Friday, November 30, 2007


I have a confession. I bought a Dooney for Laura. Yes I know. What a terrible mom I am for making her all about labels at a young age. Let me try to reason it though. I got an email today while I was at work saying the outlet was having a mega sale, and there would be a surprise bag marked down to $75. So I went after work today, and the surprise bad was a awesome, its huge, croc embossed or whatever they call that mess, and it was pretty, BUT the color choices sucked. Then I saw the BIN, and in the bin were tons of the Bitty Bags just stacked up, marked down to $30, and so I gave in. So shoot me. I am going to hold it back until her birthday though.

I bought a bunch more adult bags for every other female in our family for my mom, as the sale was just that good, and my mom had enlisted my help to get my sisters, myself, and her a Dooney. There so gorgeous let me tell you. So I have to wait to Christmas now before I can get my hands on my bag. Laura's bag is the bitty version of the one I have which is cute. Now I have guilt though as I didn't get one for Rachel, so if I got back and they have any left, I will get her one.

We finished up our plans for travel for Roanoke. We are leaving Friday morning and the first night we are going to stay at a local bed and breakfast in Rocky Mount, VA right outside Ferrum. It's called the Claiborne house. Should be fun! We plan on going to the campus to wander around and see how much has changed in the area. The wedding is Saturday evening, so we will go to that, and then we are going to drive to Roanoke and stay at the Marriott. We have a gift card to use there our friend Aaron gave us, so we are looking forward to putting that to good use. We are coming back Sunday at some point, but I am just so excited to get away without any kids, but at the same time I know I am going to miss them like mad, and wonder every second what they are doing, but I plan on still enjoying my time with the husband too!

We had a low key Friday night. Went to a quick dinner, and then ran by the funeral home as a friend of Dave's sister had passed away unexpectedly, so we went and visited with the family. Very sad.

Not much going on this weekend, other then one of my units is having a Christmas party for the staff and patients, so I am cooking some BBQ for that. My standard meal for crowds. My boss had me on a wild goose hunt chase for gifts for the patients. The company gave us a budget for a party, and for gifts, and somehow I got elected to find the gifts. My boss wanted to get water bottles so they can also get a lesson on how much water a day they can drink. Wonderful gift you know. I personally think it wont be much of an educational tool, as our dietitian stresses it every month with them, and they still guzzle like theres not tomorrow, so in fact we are just giving them another guzzle tool.

Apparently trying to get water bottles in winter is a bit tricky, especially when you need 42, and you can't go over $5.00 a patient. I had to mix and match them which I am sure is going to cause problems over who gets what color and crap, but I got them after annoying just about every employee in Target to please check the back again for me. Then when I get back my boss wants me to put ribbons on them... yeah ok. Right on that. I just left them in the Target bags in her office, I wasn't about to go out and find ribbon and we obviously just don't keep some around the office. She's spasing out about getting the gifts ready for the party, and I bet not even 10 of them even come to the party. They come three times a week as it is, so some of them rather not see us on a day they don't have to. Who can blame them?
I just feel a bit overwhelmed with getting my own crap done at home for the holidays then worrying about putting ribbon on bottles at home in my voluminous spare time.

Bah hum bug!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Weight Watcher progress...

I thought I would share my Weight Watchers progress to give me some countability.
Based on my age, height, and current weight, I am given 23 points a day. Different foods have different points, so I am not supposed to go over 23 a day. BUT they give you 30 some free points to use in the week if you need it. I need it for Plaza splurges, and not to go insane. You also need to have so many fruits/veggies, and dairy products within the points a day. Veggies are zero points. It's not that hard though to keep track, as I still have my books from when we did it a few years ago, and the website has everything on it as well, as I am just doing it the website way rather then go to meetings.

Well today I started off on the wrong foot for sure. It was a special day though with Biz. Baz. craft show and all though lol. I had a freaking drink from starbucks and a damn muffin. I knew it was bad. But I figured I would work it out somehow into my daily points. Well little did I know the damn muffin was 11 points, and my drink was 9. I also had a stupid sandwitch for lunch which was 6 points... so do the math... I have used 26 points... yes the day is not even over yet and I have gone over my points. Guess its veggies for me tonight for dinner...I do have 30 points for the week remaining I can pull from from my free points, but it needs to last me through Monday, and I know we will probably go to dinner this weekend at some point. But never the less it is working. I am drinking more water, and I even snuck myself on the scale and have gone a little already. I know I am not supposed to weigh again until Tuesday but I have a bad habit of weighing myself all the time.

So I am totally outing myself right now but here was my weight when I began last week----> 175. Yes mam, I am officially a whale. But sadly enough thats down from where I was before I had kids. Yes before kids. When I actually joined Weight Watchers originally Feb 2005 I was freaking 198.9. When I saw that on the scale there I about killed everybody I came in contact with later that night as I was traumatized. I did drop some weight but then I got pregnant with Laura, and alas you gotta gain when your pregnant.
So according to weight watchers, they want me down to at least 148.8 which seems crazy, as when I was 130 my senior year highschool/freshman year of college I looked like I was 100 and I had a eating disorder. So now I am supposed to get down to at least 148 and it seems impossible.
So I will be now posting my weights on Tuesdays in hopes to make myself stick to the diet especially around the holidays, so please yell at me and call me fatty if the weight starts to creep up.

We came, we saw, we spent....

Bizaare Bazzaar started today, and mom and I went up to Richmond for it today. I enclose a picture of my loot. I got a travel bag for the kids which was a steal for when they spend the night elsewhere or for when we go away. I had previously bought a Vera Bradley bag for Laura a year ago or so, but I kinda ended up stealing it for myself to take when I work out. This bag is big enough for both of them for a few years anyways. I also go a cute foo-foo shirt and pant set for both of them, some coasters to give his cousin, a bunch of frilly momogrammed coozys for random people, a VT cup for Dave, and I got myself the initial drink mug for myself. I got another mug with a polka dot pattern to be my secret santa gift for someone at work. I think I am going to give his mom a coozy, and my boss a coozy. The other one has a "R" on it so thats mine two of course. I also got two shells. Random I know, but they were pretty and will look cute in the bathroom. Oh yeah, the black tote thing with a palm tree on it is a ice bucket thingy that doesn't sweat. Laura of course had to try it out by climbing in. I also have a sign not picture that I forgot to put out. I don't know right now if I should give it to my mom or my aunt. It says "Welcome to Mathews", which is the town my mom and aunt grew up in. Weird enough we still exchange christmas gifts with her. Grant it we don't talk or see each other, but we leave gifts for each other. I also get a birthday check from her,and my kids do as well, BUT when my kids were born I never got a card, a phone call, much less a gift. Well I have to admit at Laura's baby shower she gave me a hat and a blanket and signed the tag from her and my granny. Not knocking the gift, but my granny would have gone all out on probably furnished the freaking nursery had she not have Alz. I know this is a petty for me to write, but for ther record I ohhed and ahhed over the damn blanket and the hat and wrote a gracious thank you note to my aunt, so I didn't act like a total selfish brat or anything.

But enought of my family drama.

It was a blast. My mom bought a boat load for the girls that they will get at Christmas. We ran into the sister I get along with and some of our scrapbooking people, my boss from work, and some other friends. One thing I didn't get was a ornament for the Ornament Exchange party my sister is having again this year. I don't know if I can even go as we will be coming back in town that day from Roanoke, so it depends on traffic. So I need one on hand just in case. Nothing struck me though today or they were either way to expensive for me to want to give away.

I am already looking forward to the Spring show....

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Quick post before bed...

My newest quest was starting to diet again, yepp, I joined weightwatchers again. I tried to do the Jenny diet but apparently theres not a Jenny place anywhere around here anymore, so I settled for this. I started Tuesday, and I did so-so that day, today I did very well with it but I want to eat my arm right now. It will get easier though I guess... maybe..

Dave is doing fine- not really eatting anything other then milkshakes still but whatever.

My boss has invited me to go to the Poconos with her in a few weeks, not sure if I will go- there is some conference meeting a bunch of people are going to and it would be fun but its right at xmas and I hate leaving the kids... and that would mean leaving again as we have plans to head out of town sans the kids here soon for a wedding.

We shall see though, wouldn't mind seeing if the Poconos have anything more besides tacky hotel rooms with heart shape beds...

Tomorow mom and I are going to Bizaar Bazzar in Richmond! So excited!!! Ready to spend spend spend...

I leave you with this- a link of a new gymboree line coming out but its just girl stuff, the boy stuff isn't up yet but will post that later when it comes up.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Such a trooper

Dave was a trooper today. His teeth actually were impacted and not through like he had thought, so this ended up being a good thing with our insurance as it covered it all, if they were already through all the way then insurance would only pay half, so Dave's teeth being impacted was a good thing for me anyways as it will allow us to finish our Christmas shopping now... haha.

My mom ticked me off today, as I needed to go pick up Dave's meds and get some more friendly foods for him, and she had watched the kids while I took Dave, when I dropped Dave off I ran in to check on the kids. I had previously told her a dozen times I would be dropping Dave off and then running to the store down the road to get the drugs and needed food stuff. Apparently she failed to remember this, and had picked today to do some bank thing, that she had to do, and wanted to do it before my dad came home, god forbid she have to leave the house after he came home. So that made me annoyed, and being the ill tempered person I am I ran my mouth to her. Ever try grocery shopping with an infant and a toddler? One child, not so bad at all, but two makes it impossible to put anything in the cart as Laura has to sit in the front as the local grocery stores carts will not hold Rachel up front so by the time everyone is in the cart, where do I put the crap? Throw it on Rachel, or give it to Laura to throw at other shoppers? Or do I put it underneath and randomly lose my groceries as we wander the store for our goods. So yeah this is why I do my shopping solo in the evening alone or with one child. When Rachel is out of her carrier it will be a little easier as then she can face me up front and then Laura can sit in the ones that look like a toy car is in front- that is if she will sit in it rather then jump out and make a run for it.

So I talked my mom to taking a kid with her to the bank, and probably made my mom feel about the size of an ant. I feel pretty crappy for my outburst now, but she is so forgetful these days. I was complaining to my sister about it when she called to check on David, and my sister then ticked me off as when I was bitching about it, she said that I really just need to give her a break, and that its time for me to just take the plunge and get someone else to watch my child. First of all- excuse me but didn't she have my mom watch her kids for what 10 or more years????? She never went with someone else, she just waited until they were old enough to be home alone, so I thought her advice was interesting. Second of all, I really appreciate my mom watching them- I really do, but I don't work on Friday's, I am usually home Early, and don't leave for work very early in the mornings either- and I never have them watch the kids while I do anything fun- its only for work or things like today that popped up, I work about 26 hours a week give or take. AND Dave has a schedule in which hes home some in the week so that takes some hours off right there. So it's not like I am working her like a slave, and I also give her random stuff like either gifts, gift cards from time to time. She wont accept cash from me and says not to pay her, so the only things I know to do is get her little gifts now and then.

SO yes I am appreciative, but I am not ready to use non family childcare on a regular basis. I have 2 non family babysitters I trust with my kids, and thats the extent of that. If my mom says its too hard for her I would jump ship then, but I ask her on a regular basis to be honest with me and tell me if it gets rough, and she never complains, and actually acts less stressed with them then I do at times when their behavior is less then impressive.

So can you tell I am PMSing? I am ready to just snap at anyone that talks to me right now, by tomorrow though I hope to be a bit more positive and less mad at the world.

So anyways- Dave is doing fine- has some pain but its manageable, and he was a riot when he woke up from sedation. He attempted to sing to me with gauze in his mouth in recovery the following "I'm a little chipmunk short and stout" yes his own version of the teapot song I guess.

Christmas Spirit!

Apparently my husband was in the Christmas spirit. He came home from work, and was able to get last night off so he stayed up and went crazy putting more Christmas decorations up. I had put a bunch up a few weeks ago, but had left the big stuff for later on. We always put a lighted tree in the middle window ledge thingy and its a pain in the but as we have to get a ladder and then almost kill ourselves climbing up with a big tree to get it in the middle and centered. He also put all the candles in the front windows and brought down the Christmas tree stand.

We also went and got our tree in the afternoon. Ok OK, I KNOW I vowed to not by my tree from Dean and Don's, from my crappy BFF and her loser cheating husband but guess what. WE did! I know I am completely all talk and no action. So my parents bought their tree Saturday morning from the enemy, and I yelled at them and gave them a bunch of crap for doing so, my dad said he didn't care as he got a discount, and figured the money would help take care of Tiffany and the baby as he gave the money directly to her in cash, so she could just put it in her pocket if she wanted to. Nice dad, nice. My mom said she talked to her and she said she was not at my childs baptism as she was "busy getting her life back together". And that was that.

Dave was guilted me yesterday before we went by saying their trees were prettier then others he had seen. Seriously- a tree is a tree right? You would think. So I give in and we go. We find the sacred tree and I go to check out with her, and Dave and HIM go to load the tree in our truck. She didn't offer any excuses or say anything at all about anything- we made small talk, and I guess thats going to be the gist of it. I will never be there for her again if anything should happen as she has never been there for me, but I will be mature about things and at least be civil. Apparently Dave and the crappy husband had a long talk, and he says hes remorseful, and can't believe he did what he did now. But he also said if their daughter wasn't in the picture things would be different. He says her parents hate him, and her family in general has not spoken to him, and are giving her a hard time about getting back with him. He said he went over to her grandparents for thanksgiving and noone talked to him. It's kinda sad and funny at the same time, as he deserves it. I mean, he's got to prove himself now again to everyone and its not going to be easy. But he did apologize for coming over to our house like a crazy man to yell at me, and said he was sorry for talking crap. Whatever. Total liar. Dave did tell him his wife pretty much has just wanted to be a part time friend of mine, and hes tired of seeing her do that crap to me. He didn't say anything to that. I guess to sum it up, shes the one who has to go through this and live with his actions, but its not up to her family or me anymore to pick up the pieces this time around, so if it happens again I will just be blunt with her. It's just a fact were just not close anymore and I guess that just happens.

So we got our tree and got it set in the room. It's still "naked" but we will probably start decorating it this evening maybe. So after getting the tree Dave's parents watched the kids while we ran around. We went to a few stores, and then Hooters for dinner. I freaking love their wings! We ate our tails off, their wings are sooooo goooood. We then rode down Crawford Road lol. Anyone else do that crap in this area in highschool?? It's this road in Yorktown with this bridge thingy, and apparently lots of crazy spooky stuff happens there. There's storys of slaves being hung off the bridge back in the day and seeing their ghosts now, and all kinds of crap. One of my friends says she saw and Klans man at night when she was out of her car on the bridge. And someone else says she say the parkway murderer guy there or something. I used to go in highschool and I never saw anything. But my friends and I would scare each other silly. SO we went and nothing happend. Much like the trip Dave and Aaron and I took to Old House woods in Mathews County!

Dave and I then ran in Walmart as Dave is still in his christmas spirtit and wanted to get lights to put outside the house!

So today we are getting Daves wisdom teeth taking out and we are leaving like now, so I will post more later!

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Saturday I went with my parents, nephew Jake, and my girls to Portmouth. When I was a child growing up every year about this time, it was a family tradition for us to go to Coleman's Nursery and Mike's Train Land to see the Christmas displays, and what not. It was always really fun. We would always get dinner over there, and have a blast.

Coleman's closed for good 2004, and Mike's Trainland closed before that. The last year it was open we went over and took lots of pictures and I bought an angel to have as our tree topper, and a bunch of other special ornaments. One was this crazy priced special addition ornament to honor Coleman's years they were open and of course it got broken last year, which was a major bummer for me.

Anyways, all the Christmas stuff Coleman's had displayed went to this Museum thing in Portsmouth. They display the trains from Mike's trainland at the Kids Museum right across from the Christmas wonderland stuff. So we all went over there to see it all. It was fun! The Kids Museum was really neat, all kinds of stuff to play with. I did this thing where you put your self in a bubble. You stand on a plat form and pull a rope and it makes a ring pull up that has soaked in a bubble solution, so a bubble surrounds you. It was pretty neat.

My dad and Jake went across the street to the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame. I would have loved to have seen that, but Laura was having to much fun playing with all the stuff at the kids museum so I just hung with the kids. Laura was pretty spent after playing so hard.

We left and went back to Newport News and went to dinner at Kelly's Tavern. Laura slept through the ride and dinner. My mom held her while she was just passed out.
I think we have a new tradition started, hopefully Dave can go next time though. He had to work the night before so he was passed out himself!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Shopping day!

Hope if anyone went out into the crazyness in the shops they got some killer deals for all their trouble!!!

I had heard about the crazyness, but I used to go to some craft show show with my family the day after thanksgiving for years and years, so I was a bit sheltered from the madness. Fast forward to the I believe 2002, year- Dave wanted some video game system that was a hot item, and I saw this great deal in the Toys R US add. I deceided to get up early to be there when they opened to grab it. I arrived about 20 min before the opening and a line was about a mile long to wait to get in. My nephew had spent the night and had come along to grab some toy he wanted and we were both in shock. We froze our tails off waiting, and then when the doors swang open we were practically trampled to death as we fought for a shopping cart. One lady kept hitting the backs of my legs with hers, and I made the mistake of saying something to her, which caused her to go off on me, I quickly ran away with my nephew. He ran to get his stuff, and I got the game station and then waiting in line for freaking ever to check out. I swore never again.

Today I got up and headed out to work very very very early... I wont even tell how early, but I didn't stay long, I just cleaned some stuff off my desk, and left just as soon as I got there. Something in my head said to go to Michaels, so I braved it, and it wasn't that bad... they had been open for almost an hour so it wasn't a mad dash. I ended up getting a frame for a picture and a gift for a niece. Got a great deal, then I deceided to check out what was going on in Target. It was pretty packed, but I found a great parking space and I decieded to go on in. It was pretty crazy, I wont lie, but it was doable. I went past electronics as it was too difficult to even attempt, and the toy section was off limits as well. I noticed everyone had these huge boxes with some video chair thingy in them. Seriously, that was the thing to have in your cart. While wandering around, I found a pallet with a few more left, and it was dirt cheap- really really cheap. So I grabbed one figuring Dave might like it or someone else in the family might. I finally got in line, and the lines were not too bad. When I got closer they had a bin of stuff people put in from where they changed their mind and decided they didn't want it anymore, and they had a bunch of dvds and a few toys. I grabbed two dvd's and a leap frog toy, which were all awesome deals. The DVD's were 3 bucks or so. One of the DVD's I got was the Goonies. Such a awesome movie from my childhood!

SO that was pretty much the extent of my black friday shopping. I did go online yesterday to Gymboree's website, as they were doing their early bird sale, and I got a ton of cool stuff. With the 30% already off and a coupon I had I got cool thing! Most of it is stuff for later in some bigger sizes. I even got a freaking bathing suit for the kids. Good deals I tell you....

SO this weekend we are going to try to get our tree, and get it up. Maybe we will do that tomorow evening

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone ate lots of yummy food and got to spend time with their loved ones!

We had lunch at my parents with the whole family, and then we went back over for a late dinner cause leftovers are the bomb, especially Thanksgiving leftovers!

My mom always cooks her tail off but we all try to bring something, usually a dessert or something. I had hoped to make something, but instead the above pictures were my big contribution.... Looked impressive in the bowl anways =)
Laura and Rachel enjoyed the meal, and Rachel who is my big eater probably out ate us all...

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RACHEL was so hungry she ate her foot
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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Permantly banned from the Picture People

Tonight we had our group picture at the Picture People at our local mall. In the picture was just going to my kids, and my sisters children- so that made 6 kids total from ages 9 month- 13 years. We did one last year, but of course since Rachel came along it was time for a updated one. I dread pictures these days with oldest, as shes right at the Terrible Two's. Terrible Two's are not a myth people. They are real. Yes I was one of those that would look at ill behaving children and think to myself- "my child will never act like that". Well my little angel was the spawn of Satan tonight.

I met everyone there as I had to work, and my oldest sister Charlotte had asked everyone to dress in jeans and a red top- just like last year mind you. I thought it was dumb to do the same thing again, and personally I wanted to do something different or just have people wear what they want, but I complied. My kids arrived wearing the red, and so did my nephews, but my oldest sister kids (the one who set up the dress code) had her girls in non red items. This meant my nephews had a cow for being forced to wear the dress code, and one had to do a dress change before the picture could be taken. My nieces ages 11 and 7 had to primp their hair and makeup. Yes makeup. They also had head band issues. I didn't even know head band issues exhisted, but they do.

We get to our room to start the picture process, and they give us some new girl and its her first day on the job. That's when I knew we were in for some trouble...She placed them all in their positions, but before she would take the picture she would pause for like 30 seconds, I guess to try to get the biggest smiles possible. With six kids and my demon child wanting to break loose and run towards us, you just have to hope for them looking in the direction of the camera. So my sisters and Dave and I are jumping around trying to wrangle Laura to behave, and the rest of my nieces and nephews start fighting as they don't want to stand too close to each other or touch each other god forbid. Laura then has a melt down as she sees one of my nieces damn purses and wants it in the f^&*& picture. Told you she was a purse freak. The poor photographer looks like she is about to cry, so she leaves and gets back up. She comes back with another photographer to help her figure out some poses, and ways to restrain Laura. The process took a good hour. It was seriously the most stressful thing I have encountered in quite a while. Part of the problem was Laura got an ear infection and I had to take her to the Doc the day before, so she wasn't feeling good already. Clearly Laura's modeling career has hit a bump in the road. We also got in trouble during the session for using props improperly. I had taken some horse stuffed animals and pretended I was riding a pony around the store in attempts to get a smile out of the kids for a damn picture, and some workers didn't find me amusing.

So after they finally gave up on us, and ended the session, we waited for our pictures. We knew it was going to be slim pickings, and we had a good laugh while watching the slide show from the proofs. Seriously send me your email in the comment section, and when they email me the link tonight I will let you see our horrible pictures . We had a few so so ones, I personally wouldn't hang them on my wall, but hopefully grandparents and great grandparents will have bad enough eye site to love them anyways. One of the better ones Laura has a damn purse in the picture but it was the only way she would cooperate with us.

At least we wont have to do pictures again for quite some time now. I don't think they will let us back anyways.

My advice is take lots of pictures before they are near the Terrible Two mark as its not a myth.

My best friend Oprah

Did anyone else see yesterday's Oprah? Thank god for a freaking DVR as I record every episode and then watch it in the evenings or weekends. Yesterday was her Christmas favorite things show. Seriously, it was the funniest thing ever watching the people in her audiance freak out about all the cool things she was giving away. I thought some older ladies were going to stroke out. Even Dave got the giggles, and he rolls his eyes when I watch Oprah. Everyone got awesome stuff. She even had a freaking pink kitchen aide on there, and thats one thing I have been wanting, but I wasn't in the audiance so I didn't get a pink mixer. The biggest gift was a stainless steel fridge with the tv built in the front of it. It does everything you can think of as well. Seriously though, who needs a freaking TV on their fridge? The thing even had a DVD player. Ok it sounds cool, looks cool, but would someone really use it? You could also get it to run a slide show of pictures, so if Oprah ever gives one to me, maybe thats what I will do with it, so I don't have pictures all over the fridge, thats the only SENSIBLE use out of it that I could think of.

So yeah her show was crazy. I loved the watch she gave away, its called Toy Watch I think. A cute brand that a lot of celebs are wearing. It's affordable and sounds like a cool watch. I went online in an attempt to get one of those suckers and wouldn't you know there out of stock. Guess all the Oprah followers got their own ordered as soon as the show was over, and since I Tivoed it I was a bit late.

Maybe when she brings by the fridge by my house I can get her to give me her watch too. Heck I rather have the watch, and the pink mixer of course.

I am done with my do gooding

Every year about this time I get tense about a certain task I do at work. Please do not think I am bah hum bug, or snotty before I begin my story. The local Salvation Army in the area that I work provides holiday assistance to needy individuals for Thanksgiving and Christmas. For the dialysis units they allow me to take their applications to my work, get some filled out, and then I get to go and pick up the items to take back to my units to give out to those that qualified. Sounds simple enough and very rewarding right? Wrong of course or that wouldn't be interesting enough to blog about.

First of all, getting the patients to provide me with all the information is a nightmare. If they need toys for kids I got to have the child's Social Security number which usually results in a huge ordeal, and some people just never get it to me, so that means they don't get a toy, and that makes them a pleasure to deal with. Then once I get the applications to the salvation army, I would have to stalk them to find out when and where to pick up the food items. They usually get a box of food, and a voucher to Farm Fresh to get a turkey or a ham, or sometimes they go crazy and have the actual Turkey there for me (then I have to store them all over town in other peoples freezers until I can get them to my patients). You just never know.

Once I finally get the time for pick up, I am told I get to come to the front of the line given I have so much to collect, and load up. This results, in the other people waiting impatiently to throw verbal threats my way, and then they make a comment given my appearance that I have no right to be as I look like I can afford it. There have been times in which they say, for my patients that live in certain counties I have to go to a different location and so on, so it might take days before I have all the food for my needy patients found. On some occasions they have ran out of vouchers, and told me to go to the Salvation Army office to get them directly, and when I arrive at the office the workers look at me like I am liar, and a thief, and refuse to give them to me which causes a week long battle to get the vouchers until after the holidays. That has gone over really well with the patients too mind you.

Also, mind you, I have been 7-8 months pregnant for the last two years when I have had to do this. And part of the reason I did not like being pregnant (grant it I liked parts of it, tiny parts though) was because I did not get the royal treatment from strangers with helping me with heavy objects, or holding doors open for me. So with Laura I had to load 20 boxes of heavy food items in a car,and unload them, and I was not delighted. I called in sick the next day as my back hurt.

Last year when I was pregnant with Rachel, Dave came up to help me, and he thought I was over exaggerating the horribleness of my Salvation Army dramas. Very quickly, he told me he couldn't believe I did this crap. That was the year they shorted me on boxes and vouchers.

This year, I was cringing at the thought of going through it all again, but excited to not be pregnant, and I was ready for some heavy lifting.

I turned in the applications for 15 people this year as that was all they gave me, and they surprised me with giving me a special card, and special time to come and pick up. I had to be there Monday morning at the crack of dawn at some outlet mall, as they were going to set up in a vacant store. They promised it would be swift and much easier this year for me. Guess they caught on to my grumbling....

I doubted them, I really did. I just knew it was going to be awful anyways. I arrived, and couldn't find a freaking door open. The mall didn't open until 10am, and here I was peering in the doors. After trying out every door at the mall, I finally found the special door. I guess they keep one door open for walkers to enter, and it was the last door I tried of course. So I was rattled, knowing, just knowing it was going to keep going down from there. But to my amazement, I got all my crap, and they loaded it in my car for me, and I had everything I needed.

I was amazed, and almost upset with myself for doubting them.

Then I had to go to my units to pass them out. You would think that would be the fun part. To see the greatfulness from the patients. As I have learned, most are not greatful, but some are. They don't even use the food for the holidays most of the time. Some usually get other stuff with their vouchers besides the turkey or ham. Heck one year one lady gave it someone for cash so she could get cigaretts. This year my excitement was carrying out a box for a patient to their car, and she just drove off with me standing there with the box. I thought to myself, well maybe shes going to pull around, or maybe she just really needed some food from McDonalds. No she just left. I sat there with my mouth wide open for a good 5 min.

Then of course I hear crap from my bosses. Love them. I do. Really. BUT i hear "why didn't so and so get a box", or a wealthy patient will see the boxes and me carrying them out, and want one and not understand. I don't give them to the patients all out in the open hoping to avoid that, but its hard to hide them when they leave and need my help.

So today one of my bosses says shes upset one didn't get a box, and I explained I was only allowed to get 15 and that certain patient didn't turn in his stuff in time so I couldn't include him. So she give me money and sends me off to Farm Fresh to make a personal box with him, and for the record I had to use my own money as she didn't give me enough. Normally I wouldn't mind, but I left my check book at home, and so I had to use my lunch money. So I am starving now. This patient better enjoy this food. So I just can't make everyone happy I guess. And guess what? I get to do this all again in a month. Any volunteers if I call in sick?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Deck the halls....

It's been a pretty busy around here. But I have come to the conclusion that its just the way my life is now. Friday I had fun getting together for lunch and some shopping with a friend, and later that day Dave let me escape from the house again to get a pedicure, which is my idea of heaven.

My nephew Justin plays pee wee football, and his team were season champs this year, so they got to go the "SuperBowl" which means they played against another season champ at this stadium here in town where the highschools all play out. They had a sports announcer and everything. So I took the kids along, and we all froze our tails off for his benefit. It was really cute though seeing the kids all excited thinking they were cool stuff. His team won as well, so for being Super Bowl champs they get these special jackets. What no ring? He's just on top of the world let me tell you.

I have been trucking along with my Christmas shopping. It's getting harder though as I always put off my dad and Dave until near the end as they are the hardest. I have a few gifts wrapped, and I think each night when I can sneak up in the room I have everything in, I will just wrap one a night or as many as I can before the kids get curious in where I am.

I need to get a list together of stuff for the kids and for us. My mom has done most of her shopping already, and has most wrapped, as she Martha Stewarts clone. She gets lists from all of us so we make it easy for her. She does get a few surprises, which makes it all perfect. One thing I asked for was some every day dishes. When Dave and I got married we picked out a fancy wedding china, and I love it, and I try to use it as much as I can, but as far as every day dishes go, we just got some el cheap 'o set at some random place to hold us over. I have been looking everywhere trying to figure out what I like, and I have gave in, and I am going with the dishes from Longaberger. My sister sells Longaberger and I have always loved her dishes, so I am going to go with them. So I am hoping my mom will get me a few pieces from that. I am asking for the dinner plates, and these square luncheon plates that they have all in Ivory.

This morning we did our Christmas pictures. I will not get to see them until tonight or tomorow at the latest, but I think they went well. He came to our house, and we did some of the kids together and seperate in their dresses, some he did in front on the fire place, and the others he set up in the living room. We then did some family pictures outside. This will be the first family picure of all of us we have done. Hopefully it turns out ok cause I want one of all of us really bad. Of course by then we were trying from rangling the kids into position, so we were tired and beat, so maybe there not so good lol. My hair looked great at 9am but not so much by 10am Oh well we tried at least. We are doing pictures with my sisters kids Wednesday evening so I am sure by then they are going to be over having their picture taken, but then its all over with for a while anyways. 'Tis the season.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I have had way to much fun this week but we all have to unwind at some point I guess. I will spare everyone the details....

Things are going to get really busy here soon. Sunday we are doing Christmas pictures, and Tuesday evening my kids and my sisters kids are getting a group picture made. Booking that has been an ordeal let me tell you. I am pretty laid back with setting stuff up, as my kids are too young for various activties, but good lord it was near impossible to get a date for all of us. My "difficult" sister that I constantly have issues with can only have one event a night, so if her kids have a girl scout meeting, she wont consent to doing the picture afterward as she says it just too much for them and they need to get to bed by 7:30pm. Mind you they are not babys but rather a 5th grader and a 1st grader.... My other sisters kids have pretty busy social lives but shes cool about working in whatever in between, so after a gazillion emails back and forth about a date, in which I was the go between person I sent them both an email asking them to settle on a date together and then just tell the date. Of course now my "difficult" sister wants to all wear matching outfits, which is near impossible. I don't mind coordinatiing but she actually suggested denim tops and black pants for everyone. My older nephews scoffed at that idea as you can imagine. Last year we went with jeans and red tops, and black shoes. Yes because shoes mind you are just that important I guess that we have to match them as well.

It's a freaking picture for our parents and grandparents, not some huge portrait to hang on the wall with a light over it. I say just dress the kids in something cute to show their different personalities, or pick 2 or three colors and go with it.

I need to do some more Christmas shopping. I still have no idea what to get Dave. I got him one thing so far, but no big gift just yet. One thing I know he would love would be a big 'ol flat screen TV. Since my dad got his, Dave wont shut up about it. We have one of those holes in the wall higher up that we have a decent size tv in now. Mind you that TV isn't that old and works just fine. By now Dave wants to cover up the hole with sheet rock, which then we would have to paint again and spend a crazy amount on TV. No exactly what I want to spend hard earned money on. I say wait until the TV goes bad then go for it. Of course not though! As that would be the logical, responsible thing to do. Hopefully I will get a new bed and mattress before then. Maybe I should bite the bullett and purchase that so money wont be there for the TV haha.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New Gymboree Line

For any other die hard Gymboree clothing people:

New line coming out the end of the week

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Adventures in Scrapbooking and Sex Parties

I was excited to use my Michael's coupon yesterday. I thought about what I was going to buy all freaking day. I debated about buying a nice frame for some pictures that need to be hung, and I thought about getting some big scrapbooking organization thingy, or at least something expensive to put to use my 50% off thingy. I picked out some 12 x 12 paper which is the most needed material for scrapbooking. It was already on sale so couldn't use my coupon on that. I checked out some frames and they were already on sale as well too, but they had too many to pick from so I got confused and decieded to come back when I have the items with me I wanted framed. So I settled on just getting some paper and some pearl brads, so my coupon went towards the brads which wasn't the least bit exciting or even that great of a deal but oh well. Use it or lose it!

I even got to scrapbook yesterday for about 30 seconds, which meant I taped a picture to a page but hey, its progress! I did get a bunch of pictures printed at Costco last night too, so as soon as I get some more time to myself in this next lifetime I will be working on my albums soon.

I am going to one of "those party's" tonight. Yes a adult product party lol. Have not been to one of those since college so should be interesting. Drinking at those is a must, so I may just have Dave drop me off and pick me up.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Pictures, and Christmas

The Christening pictures of Rachel at the Picture People went great! They turned out really good so no need for us to go else where to try to get a bomb picture. I really like the Picture People. Their fast, convienent, and work well with kids. I had planned to just get a big picture for our living room to go along with Laura''s picture, and a big one for my mother as a thank you for making the dress, and then some smaller ones for immediate family, but they brought out one in a black and white, and it was gorgous. So I bought it like the sucker I am, and I have no idea where to put it. I have so many pictures of the kids framed, downstairs, but it just doesn't fit with the others as they are in color. I don't want to put it in the living room as I just want to put the color one in there, so now I am stuck with a great black and white framed picture that is just lost in the house. I am thinking about putting it in our bedroom and if we do anymore black and whites hang them all in there. BUT black and whites are just so pretty, and noone ever goes in our room as its usually Daves dumping ground for his work stuff, and when company comes over we throw the kids crap in there and shut the door. So tonight- you guessed it, we did some organizing in there, and so help me god, after this Christmas I am turning the bonus room into the kids playroom. We will have to after the kids get their loot this year.

I hate to even post this but I started putting my Christmas decorations up. Yes I know, I am a nut. Hear me out though, I was putting away the halloween decorations, and the Christmas ones were right there calling my name, so I gave in. I am not going to put a wreath on the door though until after Thanksgiving so my neighbors wont think I am totally insane. We will at least not get a Tree until after Thanksgiving since we get live tree's and there just not usually available until then. Speaking of which I wonder where we are going to get our tree from. We will not be getting them from a certain part time friend of mine, and rumor has it their competion will not be selling them this year, but who knows. I plan on getting it from the competetion who is right next to them which should be humorous, as when my parents did that a few years ago, my friends husband wouldn't shut up about it for months, and even had his parents haggle my parents about it. So for the record please do not buy your Christmas Tree from Dean and Don's if you live locally as the cheater is the one who gets the money and I am not supporting his needs.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Thanks for not smoking....

So today was the day Dave gave me a break to scrapbook, and I scrapbooked my little heart out. I got my moms album caught up to where I have Dave's moms album at, and I think one more day like I had today and I will be done with both of them. Problem is, will there be a crop any time soon? Hopefully so. If not I am screwed.

I have a room upstairs I keep it all out in, but I like talking to other people when I crop or haveing some sort of noice in the background, so I dragged my laptop upstairs to play DVD's in. I had a moment at first though as I couldn't get the DVD's to work, and so I remembered that South Park has some website where all their seasons and Movies can be played, so I settled for the South Park movie. Why on earth I rememberd that I have no idea. I am not even a huge South Park fan, but I gave it my best shot, and it just wasn't working for me. Luckily, David came home to get more clothes for the kids, and got it working so I could watch Sex and City on DVD.

After he came home for good, it was just a lazy Saturday. We just hung out here at the house, watching football and what not. I took down the Halloween decorations, and did some laundry.

Last night we went to dinner with some friends we had not seen in a while. I was not in a drinking mood, and when I am not in a drinking mood, I hate sitting in a smoking section. I don't smoke, and I don't like being around smoke, I mean really who does, but when I drink I can tolerate it. Well tonight the people we were with smoked their tails off, and we were in the bar area, so I was highly annoyed. I had a new sweater on so now that reaks, and I have to get it cleaned now since its dry clean only. When your in a bar and your not drinking its just not that fun, and I got sick and tired of listening to two people go on and on about how awesome they are raising their child, and how awesome of a parent they are, and just how much better they are then anyone else. Please..... I remember both of their reputations in highschool, not that mine was all the much better, but I own up to it.

Yeah I was just not in a good mood yesterday at dinner. Maybe I should have drank lol. I was just completely zonked from lack of sleep as Laura has been waking up for her sippy cup at ungodly hours, and Rachel has been thrown off from the time change. The moral of the story is if I am not drinking, and I have not had my sleep, I get a bit bitchy. Guess I gotta work on that!

Friday, November 9, 2007

The weekend is here!

I love my typical three days weekends. Especially when Dave is off at least part of it. Today we are going to take Rachel for her Baptism pictures. I am going to go with the Picture People first, and if I am not happy with their shots I may try to go fancier, or try to do it when the photographer comes to the house which good lord I think is the following weekend.

Dave told me he was going to take the kids out for a while and let me scrapbook here at the house uninterupted for a few hours. I really really really appreciate it. But I wonder, what does he have up his sleeve? Some major golf expedition? Never less I am happy, as it will give me a chance to attempt to catch up on the books I am doing for Christmas presents, which may or may not happen. If I don't get them done I will just give them to them Mother's day or something.

I have done some Christmas shopping this week on my way home from work on most days this week and I am very proud of myself. Gift wrapping paper I ordered from all the kids in the family came in too, so when I pick that up I can get started on some wrapping. I also scored some really cool items at my favorite consignment shop. I got this trunk filled with dress up outfits and foo foo stuff, and this Tee-Pee with girly fabric. Yeah both items a little old for the kids but an awesome deal, so I am holding on to them until they get a little older.

Speaking of which Rachel has accomplished much lately. She had been doing the army drag crawl for ever and ever, but she finally figured out it was easier to get up on her knees to crawl, so shes fast as lightening now. She also is pulling herself all the way up, and she thinks she very special when she does that. She even sometimes just hold on with one hand so she can be a real dare devil.

Last night we went to the mall as I had a coupon at Gymboree and their Christmas PJ's are marked down too. I got them adorable PJ"s to wear when they go to bed Christmas eve, and there not matching! I know! Surprise Surprise. There just so cute though. Speaking of coupons I hit up Harris Teeter yesterday for triple coupon day, which continues until Saturday by the way, and I scored some awesome deals. I got several free items, and some dirt cheap things, and I was just so proud of myself when I came home with a bag full of mess that we need that hardly cost a thing. I am going back today as I have some more coupons that I found online. They only take 2 online coupons a day, and I could get these items free so I am going back like some crazy woman.

So while we were at the mall I have to always go look at the handbags in Macy's just to drool and ohh and ahh. They had some Dooney's marked down, and one was the bitty bag which it a baby size handbag. I gave it to Laura to look at to see if she liked it. Yes I lost my mind I guess. She didn't want to give it back of course as she is a major purse freak herself. Seriously the child has more purses then me, of course hers are play purses for the most part, I do admit she has her own Vera Bradly bag, but all others are little fun purses. So Laura love the bag, and didn't want to give it back. The stupid thing was $50, which was marked down but still thats just insane, a kid does not need a Dooney bag, heck adults don't either, its just some stupid obsession woman have, which I admit I have as well, and apparently so does my child. Dave tried to talk me into getting it, and I put down my foot, so we traumatized her by putting it back, and immediatly left the store with a wailing child. Yes I know called CPS on me now, I am a mean mom.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The alleged Best Friend....

So I have not written in a few days, but its just that I have been busy and very tired. This day light savings time thing just makes it worse as it gets so dark early now. The Baptism was nice and my alleged best friend didn't even show up, so there was no worry about her crappy husband coming along. Though I have to admit the fact she didn't call or come by has me in a pissy mood. She's seriously just been a crappy friend the last many years. She's always been a part time time friend I guess. Just around when she needs something or when its convienent for her. I was highly upset with her last year when we had the concert incident, and of course the time I was supposed to babysit for her when I was pregnant and I wound up in the hospital with kidney stones and I never heard from her until after I had the baby which was several months. So when her husband abadoned her and her child to play house with a minor no less, she needed me, and I felt that bad in which I was there for her and we hung out again. But of course now that shes just lost her mind and took him back after the girl broke up with her husband shes no where to be seen, and that makes me very very angry cause I feel I was made a fool of once again.

I have a short temper, and I am dying, dying I tell you to confront her and say all sorts of immature, mean, and childish things to her. So I texted her yesterday to see if she could come up with an excuse. I typed in Sorry we missed you Sunday, hope all is well. Hours and hours and hours later I get a reply saying "sorry we missed it, everything is good how are things with you." First of all whats this "we". "We" is a joke, and "we" was never invited. So I have not said anything back as I am trying to not be a huge pain in the butt about it, or lose my cool. Dave is telling me to just do nothing and blow her off when she tries to get in contact with us again. But its easier said then done, as I said I was going to do that the last time, and I didn't when she called saying her life was shattered. Why did I give in? Quite honestly maybe I felt guilty because I was so mad at what a crappy friend she was I was hoping for something to bite her in the butt, I had totally called this as I know him very well, and I know he will do it again as its just him. SO I guess I felt bad that something that bad happend to her.

So right now I am dying to text back, yeah it would have been nice if my best friend showed up, but wait- what best friend? But I know that would cause quite a scene and I know it would be immature of me to do that. So I am stewing in what to do. I know the proper thing to do is keep my mouth shut and just never be there for her again, but I am just too much of a pushover in which if she needs me I would not follow through with my plan, which is exactly what I have done over and over again, so clearly its not working.

I just don't have the best of luck in the friends department. I seem to be magnet for users.

But it better news, I got a raise yesterday! Totally unexpected! And I have the main one coming in Spring to still look forward to, so I am really really glad I went back to my old job. I was totally caught off guard. Thought when she called me back in her office I was either going to be written up for something or have my hours cut back as our census is low. SO that's something to smile about =)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Triple Coupons

Because I am a huge nerd I get overly excited over good deals, and triple coupons is occuring this week begining Thursday at Harris Teeter which is an awesome grocery store. So I thought I would post the deals that some else had gone to the trouble of compiling. It's not from the grocery store game as I have not signed up for it yet as I don't know if I really want to spend money to learn to be thrifty- just doesn't make sense to me yet, so this is from someone blog who writes a column.

So enjoy and get to your local Teeter asap.

Well, it looks 99.999 percent certain that Harris Teeter will be doing triple coupons this week on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I love it when they give you a day or two to prepare! With many thanks to Faye Prosser of the Smart Spending NC Yahoo Group, I present a list of good triple coupon deals. Faye has kindly included the links to many printable coupons that can help you save even more. But you should note that most Harris Teeter stores will only accept two printed Internet coupons per order and will only double (or triple) the ones that are 99 cents or less (per its normal coupon policy).
Click read more to see the list.
Q = couponBOGO = Buy One Get One FreeSS=Smart Source coupon insertV=Valassis coupon insert
*BOGO Jolly Time Popcorn - FREE with $1.50Q here*Saran Wrap 1.99 - .75Q Printable here.*Duke's Mayo 18 oz & 32 oz - .90Q = FREE*White House Applesauce Jar 24 oz. - .50Q = FREE*Mahatma Rice 1 lb - .50Q = FREE*Mahatma Rice Mix Saffron nd Yellow Rice 5 oz - .50/2Q = FREE*Vlassic Pickles relish - .50Q = FREE*Knorr Sides plus - .75Q = FREE*Kikkoman Soy Sauce .99 - $1.69 sizes - .55Q = FREE - .04*French's mustard .99 - .50 Q = FREE (coupon here)*Mueller's Whole Wheat Pasta 1.49 - .55Q = FREE*Nestle Stixx 6 count 1.50 sale - .55Q = FREE*Pillsbury Crescent Rolls 4 count - 1.59 - .60 or .50 printable = FREE coupon here
*Domino Sugar 16 ounce box Sale .66 each - .25Q (8-19 V insert) = .16 each*Betty Crocker brownie mix or warm delight mini's 2.00 - .50 minis Q (10-21 SS) = .50 each*Jif to Go Peanut butter 2.79 - .75Q = .74*Jif 18 oz 1.99 - .55Q = .34*Mt Olive pickles and relish $1.89 - .50 = .39*Knorr Lipton Sides (rice and pasta) - .75/2Q = .17 each*French's French Fried Onions -.50 printable = .49 (coupon here)*Martha White Muffin mixes - .99 - .55/2Q = .33 each*Rotel - 1.29 .30Q = .39*Pillsbury Brownie Mix - .40Q = .79*Betty Crocker Cookie Mix- 1.89 - 0.50 = .39*No Yolks Noodles 1.69 - .50Q = .19*Campbell's Chicken Noodle and Tomato soups .79 - .42/2 Q = .19 each*Campbells Soups $1 sale - .40/2 = .40 each*Hungry Jack Pancake mix 2.29 - .50 Q = .79*Hungry Jack Syrup 2.99 - .55 = 1.34*Mazola Cooking Spray sale 1.99 - .50Q = .49*Baker's Joy Spray 2.69 - .75Q = .44*Nestle Toll House Morsels - .50Q = .89*Reese's Peanut Butter Snacksters 2.99 - .75Q - .74
Dairy Dept.:
*International Delight Creamer - sale 1.79 - .55Q = .14*Athenos Hummus 2.59 - .75Q = .34*Nesquick singles - .50Q = .29*Borden Singles 12 oz 1.99 - .55Q = .34*Deans Dip 1.99 - .55Q = .34*Pillsbury Pizza Crust fridge section 2.49 - .75Q = .24
Frozen Dept.:
*Asian Sensations frozen egg rolls and wontons 2.50 - .75Q = .25*Tyson Frozen Boxed Chicken Item (nuggets, tenderloins.) sale $3 - .55Q = 1.35*Hot Pockets Breakfast -2.00 - .50Q = .50*Bridgford Rolls 2.59 - .50Q = 1.09
*Brawny Paper Towels Single Giant Roll 2.25 - .50Q = .75*Shout- $2.89 - 0.75Q -- $ 0.64*Dawn 1.69 - .50Q = .19*BOGO Electrasol 20 count or 75 ounce - .50 and .35 Q from 9-23 SS or
Miscellaneous Deals:
*BOGO A&H cat litter - 21 lb - $1 printable here*BOGO Brawny 8 rolls 4.49 - .50Q from 10-21 SS = 2.99*BOGO Oscar Mayer Deli Creations $1Q from 10-7 SS*BOGO Loreal Vive - $1 Q from 9-23 V and*Land O Frost Sliced Lunch meat 3.49 -.55Q from 8-12V*Halls Naturals cough drops 1.50 - .35Q (All You Nov Magazine) = .45 each

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Baptism Pics

Pictures from the Baptism today. It was fun, but after looking at these pics I see proof I need to get my butt in gear and hit the gym again.

Everything went fine and we all had a good time, and I actually didn't have a panic attack or anything lol.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


Just wanted to post a few cute pictures of Rachel we took today. She really hates grass by the ways lol.

I am freaking tired. It was a long day, we accomplished a lot and did a lot of other stuff too. I guess we are ready for tomorow. At this point I don't care if I am not lol. I got some food prepared for tomorow, and I think the house is clean enough to have people over.

Dave and I partied like rockstars friday night which may have not have been our brightest idea when we knew how busy we were going to be the rest of the weekend. But it was fun I have to admit. Always nice to have a sitter watch the kids and just destress aka have some margaritta's.

We had the girl down the street babysit for us. She's one of 10 kids, so shes got lots and lots of experience. She talked to us for a while when we came home and let us know her family was having a yard sale. My mom and I walked down to be nosey, and they had some cool stuff. It turns out one of the girls in the family is getting married and since weddings are expensive they were going to use the money towards the wedding. I was still half awake while looking through their mess, and they had a Dell Lap top out that was for sale for $175. Turns out it was in really shape, and they just had gotten a newer model and cause they needed the money they decieded they really didn't need two. I debated and debated over it, and they I finally just grabbed it. Dave had mentioned he would like to have one to use at work in his car to do reports on, and I am always on ours as it is so he hardly ever gets on. It's pretty nice though. It came with a nice leather bag and all kids of stuff. Dave was excited when I came home and told him. I also bought some silly skirt for $1 and it looks like something a gypsy would wear, and thats what I got it for, maybe next year I will wear it during halloween or something.

Besides the garage sale we went to a nephews soccer game, and then a flea market as I had heard from a friend there was someone selling some knock off goods and I had to check it out. Turns out they were right and they had all kinds of awesome knock offs lol. I didn't get any bags as I just got overwhelmed, but I did get a pretty Tiffany bracelet, that I am stoked about.

They had handbags, jewlery, watches, and some sunglasses. I found it interesting anyways.

Afterward we just slaved around the house, and I assume tomorow morning I will slave around as well until we leave for church. You know what is really weird? Tomorow is the one year anniversary of my cousin's death. I think about my aunt and uncle quite a bit these days, and before I realized what tomorow was, I was thinking about inviting them. We have not been very close in years and years, and I hate that. I want her to know my children, and I want her in my life again, but now I feel if I reach out to her she will think I am wanting something or doing it out of pity. It's not like that at all. She's my only aunt, and besides her and my granny who has Alzheimers shes my only family on my moms side. So I was thinking about asking her to come, and then I realized what that day was going to be, and figured she would probably want to lay low or be with people she is close with, and regretably I am not one of those people.

I think I need to send her a card though or something. I have been thinking about doing that, and sending her some pictures I have of him. I just don't want to anger her. I can just picture her being like well thats great but its too late, but its not like she really made an effort to have a relationship with me the last few years either. It's just a really sticky situation, but regardless she's a part of me, and I am a part of her, and I hope deep down there's a part in her that at least likes me a little bit.

Dining Room

The Dining Room is done woohoo- just in the knick of time right? I am happy with it, and Dave is glad its just done I think.

Friday, November 2, 2007

More ramblings and nonsense

The craft show was a lot of fun! I behaved myself and bought two christmas presents! Yes go me. Hey it's a dent in the shopping. I got Dave's aunt a slate thingy for this yard sign this I got her a year or so ago. I also got my nephew something since he loves the Red Sox. Can't be to specific just in case he's reading this. I did get myself something. Yes bad Robyn. But it was a good deal. I got this sterling silver slide for my necklace that has two little girls on it and I had both Rachel and Laura's name engraved on it. It's really cute. They did the engraving right there and it was $6.00 for engraving- no matter what you got on it which I thought was cool. I also got Rachel a stocking.

I hit up Costco as well got some pictures developed so one day I may just scrapbook again. While I was there I saw two ladies I scrapbook with getting their pictures as they are going to Williamsburg to scrapbook with my sister. Bitches. I wished them a good time and one of them said "oh we wish you were coming" in my mind I was saying "well it would have been nice to have been invited" But theres no way I could have gone as we still do not have that damn dining room done and we need to to do some stuff still for Sunday. But still it would have been nice to have been invited. What stinks is when they have these trips they never have a crop that month, and that seems to be the only time I can scrapbook anymore.

Maybe tonight when the kids go to sleep I can sneak up stairs to work on my book. At this point I do not see how I am going to have the albums done for my mom or Dave's. I started on Dave's moms book first so there is a good dent in that one.

While I was in Costco I noticed they have the new Ipods. They have the new cute video nano one, and they also have the one that looks like the Iphone. All decent prices. I woudn't mind having a new ipod but at the same time theres nothing wrong with the one I have now, so do I really really need one? Not really.

They also have a good deal on the Itunes cards. You can get a $50 one for $44.00 which is cool. I was going to get one as a stocking stuff for Dave, but I already had spent so much on pictures and food crap so I deceided to wait on it. I hadn't had pictures printed off in so freaking long, so I had a ton and I printed some pictures in a 5 x 7 size. Speaking of pictures, I need to take Rachel to get a picture of her in her baptism dress. I took Laura to C. Ritchie last year and I was really really disappointed. My sister had taken both of her daughters there a long time ago as they are 11 and 7 now, and I liked the backgrounds they used for them, and my mom has big portaits of them as her gift for making their dresses. So I went, and little did I know the business had been sold, and the backgrounds used by sisters had been destroyed by Hurricane Isabell. The pictures were good but for the amount I paid it was not the best quality. I think I am just going to get the Baptism picture done at the Picture People as they have this cute formal chair she would look cute sitting in with her dress. It would save me some money anyways to just go there. I had thought about getting that done too when the photographer comes to do Christmas pics here at the house, but I think trying to sqeeze that in would be too hard as I can just see the kids having a melt down as it is with just trying to get through Christmas pictures.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The dress!

So Rachel's dress is finally finished!!! My mom is going to make the slip between today and tomorow but its finally finished and its really really pretty!

So now Dave needs to finish painting the trim in the dining room so we can get the damn room put back together one day preferably before Sunday! That way my house can get put back together!!!

Today I am off heading to Richmond for a craft show to spend some money,I mean Christmas shop lol. It's at the showplace. It's not the Bizara Bazaar which everyone must go to, but its still really really good! One of the top shows on my list anyways. I hope to score a Christmas stocking for Rachel. Going with the kids and my wack parents. There the best though!