Friday, February 27, 2009

The return of the Birks....

Back in 1993 I was in the 7th grade, and a student at a private school. It was a good school, but the snobbyness factor was at an all time high. You were super cool if you owned Birkenstocks. And coolness could reach an all time high if you even sported them with some tricked out birkenstock brand tye dye socks with the sandals. Needless to say, I needed those sandals. They were in all honesty the ugliest things ever, but hey, Crocs were not invented yet. I begged for those shoes. My parent, didn't seem to understand that I needed those things, as for one, they are $100 sandals, and being I was in the 7th grade they knew my foot had not stopped growing yet, so why spend that much if within a few months they wont fit anymore, and why are those damn things so expensive anyways? It's rubber, cork, and some leather material.

My parents did the next best thing, or so they thought... they bought me an off brand pair that cost next to nothing. For that weekend I was excited, but Monday morning when girlfriend wore them to super snobby school my excitement was soon crushed...My sandals did not have embossed on the sides and buckle the Birkenstock name so soon my school mates were fast to point out I had on fake birks. I remember this ass named James pointing at them and talking smack. Damn my parents sending me to school with generic birks. Sure I tried to tell the kids that they were real, but who was I kidding? I didn't wear them to school anymore to say the least.... It was a huge blow to my self esteem and another reason for me to hate that school.

A few years later my parents gave in and bought me some real birks. I have since owned many pair, and right now I probably have some in my closet. They are comfy, but damn if I will be caught dead wearing them with socks these days. In all honesty I can't even tell you the last time I have worn them, as my passion has since moved on to cheap flip flops. I wouldn't even dream of spending that much on shoes for myself these days. With that being said I am a sucker for designer jeans, and expensive purses, but hey, I am making progress.

This week though I went into my favorite kids consignement shop in Williamsburg, and guess what I found? A pair of brand new Birk sandals that should fit one of my kiddos this summer. I checked them over and found the embossed name, etc, and pretty soon I had paid nothing for the shoes that were only marked $10 to begin with, ( I have a lot of credit at that place as I sell the kids outgrown items there now). I was super excited to get home and show the girls. I thought to myself that my kids would be looking pretty spiffy in this sandals, that I agonized over for years and wished for. My kids? Not that interested. They didn't even want to try them on. Shame on me for corrupting their clueless minds with name branding already, and good for them for not wanting to put those ugly things on. I should appreciate these years that they don't care before the peer pressure sets in, and they are asking for $100 shoes. Hopefully still someone will want to wear them this summer so they can get some use.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just saying....

I know we have a sign on our office door that says no soliciting… so I am a bit confused as we have home dude in here selling posters of Obama to our patients…and my boss is falling all over herself saying people have to do their business and buying a crap load ….hopefully he wont ask me to buy one, cause I don’t think I will be able to keep a straight face or be very nice, maybe I should take the no soliciting sticker and put in on my forehead to save him the trouble. Seriously people.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

WW end of week 2

My second weigh in was tonight and I am down .8lbs. So total loss to date is 5.6. Not a huge loss like last week, but you know I will take it. Considering all the crap I ate, and I have no reason to be shocked. If the scale said plus 5 for this past week I wouldn't have even argued then. I was that bad this week. Here is to staying on track this week or at least trying better....



For approx 3 months I have been eyeing this golf bag at Tjmaxx. I am a huge TJMAXX fan, and all of the ones I have been to lately have a couple of these suckers. They are brown and pink polka dotted, some have the pink background with brown polka dots, and some have a brown background and pink polka dots. The price tag is $150.99. Apparently, that's not an awful price as I came across another one I liked online that was zebra print for $2,000.

I have told the husband about the bags (polka dot ones from TJ's), and he's encouraged me to buy one, but I have not broken down yet. Why? Well, because I don't play golf. I have hit balls at a driving range before, and who doesn't enjoy going to play putt-putt, but I am always a bit of a wuss to try new things. He tells me that since I have good coordination and have excelled in other sports that I will be fine.... I'm not so sure... And golf does look super boring on TV... I mean seriously, all the hushed voices and whispering? I'm not that quiet.

Dave wants me to play as he says then we could play together since he loves playing, etc etc. Some how I think he will rather play with his friends, and let's face it, I don't know any females who play, so I would only get to go play with Dave every other blue moon. Golf can also be expensive. I also have a million and one other hobbies. But gosh darn it that golf bag is cute. I don't even own any clubs. I did go on my free cycle community and request a used set, but no one has replied, and I doubt anyone ever will. Apparently male and women clubs are different so I have to get women clubs per my husbands advice.

In the mean time I will just visit with the golf bags at Tjmaxx.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy 2nd bday Rachel!

The first day at home from the hospital.

Your first pictures.

Finally holding you on delivery day.

Finally meeting you.
Dear Rachel,
Your two years old today. The years have simply blown by. I became pregnant with you when your sister was three months old, and it was a hard pregnancy in the begining with some bed rest, kidney stones, hospitalization, and a million kidney infections. You were worth it all.
Right now you are talking more and more each day. You are fiesty, and you are sweet. You want to do everything your big sister does. You love on baby Emily, and are so gentle and loving with her. Almost every time we go out people mistake you and Laura for twins. I hope you continue to stay close with your siblings, and continue to grow into the little lady you are. I love you!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's probably PMS

I am having a "debbie downer day". I am irritated, and have been since yesterday. My oldest two were born a year and 2 weeks a part so February is a busy month around our house with another family's birthday in the mix, and everyone is still recovering from Christmas, and another crazy amount of family birthdays in Jan. ANYWAYS, I do seperate birthdays for my kids despite suggestions from some family members to combine their birthdays. I know it would be easier for me, attendees, etc, but I want my kids to have their own special day. As there is 3 of them they have to share enough as it is, so I am determined to make sure their days are special and non shared. Maybe I will give in, but for now I am holding my ground.

Yesterday was Rachel's party. I always do a dinner or lunch as I just want it to be a nice time and feed people who make the time and effort to come and give a gift, and celebrate another year of life. I already posted on how stressful that is enough when people wont RSVP so I end up over cooking, wasting time, money, etc . Well, my sister, the one I hold dear to me, called 3 hours before to say she wasn't coming as she was going out with her friends to this other function. My kid doesn't have a clue, but it hurt my feelings greatly. She's going through her own thing, and trying to find herself I guess, and I am trying to understand that, but she's been sucking as a sister for over a year now. She treats her friends like gold, and the rest of us catch hell. I feel sorry for her, and I worry about her. But I would never in a million years miss one of her kids birthday partys. It wouldn't even be an option for me to choose something else over their bday. I love her bad ass kids that much. And she refers to herself as the favorite aunt, whatever.... To top it off, she apparently had told everyone else in the world she wasn't coming way ahead of time, but I didn't get the notice from her until three hours before. Her kids came, and I invited her ex in to eat, which I am probably going to catch hell for, and be black balled from her life.

I was already rattled as I had my MIL pick up the cake on her way over and apparently I told them the wrong spelling for Rachel's name. It was able to be fixed, and it was totally my error, but I felt bad about that. I even had a stellar mom moment at the party and started cutting the cake totally forgetting she needs to blow her candle out. Way to go mom.

So the sister situation thing had occured, and then a couple who said they were coming didn't show, and another couple didn't come, and then my nephews called to say they have a friend coming with them, and we had another one of those requests as well from more family. \ I guess that part was no big deal since I had so many party bailers I had plenty of food, but I totally think its rude, and would never think to bring someone else along to a party. Did I write on the invites bring your own friend or something?

So I was in a horrible mood for the entire party, busy trying make things nice, and I just failed in every aspect. I am making a mental note to stop trying so hard, and to just never get my hopes up or have faith in anyone especially my family and friends.


Friday, February 20, 2009

I don't get it...

Last night I met someone who home schools her children while working full time. Basically she trusts that her two children are learning while she's at work. She does check in on them, and I am sure the kids are learning as I would think the state mandates they pass certain standards ( Iam guesing here) I just don't understand why someone would want to keep their kids out of school to be homeschooled, and work full time. I am trying not be judgemental, and I don't know her, but let's be honest, I totally am not feeling this. Would I home school my kids if I didn't have to work? Hell no. I am not a huge advocate of homeschooling. I know not everything works for every family, and some people think it's the way to go, but I just think it's awful.

Not all of my school experiences were wonderful, but the good and the bad are still apart of me, and I can't imagine not having those experiences. I can't help but think that homeschooling is just a serious overkill on sheltering a child. I just picture this parent who wont let anyone but them educate their child, and pretty soon I am picturing all sorts of crazy things. Don't get me wrong, everyone does it for different reasons, but I just have a serious problem with it. I also have serious issues with those who homeschool but then use the public schools for their extra curicular activities. Some public schools let these children come for PE, or be involved in band, sports, etc. I didn't even know that exhisted, until a few years ago, but it does, and I think it's total BS. If you don't want your kid to attend school there then why on earth would you let them do the other activies? All or nothing I think. Some public schools even let private school children do some of the activites like band, etc, and I think that is just as bad. Yeah yeah, your a tax payer. Blah Blah, I guess that's how they get around it, but it's just odd to me.

I am sure I will offend someone, and please feel free to educate me and share your side if you don't agree. I know people do it for different reasons just as why some parents choose private over public school. Some people think private school is horrific, and I personally think some are. No school is perfect, and no parent is either. I guess it's good that we have so many choices available, and we all just do the best we can in the end, and hope it's good enough.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

wally world adventures

I went to Wal-Mart yesterday. I have probably not been in there since shortly before I gave birth to Emily 5 months ago. I despise going there. In all reality, I like the deals, and they have some cute stuff from time to time. My issues is the one in my local city is ghetto, and that’s sugar coating it. The other ones in nerby area are usually a little safer, but offer the same eye popping sights. I don’t even have to explain that one. You know you too have seen some crazy eye sores and scary people. I have Walmart rules. I never go alone, I never go on weekends unless its super early in the day, and I would rather gouge my eyes then go on black Friday. Seriously the place gives me hives.
Anyways, I went to the ghetto one as it’s the easiest for me to swing into on my way home from work. I went alone, so I was being super brave. I prayed hard that I would not be robbed while I made my way from the parking lot into the store, and I refused to make eye contact with anyone once inside. My reason for going? I saw some super cute kids shoes and bathing suits on someone’s blog from the place, and I was shocked they were from Walmart. There’s not much I wont do for cute kid stuff. I found the sandals, but my walmart is slacking on kids bathing suits currently, so that was sad. I did pick up a cute dress for the oldest kiddos as well that will be fun for spring. THEN I noticed their easter stuff was out, so I bought a few goodies for their easer baskets so I can get the candy portion of the basket out of the way. I picked up a few items to have for Rachel’s bday party this weekend, so I can start getting ready for that. So all in all, it wasn’t that bad as it wasn’t crowded, and I wasn’t assaulted in the parking lot coming or going, but betcha they wont find me back for several more months- cute kids stuff or no kids stuff, I am just spoiled too much by my Target. I never feel dirty or afraid while I am there, I hardly ever see any kids with rat tales or mullets, and everyone is dressed appropriately without logos on their shirt with obscene words/pictures. Remember those Big Johnson t-shirts? Yeah people still sport those with pride at Wal-Mart. There parents must be so proud.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ramblings cont.

The good news: I had my first weigh in, and I lost 4.8lbs

The bad news: my bathing suit I ordered last week came in today and it looks awful on me. Miracle Bra Suit my hiney. I paid an arm and leg for it, and it's a disaster. Fugliest thing I have ever seen. I am sending it back tomorrow. I think I scared the children in it as I decieded I had to try it on immedialty in the kitchen. I know that's too much info for you, and my neighbors as well. I am crossing my fingers that Spanx will make a suit. I am in the clear then.

More bad news: After two calls to the doctor today to try to get my oldest in as she was screaming about a ear ache they decieded to work us in after hours when they figured we weren't going to give up on getting seen today, and she's got a double ear infection. I can't even begin to tell you how many ear infections the kids have had in the last few months. Poor babies.


Tuesday Rambles

**I have my first weigh in today with WW, and I think despite my weekend of overeating and not exactly following the plan, I should have some weight loss, since I have been weighing my self at work and it’s shown a drop. We shall see!

**My IRL (in real life) friend, coworker, and fellow blogger posted a recipe for making your own laundry detergent. I usually buy the Costco Kirkland brand, but this interests me enough and seems to work and be cheaper, so I am going to give it a try. Check out her blog, it on my blog roll and her title is Wireless Marionettes and other Scary Things. She’s super creative and funny. Start following her asap.

**My middle child turns 2 on the 23rd and we are having her party this weekend. I am cooking Chicken Enchiladas for an unknown amount of people because the entire world is rude and doesn’t RSVP anymore. Seriously, it never fails. Actually some people have and some I know will come like family, but everyone else is a guessing game which means I have to overcook and over buy, and then in the end waste money and food and my time. So if you don’t RSVP when your asked, suck it up and do it. Act like you have common sense and courtesy. Geese some people are really raised in a barn. Ok enough about that.

**Dave is doing super duper in the recovery aspect. He mainly took it easy the day of and the day after, he was even on planning on working out Monday morning, but his workout partner was sick. So my conclusion is vasectomies are so worth it. The procedure seems simple enough, and the recovery looks like a breeze.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy V-day!

Dave survived his surgery but I swear his brain cells were effected... Seriously, he was acting like rain man yesterday. He felt fine afterward and wanted to go in Harris Teeter to get meds filled and buy a few things and acted like a drunk. was bad. Guess that was the Ativan working in him.

Then I had taken my time and made gift bags for the girls for Valentine's Day. They were decorated all pretty etc. I had them lined up upstairs ready for today... So this morning I go to get the bags for the kids to open, and one is missing.... I was confused,and soon found out the contents from the missing bag were stuffed in the others... So just the actual bag was gone... Mr. Dumb Ass had apparently needed a bag for my gifts, and instead of say, opening the giftwrap closet and finding one, he just stole a bag I had ready for the kids. Idiot.

Anyways, it's been a nice quiet day. Dave did spoil me, I got a massage certificate, two pandora charms, some roses, AND I have the Snuggie coming my way. I know your all super jealous! Start sucking up to me ASAP 'cause like the info commercial says you get an extra free AND two book lights. Pictures to come when it arrives hehe.

I got Dave a Tommy Bahama watch from my bff Costco and a massage certificate as well.

Apparently we are going to dinner tonight with no reservations so we might end up at Taco Bell. Maybe if I'm lucky Arby's. Happy V-day!

Friday, February 13, 2009

I love me some ribbon...

Remember the bedazzle commericals in which you too can put bling on your jeans, or anything else for that matter? I never bought one, but today I have been beribboning. I beribboned a towel I bought the other day for our half bath down stairs with my sewing machine, and I am already plotting for something else to beribbon.

Got to go take the hubby to the slaughter house now!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I am on Day 2 of this diet crap. Day 1 was fine. Day 2 not so much. I have not blown it yet, but my will power is being tested... A patient made a cake. It's really pretty, in the shape of a heart, beautiful fatty frostening, cute decorations, and home made... I visited the break room three time so far to gaze at its amazement. I broke down at lunch and had a 2 inch piece. I am telling myself it was maybe 4 pts, please don't tell me I am way off. I need to lie to myself. I will have dinner, but I wont go out as Dave is going to be "under thhave a snack later tonight to make up for it. I plan on blowing my banked points this weekend betwee my nephews bday party and hopeing to go out to dinner for V-day. I doubt we will as Dave wil be sitting with a bag of frozen peas, but I can still dream. If worse comes to worse, I will order take out from somewhere, cause home girl isn't cooking on V-day, vasectomy or no vasectomy.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

WW cont.

SO the meeting last night went better then I expected. There were a lot of people there, of all shapes, sizes and ages, BUT Dave was just one of two guys there. I even recognized an old teachers wife of mine from high school. I didn't say anything to her and I am sure people don't want to be recognized at such meetings, and she doesn't know me. I just know of her, and I seriously sweated her husband (he was a super hot teacher and swim coach, so by now most you know who I am talking about).

The leader/speaker at the meetings is really good. She's funny, and motivating. She showed Dave and I a picture of herself before she joined, and she was just really personable. We had our weigh ins, got our materials, Dave bought a crap load of their snacks, and were on our way. I am committing to 10 weeks of going, and after 10 weeks we shall see if I can stand to keep on the plan without going to the meetings. New people are asked to stay after the meetings to make sure they understand the diet etc as it is a bit confusing at first. We didn't stay last night as he wanted to get home to kids asap, but next week I think we need, as the plan has had some recent changes. When Dave and I did it you had two plans to choose from- Flex Points, and Core. We did flex, but apparently it sounds like momentum is the sole plan now, which is still points based, but focuses on foods that keep you fuller longer.

I am bit concerned about my daily points. Last year when I tried it online for a little bit before I got pregnant I was given 23 points.... According to the new plan I get 24. So I get an extra point, but I weigh less now then when I got my points last year, so I don't get why I get another point? I guess I should just shut up and eat that point, and if for some reason the weight loss isn't happening like it should I will just take the point away. When you figure up your points you have to take into account how much you weigh, your height, and then it asks you how active you are, like if you have a sit down job, or if your on your feet alot. I got confused here, as I am on my butt a lot at work, but often I am only there for 6 hours,and the rest of my time I am at home running around like a chicken with my head cut off with my kids. And I do fit in some exercise, so I justified I was active between chasing kids, and what not.

I did make a new discovery that egg whites are zero points. Woot. I love boiled egg whites, especially with some hot sauce. Yeah I'm a weirdo.

Dave is all excited about the diet, so excited he got up at 4:30 am to leave for the gym. He's got a bet going with another guy from work to see who can lose the most weight. They apparently are going to have a weigh in on 7/31/09 and have put a small wager on it. Good for him.

So my starting weight when I weighed in at the meeting- 161.8. Please keep in mind this was at the end of the day, I had on regular clothes, and some shoes, and I had a dollar in change in my pocket lol. Earlier that day at work the scale said 161.0, before girlfriend went crazy at lunch time with a burrito the size of her head.

Seriously, if anyone locally wants to do this with us, please feel free to join us. It will make it more fun, and we can cheer each other on. I have to say its so nice to have a meeting location just a couple of miles away, and even though it is at the Jewish Center, it really is open for everyone.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weight Watcher Slackers

As I mentioned in my previous post my husband and I are jumping back on the WW wagon. The meeting is tonight, and should be interesting, or at least I hope there are some crazy people at the meeting to make me giggle. No I am not going to make fun of over weight people at the meeting,… just the crazy ones. Seriously, those meeting always give me some amusement. So this morning I woke up and thought I would be proactive and get a jump start on eating better. I measured my cereal, instead of just dumping as much as I could fit into the bowl, had just one diet coke (gasp), and went off to work. At work I weighed myself on our scales which are very accurate, and even stole the dieticians measurement tape and took some measurements, got a nurse to give me my height, etc. I looked up my BMI again as I have not been on my wii fit in a while, which clearly I need to break out again.
Shortly after I had to do a patient assessment with an older gentleman and we got on the subject of weight loss somehow and he informed me that he thinks I need to lose 10 more lbs or so, and then I will be good to go. I love honest old people. They really do mean well… or at least they think so.
This is where todays dieting goes down hill. I ordered lunch from California Tortilla, scarfed it all down with half a candy bar that someone offered me, then I ordered a bathing suit which may or not ever fit. At this rate it wont fit, but I told myself it was ok as I had not technically had my first meeting yet, so I need to get this binging crap out of my system. Hopefully this isn’t a omen of what is to come.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Bite me

Yikes. I hope noone is judging me from the books read this year side bar. I have gotten into this vampire series, no it's not the Twilight Series...I read those during maternity leave, and those are awesome, but I read them all. This other vampire series is much different. I can only describe it as "Vampire Smut" . HBO has even made a series out of the books -True Blood. The content is crazy, jaw dropping, and I just can't stop reading these books and watching the show. I am on book 7. So far it seems like Season One on HBO is based on Book 1 with some changes of course. The main character is Sookie Stackhouse. Totally sounds like a porn star name right? Anyways, I don't know how many books there are in the series but I just can't stop reading them. I probably wont ready anything else until I gobble up the entire series, and then I need to move on to non Vampire related literature before I start wearing black all the time.


Exciting Week...

Dave and I have decieded to join Weight Watchers again (we joined 4 years ago on Valentine's Day). He wants to lose some serious weight, and I need to start eating better. I have been eatting horribly....seriously, its been bad. My weight loss is only from Alli, and being active, and considering I have not been all that active lately, I am going to have to give the Alli some major props, but seriously, I think it would be cheaper for me to just abuse laxatives... So wish us well as we try to start eatting better, and leading a more healthy lifestyle. We are going to go to the meetings, we actually found a jewish center around the block that has WW center. I am guessing its ok non-jewish members to go? If not maybe I should come up with a fake name and dye my hair darker just in case. It better fly because I don't have many other choices for meeting sites. We are going the "in person" meeting route rather then computer as we need accountability of having to weigh in front of others. If anyone else wants to be non Jewish nerds like us feel free to join us on Tuesdays at 5pm. You know you want to. Heck, we can even grab a healthy dinner afterward to celebrate.

Dave also goes friday to get his vasectomy! Friday is the day before Valentine's Day, AND it's friday the 13th! How funny is that? Poor guy, but this needs to be done. My uterus is closed for business. Tore up from the Floor up. Don't tell me we need to try for a boy. That's just crazyness...remember that lady with 14 kids said she just wanted one more as well, and she got 8 more! That would so be me if we tried again. Minus the single mom, mental illness, hoping to go on the Oprah show thing she's got going on.

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Sunday, February 8, 2009


It was a perfect day... The weather was gorgeous, I went for a run, I went to TJmaxx, got some cute spring things, and some awesome 7 for all man kind jeans, I have no business buying anymore jeans, but hey, you can never have enough jeans...especially at Tjmaxx prices... and then I got to have a nice long bike ride...the day ended with some great wine and a crazy episode of Big Love.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dear First Born...

Dear Laura,

You are three years old today, and I know this sounds like every other mom, but I honestly can not believe it. I don't think I have ever been as scared before in my life then I was that day, and I have a hard time thinking about the events that day, and how scared I was that I was going to lose you when there were in distress. You came by c-section that evening, and I finally got to meet you. It was love at first sight for me and your dad.


You were so tiny weighing 6.2.


The first year blew by so fast... I became pregnant with your sister when you were just three months old, and it was not an easy task to keep up with you, as you started walking at 10 months. You were just ready to take on the world, and you made life fun.





I love you so much and you amaze me every day with what you say, do, create. Right now your a combination of a priss pot, and a tom boy much like someone else we all know...You love playing with playdough, painting, drawing, and of course even in the winter you ask if we can go to the pool since you love it.

Having you and your sisters has been my greatest accomplishmet, and the best thing hands down to ever happen to me. Happy birthday little girl.


Maybe I should have taken them to happy hour...

Today I had to go to a inservice with all of my area's social workers and dieticians. Let's face it, I'm generally there for free food and occasional pens and notepads that we get at these. I do learn something new sometimes, but hey, free food and I come running. Afterward the social workers wanted to have a meeting to touch base (excuse for a bitch session). Apparently, all the other social workers are freaking the blankety blank out as their units are just now starting with all the new madatory governement induced changes. They are simply losing it. Seriously, I thought I cussed alot, these women have nothing on me. I sat there chill, as well, my units were the first one to get started on the changes back in December exactly when I came back to work, so I am over it now. I had my freak out session then and now I am pretty much over it. The work is well, a super pain in the butt, and just adds to the already mounting paperwork we already have, but I am getting my part done. It was nice to sit there carefree, but apparently my chillness got on some up tight people's nerves. I totally sympathize with them, but hey, I got hit with the crap on day one from getting back from maternity leave, so my advice to them is do what I did. Go home, drink ALOT, whine, cry, and then do your job and get over it Of course I didn't say this to those women, or I wouldn't have made it back home. Stressed out social workers are just scary crazy people to begin with.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009


A few days ago I started a new project. I am working on a small child/throw quilt with my mom. New moms might recognize the characters as its based on the Brown Bear book. Laura is a huge fan of the book. What I have done so far is sewn the polka dot fabric on to the edges. This will be my first quilt.



Beav's Wife gave me this awesome award! The Rules are I have list 5 reasons why my life is "grand", and then pass it on to five more peeps.

1. Dave and I have jobs, and job security
2. The kids are (for the most part) healthy , Em is getting over an ear infection
3. All of our family is local, which makes its nice to see everyone all the time
4. Tomorow I get a free lunch from a drug rep, that is sure to be yummy
5. I have a sweet husband that puts up with mood swings, and he works super hard to keep me smiling

I tag and give the award my mom, Jamie MountJoy (who seriously needs to update her blog so I know what's going on in her life) Katie, Jen, and new blog friend Laurie.


Magic Pants

Have you heard of “Magic Pants?” If you read Clemson Girl’s Blog then of course you have. If not on my side part I have a link to her blog, so read up on them. Magic pants are in reality black pj pants from target that you have to buy online by Gillian and O’Malley. The pants are cute, and they could work for lounging around, working out, but Clemson Girl braves them out in public with cute shirts/sweaters. They are black pants after all so you can get away with it I guess, or at least Clemson Girl can!
So after reading about said Magic Pants, I gave in ‘cause I am a follower like that, and ordered some. Hey there were cheap, and I tend to love anything from Target. I have to say I love them. I wore them at home around the house , and then I tried to be all brave like Clemson Girl, and wear them to work last week. I have worn crazier things. You have to understand, I was pregnant for almost 27 consecutive months. That’s over two years being pregnant guys. I didn’t really put much thought into how I looked, and I broke a lot of dress code rules with lots of flip flop wearing, heck I even wore slippers one day hoping people would think I was being fashionable, and think they were really short Uggs. Even now I will throw in the occasional jean wearing. I know I know … how unprofessional? But I spend a great deal of my time sitting on my behind at a desk, so some days it really doesn’t matter what I look like. Hey today I am rocking a cute dress, pany hose, and some hooker boots, so don’t judge me, I make effort on some days… Some days I just don’t care.
So back to my story, I decided to wear them to work ala Clemson Girl style. I wore a yellow sweater with them, so I was looking a little like a bumble bee, and feeling self conscious cause they are pj pants after all. Anyways, no one said a word to me at work at first, so I feeling sneaky and comfy. I was out on the patient floor making some rounds, and a nurse looks over at me who has known me since I started working there 5 year ago, and say “Hey Robyn, you got your fat pants on or what?” I then turned 5 shades of red. She didn’t think they were pj pants, she actually thought they were a pair of pants that I wore when I first started working that I wore a lot, as I was 50lbs heavier (and I wasn’t even prego) Yeah I had like two pairs of pants that fit back then, and I guess those pants reminded her of that. But it made me remember the fat years, and made me completely embarrassed. I wanted to make it clear that these weren’t the fat pants, so I called myself out and announced they were pj pants, and size mediums so there! I hate reminders of the fatness. I still have a way to go, but the numbers are scale are sure as heck better then they were a few years ago…