, and thought we could start to date... yadda yadda...(he was full of bs and such a player ). Honestly, I thought about just kissing him so I could say I kissed a JK look a-like. Said guy made a beer run, and when he came back he was coming to get me to go to a party. By then Dave showed up caught wind and sent homeslice on his way. Kinda dramatic, but it gave me some insight that Dave wanted to be serious with me. The story would be much cooler if it was actually JK though. Oh well for now I will just leave you with the yummy goodness of him to look at!


If I only had a brain....

I could go on and on today and have a complete and tee total bitch fit about work and life in general. I could tell you about me slamming office doors so hard that my bulletin board fell off the wall, dropping a cuss word in front of a patient and my boss (at least it wasn’t at them) . I am attempting to be very calm and professional while things are stressful as anything here at this lovely company , but well, that might require to much strength. Thank goodness for a sweet boss or all of us would have been fired years ago.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Flip Flop Swap and catching up...

Semi-Slacker mom held another swap and this time the theme was flip flops. My partner was
http://wifemomnurse.blogspot.com/ and she sent me these super cute flops flops. Let me tell ya, Julie did a great job, as I love them. The bows are adorable! Check out her blog and send her get well wishes as she has been ill lately.

**A big development this week is that our neighborhood pool will be opening up during the week starting Thursdays. It has only been open on weekends until the schools here get out, and finally they are out which means we can hit the pool on my days off, and after work, and of course the normal weekends. This excites me greatly.

**I am need a hair cut and a high lite something fierce. I am attempting to grow out my hair, as I have never had it much longer then past my shoulders EVER, and I figure its now or never as the older you get the less long hair looks good.

**I made a super informative discovery today after talking to a friend who has had plastic surgury here in my town locally. I had been planning a tummy tuck once the kids got older (not sure who the hell was going to pay for it, but that was my plan) I wanted to wait until they got older to give me a chance to lose more weight, firm up more, and figure the kids need to be a bit more independent as chances are noone is going to feel sorry for me for having elective surgury and help me take care of the kids. HOWEVER, a friend was telling me she was going to have a tummy tuck until she saw lipo before and after pics, and she was very happy with her results. Lipo sure is heck a lot more afordable then a tummy tuck and the recovery is soooo much easier. Good to know my friends, and it's worth looking into....

** I am sooo glad True Blood is back on HBO. I love me some Vampire Bill, even a bit more then Edward Cullen. I'd trade places with Sookie any day and let him bite me. If you don't have HBO it looks like the first season is on DVD now.

**After being around a lof of Mom's of teenagers lately who keep communication open, I vow to be a mom like that to my girls when they get older. Not saying I want to be their best friends as that is crossing the line, but I just think it is really awesome hearing about teens who can really talk to their parents about issues. My parents were great and all but I couldn't talk to them at all. Not that I blame them as I don't think anyone in their generation really did that. I think that generation just believes in bottling everything up, which is just totally sad and depressing. Total random thought I know.

** The husband has been living in the garage lately, as he has gotten into making Corn Hole boards. Whatever keeps him happy!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Is it the weekend yet?

* Laura had her stitches taken out yesterday, and it went well. No drama with that at all… hopefully we don’t have anymore ER visits anytime soon…

* My job is stressing me out as everyone has different ideas on how to handle the consolidation of centers, and I just want the head honcho to say do it a certain way, so everyone can shut up and just get on it with it, instead of 3 different bosses saying what they want done. You totally think this would be organized and headed up by the important folks, but it’s not. Side note, I am not even worrying about the 40 hour thing ‘cause if I am forced to do it I will just seek a new job. I totally sound a like bratty biatch, but whatever. I may or may not have announced a plan to become a fire fighter while at Plaza last week... Giggle at me all you want. Hopefully my days with playing with fire in the woods, or "other" background checks hinder my application haha.

*If I read another blog entry about some skinny girl who says "I eat whatever I want" and then goes on to list their typical day as coffee for breakfast, nuts or a few crackers for lunch, and then some teeny dinner, I will refer you to eating disorders group.

*The above bullet just secretly means I am feeling self conscious about all the CRAP I am eating. Though I am active, working out, and popping my Alli, nothing is going to help my fat behind if I keep eating like it’s my last meal.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Wii Active....

I love our Nintendo Wii. I like cheesy games, and I love the hands on effect. I got the Wii Fit from Dave late summer, and that has been fun too. The Yoga program is very good, and everyone knows I am super obsessed with the step class stuff. Just makes me feel all coordinated when I get those perfects for keeping the pace lol. The balance games are cute, not sure of the actual benefit I am getting from that though, and the strength training I just skip over lol.

Recently at Costco (duh) I bought the new Wii Active. My local costco had it for 51.56 and it comes with everything you need. The game, knee strap, and resistance band. I am in middle of the 30 day challenge that Bob Green put together (he's not just Oprah's pal you know). They have some cool websites with reviews, etc about it that you should check out http://www.easportsactive.com/thirtyday.action

I have done three complete workouts, and you will be feeling it the next day. This is far better then the Wii Fit. I have way too many squats then I have wanted to do in my life. You pick your trainer, I went with the male, and I named him Xxavier, and we are best friends for life. (He totally wants to date me.) The program gives you rest days, and today is actually a rest day for me, but I do have softball games tonight, so not sure if it will be quite the rest I need, but considering I put away almost 10 s'mores last night, I need to keep active.

If you have a Wii, and want a fun upbeat but butt beating workout, get this. You wont be sorry.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Thinking about the big 3-0 already...

Next month I will be turning 29. Geez. I have no clue what the heck I want/need for my birthday. For the past year or so I have been thinking more about my 30th birthday. I want something nice for my birthday, and I am planning on buying myself something crazy. I admit to having expensive taste, but I do bargain shop. However there are a few things I want that are just never ever going to be on sale, or show up at TJMAXX. Something off this list will be mine when I turn 30.

1. I want a pair of Tory Burch Revas. I love them. Hate the price. By god they are just freaking simple looking flats, why are they just under $200?? I have seen them on ebay for a bit cheaper,but I don't get the prices. So cute though...

2. I want a David Yurman bracelet. I don't care which end stone. I am half tempted to go to a store and try on the child size one since they are a lot cheaper, but I know deep down my wrists aren't that small, and chances are the sales ladies/men will laugh at me for trying to do that.

3. I would love a real LV bag. I did rock a pretty sweet fake one many years ago I got in NYC in china town.

4. A rolex watch. If we are friends in real life, chances are you have heard my sob story regarding how I almost got one.... flash back to about 11 and half years ago...I was shopping in Virginia Beach with my parents, I was all excited because I had gotten big honors for field hockey my senior year in highschool, and found out the morning that I was named 1st team forward for our disctrict, as well as first team for the region. Pretty much I thought I was hot stuff. My dad was pretty proud, and while we were out shopping we were in a nice jewlery store, when he asked me if I wanted a rolex. I was 17 at the time, and by god I knew even then that it was dali lama of all watches. I immediatly said yes, and then my mom flips out. She went on and on about how I was too young, and somehow she won the battle. Tears were shed. They tell me that something like that should be given for something more important like high school graduation. Ok, I can wait a few months... few months later my parents buy themselves said nice watches, and my graduation day comes and goes with out the watch, much less a present. Bastards. Ok, so there are not bastards, I am extreamly grateful for them putting me through college and grad school sans student loans, etc. For the record I was told maybe for college graduation, that too came and went without a watch. Grad school graduation came no watch. Damit I am never going back to school again, so I feel totally robbed. So maybe I will have to come through for myself.

Doubtful though, as the Revas are about all I would feel comfortable blowing on myself.


Thursday, June 4, 2009


I have to be at work on friday , so I decieded to take off today in it's place. I had a few errands to run in the morning (post office, bank), and decieded I would take the kids to Deer Park to play on the playground for being patient enough for running around with me. It sounded like a good plan at least. We were the only ones at the playground, and after 10 min I was attempting to feed Emily while letting Rachel and Laura play around. They go to this park a lot with my parents, and I was taking note on how safe the playground was, lot's of thick rubbery stuff, and smooth mulch, disabled child friendly, etc etc. Suddenly Laura fell somehow near the sliding board area, and I see blood. I quickly tried to see if she had a scrape, knocked out tooth, or what, but there was a lot of blood, so much I almost grabbed them all and ran to the ranger station to call 911 or something. Of course this is the one day I leave my cell phone at home...

The bleeding slowed/stopped, and I was able to see she had a nasty laceration under her chin. I got them all in the car asap, and Laura had stopped crying, and was acting fine, so I decieded it would be better if I ran my other two kids home to my parents since we were not far and Laura was ok, and then take her to the ER. Believe me, if it was that bad, I would have gone directly to the ER without a doubt. Instead of taking her to Riverside, which is my hospital of choice, I decieded to take her to Port Warwick's ER, figuring it would be a lot quicker. It was a good choice, and we didn't have to wait for hours and hours. I called Dave who left work and met us up there, and waited with us. Laura was so brave, and acting fine, and had a snack from the lobby while we waited for the verdict. Her booboo required 5 stitches, and it took Dave,myself, and another nurse to hold her down while they sewed up her chin. They numbed her up good where she didn't feel it, but she was pretty scared, and I was blubbering and trying not to pass out from being able to see up her chin.

This was Laura's first big boo-boo, and her first visit to the ER. Though I was scared to death, I handled this much better then Rachel's trip to the ER. For the record I was pregnant at the time, and when let's just say I should have been admited to behavioral health during my pregnancies. For a recap click here http://mommagiles.blogspot.com/2008/03/easter-eve-drama.html


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Award and more tagging

Many thanks for the award from Semi-Slacker Mom

The Premio MEME Blog Award Rules:

1. list 7 personality traits

1.I have a nasty temper that is a Campbell trait. For proof hang around my sisters, dad, and the whole freaking side of that family tree. My middle child is carrying on this gene.
2. I will do anything for my family and friends.
3. Often my shyness and insecurity issues makes me come off as a snot.
4. Once I am comfortable with someone look out. You wont get me to shut up.
5. I take things way to personally, and can cry at the drop of a hat.
6. Though I do like going out, I rather stay home and be a hermit.
7. I can be a bit sneaky, (nothing crazy or stalkerish), but if I see someone using sneakyness on me I tend to fly off the handle.

2. tag/award 7 blogs that deserve such fine recognition for the personalities that they share with the blogging world.

I tag.....7 people that want to play along. My brain is just dead, and I don't feel like linking people lol. But I love you all.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Bama Girl in AZ tagged me over the weekend to list 6 Unimportant Things that make me happy! I am happy to play along!

The Rules:
A) List 6 unimportant things that make you happy
B) Mention and link to the person that tagged you
C) Tag 6 of your favorite bloggers to play along and comment onthere blogs to let them know they have been taggedSo here are mine:

1. Going to the pool or just laying in the baby pool in the backyard. Let's just say we get our money out of the pool dues. If it's open we try to be there.

2. Reading a book while soaking in a bubble bath, and yes I take the kindle in with me lol. If I drop it though I am screwed.

3. Having a diet coke in hand. I constantly drink these all day long. I could give up food, tv, and the computer, but if you try to take my diet coke away I will take you down.

4. Playing softball, whether it be a game of catch or an actual game. If I don't have one child that wants to play I may have a nervous break down.

5. Pedicures. If I can't be skinny then I will have pretty polished toes for life.

I tag
1. Beavs Wife
2. Veronica
3. my mom
4. Cher
5. Collard Queen

Beaching and Berry Picking

I make my work schedule each month, and yesterday while I was putting it together and was stressed about yesterdays news I decieded to take an extra day off this week, as well as take off a week later on this month. Dave was off as well so we had a wonderful family day. We didn't worry about house work or errands, we just had fun.

Our plan was to just go pick strawberry's at a patch. We usually go over to this place in Surry, VA to do it, but we decieded to try a place that is much closer. On the way there we decieded to take the kids to Buckroe Beach which is in Hampton as well. Since it was a spur thing, I didn't have the kids bathing suits, but at least had sunscreen, and some toys in the car from the pool. We thought maybe we would walk on the beach and let the kids play a little. The kids had other plans, and wanted to get in the water. Of course I had dressed the girls in cutsy strawberry theme outfits for the strawberry picking, but whatever. They wanted to play and get wet, so I just let them go nuts.

I caught Laura on camera in the middle of ripping off her dress


Rachel didn't even bother ditching her dress, she just went on in


Emily at least stayed pretty, and enjoyed watching her sisters act crazy


Our little nudist


Dad getting in on the fun


Emily and I


Rachel looking for shells


After we left the beach, we went needed some new clothes before getting berries, so Big K it was...Laura needed some dry underwear after wearing hers at the beach, and Rachel needed a clean dry dress. Kmart shocked me with some super cute girl stuff, so my run in for a dress and underwear turned into a $30 adventure as I found some cute stuff for them. Those prices always make me smile.

Attempt of picture with the kids on tractor ride to get berries


Daddy and Rachel hunting for big red ones


Emily making sure we pick some for her


Laura ate more then she picked of course


After berry picking we went home for lunch and naps. I took advantage of nap time to lay in the baby pool in the backyard and read. Apparently Dave had a lot of fun at the beach, because after a few hours he asked me how I felt about going back to the beach, so next thing I knew he was suiting up the kids. We went to a beach a little closer to home, and I left the camera at home so I could sit back and just enjoy the kids, and the weather. The girls love the water so much. Can't say I blame them. I can seriously feel my blood pressure go down at the pool or the beach. We ended up going home when the lifeguards called it a day, and then we spend the evening chowing down on our strawberry's.