Saturday, May 29, 2010

Menu Planning....

I enjoy cooking, but I really hate coming up with something last minute. I have been guilty for buying basic items when I got grocery shopping, and then getting stumped of what to fix for dinner.... and too many times just give in and say , " I don't know what to fix so let's go out."

This week I attempted menu planning. It's an idea so freaking basic, but I had never laid one out before on paper. It helped alot. I could figure out what days the girls had evening activities, and on those days I chose for us to make pizza (using the Pioneer Woman's Pizza dough reciepe). When I placed my order for the momagenda planner I also bought from the website a menu planning note pad, which I sat down yesterday and have made for next week. I like their pad, as it has on the left space to plan the actual meals, and the on the right you can make your grocery list and you can tear off your grocery list to take with you. It was so much more fun to fill out that note pad for next week, rather then use a scrap piece of paper.

So what's on our menu for next week?

Monday- we are having a cookout with hotdogs and hamburgers

Tuesday- Chicken Spagetti (another Pioneer Woman creation) I will probably make this over the weekend and freeze it, and then pop in the over when we get back from the kids gymnastics)

Wednesday- Leftovers (I have 2 softball games, so leftovers are cruical on this day)

Thursday- Sloppy joes with left over hamburger meat from cookout

Friday- The kids have requested regular spagetti and salad. I usually make a Paula Dean Sauce ahead of time, and stick it in the fridge or freezer.

Saturday- grilled pork chops

Sunday- we will probably go out somewhere

I am going to fill each meal with some sides, which will probably be corn on the cob and salad.

So my meals are pretty easy this week and nothing fancy, but I need simple to get back into the swing of things.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Let Summer Begin!

This week the girls finished up school, and I thought it was neat to see how much the girls have changed from their first day of school this year to their last.... From left to right Laura's 1st day of school pic, then last, and then Rachel in same order. Laura has changed a lot! Rachel looks the same to me, but boy has she gotten taller this year! She's a good inch taller then her older sister now. One thing is for sure... they are not babies anymore, but becoming such sweet young ladies.


I need these.... seriously need these...

I have talked about my love of before, as I love scoring some awesome deals on brands that I just can not afford to get full price. For a while now I have been seriously sweating over several pairs of Tory Burch flip flops. I specifically want the wedge ones like above the mostest. They are the cheapest cause well its rubber and plastic with the cute Tory Burch Logo. I love the Thora's as well, but umm, Dave would shoot me for getting flip flops that cost over $100. I have been trying to be patient, as I have a gift card coming to me within a few weeks that I earned from shopping a sale at a store a while a back. (Hurry up and send it to me Neiman and Marcus!), I plan on using that towards the purchase which would probably cover everything or come close. This morning though, my alert had those darn wedges at Nordstrom were on sale for 31.00. I remained strong and decieded to hold out. Hours later I cracked and decieded to go back to the website and if they were still available I would snatch up those puppies... alas, they are gone, so fate doesn't want me to get them right now. If Neimans doesn't have them when my gift card comes I am going to be so ticked.....


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You know your old when day planners excite you...

**Even better, I ordered this stuff yesterday, and I have been tracking it, and it will be at my house today, and my shipping was free!**

I have mentioned before that I purchased a Momagenda day planner earlier this year. I have really enjoyed it. I have to admit, I have been guilty for buying planners, using them for a few weeks then just throwing them away. This one has been a whole different experience as I obsess over it. I love the layout, the room and designated areas to put in your kids activities, record gifts, even vacation plan. Also, I love having my name engraved on the front, and the ribbons to mark the pages in the book. It also survived the great diet coke in the purse incident… It’s a keeper.
The calendars run from August- August, which make it perfect for moms of school age children. I have been plotting my next one, and today I finalized my order. I couldn’t wait any longer, and I already have appointments for things in September, so I reasoned I need the new calendar now to start getting ready. I picked out the zebra print one. I have the pink one now, and I love it, but the zebra color just came out, and I just had to have it. While on the website I also browsed some of their new products. Dave is going to shoot me, but they have a honey- do list pad. Hehehe…. I also got a menu planning/grocery shopping pad. These things excite me greatly!


Monday, May 24, 2010

End of School Class Party

This is the last week of school for Laura and Rachel! Last week the school had a whole school party, and this today Laura had her end of the year party for her class at a local park. The kids played on the playground for about an hour, and then later they did a craft (putting foam stickers on a visor), had a snack, and then all the kids got an end of the year present from their teachers. The gift was a sand bucket with their names on it, a book, and a CD of the songs they would sing in class. I thought it was a super cute idea, and Laura has already been playing the CD over and over again....

For the teachers the homeroom mom is putting together beach totes for them, and we all contributed something to put in the beach bag to go along with that theme: sunglasses, sunscreen, beach towels, etc.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ice Cream Card

Every year we have a small cookout with some family and friends, and this weekend I have tried to make some invites that were simple and the girls would think were pretty. I used some paper in my scrapbooking stash, and used the Cricut to cut out the ice cream cone shape. The girls think they look like cupcakes rather then ice cream cones =) I took some old red sequins to make the cherry's on top. I kept things simple by just using a marker to write on the inside "Come enjoy a Treat! Memorial Day Cook out, blah blah blah ". This creation will not lead me to a career in the stationary business, but it was kinda fun, and quick enough for me to get done to get them in the mail.


Busch Gardens Adventures...

Meet Laura and Rachel's favorite rides as of date at Busch Gardens..... ( I borrowed the pictures from the web cause I wasn't feeling like dragging the camera out). We made our third trip of the year to Busch, and this time we actually got to see more of the park.... Last two times we have just hit up the Sesame Street Portion of the park, ridden the train, sky ride, and Land of the Dragons.
This time we skipped all of that, and ventured out to let the kids see the rest of the park. We went to Italy first where they did some smaller kiddy rides, and then Dave and I took turns riding the Battering Ram, and Davinci's Cradle (as pictured above) with the girls. I am telling you, they are not afraid of anything! I think if I was 3 and 4 those rides would be a little bit scary, but nope. They stayed in a fit of giggles and sqeals the entire time, and made other riders crack up at their expressions.
We then walked over near the swings so Emily could ride the small ones. She loved it and then after a couple of rides put a death grip on and didn't want to get out while I pried her out of the seat. Rachel then had a melt down as she wants to ride the big swings, but she's not tall enough. Dave wanted to ride the Log Flume or is it Floom? They kids were not big fans because they didn't like getting a little wet, without bathing suits. Just a concept beyond them.
After that the park was ready to close, so we left and grabbed a quick dinner at Plaza on the way home.
I am really glad we got passes this year, as there is so much for the kids to do there, and they have not even seen any of the shows, which I think they are going to be obsessed with. I am bit peeved though, as Busch just rolled out this preschool program, in which now if your 5 and under (and a Virginia resident) you can get in free if you fill out some form and always bring proof of age with you. Lovely, I just bought passes for the kids, and thought I was being all clever buying kids the pay for a day pass, and then getting Dave and I the bigger passes to get the free parking, discounts, etc. I am going to contact them to see if they will refund the money, but I bet chances are going to be slim... I will keep this in mind for next year thought that's for sure, and hope they offer the program again...


Friday, May 21, 2010

Diet Coke Addiction almost causes heart attack...

My Love of this:Photobucket

Caused quite a situation this morning with this:Photobucket

This morning before work, I made a quick Target run to buy ballet attire for the oldest, and while I was checking out I grabbed an essential bottle of diet coke to have on hand at work. I put the bottle in my LV Neverfull, and proceeded on to work. (yes total mistake, but you get used to that lovely bag being so nice and big that you end up throwing all kinds of mess in there) As soon as I got in my office I went to grab out the bottle, and only half an inch is remaining, because all my other crap in my purse is now freaking swimming. This resulted in me screaming, because number one that damn bag cost a lot of money, and number two all my crap was in there.

I emptied the contents which included: my cell phone, Itouch, book, sunglasses, momagenda planner, wallet, check book, Health forms for the kids (that I had freaking had filled all out ready for the doctors appointment later in June to get a few things as required by the preschool for next year), pair of socks, pens, and not pad. I also dumped the coke in the sink, and started sopping it all up. Freaking A. I calmed myself down and figured I would walk over to the dry cleaners which is in the same shopping center as the dialysis center I work at. I was ready to pay whatever it took to clean out the diet coke stain. Mister owner man, sadly told me he didn't want to touch it as he felt his services would do more harm then good. I then sulked out of there and returned back to the office and got on the phone with the LV store that I bought it from. A nice sales associate calmed me down and told me to take damp clothes and mild soap and work on it, and allow it to dry, and then see what I had. I worked on that sucker, and then set it aside, and tried to not think about it for the rest of the day... umm pretty much impossible...My other things in the purse were ok. the momagenda survived, and didn't have a drop on it somehow, my cell phone was fine, and I think the Itouch will be fine. The Itouch was acting all crazy but it's back to normal for now. Apparently, if an electronic device gets wet like that you just cover it with rice, and it will do some magic healing.

By the end of the day I peeked in my purse and you wouldn't even know anything happend.... the lining looks fine and it's stain free.... Target better be relieved as you know if that purse had gotten a stain I would have attempted to get them to replace my bag for selling me a deffective coke bottle. Never mind I was the idiot putting in an expensive purse. However, I doubt a el cheapo bag could have survived the ordeal stain free! The LV lives to fight another day, and I learned a lesson.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Pictures....

Photo's from end of school picnic, and me attempting to play around with editing stuff.... =)


Easy Dessert...

I have made a Strawberry Shortcake triffle now a few times when I needed to bring a dessert for something. It's really easy, and yummy, which is must. Tonight I am taking it to the preschools end of the year school wide party, as part of my contribution. I also get to bring another dish for my other child's class, which is mac and cheese. I like to sign up for things right away so I can do what I want and pick something easy.


1 block of cream cheese

1 big tub of cool whip

2 containers of strawberries washed and sliced

1/2 of a pound cake (if your feeling frisky make your own, but hello.... that would take freaking forever, so just be a slacker and buy a pre-made one at the grocery store.)

Mix the cream cheese and cool whip together well, then in a triffle dish layer cubes of pound cake on bottom followed with a layer of strawberries, and then the cool whip/ cream cheese mixture, and repeat until you reach the top. I like to do this the night before so it can sit in the fridge.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mid week slacker post...

I don't have time for a lengthy post, but I did want to thank everyone for the emails, phone calls, etc re: my dad. He's doing much better, and his kidneys are back in good health which is awesome. Of course I know my kids are not the cause of recent health drama, and only a truly bitter/jealous person would even come up with such thoughts.

I have stayed busy this week with my older two finishing up preschool, which I can't believe another school year is about over! They have lots of end of school year activites between class parties, school picnics, etc. Summer will be busy as I already have them signed up for gymnastics, ballet, vacation bible school, and swim classes, and of course they are looking forward to some fun at the pool and vacation at the beach. Oh to be a kid again in the summer! In other news, I got my first eye roll from my oldest when I told her to put her cowgirl boots away. I am sure it's the first of many in my future =).


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Since Thursday, things have been hell. Not husband doing something to tick me off hell, but actual crisis. Allergy season has not been pretty, and with it just about everyone I know has been battling sinus infections, colds, ear infections, etc. My kids have had the sinus stuff going on, and my youngest had ear infections. My parents seemed to have the same without the ear stuff. My dad, who waits forever to see a doctor cause he's a manly man, had an appointment Thursday. When I left that morning to go to work, he had already left to see his doc. Not long after I got to work I got a text message from my mom, that my dads doc office had told him to go to the ER immediately, that they were thinking he had pneumonia and he would need a chest xray to confirm. My dad is 68 and has never had to go to the ER or hospital for himself in all years, and I know he hates that stuff so I was really worried. I attempted to inform my closest family members to keep them informed by texting and a phone call. I texted on of my sisters who's immediate reply was "OMG you need to find a new babysitter." Yes her first response. Followed by, "he's told old and they keep him sick" followed by the kids are taking a toll of dad and my mom. Followed by me calling her a bitch and then ceasing all contact. Nothing better then having my kids blamed for all of this. I don't know what her problem is, she has broken my heart with her mean statements.

I left work right away, and drove to the ER to meet my mom and dad who were already in the back. I had already gotten messaged that the ER was going to admit him right away. When I got in the back, to his spot in the ER, my heart sunk. My dad was laying on gurney with Oxygen, gasping, and he honestly looked like he was dying. Not 10 seconds after I walked in the room a nurse and doctor came in and said, "we need to admit you to ICU right now we think you have pneomonia, and your kidneys are failing." I have seen my dad cry just 2 other times in my entire life. Once when we had to put a dog to sleep when I was 7, and then during the rehersal for my wedding he had tears falling when we were pretending he was giving me away. The tears flowed from him again, and my mom and I told him it was ok, since my dad was still refusing to be admitted, my mom and I both begged him to please stay, get the care that he needed so he could get better and come home. He finally agreed, and moments later he was up in ICU.

I sat with my mom and waited while they got him settled up in ICU, and then later my sister as we waited to hear more of what was going on and when we could see him. My mom and I went back first. I might have mentioned a few times on here, but I work in a dialysis unit, so I am familiar with the kidney terminology somewhat, and the nephrologist that was assigned to my dad was one I had known several years ago at another clinic. I hate saying this, but working in dialysis after a while makes me somewhat numb to everything, but when it's someone you love, hearing someone you know and love has kidney failure is such rude reality, and scary as hell. It was sureal to see a doctor I knew in the field now talking about my dad. Apparently, according to the nephrologist, my dad did not have pnemonia, but rather he was in severe kidney failure. They felt it was not from his diabetes though, and rather from some of his other medications he was on. The doctor took him off all his regular meds and said he had hoped for his kidney's to improve, and they would start other tests. Luckily, once they got a catheter going he had really good urine out put, so emergency dialysis was not needed yet, and they would continue to watch in case he did.

Halfway through friday all of his other vitals were stable, so they felt he could now go to a normal room. Those poor nurses! My dad hates needles, has never been in a hospital before, and hates not understanding everything, so he wasn't exactly an ideal patient. I tried to be up at the hospital as much as possible because I obviously, given how scared he was I know he did not want to be alone, and he was so worked up even though the nurses were explaining things to him, he wasn't listening, so it took having a family member re-expalining everything to him. On friday his kidney numbers came down on point, which was in the right direction but now where near where they need to be.

On Saturday, the kidney numbes had come down 3 points, which was putting him greatly out of danger , but still considered in kidney failure. However, they were confident that the numbers would continue to improve. They would prefer for him to stay in the hospital to be monitored for a few more days, but by now everyone knew him by name and was terrfied of that mean old man in room 375, that the doctor felt he could go home if he could rest completely, and get labs drawn Monday and go from there.

He's doing about the same, but he is so much happier to be home in his own surroundings. I am hopeful that the lab values will return to normal, and they can get him on different medication and that he wont have issues with his kidneys ever again.

Obviously, children (unless your suffer complications in pregnancy or recovering from having them) do not cause renal failure. I know my children are not taking a toll on my parents, and hopefully she just had word vomit because she was upset as well, and those are not her true feelings. Once my mom and dad were calm I asked them how they felt about babysitting, etc etc, and my parents swear up and down that it's something they look forward to, and is not stressful for them at all. My parents only watch the kids at the most 4 days a week between my schedule and my husbands. My kids also have preschool. Seriously, on the weekends I try to keep the kids away, and then my parents get all bent out of shape if they don't see them. Obviously, her comments were ignorant, and like I said, hopefully just saying something she didn't mean while panicing.

I hope my dad continues to recover, and I sure hope he doesn't wind up on dialysis, because I will be the biggest control freak ever. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. My dad means so much to me, and I have been a basket case because I can't imagine him not being in my life. He's horrible with expressing hiself, but I know how much his loves his children, and his grandchildren, and he would do anything for any of us.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My future stars.....

When I had my first baby, Laura, I got prepared with the Baby Einstein Videos, Sesame Street, etc. She never paid any attention to it, or to the TV at all for that matter her first few years of life. Rachel was the exact same way... I tried seeing if they liked Dora, no beuno though, not fans at all...However, within the last 6 months there's been some Chhhhangggessss.... We have found out their interests...

My older kiddos are into Musicals people. I never realized little girls that young would get into them, I wouldn't call myself a fan either,but hey. Singing and dancing, yeah that's gets their attention.


Their favorite musical is currently Mama Mia, following closely by Highschool Musical 2.


Lately, I have been catching them perform "Dance Shows" where they proudly are working on their moves. Rachel has one move in which she tells you she's going to shake her booty to the right, and then the left. Emily, who watches everything her big sisters do attempts to join in on the dance shows now.

I am not going to lie, I will take this obsession over some cartoon, toy induced buying fad.

P.S. Dave is working hard on redeming himself for the Mother's Day let down, and he is able to verbalize exactly why I was hurt and upset. I got it like that =)


Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Post in which people will pray I find Jesus...

This story begins almost a month ago... the husband called me at work one day, and gave me this song and dance about how he really wants to be off for Mother's Day, and he found someone to take his shift, but he wanted to clear with me a day to take the other guys shift. He said he wanted to spend the day with me and do something fun. Turns out, he really only wanted today off because Obama was in town for a college graduation, and he figured it would be a crappy crazy work day.

So...I have been eyeing the Reebok Easy Tone commericals, and hearing how comfy they are, and apparently if you where them alot, you behind will look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G... Of course I doubt anyone really sees any results from just wearing the shoes, but hey it's a chance I am willing to take. Anyways, Mother's Day was coming, and he had not asked me what I wanted, what size I wore or anything, so on pay day I decided I was going to get a pair of those shoes. I informed him Friday evening that I wanted to go to the mall and buy a pair, and he told me he thought they were stupid, but he took me anyways...he sat and watched me check them out at a few stores, and then proceed to buy a pair. (Side note, I freaking love them, they are sooooo comfy). He watches me be so excited about them friday evening, and all day Saturday...

So fast forward to Sunday morning. On the kitchen table awaits a wrapped present, some huge flower thingy that makes my eyes water and my nose run a marathon. I get all excited as he hands me the present and then he tries to get the camera. I tell him to put the camera away as I just woke up and I look like hell. I open the present and the dumb ass has given me a pair of the Reebok Easy Tones... He goes on to tell me he had already bought them, and that I could just take them back. I was not amused. He's but had time to hurry his tail back to the store to return them and come up with something else. Honestly, a card from the kids would have been fine, because it would have had a lot more care and feeling then this crap. He should have not taken me to the mall and watched me buy them...All he said to me before was he thought they were stupid, so he didn't even really make a effort to stop me from buying them. I was still sitting on the couch attempting to be grateful and try to act happy for the kids sake, but then he left the room to get something, and that's when I felt the tears so I bolted to the shower to cry without being seen or heard. It's how I handle things.

The rest of the day? Total waste. I kept thinking we were going to do something, but the highlight was going to Costco to get diapers, and then watch all three of my kids have a melt down as we dined out the $1.50 hotdog combo, and have to leave before we could finish our meal because of their behavior. I didn't get to really spend any time with my own mom as she and my dad are really contagious, so I took her gifts over and did a quick visit,and then got out of there as the kids have been sick enough lately and don't need to catch anything else... Then after nap time I was hoping to go out shopping, but Dave's mom came by and then took the girls to a icecream place, by the time we got done with their visit the shops I wanted to go to were closed.

The part that ticks me off the most? I attempted to be calm and hide my feelings, but I caved and told him I wasn't exactly pleased with Mother's Day... (Did I also mention that my daughter made me a votive holder at school, but apparently she likes it as well as she refuses to let it out of her room, and told me I needed to share with her) Anyways, he's mad, that I am mad, and that's just not a way to win me over. Butt kissing and returing those things pronto would help, but he's not smart enough to figure that out. Men are retarded, in my next life I am going to be a lesbian or asexual.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Book Review: Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella

I recently read a book by Sophie Kinsella (author of the Shopaholic books), called Twenties Girl. I read ALOT, and this book is going to be in my top 10 favs. I stayed up on night until 1am finishing reading this, and by the end of the book I was bawling. Without giving too much about the book away, the book is about a twenty something girl whose 105 year old great aunt passes away. The great aunt never married, never had any kids, and her surviving family members didn't even really know her as she lived for over 20 years in a nursing home after a stroke. Basically, after the aunt (Sadie) dies, she comes back as a ghost as she is upset about a missing necklace, but instead of a old lady ghost, she's a 23 year old ghost. Only the main character, Lara, can see her, and as she only met her great aunt once as a small child, so she gets to know her great aunt and help her solve a mystery of where her necklace is.

The main character becomes very close with her great aunts ghost, learns about the great love of Sadie's life, what her interests were, what she did for fun, and what life was like back in the 1920's. It made me stop and think about the people in my life that are my elders. When I look at my 91 year old grandmother I just see a frail elderly lady, with white fluffy hair, and pale wrinkly skin. I have no idea what she was like as a young adult, and I have no idea about how she met the love of her life, and if she was a fun person. I know her, but I don't know personal stuff about her. She's never really shared, and I have never have asked. Everyone has a story filled with drama and ups and downs worth telling. I guess it just made me want to know the younger selves of a lot of my family members. We spend so much of our lives trying to respect our elders, and just making polite conversation, but do we really know our elders? Would we have been friends with them?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I may have two inch long roots, but my hair is soft like butter...

Back in Fall 2008 I fell in love with a hair product called Morrocon Oil. The stuff is serious hair crack. Smells insanely good, makes your hair shiny, and works some serious miracles for those who like to hit the bleach bottle. It's on the expensive side, but the stuff does last a long time... when I ran out of my bottle (which lasted about a year) I thought I would be all resourceful and use a product from Sally's Beauty shop called Aragon Oil, which is supposed to be just like it. I really wanted to fall in love with it just as much, but alas, it's crap and I should have just sucked it up and got the real deal again.


I finally got my grubby hands on some more of the real thing today, AND I also got the Shampoo and Conditioner, and it's pretty much the best shampoo and conditioner in the entire world. You can of course buy it online from a few places, or if your like me and don't have time to wait for it to ship find a salon near you that carries it.... In my home town a lovely salon by the name of Style by Design carries the line, which is where my stuff came from. It's worth checking out people....and if your looking for a new place to get your hair did, check out their Salon.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Green Acres is the place to be...

I know pretty much nothing about plants, landscaping, gardening, etc... We do not know what to do with out backyard, and so we have pretty much done nothing with it.. except get one idea about clearing it out and growing grass which was pretty much a disaster involving a landscape company getting their tractor stuck and have to be towed out by some 18 wheeler strength tow truck. It was not a fun night in the household that night back in 2007 let me tell you.

Apparently, one of my coworkers has a green thumb, and her husband is an expert with grass, plants, etc, as he is in charge of a really nice golf course in a swanky area, and she is going to take a look at my back yard, and give me some ideas of what the heck Dave and I can do. She's given me homework though which includes figuring out how much sun parts of the yard get, and where the sun sets and rises... and that alone is stressing me out because I feel like I would need to camp out and stare at it for 24 hours to figure it out. I look forward to her help though, cause man it can not get much worse...

Last year I got wild, and attempted to do some tomato plants in a topsy turvy thingy.... Didn't work out so hot for me.... I got a few dinky tomatoes, and was not worth my investment in making sure the stupid thing had water. I did however, have success with my green pepper plants... So this year I attempted to expand the "garden", and I have a little row of different things on the side of our house. I don't think it's going to get enough sun, but I am going to try anyways. Anyone have any gardening tips?


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Foody stuff....

Today is my mom's birthday, to celebrate I deceided to have a small cookout for her. Hot dogs and hamburgers are always crowd pleasing, if you don't like either, then your not American. I also decieded to tackle another Pioneer Woman receipe from my cookbook. Here is the link to the same one on her website :

Homemade macaroni and cheese is something that just screams "hi, I really want to gain about 10lbs, and have my face blurred out on a news program about obestity. " It's worth it though every time, and under no circumstances when you have a people over and you serve mac and cheese should it be Easy Mac, or Stouffers. That just says , "I really didn't want you over, and I didn't even like you enough to make an effort that involved heating something up, or taking an extra step after boiling water." I didn't have any cheddar cheese, I just had a massive bag of mexican cheese from Costco. Overall, it was ok, but would have been a million times better with good ol freshly grated sharp cheddar.

Another crowd pleaser I have been serving lately for partys is this easy punch that I got from Kelly's Corner recipe blog. It's super easy and everyone loves it.
I have a large beverage dispenser, and all I do is dump in two 2 liters of Sprite, two frozen limeaide thingys, two jars of cherrys (juice too), and then add some ice, and some sliced limes, and you have some yummy cherry flavored limeaide. Looks really pretty as well.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The cutest cornhole boards ever....

The husband has been a cornhole board making fool.... Above is one of the boards he made for me. I sewed the matching bags. Right now he's working on making a Atlanta Braves themed boards for someone we know, who is giving it to her husband for a gift. Also not very long ago he made a really cool UNC one.

So far this year we have not played much, but as cookout season is gearing up I am sure we will be throwing around the bags soon!