Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Side effects of Alli

I found this funny article on the side effects of Alli, and it sums it up lol. If you stay within your fat grams per meal your in the clear. If you go over you wont lose control of your bowls, but ummm don't pass gas... enough said...

Alli Side Effects In Layman's Terms
by Jeff Kay
Alli is a new over-the-counter weight-loss pill which, predictably enough, has proven to be a massive best-seller from the moment it became available. The drug, manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline, reportedly works by blocking the absorption of excess fats by the body. And folks are waddling, not walking, to their local drug stores for a chance to start on the Alli "program."

As is the case with most drugs, Alli comes with a risk of certain side effects. Or, as they're known on the company website, treatment effects.

A person is reportedly limited to 15 grams of fat per meal, and if they go over (or even if they don't), there's a significant chance they'll find themselves out behind a shopping center somewhere, crying and clutching a wad of horrifyingly soiled undergarments, searching for a place to ditch it.

As best as I can tell, anyway...

Since a lot of this stuff is couched in language that is technically truthful, but very carefully worded, I've taken it upon myself to go through the list of side (treatment) effects and warnings, and translate it all into layman's terms.

I'm no scientist or doctor, and don't pretend to have any special knowledge. I'm just a person who's fairly good with words and reading between the lines... The highlighted phrases below are direct quotes from the Alli website, with my translations in between.

Undigested fat cannot be absorbed and passes through the body naturally. The excess fat is not harmful. In fact, you may recognize it in the toilet as something that looks like the oil on top of a pizza.

Here the drug makers are trying to soothe the nerves of the skeptical fatty, by speaking their language. Pizza is something fatties understand, and a big part of the reason they’re interested in Alli to begin with. Pizza is good, pizza is reassuring… even when it’s flowing from your ass like molten lava.

The website mentions seeing the undigested fat in a toilet, but that’s clearly a best case scenario. You might also see it on the tops of your shoes, across the hood of a car, or way up the shower curtain, near the loops.

The fat passes out of your body, so you may have bowel changes, known as treatment effects.

Bowel changes. Notice how they phrase that? It means stuff will be happening the likes of which you could never have imagined. It’ll be like a daily Dean Koontz novel inside your underwear.

You may get:

gas with oily spotting

You’ll be farting Wesson oil straight through your Dockers…

loose stools

and having violent chipped beef explosions...

more frequent stools that may be hard to control

all the time, with a sphincter that can no longer be counted as a friend.

Eating a low-fat diet lowers the chance of these bowel changes. Limit fat intake in your meals to an average of 15 grams.

The McDonald’s Big Mac has 34 grams of fat, and the Burger King Whopper has 40. Eat either of these while taking Alli, and you’ll very likely be transformed into a diarrhea cannon.

Learning how to manage treatment effects is an important part of being successful with alli. Here's how to take control:

Start trimming fat from your diet now, even before you begin taking alli. Then pick a day to begin taking alli, such as a weekend day so you can stay close to home if you experience a treatment effect. Make the timing work for you. If you're getting ready to travel or attend a social event, hold off on starting with alli until the event is over

Blowing liquid feces down a row of bridesmaids, for instance, could be viewed negatively in certain circles. Further, an unexpected bout of the power-squirts while riding “The Bullet” at the county fair might not ingratiate you with your friends. Or anyone on the fairway. Or the folks in the parking lot walking to their cars.

While no one likes experiencing treatment effects, they might help you think twice about eating questionable fat content. If you think of it like that, alli can act like a security guard for your late-night cravings

You see, when you think about it, shitting yourself is actually a positive.

You can't "save fat grams" from lunch and "spend them" at dinner. Spread your daily fat gram allowance of 15 grams on average per meal over the whole day

Cheating can lead to embarrassment, tears, and the introduction of a frantically constructed toilet paper crack-wedge in the bathroom of an Applebee's. It’s simply not worth it.

You may feel an urgent need to go to the bathroom. Until you have a sense of any treatment effects, it's probably a smart idea to wear dark pants, and bring a change of clothes with you to work

Until you get the hang of it, you should probably take along a rolling suitcase full of brown clothes everywhere you go, while taking Alli. Luckily, however, turd-colored clothing is in this season; turd is the new vomit.

If co-workers ask about it, there is no shame in telling the truth. You might be surprised how understanding folks can be if you simply say, “I dress like this to conceal the poop that's constantly soaking through the seat of my pants.”

You may not usually get gassy, but it's a possibility when you take alli. The bathroom is really the best place to go when that happens

Showboating is not recommended.

You can use a food journal to recognize what foods can lead to treatment effects. For example, writing down what you eat may help you learn that marinara sauce is a better option than Alfredo sauce

In addition to a handcart full of extra pants designed to camouflage your anal leakage, it might also be a good idea to carry a schematic and information wheel, so you don't repeat past mistakes and have a treatment effect halfway up your back.

I hope this information has proven to be valuable.


Monday, September 29, 2008

time to get serious with the Wii

So I can't do anything crazy physical yet, but its time that I get serious with the diet at least. I plan on putting the Wii fit to serious use here as soon as I can, and I am going to sign up for the Hot Yoga classes near my house, feel free to snicker at that comment. I just want to try it out, I may end up being a drop out, but I am going to try to keep an open mind about it. If anyone else wants to be a dork with me we can sign up together =)

Back in early January I was getting serious with the weight loss and fitness. In fact I ordered a month supply of nutrisystem food from QVC, was also dabbling with weight watchers, and even bought a huge bottle of Alli from Costco...of course days later before using my goodies I found out I was pregnant... But now I am ready to put the stuff to use. I have about 5lbs to go to get where pre-baby Emily. I started taking the Alli this weekend figuring if I can't work out right now I can at least try to get a jump start with eatting better and the pills.

I personally think the Alli works good, but it is true about the side effects... if you eat more fat then you should you will have some ummm issues....but taking the pill and knowing what could happen does make me eat better, or at least work on portion control.

Dave wants to start going to the gym again, so as soon as I get the ok from the doc I guess I will be joining him. Right now Dave is playing this game every day where he says he's going to the gym at night, and then he changes his mind. I like doing the Elliptical machine, and playing raquetball, but all the other stuff over whelms me. I don't want to look like a fool trying to figure out how to the use the weights, and god forbid I actually ask someone who works there. Also, Dave prefers to swim for his cardio and of course doesn't have the patience to show me how to use the weights, so we don't work out together unless we are playing raquetball against each other lol. Those matches are always interesting as we talk crap to each other the entire time and go for blood. But we still have a good time, and I enjoy laughing at him as he swims with his "flippers". I don't know why I find that so hilarious, but the flippers just crack me up.

So anyways, I have not worked out with Wii fit since coming home with Emily, but I have been using it to weigh myself and get an idea of what my BMI is, and I set a goal to be 10lbs lighter when pre baby weight when I go back to work in December. So that means I need to lose 15 lbs, and of course do this right around the holidays. I might fail at this mission but I will give it my best shot.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Preschool Anxiety??

So the past two times Laura has gone to school she's had some issues in the morning... Last friday Dave took her as I was still in the hospital. They went in just fine, they got to the class room, she lost her mind and started crying. Apparently though she stopped after he left and did just fine.

So yesterday we wake her up, and right away shes in a horrible mood as she sees we are trying to put "real" shoes on her instead of letting her find some flip flops, so she knows she is headed to school... She calms down enough to eat some breakfast, but when we get in the car to leave she starts getting uptight again. Dave deciedes he will take her in while I wait in the car with the others so I don't get injured by a temper tantrum. His attempts failed though... he took her in while she screamed and cried, they went and washed hands, and then she bolted... she actually tried to run out of the building... the principle apparently watched this display, and shouted out to Dave "she's getting away" while Laura tried to make her escape. Gee principle lady, thanks for your support and help! She probably has made a mental note that our kid is a monster. So then when Dave catches her at the front doors banging to get out, she pulls the mommy card, by saying she wants me. Dave come outside with her a motions for me, so we switch, and he gets to go back to the car with the other two, and I get to deal with Laura... Thanks Dave!

We go back into the building, and we do the handwashing thing again and I try to clean off her face which is covered in tears. I talk her into walking to class and she calms down some. Of course soon as we turn the corner we hear other kids crying, so Laura starts up again. As we get to her classroom her teacher starts to welcome her, and Laura tries to bolt again. Literally the kid was trying to crawl away, while myself and the teacher try a tackle block move lol. The teacher takes her into the classroom screaming while I leave and end up crying...

So I don't know what this is all about. It was her 2nd day of going the entire time, so I would think by now the jitters would be gone. Plus its preschool! This is supposed to be fun, not a punishment! While going back to the car sniffling, another parent was dealing with the same thing, so seeing another struggling parent with a kid flipping out made me feel better as horrible as that sounds...

Dave and I decieded to spend the morning out, as we had been in the house all day the day before because of the crappy weather. We kept looking at our cell phones expecting a call from the school to get our demon, but the call never came. We enjoyed a trip to Target to browse around, had breakfast, and fed the ducks at the river. Rachel loved feeding the ducks but didn't appreciate the ducks trying to get the food right out of her hand. Poor thing thought they were going to bite her.

So upon pick up of the demon at preschool several other parents who have kids in her class were saying how their kids are getting upset with drop offs too, so I guess Laura's behavior is somewhat normal, and hopefully will get better in time. When I got her from her classroom her teacher reassured me that within a minute Laura was fine, and played well the rest of the day...She did some finger painting today, and drew a picture with markers. Laura also said she had fun, so I guess we will just keep taking her and pray that this gets better....


Thursday, September 25, 2008

photo session

Emily had her one week photo's taken Wed. morning at the house by Glenn who did the maternity pics. She did great. Of course she slept through them, but hey. I am doing my birth announcements through him as well and though I have not seen all the pics from the session yet, he sent me these examples to do the announcements with, and I have a feeling I am going to spend a fortune as the pics look really awesome so far... So I don't know which one to go with. Both ideas he came up with are really cute. I personally think the bow one is adorable! The rest of the pics should be up on a website like he did with my maternity ones sometime later today.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday we took Emily to the doctor for her first visit. She weighed in at 7lbs 2 oz, so she's gained back what she lost while in the hospital, plus 2 oz. He didn't measure her or do much else with her, as pretty much they just wanted to check her color to make sure she wasn't jaundice, and make sure she's eatting ok. She goes back Oct. 1st, and that day I have my incision check on the lovely belly that day as well. So far the incision seems to be doing well, as Dave has been super helpful with taking care of the older girls, and making sure I don't lift anything heavy. The other two c-sections my doc did staples on my stomach, and then they got removed before I went home, but with the issues I had last time he did stitches that will disolve, and so far so good...Like last time he took out my old scar and made a new incision.

I have to say this coming home experience has been 100 times better then coming home with baby Rachel. It wasn't that Rachel was a bad baby or anything, it was just super hectic, and anything and everything just went wrong. I seriously spent the first few days just crying. But don't go thinking we are having any more kids. Dave still has his "appointment",so this is it people! It's simply amazing how many people tell me I need to try once more for a boy. These people must be on drugs.

After the doc appointment, I ran in the Vera Bradley shop around the corner from the docs office. My parents are leaving to go out of town Wednesday, and my mom had mentioned she would like a Vera Bradley garmet bag, but didn't want so spend the money as she didn't know if she would get a lot of use out of it. They have been doing lots of trips now that my dad is retired, so I know she will use it plenty, plus she totally deserves one as she's a great mom/grandma. My parents were such a big help while I was in the hospital, and of course they are awesome about watching the kids when I work, and heck, soon they are taking on a third one. They never complain, they always want to see them more, and of course they are always spoiling them silly, plus they put up with me. So I decieded to buy her the bag as a going away gift for her trip.

We had lots of visits from some friends today which was fun. Alot of our visitors today were friends we don't get to see a lot, so its nice to catch up, and it reminds me I need to stop being a hermit and get out. I know for now I have a reason to be a hermit while I heal up some more, and bond with baby, but I tend to isolate myself way to much. Miss Jamie brought us a yummy lunch and goodies for all our munchkins which was much appreciated!

Dave will be home for me for a while, and I am loving that. He goes back in early October. He put in to get on day shift but hasn't heard back about if that will go through or not yet. I hope it goes through sooner then later, as I know working nights has got to be hard.


Emily's cute onesies

I bought the onesies at Target, and had my mom embroider them with her super cool machine, and the results are really cute.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Target outing...

We had a little Target outing this afternoon while Dave's mom had the oldest two. We really like this new formula the hospital gave us to try out, and we needed to get some more of that brand, and pick up a few other items. I scored some cute dresses for Laura and Rachel as seen above. I also grabbed a few items for the kids for Christmas, and Dave got some work out clothes as he's all about dieting/working out now or at least we are all about talking about it. Hey one step at a time! Emily got formula (how exciting) and she also got some plain white onesies, that I am getting my mom to momogram. She's got a super cool sewing machine, and can do the cutest things, so I am putting her to work on personalizing a few things for her.

Last night Emily slept really well. I hate to curse anything, and I am sure by blogging about how great she did she will be all crazy tonight, but last night she woke up once for a feeding and then I made her wake up in the morning to eat. My parents had us over for a huge lunch today, and we plan on eatting the leftovers for dinner. My parents are going out of town near the end of the week for a vacation, so I am really going to miss them, and I hope they have a great time. I guess thats about all thats going on around our house for now!


Emily's Birth Story

Wednesday the 17th we were supposed to be at the hospital by 8:15am, but that morning around 7am the hospital called asking if we could come on in as my doc had an opening and could do the c-section earlier. We left right away, and we live pretty close to the hospital. However, when we got there we saw my doc leaving, but figured he was going to go get ready or something, but he was actually heading to the other hospital to deliver a baby of someone who had gone into labor. Of course they wouldn't tell us this until about an hour later. I felt bad as my sister Becky was coming to take pics, and she was going to head into work first, but came earlier thinking we were having the baby earlier. My parents also came on over with the kids, as I really wanted them to have the kids there to see the baby when she came to the nursery... SO we all hung out and waited until about 11am before they came and got me.

I was getting nervous waiting, but I was doing better then when I had Rachel. While waiting with Rachel I litterally hid under the sheets. This time I didn't start freaking until I got in the operating room. When my nurse came to get me to take me down they let me walk the entire way, and I actually thought we were first all going to the 2nd floor to my room first, and then they would take me, but we went right to the operating room, and I was new it was business time. I got so nervous and from the time I sat up on the table to get the epideral I just closed my eyes and started praying, and got really scared. I didn't want to see any tools, or see all the people, and I was scared Mr. Epideral man was going to have trouble. With Rachel Mr. Epideral man was this little asian man who stuck me 3-4 times before getting it in right, and tried to say I had sculyosis or however you spell it, which is a total lie, he just sucked. That experience was not fun, and I was nervous Mr. Asian Epideral man was coming to torture me again. Instead I had Mr. Country Accent Epieral man, who did everything, quick, pretty painless, and had no problems at all, and immediatly I went numb fast.

They brought Dave in after they got started a bit, and by then I was shaking really really bad. I still was not opening my eyes, and I was freaking Dave out a bit with my shaking. I had had this before with the others but the shaking this time was really crazy, complete with teeth chattering. They told Dave it was from all the cold fluids running through me, and was all normal, but later they discovered someone spilt a IV bag all over me, so that probably was causing some extra coldness...Dave tried to keep me calm by talking to me, and I just laid with my eyes closed saying her name over and over again out loud. I was feeling pain free, and Dave and I both felt like it was taking a long time to get her out, and apparently with each C-section it takes a bit longer with the scar tissue. When they got her out I heard her cries right away, and as soon as I heard her cry, I started bawling. They took her over the curtain right away for us to see her while she was still naked. This was different from before, as usually they would wrap the babies up in blankets and hats before I could see her, so I thought it was neat to see her right away naked still. Then they wrapped her up, and I got to see her once more before they had Dave leave with her to take to the nursery. She was born at 11:43 That's when my pain began to sit in.
They do so much shoving around on your stomach and pushing, and I never really felt much more then pressure before with the other two sections, but I had down right pain, and then got naseated. They gave me some stuff in the IV for the nasea, and then they started giving me a bunch of plain shots just in my shoulder. I still don't know what that was all about, but I just remember hurting and feeling every shove and push. They did say it was taking a little longer for my bleeding to stop, so maybe it was to help that. Once I got into recovery the nurse did a numbness test on me, and I think now my epideral didn't go up far enough or something as she was surprised of what I could feel on my stomach when she was testing me, and asked if I had discomfort during the procedure... uh yeah... couldn't you tell from my moaning and groaning?? In recovery they finally got me to stop shaking with all the warm blankets, and doped me up pretty good with IV drug meds. By the time I got out of recovery which was like 2:00pm, my sister, parents, and Dave's mom had left. My parents had to take the kids home for their naps they were looonnng over due for, and my sister was going to try to get into work for a bit, and I think Dave's mom had come during lunch break or something. My "other" sister showed up surprisingly as well and got to see her in the nursery. So when I got to my room I was sad at first everyone was gone, but it was nice to just relax with Dave and take everything in. Since I took so long in recovery, I didn't have to wait very long to see the baby when I got to my room, and finally hold her. I literally sat in bed and cried holding her for the longest time, just excited to finally meet her, and love on her. It's crazy how quickly you bond with your kids. I never planned on having three kids, much less three kids as close in age as mine, but I would not take it back for the world.

I stayed in the hospital until Saturday, and finally got out of there a little after 11am. I was up and dressed and ready to get out of there by 8 lol. I liked all my nurses except my last one of course, as she was so freaking slow and we were all about just getting out of there. We decieded instead of going home right away, to go see my grandparents, as they were not able to come see me in the hospital as all the walking is a bit much for them. My parents were actually over there visiting with our other two kids so we thought it would be nice to go then. We made a quick visit, and they were happy we brought her to see them. The kids were excited to see us as well outside of the hospital lol. Emily did great riding in the car, so we grabbed lunch on the way home as well.

The first day home went good. I was able to take a nap, and Dave has been working had to redeem himself from when we came home with Rachel. The house was in much better shape this time, and he's worked hard to make sure I don't have to do much crazy activity. I have to say its been easier this time around, I guess going from 1 to 2 is harder then going from 2 to 3. Laura has a cold, so shes been a little cranky from that, but both kids are doing fine jealousy wise. My parents have been a ton of help with watching the girls while I was in the hospital, and making sure they got plenty of attention. Dave's mom and dad brought us dinner for our first night home, and my parents are doing a lunch for us tomorrow, so thats been really nice. The other sister also came over yesterday which was shocking, as before she didn't come see the baby for months, and she was really nice yesterday, so maybe there is hope for us. Becky, and I seem to be doing better, as I am trying to just forget about the things she said, but shes still being a little stand offish. She went out of town so we have not seen her since Thursday. She always was a big help with bringing us food in the past, and I don't think we will be reaping those benefits this time. I know shes been through a lot herself in this year, so I am trying not to take it all personally, but I am a bit afraid things are aren't going to be the same between us.

The photographer is coming Wednesday to take Emily's pictures, and we will do her birth announcements with them. She's been a really good baby. Of course shes still in that mode where shes sleeping all the time, but she hasn't been very fussy at all, and I just want to sit and cuddle with her all day and stare at her.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Number 3!

I love her so much already, and have stories, but for now I will just leave some stats cause I am still in the hospital and trying to rest up. We named her Emily Braxton Giles, Dave picked the Emily, so I got to go with Braxton. I even did the birth certificate today so its final! She was born the 17th at 11:43am, weighing in at 7lbs and 0 oz, 19 inches long. She's healthy, has a great set of lungs on her, and she's got some hair! None of my babies had as much hair as Miss Emily. I had her by C-section as planned but it wasn't quite as pain free as the other two I had, but hey, we are both alive and healthy. I have taken a zillion pics of her, and these are the same pics as whats up on my myspace, but I promise to post more pics in time. Thanks for all the myspace love, and visits!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Last Post before things get crazy....

As if I will have any time to read between now and next 20 years or so, but I discovered that the new show I like on HBO (Tru Blood) is based on a book series. I bought the first book last night at Barnes and Noble as I might have some time in the hospital to read a little if I can't sleep or something. The first book is called Dead until Dark and the series are by Charlaine Harris. I read the first chapter last night and so far its pretty much exactly like the show.

So today is the last day of us being a family of 4. I can not believe tomorrow I will finally meet her. I promise she will have a name, and I am going to figure that out today. Anyways, not sure what are plans are today, I want to spend some time with the the girls, and do something fun with them since we are going to be house bound for a while, as I am not sure how you really go anywhere with three under three quite yet. I should be coming home Saturday, and please please please feel free to come see me at the hospital as like I said, I wont be going out for a while, and I know you all want to see that baby!


Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Monday!!!

I completed a to-do list a mile long today...When I sat down last night to write it out I felt myself get tense from everything I needed to do, but I can put it behind me now. I had my last day of work today, well last couple of hours, cause I just finished some things up, checked the work email one last time, and got the heck out of dodge... I am taking the max time I can off which is 12 weeks, and I hope time goes in slow motion.

The last thing on my to-do list may not seem very important to you, but to me it was crucial, and that was to get one last pedicure and eyebrow waxing. It was wonderful though.... LOL I sound so high maintence, and trust me, looks wise I am not, but I like pretty feet. I messed up my old pedicure and was super stressed I would go into labor with funky looking feet and hairy thick eyebrows. I mean who actually feels pretty after having a baby laying up in a hospital bed and not being able to shower? Having pretty toes to look at kinda does help make you feel better, or maybe thats just me.

I have a new show I am all about watching... It's a new HBO original series show, and it's by the creaters of Six Feet Under, which is another show that I loved when it ran... It's a bit cooky 'cause its about Vampires, but it's got me hooked. So far there have been two episodes, so there's plenty of time to get caught up. Anyways, the new episodes come on Sunday nights, so you have to check it out.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wii, walmart, and witches...

So I got the Wii fit last weekend from Dave as an anniversary gift, and the Wii fit and I have a great relationship, despite the fact it told me I was obese during my body analysis.... Yes I know I am having a baby next week, and believe me, I can't wait to do the analysis again and get praises for losing a super duper amount of weight in a short time. Anyways, despite said obeseness, my Wii fit age remains younger then my current age, so that rocks...

I have not been doing any of the crazy strength excersises, or any hard cardio, but the balance games are super fun, and the basic step is my new addiction. LOVE IT! My friend Sarah came over yesterday and we spent quite a bit of time on the Wii, and I think she's just as hooked now as well....

Sunday morning, instead of being in church which I probably need to spend some serious time there for my attitude lately, Dave and I made a mondo Walmart run. I hate hate hate going to Walmart cause the people tend to scare me, but we needed a crap load of groceries and I was looking to save lots of money, so we braved it. We went to the York County one, as our local Newport News one is just way to ghetto. I was surprised how pretty it was in there as apparently they are doing some renovations/decorating. It also wasn't very crowded so I was on my best behavior. I am trying to cook up some food for Dave to eat, and wanted to make sure to have lots of easy things for the kids to eat since this next week will be life changing in our house with a baby coming home next Saturday. Of course Dave scrunched his nose at my mention of me making a Chicken Broccoli dish, so he may just starve in the end....

I am done decorating the house for fall/halloween. Well, the inside is done, I guess. I need Dave to pull out my big 'ole witch from the garage, to put outside, but I am proud of that mission getting done.

So tomorow is my last day of work for a while. I was debating about going or not, but I decieded I need to go in for a little bit to just wrap up a few things, but I seriously plan on being there no more then 3 hours tops. Hopefully I can make that happen....

I went to the hospital Friday to do my pre-op stuff by request of the docs office. I have a lovely hospital bracelet already that I have to sport until I come home with the baby. I don't understand why they gave it to me so soon, but whatever...My labs are done, my paperwork is all set, and I even got to pay the copay ahead of time and scored a discount for doing that early. So unless I go into labor before hand, I am to arrive at the hospital Wednesday at 8am, and then a few hours later we will have another baby girl!


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bad mommy vs Mommy of the year

This may come to a shock to some of you, but I have been a total meanie lately, and this has led to some less then stellar parenting lately. Last night at dinner I told my daughter to stop touching me as she was fidgeting, and the poor kid had to wait for freaking ever for a table at a resteraunt, and forever and a day for the food, and I guess I was expecting her to act like a stepford kid or something and she's freaking 2 years old. Bad mommy...Cher, next time please slap me.

Anyways, this morning I did some major chores, and when I was done, I really, really, really, needed my kids to take a freaking nap so I could sit down and relax. Of course they didn't want to, and I was about to pull a mean mommy moment again, but thankfully I snapped out of it just in time... I decieded to win the nice mommy award instead and take them to our pool. Our pool sent emails out saying they would open up today once last time today until next season since the weather was supposed to be nice. I also figured a couple hours of them playing would tire their behinds out, and at some point I could collapse myself... The kicker? It totally worked, their passed out, and I have become one with the couch!


I heart Old Navy

Momma is all about the Old Navy lately, which is a good thing wallet wise, cause their stuff is always super cheap. Even cheaper cause I have some gift cards too...Yes I am buying some clothing items for life after giving birth to giles baby girl 3, but I am sticking to tops and jewlery. You can't really go wrong with those. It would be too much of a ego blow if I bought some pants in pre-pregnancy size, and then had to return them... So anyways, last night I picked out the cute zip sweater thingy, the navy gumball necklace (totally spied that on Clemson Girl's page and had to have it) and the white enamal necklace as pictured. I also got a few long sleev tops that I couldn't find pics of on the website.

Dave has in his head that the kids are in desperate need of jeans... I am not sure why he thinks this as they have plenty, but I let him have at it, and he purchased a bunch for the kids and was oh so proud of himself for locating the sizes and picking them out on his own.

Is it just the Newport News Old Navy or is every Old Navy so trashed all the time? Every time I go in the clothes are falling off the racks, and disorganized. I don't remember other Old Navy's being like this before the local mall got their own store and I didn't have to drive as far to get to it. Are Newport New's people just animals?


Friday, September 12, 2008

1st preschool day without parents...

Today was the first day of class for Laura without a parent there. Class today was just an hour and half, to make it easier for them. Dave got home in time to tag along, so Dave, Rachel, and I walked Miss Laura into school today. Parents had been given orders to just walk them to the classroom door, not to linger, and to just tell them bye and remind them we would be back to get them soon. She went on it just fine, so we left, and I started bawling. I just can't believe she's not a little baby anymore. Dave found my behavior hilarious and laughed at me, but apparently most of the other moms in her class did the same thing, so I am not the only insane mommy. I was so happy to pick her up, and find out how she did. Her teacher said she did great the first half, but then the last half she got a little upset, and was pretty clingy with an aide, but no big deal. It will get easier and easier for her in time I am sure. She brought home the above art work creation, and you know its already on the fridge! She seems to like to talk about school, and the teachers sent home lyrics to the songs they sing in class, so you know I am trying to learn those songs as well, so we can sing them together. I am just so proud of her, and can't wait to watch and hear about all the experiences she will have this year.



I ended up dragging out some of the fall decorations yesterday afternoon, (mental note, the attic needs some serious organization) and have most of them up. I figure I can fidle with them over the weekend and arrange them all like I want in time. I also made my Michael's run, and though I didn't get what I had in mind, I did pick up some cool stuff. I had this "vision" (picture from a magazine I totally wanted to copy) and needed black tulle and some cool beading in fall colors... no black tulle to be found... major bummer... also no beading like I had in mind either... I got over it though as I spied some things that the floral designer there was making, and soon enough I was stalking her. Seriously I kept going around and around her booth area. She was carving those fake pumpkins with some special heat tool thingy, and was carving out letters on the pumpkins... you totally know this is up my alley... Immediatly I pictured a pumpkin with a G on it on our porch, and needed to make this happen... She was in the middle of doing a big order, and she looked pretty tired, so I made Dave approach her and ask her if she could do some for us. She only charged a dollar for the carving, and I guess I could have been all crafty and figured it out on my own after ruining a hand full of fake pumpkins, and buying some expensive heat tool thing, but I rather just get the pro to do it... So we are now the proud owners of a personalized pumpkin... I know your all just seething with jealousy... So head to Michael's and spend that dollar...