Monday, March 31, 2008

Akward moment number 5467

So yesterday afternoon I went to a baby shower for a friend. Her husband is someone I have known for years through when I played baseball as a kid, and now my husband works with him and they have become really close. Stevie invited some of his male friends over for the shower, and they pretty much stayed in the other room watching TV during the festivities. Stevie has a older brother named Bobby who I kinda sorta dated in highschool. We went out on a date, but I had a boyfriend so I was being a big cheater- yes call me all the names in the book- but hey, I was 17. Anyways, he was always trying to get me to dump my boyfriend my senior year, and get me in trouble.

Flash forward to this past spring at Bush Gardens. Dave, Mandy, and I went to Bush Gardens to walk around and ride some rides, and we all got in line for Bumper Cars. In line as well was Bobby and one of his little girls. He is in fact married now with 2 girls of his own. My friend Mandy has a past with Mr. Bobby herself as he was her first kiss so we were acting like complete fools, or at least I was. I didn’t want him to see me as I hate anyone who hasn’t seen me since highschool as it makes me feel really fat as I am not the twig I once was. Would have been different if he was all fat and balding myself, but he looked exactly the same. So Mandy and I turn around and make sure we don’t make eye contact with him and are relieved when he is finally gone.

So back at the baby shower Bobby is there with his wife, and he comes up to me while I am getting come food and says to me, “ I have seen you like 5 times in the past year and you just ignore me.” I pretend I don’t have a clue what he’s talking about, and remind him that the first time I have seen him since high school was at his mothers funeral about a month ago. He says back,” oh no, I saw you and Mandy at Bush Gardens in line for Bumper Cars and you bother were acting like snobs.” So I was totally busted and felt like a huge moron then and there. At least it broke the ice and I don’t have to hide anymore lol.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Saving the planet

So yesterday I briefly read that it was Earth's Hour day or something, which meant around the world people were turning their lights off for one hour to conserve energy. In the USA you were supposed to do this between 8pm and 9pm. Because I am a huge dork, and because I have failed on most other missions to save the planet, I wanted to do this. Some of my other missions included my promise to bring my own bags to the grocery store. I did this like once, and then sorta forgot about bringing my totes, yes I am a horrible plastic bag user. I try to recycle as we have the bins from the city, but sometimes I catch myself throwing something away because I am too lazy to walk outside to the bin.

SO after explaining to my husband that we were turning the lights out for an hour at 8pm-9pm while trying to keep a straight face, he explained to me that the TV was going to stay on as he wanted to watch Scarface. So we kinda sorta conserved energy I guess.

What we were supposed to do was turn off the lights and TV, light candles, and explain to our chilren what we were doing and why were doing it, and then hold hands and sing songs I guess. But the total picture did not occur, so maybe I just need to make a better effort of taking my totes to the grocery store.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

My new find

I saw this on the internet, fell in love and ordered some for the kids...

They can be found at

Recent Pics

Random happenings...

Yesterday I did some mondo spring cleaning. Laura woke up early as could be yesterday- very unlike her, and so from 6:30am I was up doing some house work. Not that anyone can even tell now cause finger prints are back on windows, and toys are constantly scattered under foot, and no sooner do I vacuum does someone manage to create a crumb mess again. I refuse to give up though.

We spent some more time outside yesterday as well since it was so nice. We went for a few walks around the block and I even went to an estate sale a few blocks over, which was fruitless as everything was picked over, and things I did like were priced too high for what it was worth. I had planned on going to a few garage sales this morning but this morning it was so chilly I didn't want to step outside at all. Got to love this areas weather. I really wanted to go to some garage sales too. Now most of time its just junk, but its so cool to find a treasure, or even just a good book to read.

Next weekend in the Spring Bizarre Bazaar in Richmond, and I am super excited about going. I am going to head to the Friday showing with my parents and kiddos. The Spring show is never as big as the Christmas show, but its still pretty neat. They have the cutest stuff, and its hard to use self control on the wallet but hey I find a way to reason all of my purchases.

So I still have not told on my bosses I am pregnant. I told one of them, mainly because she knew I had been dieting, and she spied me eating a huge nasty, oil dripping sub sandwich the other day and then proceeded to ask me how my diet was going. So in my defense I told her about my little secret. She is I guess my main boss cause she does my pay roll and I have to turn in my medical leave paperwork to her, so I guess its best for her to know as possible, maybe she will keep that in mind when she tells me what my raise is this year. She was excited for me though.

I almost told my other boss during a meeting Thursday. We were having quarterly review with the doctor, and I was going to drop the news then, but I just couldn't spit it out. Soon enough the belly will make it obvious.

Tomorrow I am heading to a baby shower for a friend who is having a baby girl, and hopefully I can hit up Costco for some stuff. I ran in there Thursday evening for just milk, an saw a gazillion things we need, but as Dave and the kids were waiting out in the car I stuck to my milk mission. They have their plants and bushes in, and some beach gear. We need some more bushes for the yard, and we also need some beach towels and sunscreen.

Our next big project is going to be a swing set for the yard. We started talking about getting one last year, and now Laura is at least old enough to enjoy one, so I imagine in the next few weeks we will have one. Dave says he saw one at Sam's Club he liked, an I remember one at BJ's that was pretty cool so we will hopefully settle on one soon, and spend a weekend putting it together. Dave and I helped put one together for a preschool at college back in the day and it wasn't too bad, so hopefully we can remember those skills.

Friday, March 28, 2008

It evens out...

Dave spent yet again another day playing golf with his friend Stevie. They have played every week, and would play every day if their evil wives would let them. I did make him run an errand for me though before golf time yesterday. One of my fav coworkers has been sporting her brand new spanking Pandora charm bracelet and it just looks all pretty and shiny, I have a few of the bracelets and mine are all dirty looking and not so shiny. So I had Dave drop it off at the jewlery store where you buy the charms and whatnot from and had them clean it up for me. When I picked it up after work it looked brand spanking new AND he had purchased a new charm for it. What a guy I tell you. He even stuck to the theme of the bracelet which is silver and gold so even more points for him. And even better, right now hes outside actually doing yard work. I am very tempted to take a picture as he seems to hate yard word. He must have another golfing adventure planned....

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

SO Easter was nice and pretty laid back. The kids woke up and checked out their Easter loot from the Easter Bunny, and then we had a nice family lunch at my parents. Rachel has been fine ever since we got home from the Emergency Room Saturday night so shes doing fine.
I had a doctor appointment today and got to see my little booger again on the ultrasound. They wanted to check on my due date to make sure they didn't need to tweak it any. I am 14 weeks and a few days a long. Next appointment will be the big ultrasound, and then a few weeks after that I am to get another anatomy ultrasound done. I had one of those when I was pregnant with Rachel, as I was having some issues, but apparently they make it standard practice now, as when they said they were going to set one up I started freaking, but they said everything is fine they just have everyone get one now for a more detailed look. So pretty soon we will know what our little surprise is going to be. Can't wait to find out so we can get ready.
I am still not really showing, I feel bloated but as far as gaining weight I have been holding steady and my clothes still fit me fine. I always heard after your first one you show quicker but I didn't notice anything different between when I started showing with Laura and Rachel, and it seems this one will be about the same. I guess between the 4-5th month is when I had to give up some of my more fited pants and put on those crappy stretch pants. I am not looking forward to being a cow in the summer I will say that much. I have had the luxury of spending my 1st two pregnancies huge in the winter, and it was always so nice to come home from work and just put on some sweats and bum around. I shudder at the concept of shorts or sleeveless tops while pregnant, but I guess I will have to get over it!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Eve Drama

Saturday was beautiful outside so most of the day we spent it outside so the girls could play. Dave had been working the night before so he was sleeping inside. The girls had fun playing with their outside toys, tormenting the dog with a spray bottle, and having papa push them in their Fisher Price cars.

We went inside around 3:30pm and Laura goes to this cabinet by the stove. All the other cabinets have the child proof locks on them, but this one doesn't as theres not much in it. In the far back of it is a punch bowl and cups, but its so far back and heavy its never been an issue until today.....

Laura somehow gets one of the punch bowl glasses, and she looks at me with it. I look back at her and tell her to put it down, and she deciedes to throw it. The glass breaks a mere inches away from where Laura is sitting inside the cabinet, and I am freaking out as Laura had taken her shoes off already and is now trying to get out of the cabinet. I am trying to keep her in the cabinet while picked up the glass and put it in a bag, and the freaking glass has shattered in a billion pieces. Laura is crying because I litterally had to resort to closing her in the cabinet, as I am terrified she is going to step in glass, and here comes Rachel to find out what in the world is going on... and of course she manages to cut her finger on some glass, which causes me to yell for Dave to wake up and help me. Dave later describes my call for help as a 12 year old girl yelling into a megaphone. He runs in an grabs Rachel while I get Laura out and out of danger while I vacume up the glass, and dispose of it. Rachel at this point has blood everywhere, and I am gathering things as I plan on taking her to the ER right away. Dave yells at me and tells me to calm down as by now I am crying, and says she doesn't need to go, but the finger is gushing blood everywhere and we couldn't get it to stop, so I run Laura next door, scaring my parents who see me with blood all over me, and I yell to them I have to go to the ER. Mom chases me out the door asking what in the world happend, and as both Dave and I head out the door to the car we fill her in as much as we can.

Our hospital is just a few miles away thankfully, and of course by the time we got to the ER her finger has stopped bleeding, and it looks like hardly a papercut. The ER was great about getting us back in a room right away, I guess they didn't want us scaring others as we looked like we had been in a massacre. Rachel was calm by this point, and no glass was in her cut. She didn't even need stitches, but as it was a little gaping they used dermabond glue on it, and covered it with some tape.

Thank goodness she was ok. This was the first time I have had to take a child to the emergency room and I failed to remain calm and collected in an emergency. Dave has been joking on me all night as I was a spaz. But whatever, it scared me, and one of my babies was hurt.

We decieded to come home and just order some pizza, and let the kids play in the house away from any sharp objects the rest of the night. Laura apologized to Rachel for throwing the glass, and I beat myself up for having it in a cabinet they could get in, and my mom God bless her, had come over while we were gone and cleaned up the blood trail we left behind.

Friday, March 21, 2008

EGG Dying

Egg dying went soooo much better then the visit to the easter bunny. We took them Wednesday to the mall where we waiting in line and watched every child scream in terror of the man in the bunny suit. So by the time it was our turn to visit with the bunny Laura was terrified, and refused to unwrap herself from Dave, so Rachel got the honors and was completely confused. We did a picture in which she has the craziest expression on her face, and appears to be our only child. I wasn't about to force Laura into the picture, or be like some of the parents who wanted to wait out the tantrum and then do a picture, those parents usually ended up giving up and leaving before they could get a picture.
So we did eggs tonight as our family activity, followed by bath time.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Binky Update

I totally have not addressed the issue of the Binky yet with Laura. I know I know. How dare I put her teeth in Jeopardy, an blah blah blah. I have not even cut a single one yet. Mainly I have just been so freaking tired lately I don't want to deal with drama at bed time, cause if there is drama then not only does Laura go without sleep, but so does Rachel as her bedroom is next to Laura's and then mom is up taking care of two mad babies while Daddy works nights. I don't even know how she got so freaking attached to it. She never really cared for it when she was a baby, and I never put her to bed with one when she was young, but somehow some way she became attached, and I know I am just making it harder an harder the longer I wait. I guess maybe I should round all the Binky's up between my house an my parents house, and make sure she only has them at night for a while or nap time. She usually only wants them then, but if she comes across the millions hidden around the house she pops one in. She also sometimes likes them for car rides, but lately shes happy if she has her baby doll on car rides and doesn't need a binky as much.

I wonder if we just go cold turkey if it will just be 1 or 2 bad nights and then she is cured. I am concerned about Laura getting mad seeing Rachel with one. Rachel has a very different looking Binky that Laura never messes with or will put in her mouth, but I wonder how she will take it if I take Rachel's away. Should I just take both of their binky's away at the same time?

I guess no matter what I decide to go with I just need to just take some action on the matter instead of putting it off. I have been talking to her about how big girls do not need binky's so maybe thats some progress...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

On my Soap Box...

I have a friend from grad school who gave birth to a little boy in 2005 who is almost three. He was born with a disease and in the near future he will have to have a liver transplant. Even with health insurance the costs are enourmous, and she has linked with an organization to help raise money for her little boy. This year volunteers are hosting the 2nd annual mini golf tournament in Richmond, VA (where my friend lives) and for $10 you can play mini golf, eat some good food, play games AND there will be a silent auction. The proceeds will go to Cole Hafer (the little boy requiring the transplant)

I have taken the job role of trying to get items for the silent auction. I did this for Riverside when I worked for them a few years ago in my local area, and I have drafted a letter to send out to businesses. I have kept in mind who has donated to me in the past, and of course I am going to try to hit them all up again, however I was wondering if anyone out there had any ideas of businesses either in our area or the Richmond area for me to hit up, just so I can think outside my intial zone. Also, if anyone knows of anyone who would be willing to donate ANY ITEM for the event let me know. There is a tax id number as well if anyone needs it for their records.

So give me some ideas!!!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm Back!!!

I actually got in yesterday about noon, we had planned on coming back on Monday but we were able to see all the sights and shop our hearts out and come back early. I had a good time, and enjoyed my first family family vacation with my parents, and yeah I am 27 years old lol. I missed Dave and my girls terribly, and was happy we came home a day early. What a great husband I have that let me not only go on this trip, but let me scrapbook last weekend. Of course he had some fun himself too, he got to play golf twice while I was out of town, so it evens out a little bit.

We left Thursday about 9am I guess give or take. It was a looong drive as we went the long way up. We didn't go through DC, we went through all these country back roads. We got there about 4pm I guess, and we stayed at this hotel that was right smack in a outlet shopping center. Rockvale Outlets are pretty sweet, and it was nice to be able to walk right out the door and be right at some shops. Immediately we shopped at Rockvale, and I discovered a Pottery Barn Kids and regular Pottery Barn outlets. I have never been to those outlets before and I pray Williamsburg will add them one day. I got so much Pottery Barn kids stuff for the kids. All the toys were marked down already, and then there was 40% off in addition, so "Santa" has stocked up for Christmas . There is also no clothing tax in Pennsylvania so that was even better.

Friday we spent the morning around the Amish Villages. We went to a few farm markets, and I spent time just staring amazingly at the Amish people. I am sure they are used to it, but I actually controlled myself and only took pictures of them from inside the car hoping they wouldn't see me. Believe me I was dying to just jump in front on one and snap some pictures. They just fascinate me. I didn't really understand their lifestyle or know anything about them before, so I soaked up all I could learn, and I have probably already bored my husband to death as I rattled off facts about them when I came home. I seriously would love to live with them for like one week just to learn more, but I know I probably wouldn't be able to survive lol.

Later Friday we drove to Reading, PA to some shopping center out there called Vanity Fair, which is enormous. It's this huge old factory they turned into a outlet center and the deals were again crazy. We spent the rest of the day there pretty much hunting for bargains.

The food was amazing. We went to these Smorgasbord places for dinner and breakfast that were out of this world. We usually grabbed a small lunch on the go from wherever. We did have one bad encounter for dinner the last night at a BBQ place. IT was horrific. I should have known they were bad when I asked for Hot sauce and they didn't have any. I mean what kind of establishment that sells BBQ doesn't have Texas Pete or Tabasco Sauce. The BBQ tasted so nasty as well, and it was shaven, not pulled or shredded. I seriously gagged my way through half of it and then threw it away.

Saturday my mom and I did a Amish Farm house tour. Amish people do not live there anymore, but its a real house a family once lived in that you get a tour of, and you also get to tour the farm that someone still runs. It was interesting, and such a beautiful place. We spent the rest of Saturday going back through a few outlets grabbing some more deals. I bought a lot for the kids, got Dave a few things for summer, and got myself a few things. I did get a new Duvet Cover for our bed that I am psyched about. I would love to go back in two more months. Why? Well in two more months I should know the sex of the baby we are having. Yes, I am pregnant, and yes I am pretty far along. I still am not really showing yet, and Dave and I have kept this pregnancy pretty quiet as I really do not want to hear any snide comments. For example, Dave told one of his friends this weekend, and the guy said back to him "Dude, what were you thinking" Seriously I am tempted to call him up and be like, yeah Ryan this is exactly what my life plan was all along, to have three kids under three, and then call him a A##@))@ an hang up. Yes this is a surprise, and apparently birth control just doesn't work for me. Regardless, I am excited and I know this is happening for a reason. We have not told everyone yet, as at first we wanted to wait until the first doc appointment to make sure everything was ok, and that has come and past. Dave's parents just found out a few weeks ago. I guess the first people we told was my mom, and we told my Dad after my granny's funeral. They have been very supportive, and are excited for us, and have not said anything rude. I know its crazy to have kids so close in age, and I am aware its alot of work, but luckily Dave and I can provide for three and we have enough love for another. I am in the 2nd trimester now, so I guess its time to start preparing! It killed me not knowing what the sex was while shopping this weekend. I want to start planning right now. I don't care what it is, another girl would be fine, and a boy would be cool as well. I can't really use what clothes I have for the girls anyway, as this baby is coming in September, and my others came in Feb, so the seasons don't really coordinate anyways. I am sure some things I can use again, but for the most part I will need some new stuff. I also gave away a lot of the smaller clothes as I had thought we were done having babies lol. But believe me, I still have a crap load of stuff, so once I find out the sex I am either packing it up for consignment or arranging it in the new nursery. Thank god we have a ton of bedrooms lol. So thats my big news but remember, some joking is fine but I don't want to hear any rude comments people!!! Remember I am pregnant again, an when I am pregnant I tend to be a bit moody.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

So tonight I have a million things to do because I have not started to pack yet after I even said I was going to start Monday. I guess I have not stressed about packing so much since its a laid back trip, I don't need any dress clothes or anything so I am mainly going to just bring some jeans and things like that.

I have already decieded that with the pictures I take from the trip I am going to make my parents a small album. Should be cute.

So tonight will be all about packing and loving on my babies and the husband!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

This day light savings time thing has got me feeling soooo tired!!!!!! Who knew an hour could mean so much. Do not get me wrong, I love it when it stays light out longer, it makes me so tired in the winter and fall when its dark by 5pm. When that occurs I tend to be so freaking lazy. I guess in a few days I will be on schedule again.

I am going to start packing for my trip here tomorow I guess. We are leaving Thursday in the morning, and I wont be back until Monday. Pray that my parents and I don't get entirely sick of each other. I know it will be fun though, and we NEVER took family vacations when I was small, or even in highschool or college. I think thats another reason they want me to come. I know how odd huh? But in the summer I was usually very busy with sports with tournament after tournament, and my dad just didn't take time off from work. He would let me go with other families and what not and fund my way, but we never once went out of town as a family.

Another mission I am on is finding an Easter outfit for the girls. The past two years my mom has smocked outfits for my kids. Of course I was on maternity leave the past two years during Easter and mom had lots of time then to do that. I have not seen anything yet, and usually she says something about it, so I don't think a smocked dress will be appearing. I have checked at my beloved Gymboree and I don't see anything I really love. I need to check some department stores or something I guess. Bad mommy for not having the Easter dresses already! I do have Easter basket stuff ready to go for them, so maybe that makes up for it.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

SO I am back from scrapbooking, and I had a good time. I didn't get as much done as I got done at the last crop in January, but my work was better. I was so worried about finishing up 2007 at the last crop that some of my pages were "ok" but nothing all that exciting. I am all caught up on this years book for 2008, and I worked a little bit on Rachel's baby book, but I ended up leaving Sunday when my creative juices were all tapped out. I did learn something new this weekend, I learned how to use paint on my pages which is something I have never done. Basically I was just painting over some chipboard stuff but it was pretty cool looking. I used acrylic paint daubers to paint with and they are really cool, and I am hooked. I bought two colors already before coming home, and I am hope to have every color under the sun eventually lol.

I had thought this woul be my last trip for a while, and I think it is going to be my last scrapbooking trip for a bit, but I am actually going to be going to PA this coming week. My parents are venturing off for their first trip since my dad retireing, and they asked me to go with them. I said no at first but Dave says I should go in case they need help driving. They are going to the Amish areas I think and they plan to go to a bunch of outlets up there. It sounds fun, and should be interesting. My mom and sisters used to go when I was little for the sights and shopping. I never got to go because I was too young then, but I loved when they came back cause mom always had a bunch of clothes for me and homemade foods that were yummy. So it looks like I am leaving Thursday for a few days!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Scrapbooking my heart out this weekend...

I have been prepping up tonight for my big scrapbook weekend away in Williamsburg. So it's not as exciting as the Nags Head and Sandbridge crops, but hey it works. I don't know if I have enough stuff to work on though...I mean I believe me I have plenty to catch up on, but I don't want to bring every picture I own, so I am narrowing down this trip to starting my 2008 album, and possibly working on Rachel's baby book that I started on many many months ago. Those are the only picsI am bringing anyways.

So tomorow night I meet everyone at our hotel, and we have plans to go to dinner and then eventually get started cropping that night. Saturday we crop all day, and our snobby group has a massage therapist coming again to give us hot stone massages cause we are divas like that. At some point Sunday I will come home.

I don't think any more crops are planned for quite a while, so I guess I need to make some time to start scrapbooking at home again. I haven't knowing I had two trips early in the year. Guess its back to scrapbooking during the kids nap times or bed times again!


Sigh... while leaving work to go home today I was backing up, and so was the chick behind me and we hit each other. Why is it every little fender bender I have had occurs in a parking lot? I never saw her, she never saw me as we were both too concerned with this truck that was waiting for us to move, and of course he couldn't honk to warn us we were about to hit each other. So basically its hard to really say who is at fault as apparently noone wanted to come and say who's fault it was. So we exchanged insurance info and addresses, and left. The damage on my car is a small dent on my back bumper, no big deal at all. Her's was even less of a dent.

So I wake my husband up at home to ask him what I need to do as he's the cop. His advice to me, do nothing. He says since it happend in a parking lot and the damage is barely visable and noone saw or admitted fault its up to ourselves to just take care of ourselves. I wouldn't dream to get my insurance company to fix my fall dent. I can personally live with it, but just so I can sell the Pontiac one day I might get the Dent Doctor to pop it out.

So I am wondering if the other person involved is feeling the same way. If shes going to just take care of hers on her own if she even does anything. What I do worry about is the fact she took a picture of her car with her cell phone I think anyways. I also worry cause people are Sue Happy these days and I hope she doesn't pull a "oh I am injured now and unable to work crap." I only worry as a friend of mine who was driving her husbands car that they have under as a business vehicle for his company had a small parking lot fender bender like my own, and nothing was majorly wrong, but the lady claimed all this medical crap and sued the insurance company for several thousand dollars.

So my husband is telling me to do nothing, and I guess I will just wait and see if this chick calls me.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Crossing my fingers for neighbors who are not on Geritol

So one of my neighbors put up a for sale sign in their yard yesterday, so this is when I pray that a young family moves in. A few houses on our street have gone for sale over the years and I always get disappointed in what moves in. The house on the other side of parents was sold to a lady who lives in Florida and she just wants the house a few times a year when she visits her family who lives nerby, the rest of the time it sits there, and she has her son in law do the upkeep and apparently he is lazy. The grass will often reach massive heights before he will come over an cut it, and usually my parents end up call the city on it as its just plain rude and an eye sore to the neighborhood.

We did have a couple who had a baby on our street. They were older then us but our kids were close in age and I had some high hopes of some play dates, but they moved away a few months ago, and of course a retired couple moved in their place. There is another house that has two children about highschool/middle school age, but they are not exactly friendly. They do not talk to anyone and when I have made attempts to wave at them they just stare at me like I have lost my mind.

Don't get me wrong, its a nice neighborhood, and its safe. I feel good about one day letting the kids play outside without me right there on top of them, but I just want some people that are friendly and it would really rock if they had kids somewhere in the age ranges of ours, or that will one day have some kids.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

my craft attempt ....

This morning, I woke up and checked some blogs that I love to read. A friend of mine, Becca who is quite the crafty person, had posted a new blog in which she showed a easter egg wreath she had made. It inspired me so much, I immediatly foun a Michael's coupon from my Sunday paper and called me mom to see if she wanted to go with me while I got my supplies. We got there as soon as they opened, and I grabbed some eggs, and the straw wreath and came back home to dig out my hot glue gun and get to work.

After I was done I compared my wreath to Becca's and well mine is pretty tacky compared to hers. I like the color of eggs she used better, and hers looks very orderly and neat. I would like to say Laura helped me out with this and that is why mine looks like a bunch of crazy pastel ballons glued together, but it was all me. Oh well, I am still going to rock the tacky thing on my door.

So above is mine and Becca's creation. Her's has the black door as the background, and mine of course if the tacky one lol. Next time if I make another one I will keep a picture of hers handy.
The first year we were in our house I made a similar wreath with Christmas balls. It looked really pretty actually, but I didn't use enough hot glue, and my nephews have a horrible habbit of slamming my front door and little by little the balls would fall off and bust all over the porch. I think it was thrown away before Christmas even came.
But anyways, I have a bunch of eggs leftover, and I think I will use them to have a easter egg hunt on easter with my families kiddos. And if the wreath gets on my nerves I will disassemble it and use those eggs for the hunt as well.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Growing so fast!!!!!

My big one year old Rachel had her 1 year check Thursday! She is in the 50 percentile for weight, and 95th for height! Her head is also in the 95th lol. She got three shots and didn't think too much of that!

My week wrap up...

Miss Rachel is just a walking fool... she even let me put shoes on her yesterday AND she kept them on all day! Could this mean she's over her shoe fear? I think the problem was with Laura since she was our first born, we would dress her up all the time when she was a baby, and she would be head to toe and all matchy matchy. So she was wearing shoes pretty much from the time she got home from the hospital. With Rachel I still dressed her up but I have to admit not as much, and I didn't care as much if her blanket didn't match her outfit, etc etc. and I didn't take the time to force those little toes in cute shoes. Sigh... I sound like a bad mom right?

It was also a sad week as a friend and coworker of Dave's lost him mom. I knew both him and his brother from way back in the day from my baseball days, and I remember how cool I thought him mom was. She had a pretty good streak of wild in her, but I just remember thinking what a devoted person she was when I was around her. The day I had to go to the emergency room a few weeks ago, Dave and his friend were together doing Valentine shopping for us awesome wives, and his mom had called saying she was going to the ER for some pain, and I called saying I had to go as well for my own personal drama. So we all ended up spending some quality time there together. I ended up getting the all good to go, but his mom soon learned she had cancer, and by the 26th she was gone. I can't imagine losing a parent. I know its going to happen one day, but it doesn't make it any easier.

Other then that things have been a bit lazy. Last night I toyed with the idea of heading out to get a pedicure, but as I looked around the house, I soon learned that I needed to keep my butt home and get some things done. Dave likes to do laundry which is a big help, but he doesn't like to put the items away. He will even go as far to hang the clothing or folding them, but he will hang the kids clothes on my dryer rack, and sort them by having Laura's on one side and Rachel's on the other, but he can't seem to walk up stairs and put them in their closets. Seriously, they will sit on the rack for a week, and I watch as well testing to see if this is the week he will walk upstairs with the items and put them away.

Dave does however, love the vacume. I think its because he is thinks the Dyson is cool with all its little handy parts and what not. I think its funny to watch him push around the purple beast. He is also obsessed with cleaning products for our wood floors. When we picked out the flooring when we were building, I made the call for a matte finish, an apparently David thinks they need to be super shiny. He will repeatedly ask me why they seem to have a cloudy look to them even after they are cleaned. I have tried over and over to explain to him that its because its not a gloss finish, its a matte finish, but apparently he thinks I am a liar. This causes him to spend money on a gazillion floor cleaning supplies. The other day he called a floor place to find out what they recommend to clean floors. For his birthday many years ago, he asked for some floor steam cleaner thing. I am not sure what I have to do tell him no matter what he does its just not going to happen, and as much crap as he has rubbed on our floors hes probably rubbed them raw.

So I spent a lot of time sorting clothes last night, and just trying to put stuff away.

Tonight though, will be some time to be carefree. We are heading back to PF Changs in Virginia Beach to have dinner with some friends and I can't wait! The food is sooooo good!