Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I am loving this Hot Yoga mess. I did three classes last week, and have signed up for two this week, and trying to figure out how to squeeze another one in between softball practice. I love how I feel after the sessions, despite being covered from head to toe in sweat. I love how it's a super intense workout without being out of breath. I never thought I would like it this much. Apparently a lot of other people that go are just as pumped about it, and I giggled yesterday before class over hearing a lady tell someone else about the wonders it's done for her digestive tract. We can all sleep better at night knowing that lady is regular. In all seriousness, Yoga does have benefits for just about everything.

Besides Yoga not much else going on besides house projects. The husband started on a backsplash in our kitchen last Thursday, and tonight he is hoping to get the grout finished. It looks awesome...I picked out some slate after being inspired from Frugal Fab's blog on her kitchen redo. The dark slate looks killer with our cherry cabinets, and dark countertop. I also like the idea that not many people have slate tile for a backsplash, so I feel special minus the fact I totally copied someone else'e look online. I will post pics once it's done. This was Dave's first time messing around with tile, and I think he did great. Apparently, he's enjoyed it as he wants to tile the bathrooms now. Though all these house projects have been fun, interesting, and rewarding, I am ready for a break from them soon just to have a chance to have the house in order, as the mess associated with the projects gives me anxiety.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Let's try this again..

I noticed I had someone come to my blog from this SITE... She wrote about a post I did, and she put down what she commented. I don't mind her blogging about me as a topic, but I do mind being called "poor woman". Ouch... She did give some valid arguments in her comment she left, but she totally just over reacted on her post about me. (Meaning I am super pissed about being refered to as Poor Woman. I actually thought her comment was super informative until she went all poor woman on me). My post wasn't bashing the bejesus out of home schoolers. I was just curious, and not getting it. I am not going to seek them out and point and laugh or tell my kids to throw rocks at them.

Home school your kids if you want, send them to private schools, send them off to boarding school, do whatever you want that is best for you and your family, and child. I'm not here to hate on anyone, because parenting is hard stuff. God knows I didn't make things easy on my parents, and I am sure I will face some trials a long the way with my three.


I love scrapbooking. LOVE IT. I think it is so important to take picture, and organize them because when it's all said and done only memories and pictures remain. The problem? It's time consuming. I have started getting into digial scrapbooking. I have much love for the website howfasttheygrow.com. But the cookie cutter type templates just don't cut it sometimes, and if you do a lot of pages it's expensive. I also hate waiting for them to come through the mail. I recently branched out and bought Creative Memories digital stuff. If you have not checked out Creative Memories lately you are missing out. Their products have thankfully gotten with the program. There not the crappy stickers, plain paper you are thinking of anymore. Admit it, you too got sick of the poor selection and started hitting up Michael's and your local scrapbook store. Personally I had just been buying their albums and some of the tools because I wasn't impressed with much else of their selection. Well that has changed...They have a huge digital line, and their papers and stickers are pretty darn cute.

I bought the creative memories story book creator plus and their memory manger, and I AM IN LOVE. The memory manager is awesome for photo editing and organizing. I almost didn't get it as I figured I could organize the photo's just as well on the computer, but I am really glad I bought it. The story book creator is really easy to use as well. I seriously just did two pages after playing around for a second, and I love it. You can pick your papers, embellishments, add text, change font, etc etc. The cool thing is you can save your pages and then upload them to costco.com as they print pics in size 12 x 12 and even 8 x 8. I just ordered the two above pages 5 min ago, and I plan on picking them up today when I make my costco run. I am excited I can have creative freedom again with the digital style, and can get my pages asap through Costco at low prices. This might mean I might be caught up on my albums soon! EVEN better...I always make an album for the grandparents for Christmas, and this will be a quicker, easier, and cheaper way, as I could print the same pages in 8 x8 sizes for them (the size I usually use for their books). Wow my life just got easier...Thanks again Costco.

If you need a creative memories consultant I have the best one ever...


Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm Back!!

We left for Pa Thursday morning early, and we got back in Saturday afternoon. We came back a day early because frankly, we shopped our buts off, and were too tired to function. I had fun, and shopped my heart out. Seriously, Obama is probably going to send a letter in the mail thanking me for helping the economy. Not only did we hit the outlets, we also ventured out to Costco and Target while in PA. Hey, I wanted a bunch of cute stuff that they had but didn't want to pay the sales tax on clothes like you have to in VA. I also scored some zebra curtains in Target. For more then two months now I have been hunting for zebra curtains for the playroom, as all the targets in my local area have been sold out, so I was super excited to find them in PA.

I refuse to take a picture of all of my loot in fear everyone will hate me for being a spoiled brat. I did take some pics of some of my fav things I got though.

A beautiful coach bag

My exciting zebra curtains for the playroom to hang after we paint the room

Cute Hartstrings dress from Costco
dress 2

Dress for Laura to wear next Christmas

Ornament from the National Christmas Museum, for my future tropical theme tree

I was happy to get the Hartstrings dresses from Costco, and I also scored big at their outlet store in PA. They had a huge 80% off rack, and I seriously went to town for the kids. I didn't have as good as luck at The Pottery Barn Outlets. Last year I got a bunch of cute things for the kids for Christmas. At the kids PB I did get a rug and shower curtain for the kids bathroom, but that was it.

For myself I scored a bunch of shorts, and springy work clothes.

I had a good time and I am glad to be back home! Tomorow I have a crazy amount of house work to do, and I have hot yoga in the morning!!!!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Will be out of town for a few days, and I am going to leave the laptop at home! See everyone Sunday!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hot Yoga Recap

Hot Yoga was awesome… I was nervous about going but I have to say I am so glad I tried this, and I might just be hooked. The room was rather warm. Duh it’s hot yoga, but it wasn’t as hot as I thought it would be. The temp they say is 100 degrees, and I sweated my butt off, but it was a good sweat if that makes any sense. The room was full of mirrors and kept dark.

The place I went to is right near my house, and you can sign up for classes that they have daily at all different times online which is really cool. I signed up for a class tonight and tomorrow night as well since I liked it so much. If your new it’s $10 for a week and you can go as much as you want. After that then there are different rates depending on how much you go. If you want to just drop in and pay it’s $15 a session (sessions last 60 min), and then of course the sessions are cheaper if you pre-pay for some in advance.

I am sticking to the sessions that are beginner friendly, and I am hiding out in the back of the class. The instructor was good about giving attention one on one when needed, and suggested some poses for some people who obviously spend a lot of time at yoga given how flexible they were. As for my flexibility, it’s pretty crappy. It was relaxing, and a awesome workout if that makes any sense. A yoga mat is required, but they have some to rent, and yoga mats are under $20, and can be found at Walmart, Target, etc. They give you a towel to put over your mat to give your feet some gripping because of the sweat, and you get a hand towel to dry yourself off when needed, and you are required to have a bottle of water the room to stay hydrated.

I felt really good after the session, and even peaceful , which surprised me because I am not someone who relieves stress by meditating. (Side note, at a Catholic School I went to the religion teacher had us do these meditation exercises and I was always in a fit of giggles thinking it was the dumbest thing ever) I was nervous I would be a giggle box at Yoga, but it wasn’t like that. If anyone wants to do it with me I have an extra yoga mat! You know you want to sweat your butt off with me!!


Monday, March 23, 2009


You have to check out my friends new Etsy Store! She has made the cutest lamp shades ever perfect for a nursery!


More Randomness....

We have made major strides in Potty Training lately with Laura. You don't know how exciting this is for me. She woke up Friday and while I was dressing her for school she annouced she didn't like diapers and she wanted to wear her underwear. I was beyond excited to say the least. I did put her in a pull up when she went to preschool that day, as I wasn't sure she would ask for help to go to the bathroom, but she made it through the school day completely dry. The rest of the weekend she did awesome, and just wore pullups at night time or during naps. I am so proud of her. I guess kids really just have to do this on their own on their own time. Rachel has a lot of interest in potty training since she's been watching Laura, so I am pretty certain that she's not too far away herself. Guess I will be buying lots of underwear on my trip this week to the outlets!

I have talked here some about how I wanted to try Hot Yoga as there is a studio near my house, and I finally got the nerve up to sign up for a class. My class is tonight. We shall see how it goes I guess...This place lets you sign up online which is cool, and they have lots of different times. They have late evening classes and early classes, which makes it good for me with work and the kids. I am trying the evening one tonight. Guess I will be trying to dig out my old yoga mat I bought in college out of the attic!

Last night Dave and I became the owners of a sweet eliptical. It's a really nice one. I was telling a friend about how I been thinking about buying one, and wouldn't you know it they had one they were not using anymore, that is less then a year old. I got on it last night for a little bit, and I am in love with it. I now have no more excuses for not being in shape. Yikes! The pressure is on! I also got a phone call about playing on a co-ed softball team, which I am excited to do again after sitting out last season since I was pregnant. All this activity I have planned has got to at least trim off a few lbs Speaking of which I have WW tomorow YIKES! It's not going to be pretty. The food stories I could tell you...


Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Countdown begins...

Next Thursday I am leaving to head to Lancaster, Pa with my parents. I went with them last year for my first time, and we had such a great time I have a feeling this is going to be an annual thing for us now. They have the coolest outlets. Don't get me wrong, the ones we have in Williamsburg are pretty darn good, but PA's put them to shame, AND there is no sales tax on clothing/shoes. Last year I got a lot of stuff for the kids/husband, and I bought some maternity clothes for myself. THANK THE LORD I am done with maternity clothes.... Sheesh with my first pregnancy I started wearing them immediatly all excited to be in maternity...by my third I tried my hardest to advoid maternity clothing, and thanks to some weight loss I mainly just put on some shorts and pants from fatter non pregnant days.

This shopping trip I need to get a bunch of stuff for the kids for spring/summer, and I am badly in need of the same for myself. Seriously, I don't have a single pair of shorts that fit...I tried to rock some shorts a few weeks ago when it was warmer and Laura asked me if I was wearing Daddy's shorts... Not a good look. Mommy needs some new clothes.

I am super excited about their Pottery Barn kids outlet, and their regular Pottery Barn outlet. They just have everything it seems, and I am ready to make a big haul.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Easter Tree

As much as I get into Halloween and Christman, I don't have a lot of Easter Decorations. I have over the years attempted to be crafty and make some... who can forget the horrid wreath I made last year with bright plastic easter eggs and the glue gun. I tried and failed lol. It happens. This year I made an easter tree with the kids. I took a glass vase filled it with easter basket filler, then spray painted a branch I got out of my neighbors yard and we hung these egg ornaments. I found the egg ornaments at Target 3-4 years ago in the dollar spot. I had never used them before 'because I bought them and promptly lost them until a few weeks ago. It's not spectacular but the kids had fun with it, and Laura thinks it's pretty.

I have a few other Easter decorations but to be honest there somewhere in the attic. I may or may not get around to finding them cause I am a slacker like that. I will at least dye some eggs with the kids, and I plan on trying to find a Easter Egg hunt or having one of our own for the kids.


Someone is feeling better!

Rachel is back to her happy self today. She's still not eatting much and I expect we will have to take her to an all you can eat buffet when her appetite comes back, as she's out good eater.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's been an interesting day... Rachel has the flu, Emily is teething, and Laura has to get a procedure done (ultrasound of kidneys and some horrible dye test in which she has to have a catheter) Uggg....

*EDIT*Laura was able to pee in the cup for the appointment today- and all is good with her, but apparently the way my docs office works if your under 7 and have an UTI they ask that they get the kidney ultrasound and dye test done over at CHKD in Norfolk. They are supposed to call back with the test date, but since it's her first UTI I am a little hesitant to make her go through all of that... seems a bit much to make her go through all because of one UTI....Maybe I need to talk to her doctor more about this whole thing.

We moved up the shutter place estimate appointment to today to make life even more interesting and we are getting the kitchen done first. We have to take our time with this due to the costs, but we sure saved a heck of a lot by going with this company rather then Lowe's...


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mellow Yellow

The entryway/front hall got painted Monday, and I am really happy with the paint job. We went with a pale yellow, and it has really made everything more cheery. I almost went with a shade brighter and I am glad I didn't. I was scared the shade I picked would be to pale, but it was actually brighter then I thought. I am really happy with the results though. Dave has completed the chair rail and painted it, and has plans to do more trim detail stuff, that hopefully will happen in my lifetime. I have a place coming out Friday for an estimate for Plantation Shutters, for the breakfast nook, so that excites me.

Right now I am steaming at my husband as today my oldest was SUPPOSED to go in to the doctor to check and make sure her UTI is gone. He had made the follow up appointment and told me March 18th at 2:20pm. All week I have been sweating this appointment, as I really hope she doesn't have be catherized, as it's unlikley I will get her to pee in a cup. I had to leave work early and I have had a lot going on at work this week so I don't have time for stupid male brains right now. I get home to gather stuff to take her and I just happend to check the machine. It was the office confirming her appointment for TOMOROW. I called the office ASAP, to confirm the date, and then discussed the situation with the husband. Sure as you know what, Dave told me the wrong date. He failed to get an appointment card, so it's basically his word against there's, but I am ticked. I planned my work week all around this, and I can not take off tomorow because I HAVE to see a patient tomorrow in order to have the stupid treatment plan done in time for the meeting. Meaning if I take off, at the TP meeting, I will look like a idiot in front of the doctor. So I left early for nothing, and now I have no choice except for my husband to take her, which means any info he gets he will forget. I also really wanted to be there for her in case she does have to be catherized, as I know that isn't fun at all.

I guess the day isn't totally wasted as now Rachel is sick with something so I am taking her into the doc in a few hours. Fun times having a bunch of kids. I take in Emily next week for her 6 month check. A good portion of our money will be going to copays this month.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Plantation Shutters...

Question. Anyone out there recently purchase Plantation Shutters or looked into it? I priced some at Lowe’s that a company installs etc, and there is 10% off being offered until April. BUT I bet Lowe’s has a charge thrown in there for being the middle man, so it got me thinking it might be cheaper to go somewhere else… Anyone know what the costs are elsewhere or know of any companies that they were impressed with. I know they are expensive, so I just want to make sure I have quality, and I am attempting to find a reasonable price if even possible.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shoping adventures, and dirty houses...

I went back to the meca of all Tjmaxx/Homegoods store, in Virginia Beach yesterday. It did not disappoint. I scored some cute silver and pink new balance sneakers for $24.99, which I had to buy since I have not bought sneakers since 06, I am long over due, especially if I keep my workouts going. My other shoes have seen better days if you know what I mean... If you ever need a frame Tjmaxx is the way to go. I have been looking for a nice 8x10 frame to put one of Emily's portraits in, and I am glad I waited as I got a gorgous matted one for 9.99. I also got a pretty frame that holds 4 4x6 pictures matted as well for 14.99. I am glad I waited, as these are perfect and a million times cheaper then any other place.

I also picked up a dress for work, a cute top, and a zebra print paper holder for my desk at work. I have gotten on this zebra kick, and yesterday that had a crazy amount of zebra stuff. I used serious restraint. I mean you can only have but some much animal print stuff before you have to start wearing spandex skirts, hooker boots, and blue eyeshadow.

They also had a big display of Lilly Pulitzer clothes, most of it was for women who do not eat, but they had a cute pair of hot pink capri pants that actually fit my behind. I should have bought them, but I already had a crap load of other stuff in my cart. So that went back. Seriously, If I was told I could only shop in two stores for the rest of my life it would be Costco, and Tjmaxx. S

I went shopping yesterday with my friend/babysitter, who made me feel extreamly old when I shocked her by telling her No Doubt was big when I was in high school. Seriously people, she thinks they are a fairly new band. Oh, and she scored even bigger points when she said I need to pay her to clean my house. HA! She reads my blog, so I am sure she will get a kick out of my statements. Honestly, she didn't offend me. My house isn't in top form unless we are having a gathering. I heard this on the radio the other day, and basically it's been true for me. "If you want to see me come any time, if you want to see my house make an appointment". Don't you just hate it when someone just stops on by and your house is looking like a war zone? I always die a little inside when that happens to me.

I don't know if any other parents feel this way, but seriously I spend a lot of time cleaning every freaking day and still my house looks like crap half the time because of kids, and my husband has habbits of making little clutter piles EVERYWHERE. I have major issues with the daily messes because I am super anal. Every day I attempt to organize one thing, run a load of laundry, and clean something, and I just can't catch up. I did a little happy dance the other day as I finally got caught up on the kids laundry, and had it all put away, and then I look to my left, and another load of kid laundry had formed again. I just can't win. The kids come behind me and throw their stuff everywhere, and after every meal the kitchen takes a major beating. It's impossible for me to go to work, keep the house clean, and spend time with my three kids and husband. I don't even work that many hours in a week for goodness sakes, and I just can't keep up. Anyone have any suggestions? I used to have someone come once a month, honestly they weren't too impressive, and they over charged, and I gave up on finding anyone else. I did look into The Cleaning Authority, but they were even more money and at a minum they come every other week, and it's different people in your house, and my husband has seen a lot of people that work for them in court if you know what I mean....

Enough ranting, I gotta do some cleaning!!!

**edit** girlfriend gave me a $50 quote to vacume, dust, and swifter the downstairs. Which would take a hour TOPS, and that's being super slow. Um no, but if this is the going rate then I am quiting my job asap and becoming a cleaning lady. Love you Sarah!


Friday, March 13, 2009

Go Shopping!

I have a coupon for 30% off for Old Navy, Gap, or Banana Republic that can be used in store or online that is good through the 15th- email me if you want one to print!!!! robyngiles7@cox.net or leave a comment with your email... I scored the above at Old Navy yesterday, plus some pants that I couldn't find a pic of online. I may try to get to Banana tonight over in City Center for giggles when Dave gets home.

**EDIT** I went to Banana and the sales people there def. work on commission...I went in the dressing room with a couple of items,and next thing I know Mr. Banana man was bringing more clothes to try on that he thought would look good. Yeah... I came home with all the stuff he picked out in the end... I felt like I was on "What Not to Wear".

P.S. The pink and brown polka dot tjmaxx golf bag came home with me Wednesday night... it was red tagged, meaning I saved 60 bucks. I took it as a sign for God to buy it lol. I saved my receipt in case I see the bags get marked down even more, 'cause you know I want think twice about returning and rebuying. It's not like I am going to use it any time soon since I don't own any clubs yet...


More Sewing Fun

Please excuse the myspacey teeny bopper esque picture. I tried to taking shots by pointing the camer at my face and just wound up with close ups of my chin rolls, so I moved on to the mirror. I have made a few of these necklaces now, and this one I made last night, and it's my fav. I got a lot of really cute material at this quilt show, a few weekends ago. I plan on making a pillow this weekend at some point. I also need to finish up the Brown Bear Quilt.

In other news I am having our entry way, stair case, and front hall painted monday and I super excited! I am sooo glad we waited... A year and a half ago we got a price quote for it, and we were not too thrilled with the quote so we held off. We decieded to just bite the bullet and do it a few weeks ago, and had a referral from a friend for this guy, and this quote was A LOT cheaper. I am guessing there are some better deals out now with times being tough. Regardless I am super excited about coming home this coming Monday to the finished product! I bought the paint for the job yesterday, and ended up going with a super pale yellow color. It's not a major change from what we have now, we have a light beige color going on currently, but it will brighten up the space.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Laura had school pictures today. No, it wasn't her normal school day, but the photographer couldn't be there on her normal school day so her class had to come in for this event. I, being a super control freak, didn't trust anyone else to dress her and take her to school for this, so I took off to handle this. Total waste....We got there at our scheduled time, but they were beind, so we sat and watched a few classes get their pics done. She was being super clingy the entire time, warning sigh number one. Then when it was FINALLY our turn, they did a class picture first. She was sitting fine for it, even had a smile on her face, when the photographer decieded to move her and another girl as they both had on dresses and you could see their diaper/underwear. Laura evidently did not want to be moved and had a melt down...Great just great.

Then we went to do individual pics....I knew it wasn't going to go well, and we sat and waited while every other child did just wonderful and gave million dollar smiles. Not my child. She freaked out. Guess I wont go breaking the bank when it comes time to purchase pics. I think part of the problem is she was spent from waiting around forever since they were running way behind, and another problem was she was so confused why we were at school but not in her classroom. But then again all the other kids did just fine. I am trying to just give her the benefit of the doubt here.

Of course my dad tries to rub it in and say he never has a problem and would have done just fine with her. WTF. I refraimed from shooting him the bird. But seriously old man? Yeah this is coming from the man that thinks its aceptable to give the kids diet dr pepper, and candy all day long, and now he thinks he's the baby whisperer or some crap.

Obviously I am cranky, this Day Light Savings Time mess has seriously cramped my style.

Monday fun

Dave and I had plans to go to the gym yesterday, it was so pretty though it seemed like a waste for us to spend it inside a gym. We ended up over at this park near our old highschool, where there is a trail and we walked/ran. Actually I guess we sprinted some too, as when we would start to run, we would get in competition with each other and try to out run the other one. Dave enjoyed making fun of my power walk stride, and I enjoyed cracking jokes about other walker/runers on the trail who think because it gets a little warm outside that they need to start dressing like strippers. Seriously there were some sights to be seen. I have never seen so many men wearing short shorts on either. UGG, their wives are doing them a serious injustice by not telling them look hilarious.

We have a weight watcher meeting tonight. My last weigh in wasn't so good, I gained 1.6, and I don't think this one tonight will be any better, I honestly wasn't following the diet at all, I fell off the WW wagon I guess haha. I am back on now though, or at least I am trying to. I just love food so much. I think I am not going to weigh tonight, we get a no weigh in pass to use if we just want to skip it. I will stay for the meeting though as clearly I need to get pumped up again about weight loss.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Can you believe we had snow last week?

I know these are the same pics I posted on my facebook and myspage page, so if you follow me on those, sorry for repeating. Anyways, the pics were taken yesterday near the end of the day after Dad came home. We spent a lot of time outside yesterday blowing bubbles, drawing sidewalk chalk, etc. Isn't it funny that we have a million expensive toys for the kids such as the jeep, and the kids rather just play with dollar tree toys like bubbles and sidewalk chalk. Hey, makes my life easier.
After naps I took Laura and Rachel to the Virginia Living Museum. I always feel like mom of the year when I take my kids there. It's educational, outdoorsy, and kid friendly. Let's face it, I mainly do it to get away from the house for a little while. It is a neat place, and the girls love it. For the past two years Dave and I have purchased Couple Memberships to the VLM. Currently the cost is $65 for the couple membership. We have most definitly gotten our use out of them because kids under 2 are free, and well we purchased it when Laura wasn't three so she's good to go until we have to renew. They also have family memberships which are $85 for a year. They have nice indoor exhibits, and outdoor ones on a trail. It's also extreamly child friendly. I love that it's just a couple of miles from our house.
After the kids wake up from their mid day nap, I am heading over to the park near my old highschool to boost my good mom confidence some more, and to enjoy the nice weather.


Boogity Boo

You may lose total respect for me after I admit this, but whatever. Last night I made Dave play with the Ouija Board with me after the kids went to bed. Dave rolled his eyes and said he felt like a 12 year old girl at a slumber party. I had worked myself up about it, and was super scared to death, but nothing happend. So disappointing... I made Dave take it out of the room when we gave up as just looking at the box creeps me out. I am such a dork.

So why did I do this? I had watched the movie What Lies Beneath, and there is a part in the movie in which Michelle Pfieffer and her bff are in a bathroom drinking wine and playing with the board, and it made me suddenly remember I own a board from way back when. Anyone have any creepy Ouija stories?


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Not a wall decal but still cute

I bought this bathing suit from target for Laura, and my mom embroidered the L on it, I think it turned out super cute, and plan on doing the same for my other two.


A little bit of this and that...

Dave and I went on a date to the movies last night to see Madea goes to Jail. I love those Madea movies, so freaking funny... **SPOILER ALERT **Any hoo, there is a part in the movie in which Madea is given court orders to get Anger Management, and she is set up with Dr. Phil for a private session. The session doesn't go so well and Dr. Phil asks her to leave after she ruffles his feathers so much, and explains she's doesn't have anger management issues she's just getting even. Dave kept nudging me through out the whole scene whispersing "that's you". Whatever, Madea rocks. We don't need any stinking anger management.

In our family news, Laura is doing better. Emily isn't as sniffy, and Rachel is being a trooper. We plan on spending the day outside playing. I may take them over to the VLM today to see the fish and animals, and walk on the trails. Dave has been busy with trim work. I have been tring to pick out paint for the entry way and kitchen nook, but some how came home with a paint color for the living room... Don't ask me how that happend... but I fell in love with the martha stewart color cake stand blue, and I think it will be perfect for the living room. It's a super duper pale blue, and so pretty. I am leaning towards a pale yellow for the entry wall, and possibly a light sage green color for the nook, but I still have not settled, and I have been searching other colors still.

I also have bought more vinyl letter crap. I got on the kick somewhat this summer when I was doing different projects in my pregnacy hormone driven state. You might remember the easter buckets I put monograms on for the girls with. I also did something with a milk can on our front porch, and put up a Giles Family thingy in the den long ago. Well, the ladies house I went to last week used a lot of the vinyl sticky stuff in her decorating, and inspired me to use it a little more. So I got back on etsy.com again and poured over a bunch of options. I ended up buying one for Rachel's room, a cute quote for our room, and another for the bathroom. I plan on getting a few more, but will wait until we finish painting. I will post some pics of all of it. There is just so much you can do with them. They look so good, and are so easy to put up. Seriously, I did them all on my own with kids running circles around me. They also come down easily so you don't have to worry about taking them down if you get sick of them. They don't hurt your walls. They are also extreamly affordable...which is a major plus. Pictures to come soon!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tis the season

I am in parenting hell. My oldest has a UTI, and some other lovely complicating factors, and the baby has a sinus infection. I totally hate seeing my kids sick/hurting, and wish I could switch places with them. In the mean time if anyone of you come to my house, which I advise you not to, you will need ear plugs, but you will leave with a free reminder to stock up on birth control.