Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Girls are Mean

I hate going back and reading posts from when I was pregnant. I was such a mean biatch. Hormones I guess. Apparently I was also a mean biatch to people in highschool sometimes too. Maybe I can blame that on hormones too lol. I recently got in touch with a old friend from 9th grade. The school I was at, at the time was 8th-12th. It was small, and had lots of drama. When I look back I just remember having a ton of fun. I will spare the details since my mom reads this blog. The guy I am back in touch with was an 8th grader. We were friends, and because I was tomboy I actually played on the schools baseball team. Yes baseball with boys. I was good though people and could hang with them just fine. So this guy was also on the team, and we were JUST Friends. I went to homecoming with him that year, and it was actually my first dance in which we did the whole corsage deal, and had dates. I never liked him more then a friend, and basically I just wanted to go to the dance. This guy also has this issue going on with his face. Stop laughing. For a very long time he just thought he had really bad chapped lips, so he would layer on this cherry chapstick, and even put it around the outside of his lips too, so he kinda looked like this chapped clown. After a very long time he finally went to a doctor and got that crap taken care of. Years later he shot up in height, and turned out actually quite good looking. He got picked on a lot for the whole lip issue thing that year.

So out of nowhere he sent me a message saying he found some old note I wrote him back while cleaning out his old room at his parents house , and just wanted to say hi. I messaged him back and told him hello and asked what the heck I wrote in the note. I figured it was just the usual notes all the kids wrote back in the day. My school was huge into passing notes. I didn’t think it would be anything bad or off the wall. Apparently, he now has evidence that I was a big meanie. He replied back with this:

"ha, well it was really mean actually. Here's a quote from you: "you are just what everyone says you are; a immature, little dork, herpe lip, pain in the ass. Lose my phone # and don't ever talk to me or look at me again." Then you drew a picture of a face with a big red scribble above the top lip.
Damn that was mean. I should send the guy some flowers or something lol.


Monday, September 28, 2009

The begining....

So as I said in my last post I got this video from a friend, on a Thursday, and after staring at them all weekend I broke out one yesterday morning.... after thumbing through them, I honestly though the Plyometrics video would be a great starting point... I had no idea even what the heck that word meant, but I don't have a pull up bar yet and thought that this might be the easiest one to start out with.

I was horribly wrong.

The first thing out of the guys mouth when the workout began was that this was one of the hardest videos. He also said make sure you didn't eat at least a hour before working out, and dummy me just polished off a bowl of cereal.

Needless to say it didn't go well. I spent more time sitting on the couch or laying down hurting and cussing at the man. Even a worse ego blow, one of the guys in the video had a fake leg, and was able to do this.... Me with two healthy legs, not so much....

The video was an hour long of jumps, squats, and lunges at high intensity.

I spent more time on my butt just watching, but this morning my thighs and behind are on fire, so I still got a good workout...

Tonight I am going to attempt the ab ripper video in the set, which will probably go just as well...
Oh well.

I think I am going to have Dave take pictures of me to monitor my progress. If you think I am going to post those pictures on my blog your sniffing glue.

Happy Monday!


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fit Train...

Sigh...I joined a gym. Hear me out. It's a new gym that opens up next week. It's close by, I would go by it every day to work, it's open 24 hours, and the monthly rate is $10 and I can quit any time. I figured if I was going to join, I needed to do it now as it is probably the cheapest it will ever be, and I for some reason keep going, then I have at least locked in the cheap rate. Hey I even got a free t-shirt for signing up...

I have done other gyms, pretty much everything in the local area with the exception of Bally's. Bally's never got my interest for some reason. The other failed for lots of reasons... The first one I did was Gold' Gym. It was ok, but not really convienent. We did this before kids. I then joined the wellness center when our company was owned by Riverside so we got a good rate. That too was kinda out of our way, but we did go a lot to it, but then I got pregnant with Laura...Then I attempted Curves... I think Curves is fab for the older generation, but for young people it's stupid. Didn't do anything for me, and I could not stand this old lady telling me how to do things...Then we joined the Y after we had two kids figuring their family deal was great because of free childcare... The kids hated it, the gym was far away, and it's getting ghetto. If your not safe in the locker room, it's time to jump ship.

Mainly I want the gym for weights. I can do cardio at home, but I would like somewhere to do some weight training. So here goes $10...It's cheap, it's close by, it's open 24 hours, so if I flunk at this one god help me.

In other news I got copies of p90x from a bomb friend, and I am going to try those out. Honestly I have been scared to death to even watch them after hearing stories from people about throwing up while doing it etc. Maybe tonight I will try it for giggles.

So what's my goal? Honestly, I would like to wear a size 6. The last time I saw that was sophmore year of college. I am not even going to attempt a 2/4 goal which is what I could get my butt in during highshcool and freshman year.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Show us your life - Desserts...

Kelly's Corner is doing show us your life desserts....

Here is a quick No Bake one that is sooooo good and easy....

Oreo Balls

1 brick of cream cheese

Chocolate bark

package of Oreo's crushed.

Mix oreo's and cream cheese until well mixed. Melt chocolate bark. Take oreo mixture and roll into little balls. Use a tooth pick or egg separator to dip the balls into the melted bark so that they are covered. Place in a pan or Tupperware dish, and refrigerate until ready to eat.... They really just need long enough for the chocolate to set which doesn't take long. This is so good you will want to slap your momma, and they will be gone immediately....

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Emily's Education...

This morning I was looking through my kids preschool handbook, and I realized that next year Emily will actually be old enough to go to preschool.. .OMG… Their rule is they have to be 2 before September 30th, and well Emily will be 2 on the 17th sooo it’s possible for her….This upsets me for a few reasons… Reason one, OMG seriously? My baby in preschool already? Reason two, will she really be ready for that? My others were 2.5 and that .5 really is helpful …Reason three, I would have three kids in preschool at the same time attempting to keep up with their schedules, and face it, the school isn’t free so I guess I will be eating Ramen a lot and shopping budget will be non-existent... Holy Moly. (You hear that kids, your momma loves you so much she’s going to starve herself to send you to school, remember that when one day your taking care of me.) In all seriousness, it’s very affordable, but three does add up to a decent chunk. Guess who wont be getting a new car any time soon?
I would only put her in the 1 day program, and I probably wouldn’t even commit to it until I was sure she would be old enough to handle it… The one a day a week program doesn’t fill up that fast, so no pressure to make this decision by this winter when they start registering… I can put it off and feel her out… But my god, she just started walking, and now I have to think about her education so soon… eeeek.
So anyone else out there have any suggestions for early birthday kids? Should I wait and enroll her when she’s three, or should I just bite the bullet and go for it? It is only preschool, and it’s more about learning to play with other, etc… I could always hold her back when it’s time for Kindergarten.
This has me stressed to no end. They grow so fast!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Emily's 1st year pictures are up, and we did a few family shots. I look like a heffer, and even pregnant in some of them. I asure you I am not, it's just the stupid empire waisted shirt I picked out. I was also extreamly bloated ....seriously, I got on the scale today and I am 8lbs lighter... water retention sucks...

Any hoo, I do like some of the family ones on the rocks, and I love all of the ones of Emily.

Want to see them? Go here


Saturday, September 19, 2009


* Rachel had school yesterday, and it was her first day dropped off without parent. She wasn't scared a bit, and went into the classroom without any issues, and could have cared less that some kids were crying for all they were worth. I am so glad she likes it.

* I didn't post any pictures on this blog from Emily's party because I posted a bunch on facebook, and I digital scrapped some for my other blog, so if you want to check them out, look me up on facebook or check out the other blog.

* Yesterday evening Emily had her one year pictures done by the photographer that I did the year package thing with... (yes I know I did 1 years at the picture people too, but hey )If your local and pregnant, you have to do his baby package... awesome deal... This was the last session as part of of my package, and we went to Yorktown beach. He did a bunch of Emily, and then did a few of the whole family. I plan on getting a large one of the family, and hopefully I like them enough to do Christmas cards witht them.

* I had told myself earlier this past summer I would work out, tone up, and look all spiffy for this picture.

* Instead I gained 5lbs. Yikes! I did however go jogging the night before the picture for hope of a miracle, but really, who am I kidding... Don't get excited, I only went half a mile, but I thought I was going to die... I didn't have my music, and I didn't have a jogging bra on, so it was a blessing I made it half a mile. I am sure I looked akward running while using my forearms to hold down my boobs.

* I am going to start working out more, step one is to buy new batteries for my Wii remotes, as they are all dead, and I have been too lazy this summer to replace.

* After all the fuss on the blogs about how awsome Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte's are I broke down and bought one several weeks ago. I wasn't that impressed, and I recently tried 711's version of it, and let's just say, it put's Starbucks to shame, and is about 3 dollars cheaper... Super yummy...

* I am craving a pumpkin log. I have only had one and that was about 7 years ago at college... a girl made one for some party thing, and I am attempting to track her down for the sole purpose of getting the recipe, which is really sad... and surely wont help me in my venture to lose weight.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Emily!

Emily is offically 1 years old today! This picture was taken after Dave left the OR with Emily after her birth by c-section, and stopped by to show her off to her new sisters before heading to the nursery.... Laura was clearly no so sure, and Rachel has just been in love with her from day one... wanting to kiss on her, touch her little hands etc.

It's hard to believe she is 1 years old now. I love you sweetie!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ready for candy

Halloween costume crisis solved. Yes I realize I have over a month until Halloween. However, I am a planner. I do things ahead of time, it helps with my stress load, it makes me feel somewhat organized, and it’s just what I have to do…. I was very stressed with my options from Gymboree, whom I have always gotten the girls costumes before in the past… However, in August when they came out, I wasn’t that impressed…I did kinda like the cheetah costume they had, but my issue with them was price. I know Gymboree isn’t cheap, but I think it is retarded of them all the different pieces of the costume separate. The dress was 30 something, the tights were 12ish, and then the tail and cat ears were $20. Hello? This isn’t a formal dress for a party, it’s a freaking Halloween costume… Let’s be realistic Gymboree.
Honestly, I was close to giving in and was waiting for the right time to scoop it up with a coupon, but that’s when I scored a cute Lady Bug Costume at Tjmaxx. I love me some Tjmaxx. They have some adorable costumes…. The lady bug one is cute, extremely girly, and came with the wings, and head piece all for just $20. Can’t beat that. Laura loves it, and had already pranced around in it.
So the others? I was not handing down to Rachel this year, but she freaking actually asked to be a butterfly, so hey, she’s getting the hand me down from last year… Emily will be rocking out the bumble bee, so it’s official…. The kids are all going to be insects. Pretty, girly ones though…
Seriously, get to Tjmaxx and check out the costumes, Halloween decorations, and new fall clothes… cause you know I just didn’t buy the costume…


Monday, September 14, 2009

I got a ticket, and I didn't even do anything...

I was going through the mail today, and noticed something from a police department... I honestly almost thre it away with out opening it, thinking it was something asking for money, etc... I opened it, and soon learned it was a freaking speeding ticket violation from Washington DC, with pictures of a car (not mine) saying I was speeding going 51 in a 35 in late August...

For starters, I wasn't in DC I was at my daughters last gymnastics class with my husband, and our car was in the parking lot, and we are 2-3 hours away from DC.... And, my car is a Ford SUV, not a freaking Toyota... You can clearly see that the white SUV in this picture is not a Ford Expedition, which is what I own...The issue is the picture of the license plates looks like it says Robyn7, and that's exactly what my plates are...However I think they misread it... it does look like like Robyn7 though... is it possible for the DMV to have messed up? Or does that say Z on the end of it? Hard to tell... I can't even make out the Virginia on the tag...

UGG. I am hoping either the plates are from another state, or maybe it's just a crappy photograph. Either way, that's not my car, and my plates have not been stolen at any time...

I am appealing this by mail with pictures of my car, my license plates (mine have a blue crab on them too, so hopefully, they will see the mistake themselves, or else I'm getting a lawyer stat. I have a perfect driving record (watch, this means I will be pulled over tomorrow).


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Why I am fat.

More recepies for things I am making for the party....

Apple Dip

1 brick of cream cheese

3/4 cup brown sugar

3/4 cups toffee bits

1 teaspoon vanilla

Mix all, let chill and then serve with apples. Soak/dip your apple slices in pineapple juice to keep them from turning brown.

Scarf and gain 5lbs. You will want to lick the bowl. Try not to do this. Also, don't keep telling yourself it's healthy cause of the apples.

(this receipe came from a scrapbooking buddy, I can't take credit)


2 cans cranberry sauce

3 bottles bbq sauce ( because I am cheap I buy whatever is on sale. I think I used store brand for the party tonight)

1 jar cocktail onions (found near the olives usually)

bag of meatballs (which you should always buy from costco cause they are super cheap)

put cranberry sauce in crock pot then dump in frozen meatballs. However many your crockpot will hold. Drain liquid from onion jar, and then dump in cocktail onions. Pour bbq sauce on top. Let cook for several hours... time depends on your crock pot. I know not very exact but you can't mess it up- promise. Stir from time to time to mix up all the goodness. When the meatballs are hot and cooked, then its done.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Today Miss Rachel had her first offical day of class... it was just for one hour, and parents had to attend with their children, and they also did the class in shifts so only 6 were there at a time... but hey, slow and steady I guess. Rachel was very excited! She woke up this morning pumped about it, and wanted to leave for school at 7am. She wasn't excited though to wear this cute dress with flip flops smocked on it.... It wasn't worth the battle, so I gave her some options, and she picked this apple dress, which crazy enough is the same dress Laura wore for her first day last year.
Dave was off today, and he asked if he could go with her, since I am doing all the helper days this year, and since I also took her to meet the teacher. I was cool with it, but it didn't stop me from crying in the driveway as they left. She sat there with a huge smile on her face waving from her seat, and was just so excited to be going to school, and I just wanted to grab her from the car and keep her home. I can't believe how much she's grown up... I also made Dave take the camera and promise lots of pictures. The report I got after they got back was she did fine. She got a little shy when the teacher was talking to her, but apparently the teacher was discussing Chickfila with someone and that got Rachel excited , so she shouted "Cow???" Also they had icecream today for a special snack, and during prayer, Rachel attempted to stand up on the table in front of everyone. Hahaha.
I am proud of her, and I hope when I take her next week for her first class by herself she will be just as brave, and have a blast!


My baby turns 1 on the 17th, but we are doing her party tomorrow. For all three of my girls we have always had a family party and I have made BBQ. It's easy, always feeds plenty of people, and well, most people will eat BBQ.

I got this recipe from my mom, and I believe she got it from our local newspaper eons ago. It's my family's favorite, and everyone loves it so here it is...

Pork BBQ

approx 8lb or so Pork Shoulder, or even a Boston But. It can be frozen or fresh...

Place meat in large crock pot, pour cider Vinegar over meat into pot, so that about 2 inches are in bottom of crock pot. Then shake Liquid smoke in crock pot over meat. I usually give about 4-5 shakes. Then cook overnight. If it's frozen turn it on high, if it's fresh put it on low. Either way it will be done by morning.

In morning or 8 hours later, remove meat and discard liquid that was in crock pot. Then pick the meat off of the bone if your meat had a bone. Discard bone, fat. I shred the meat and put in a large Tupperware Bowl.

To make Sauce

3 1/2 cups ketchup

3/4 Molasses

1/2 plus 3 tablespoons of prepared mustard

2 1/2 cups cider vinegar

1 table spoon Tabasco sauce

3 tablespoons soy sauce

1 tablespoon black pepper (ground)

1/2 cup sugar

1 tablespoon liquid smoke.

I put all of this in a large container that has a lid and then I shake it for all I am worth.

I then pour this on top of meat to my and then let it sit on the meat in a Tupperware container in the fridge covered for one night to marinate in the sauce. It tastes better if it has time to do that. When I want to serve it I just throw it back in a crock pot to heat up and serve buffet style.

For Emily's party I have to double all of this because we have a big party. I cooked the meat last night and this morning I shredded it and have the sauce soacking on the meat in the fridge. Though it looks time consuming I assure you it's easy. Cause if it was hard I sure wouldn't even attempt it.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Today was Laura's 1st day with out parent in the classroom. It was just an hour today, next week it's a little longer, then finally they will be in full swing...She LOVED it! Marched right into class, apparently talked up a storm with her teacher, and had a ball. Her teacher is AWESOME! I really like her, and I have a good feeling about this year.
Rachel has class Friday, it's just for an hour, but a parent has to stay. Hopefully that will go just as well. I think Rachel will be fine, and she is excited to have the same teacher Laura has last year.
Other news, one of our favorite Mexican resteraunts burned down this morning... Luckily, it's a chain in the area, so there are others we can go to, but this one had so many memories of fun nights out. RIP Plaza. In honor I am making Mexican for dinner...
I watched Melrose Place last night, a remake thing kinda like the new 90210... horrible acting, but I enjoy a good train wreck, and love all the drama, so I might keep watching if it's not taken off the air.
I am pumped I won a ebay auction for a cute thanksgiving themed smocked dress...
I have a crap load of shopping to do for Emily's birthday party, and I need to get stuff to make BBQ. Oh and I am going to share the receipe on here, which is too die for and super easy. Seriously, this stuff rocks. Will post that later tonight or tomorrow...


Monday, September 7, 2009

Back From Luray, Va

This summer while I was super stressed with work drama, Dave took it upon himself to try to plan something for me to look forward to. What a man! We went off to Luray, Va, which is specifically out in BFE. Our 6 year anniversary was Sunday, so this was a nice weekend to get away. Luray is in the mountains, about 30 min away from Harrisonburg, Va. We stayed at Gander Island cabins, which is basically just two cabins on this farm right on the river. The cabins are new, and from just looking at the outside of the other one, are probably identical. They were really nice inside. We had Direct TV, our own hottub outside, a nice deck with a pretty view and rocking chairs. Our plans included a tubing trip which Dave told me would take 3 hours (ended up taking 5 lol), and I wanted to go hiking, and maybe see the caverns. We only ended up doing the tubing haha. The tubing took a lot longer then expected, though it was a blast. We brought a cooler with drinks, but didn't think to bring any food, so by the time we were done with that we were pretty tired and just wanted to eat. We mainly just hung out around the cabin and drove around looking at all the pretty sights.
We already want to go back, and next time (though I really, really, really enjoyed a break from the kids) we want to bring the girls, because they would have loved it. I think Laura and Rachel would love tubing. I also think they would love seeing the Caverns. We will most certainly be going back, and will be staying where we stayed this time most likely since we know it's not a dump.
After the relaxing weekend, I have to crack down and prepare for a busy month... The girls have started preschool, which is exciting but kinda a pain in the butt, as the school does a slow tranistion period with shorter classes at first, and parents tagging a long to ease melt downs in the begining.... Because of that I am only working 2 days this week. We also start some gymnastic classes again, having a small family birthday for Emily, etc etc etc. Trust me, my calender overwhelms me and stresses me out.
I do have the inside of the house decorated for halloween, and most of the porch. I am attempting to get caught up on cleaning the inside before we have Emily's party.... My MIL made me feel better about my house though, She asked if we have someone that cleans our house ( we have not had anyone is 2 years, damn I miss that) because she doesn't know how we keep our house so clean with three. Apparently she either thinks I do a good job, or maybe after watching them this weekend she thinks they are monsters. Anyways, it made me feel better, because seriously, all I do is pick up all freaking day when I am home, and I still never feel like I accomplish anything.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Blog

I started a new blog for my digital scrapbooking mess if you want to check it out go here:


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So now that I have finished Emily's first year page, I planned to get it framed and matted. I obviously do not know much about custom framing costs, having my only experience with this was getting one of Dave's police awards framed with his grandfathers old police whistle, which cost me an arm and a leg. Apparently, that's just what it always costs, and arm and a leg.

I attempted to be resourceful and thrifty by printing a Michael's coupon for framing, and I marched in thinking I was all that with my printed digital 12 x 12 photo montage... I picked out a frame and matting, which was very basic and not at all fancy. I smiled as I slid her my coupon, and then she informed me the cost with my discount would be $165, and wouldn't be ready for 3 weeks. Screw that. Not for a plain jane frame and mat job to go on something that cost me 2.99. Sorry sweetie.

I was able to find a pre done frame in their selection that will fit a 12 x 12 that looks just as good. I can't do a mat with it, but hey, my total cost was $13. I can live with that.

I also found my halloween tree recently! I had looked at Michael's, and of course they didn't have squat, halloween trees are not exactly everywhere I guess. I thought about spray painting a small fake table top christmas tree I had in the attic. It would do the trick. However, during lunch break fun at Tjmaxx I happend upon the perfect tree. Photobucket

It's teeny, Dave had it in his head I was bringing home a full size black tree or something, but I love it. They had the coolest halloween decorations there... seriously lots of crazy primative stuff that rocks my world. I didn't get anything else, but I sure did want to....

Speaking of which I set out my halloween tree right when I got home. Hey it's September 1st, that game for fall decorating as far as I am concerned. I already put out my fall wreath, and changed this slate sign thing I have outside with my pumkin one. Within the next week I will have my other fall inside stuff up and out, and after Emily's bday party I will have my outside decorations up. I get excited like that...


Last post on it before I start a blog devoted to it...

(page above is a page I did on my grandparent's 70th wedding anniversary)

I am pretty sure I will be starting a digital scrapbook blog, but until I do that please bear with me as I do another post on digital scrapbooking. The new digital sofware from Creative Memories just came out... It's the 3.0 version. No I do not have it ... YET. For me to upgrade from what I have now would be under $10. I am sure within time I will upgrade, but I am fine with what I have now.

Anyways, if you are looking for a program that is user friendly, cheap, I highly recommend their program. The new program hot of the market costs $64.95 if your new and not upgrading. You can either download from their site, or order the disk and upload. There is a free download,but skip over it and get the story book creator plus. The free download wont let you do cool things, it's a waste of your time, even if your new to scrapbooking.

For $64.95 you get the software that you can use with any digital scrapbooking stuff , not just CM, you also get some free content/packages. It's seriously a great bargain. Just do it. I am an digital addict now, and from what I have read even people who didn't care of traditional scrapbooking try this out and get hooked because it's so easy and you can do amazing stuff.

One thing I love about CM's website is all the ideas and freebies they have daily for digital scrapbookers. Every day I am excited to check out what freebies are out there.