Thursday, July 31, 2008


Just some things on my mind….

I know a lot of people are all excited about the election, I know already who I plan to vote for, but I am not a die hard political junkie by far. But I work in a medical setting and have noticed a few of my coworkers wearing political buttons for their favorite candidate. My first thought is they shouldn’t do that, but then I wonder if I am being too picky about it. They have the right to be excited about their candidate I guess, as long as they are not passing out flyers or pushing their views on the patients, but I still find it odd for some reason. I might be over reacting though, and maybe deep down my problem is really the candidate they are supporting, ‘cause I am not voting for who they are excited about.

My friend emailed me back and she expressed disappointment that I am not going but was fine with it over all. But get this, she has a work conference in Williamsburg in November and wants me to stay at the same hotel and hang out with her. Umm hello.. I live like super close to Williamsburg, why would I get a hotel just to hang out, and how the heck am I supposed to do that with a newborn and two kids? I enjoy getting away for girl trips such as scrapbooking, but my maternity leave is holy to me. I want to spend it with my kids. A moms day out will be needed I am sure, but a few hours for shopping and pedicures will be all I desire. I have not talked about it on here, but this friend has more issues then People Magazine, and I had cut off our friendship a while back as the drama got on my nerves when I was pregnant with Laura. It involved me calling Child Protective Services on her, (LONG STORY but totally deserved). Anyways, I am ready to just drop the friendship altogether. I know that sounds harsh, but if you knew the whole story and situation you would want do the same thing. I probably would have never picked up the friendship again, but I don’t exactly have that many close female friends, and Dave encouraged me also to be nice to her, so I can blame him as well =)

I had been wanting to schedule the baby’s birth on September 12th rather then the 19th as I thought it was one of my sisters b-days, turns out the 19th is not her bday lol, so I have been stressing for no reason on that one. At my next appointment the doc and I will set the date for the c-section, so I could care less what date we go with. The 19th kinda appeals to me now, as that means I wouldn’t be going back to work until late December, and then Christmas would here, so I would be able to stay home again for a few days.

Another thing on my mind is since the baby will born on a Friday, and that is the day Laura has preschool, do I have her stay home from school, or should she go on in anyways? She will just be starting school for the first time, and its only for a couple of hours. I guess since it will all be new to her I should make sure she still goes, so she gets in a routine.


Stripe Update!!!!!

For the last 2-3 nights ( I am beginning to lose track) Dave has been still been “prepping” for the stripes, but last night, the dear husband made some progress yall. This morning I snuck up there before leaving for work and low and behold we have stripes! He has to finish the stripes under the windows, and do a few touch ups, but he has done a great job and its about done! Woohoo…

I had planned on getting him to do chair rail in the room, and he is familiar with doing that, so it shouldn’t be a ordeal, but I wonder if that would stress him out as these stripes seemed to have done a doosy on him. It will look good with or without, so I will just leave that up to him I guess.

Next is getting the crib assembled, and I guess I gotta get a crib mattress since Laura is still in a crib. We are getting close to taking her out of it and getting her in a big girl bed, but I don’t want her to get upset and see us take her old mattress and put it in the new baby’s room. I don’t want her to think she has to hurry up and grow up just to make things easier for us. Sigh… with all this baby stuff we have I envision us having one heck of a yard sale one day…

My friend has not replied to my email or called my house, so I have a feeling she’s pretty ticked at me. I feel better though about the decision I made though, so I guess that’s all that matters!


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ok so I sent an email to my friend backing out of the Virgina Beach trip, since my heart isn't into it. I have not heard back from her, she's probably pretty ticked at me. I feel like a bad friend, but I don't really need to be away from my kids and husband like that right before our life gets even crazier. I also would feel bad about wasting the money on myself to just be 45 min away from home. I am such a dork.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I am being such a terrible friend right now...I have to confess my horribleness. I have a friend who doesn't read my blog thank god, and if she does well, I am just screwed. She has been after me to go to Virginia Beach with her for vacation this summer. She lives in Richmond, and I didn't think she was really serious as shes just not a beach person as she doesn't seem to like hot weather or being outside in general. Well apparently she is serious, and had wanted to rent a condo or house together. I got the impression she wanted me to go with the kids, and leave the husband at home. Under no circumstances would I take the kids to the beach by myself, while 8 months pregnant without my husband. She was bringing her child, and shes a single mom, but she was planning on bringing a sitter with her, and was going to have the sitter watch her son and my two. I don't think so... I don't know her sitter, and it's just not happening call me crazy.

I went the route with her at first that I wasn't planning on spending the money to rent a condo or a freaking house, and wasn't planning on using any vacation between now and the baby. I told her I would be game on getting a hotel room or something and coming by myself without the kids possibly if Dave was off on the coordinating dates and he was cool with it. She has apparently found a hotel, and has some dates in which Dave is off, and I think I am going, but I don't know if I want to go.

I kinda want to go, as I had hoped to make it to Nags Head this summer, but Dave never got around to setting that up as he had to coordinate it with his regular days off so he has time at home with me when the baby comes. So this is my chance for some beach time. But I am nervous that my friends idea of a good time will be advoiding the beach as like I said, shes not a outdoor person and she hates the hot weather. She sleeps in, and I like to get up early. When I go to the beach, I like to spend my time with my feet in the sand out in the sun, and I don't really know what her plans are.

So we have been playing email tag trying to set this up, and she's been calling my house a lot, and she always calls at crappy times, and I am bad at calling her back as I am just so unsure about this trip. I wonder if I will have a good time, or end up ticking off my friend, I wonder if traveling is even something I should be doing even if it isn't that far away, considering if I go we are going the very end of Aug and I will delivering soon. The hotel is also expensive as mess, because she wanted a place that had a resteraunt so she could eat right that adds even higher expenses and I don't know how I feel about wasting the money on myself with a baby coming. Basically I want my doctor to tell me when I see him that I can't go more then 1/2 an hour away from my house, and then I can make him be the bad guy, cause I will feel like such a party pooper if I tell her I am not up to going.



My husband yesterday decieded to take last night off from work. He came home from after court, and slept until he asked me to wake him up, and then when the kids went to bed, he had plans to work on the baby's room. I attempted to sleep, and I slept horribly with having to wake up and pee every 5 seconds, and having this baby kick the crap out of me. So this morning, I get up and Dave is coming down stairs with Rachel who is awake and he's grumbling about how he can't get any sleep and doesn't understand why the kids are awake already. The kids usually get up at that time as that is when I go and get them ready, so I don't know what he was thinking or expecing... I take Rachel from him and feed her some breakfast while he grabs Laura, and brings her down in a clean diaper, but no other clothes, and he lays back down. I was a bit peeved as if he is home I usually try to scoot out to work early, and that is his day to get the kids up and going, but I figure he must have just worked himself to death over the babys room.... I tell Dave that I will take them to my parents so he can gather himself and sleep a bit longer, and he tries to say no, but of course he wont get out of bed either, and I am not going to leave them if he is just going to go back to sleep... so I take them next door to my parents, and explain Dave would get them in a little bit...

I then go back home to get my crap for work and deciede to peek at the babys room... Seriously, you would have though with the display he made this morning that he was up all night painting and putting the crib together... He hasn't even painted a single stripe yet... all he did was put more painters tape up to mark where the stripes go, and I think he did more of that the day before, so he made horrible progress. I just don't know what the heck he did up there... Did he sit up there and talk to the walls and beg them to paint themselves? Did he go up there and dance around the room? I just don't know?

I am begining to get inpatient here folks if you can't tell...I am 5 seconds away before pulling the pregnancy hormone card and calling David some names...


Monday, July 28, 2008


So another weekend has passed, but we had a lot of fun. We spent time at the pool, and yesterday I took the kids to the playground at this church near our house so they could release some energy. Laura is talking more and more every day. The things she says amazes me... and some crack me up.

And drumroll....Dave is going to start with the stripes tonight....woohoo! He is so freaked out its funny. I mean I am not expecting perfection, and if he really does a doozy then we can just cover it all up and go with one color. I want stripes but more or less I just want the room set up and ready for the baby.

I also set up my maternity pics for Sept. 6th, which is also our 5th wedding anniversary. I feel so silly for having those pics done, but I am curious about what he will have us do. It's part of the package so I am just going to go with the flow.

Not much else really going on!


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Crafty Sunday....

I went to Michael's this am to utalize a coupon they had in the paper, and I just had not been there in quite some time. I ended up buying this wood frame for $1.00, some Modge Podge, paper, and some ribbon, and figured I would modge podge a frame. I tore up bits of paper from three sheets of paper that coordinated, and glued them on the frame covering up the wood. I then took a paint brush and brushed the modge podge gunk all over the frame to laquer it down, and when it dried I hot glue gunned a small bow on it. I think its kinda cute, and would look good with the girls picture in it.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

We are going to jail...

This morning I ventured out early to Costco with both girls to give Dave a chance to fall alseep without us in the house being loud and girly. First of all, I pretty much threw on the first outfit I found, and I had not gotten around to putting on makeup or making much effort with the hair. Now that I think about it, I don't even know if I brushed my hair yet when we left. Yeah I was pretty ugly this morning. Of freaking course we run into one of my scrapbook lady friends, who looks all beautiful with makeup and great hair. I wanted to run and hide, but it was too late.
I hate seeing people I know when I look like mess, and it never fails to happen haha.

So my purchases this morning were 3 gallons of milk, and some PJ's for Laura in the next size up she will need. We headed to check out, paid the bill, and headed to see the gatekeeper man. At Costco they have a guy that checks out your cart and receipt to make sure you didn't steal anything. While waiting for Mr. man to check out our goods I notice on my receipt I was only charged for 2 milks. A honest person would have gone back and paid for the other milk I guess, but I already wanted to get out of there before someone else I knew saw me looking ugly, and I figured I would chance it. Yes Mr. Gate Keeper man looked at my receipt, looked in my cart and waved me on. We stole a gallon of milk, I say we at my kids were with me and are my accomplices. Guilty by association. Hey, I have freaking 4 items in my cart, Gate Keeper man and the cashier are just as guilty too...


Friday, July 25, 2008

10 year reunion

My ten year reunion was last weekend, and I didn't go... the whole thing was poorly planned, and sounded like crap, and they ended up canceling all but this one event at Bailey's which is a pub at the flipping mall... and some cook out the next day at this little beach where you were supposed to bring your own food to cook on the grill... I thought it all sounded a bit ghetto, and I was right... they had a myspace page and the pics from the "reunion" look like a gangsta party, and I don't think I recognized anyone in the pics.

I hate to be rude like that, but I geeze, who the heck was on the reunion committee? I mean I am sure those things are not that easy to plan, but good lord, the effort made from what I saw was horrible, which is probably why hardly anyone went.

I am glad I went to Dave's last year. He went to the same highschool but graduated a year before me, so I guess I lived my reunion through his. I had fun at his, mainly because we had hit up Plaza before for a pre-party, and margarita's make everything better, followed by shots of whatever they had at the reunion.

Oh well, here is to the 20th being a bit better planned....


Some more Giles House...

Our bedroom still isn't by any means clean, but its ok enough for me to post I guess... Here is the view from the door into the room...

I love our new bed we got last Januaray- from my beloved Costco. I think all married couples should have a King Size bed. There's room for our fat butts and the kids. We plan on moving the trunk that is at the foot of the bed as we usually put the pack -n- play/bassinett there when we have a newborn in the house, so they can nap and sleep some at first down near us. I love the trunk, and it belonged to my granny. I have some of my older scrapbook albums in it. Right now its covered in some clothes.

master bedroom


This is a view of the other side of the bedroom. We have a piece of excercise equipment that also doubles as a place for Dave to throw his uniform on, or other clothes lol. It's a el cheapo EFX machine, it works ok, but alas as you can tell it helps us hold clothes more then burn calories... Above my jewlery box stand is this cool shadow box thing I made when I was pregnant with Laura. I have in it a wedding pic of Dave and I, and the girls baby name bracelets. I plan on putting in it also a pic of the girls.


One of my favorite things in our house and bedroom is our closet. It's not a huge closet, but it has plenty of room for our junk. We had Califorinia Closets comes and install their system thingy in it, and it was worth every penny. I have plenty of room for all my freaking purses and shoes, and Dave has room for all his junk as well. It was hard to get a picture of it, as I also have been storing presents in here for Christmas, and I don't want some family members to see anything they are getting so these are two sneak peeks of the closet without showing any of the presents. Yes I have started my Christmas shopping and some wrapping... I always try to start early, and I am making a bigger effort this year since I don't think I will have much time to shop with three little ones, and I want to enjoy my maternity leave...

closet 2


I also want to show off my pantry door that is in between the kitchen area and the den. My mom painted this door back in the early 90's. She's a talented lady. She paints, sews, cooks, she can pretty much do it all... It was for my sister Becky's first house for her pantry. My sister has since moved twice, and wasn't able to use the door at her other houses, so it was sadly just sitting in my parents attic for years. When we built our house we decieded to make the closet under the stairs into our pantry and I was able to use the door. My dream is for her to do a mural in the kids playroom, and we had talked about it some when I was pregant with my first one, but it's kinda hard for her to make time, so I don't think it will happen, but if she ever gets bored and wants to be creative she can come on over and get busy lol.

pantry door

So it's friday morning... yesterday was a lazy day of trying to catch up on rest, but I feel like such a better person now, and better parent. I did accomplish one thing thats been on my do list for a while. Dave's mom has gotten the girls these add a pearl necklaces, and has given them pearls on their birthday to go on it. You have to go to this store and have them add the pearls for you, and I had not gone yet to do that. I had a major blonde moment... I couldn't understand why Laura had one more pearl then Rachel, and I panicked that I had lost one...But I didn't think it was possible as I always put them away immediatly in their jewlery boxes when they get them... After I bought a pearl for Rachel's to make them equal, I soon realized Laura has one more then Rachel, cause shes a year older- DUH! Oh well... I am sure I will be buying them pearls too for their necklace, I just did one early for Rachel without a reason.

Last night we went to see the new Batman Movie- The Dark Knight... it was really really really good....scary too. Since when did movies at AMC 24 go down to $5.00? It wasn't even a matinee, and we didn't even try to pass off our college ID cards for a discount... The movie I saw with Daves family the other night was $5.00 and I thought it was because there was something special going on or something.

Well, I have a curtain for Rachel's room... I popped in my favorite kids consignment shop after work Wed., and low and behold they had the exact same curtain I have in Laura's room from Pottery Barn, for just $15, so you know I grabbed that sucker. Now I guess I need to order a rod for it and she will have her window treatment for her room finally. I also found a pair of brand new pink reef flip flops for 3 bucks there, and Laura quickly took them.

Dave is gearing up for the stripes... he has starting marking where they are going, and he bought some lazer level thing. I think he's stalling in hopes I go into labor early so he can just get out of the whole situation.

I go to the doctor today, I am sure it's just your basic, pee in a cup, blood pressure check, measure the belly and get the heck out of here appointment. Of course I also get to see how fat I have gotten in 2 weeks- should be fun!

We are going to go to the pool today afterward. I bought some of those noodles from the Dollar Store we have not used yet, I don't know if the kids want to play with them, but momma does.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

I got about ohhhh zero sleep last night.... I was a zombie at work Wednesday, despite how much sugar I consumed, and then with the bad storms last night it just wasn't pretty around our house hold.... SO this is going to be a sleep catch up day.

Tuesday night I went and saw Mama Mia with my MIL, Dave's lovely aunt, and lovely cousin. I have never ever ever done anything like this before, and knew that 1.) I needed to spend time with his mom as I never really have 2.) I really wanted to see the movie and knew Dave wouldn't be as excited to see it, so here was a chance for me to go.

Dave's mom is super nice, don't get me wrong, but sometimes its a too weird of nice and peachy keen if that makes any sense, and our parents are just so different from each other its just odd for me sometimes, well most of the time. I have to admit I am still bitter about my ruined diaper bag, and things getting lost or misplaced with the kids... and never getting a replacement to items ruined much less a valid apology. Seriously, my poor diaper bag yall.... I have been toting around the old Vera Bradley one which is about to fall apart. The Coach one is still useable, but I am just a bit traumatized from the whole situation still, and when I see the stain on it I cringe.

So anyways, I rode with his mom and we are on our way to the movie to meet the others. The lovely panicky, have to have my way, and hold nothing back auntie calls us twice within 5 min to see where the heck we are. We were not running late or anything but she was freaking. She got so uptight she went ahead and bought our tickets as she was afraid they will sell out. This bothered me as I had brought a gift card I planned to use, so now I had to pay her back in cash. I thought to myself thats ok, I will just get some refreshments from the concession stand. Well, everyone else wanted to hurry inside and get a seat, and I didn't want to look like the fat prego woman holding everyone up to get my fix of empty calories, and sit with them if while they look at me like I am a pig. The movie was really cute though, and I enjoyed it depite the lack of refreshments. I know they are expensive, but man I gotta at least have a drink at those things.

Dave and I are going to go see the new Batman movie tonight, and I plan on getting lots of popcorn and candy and using my lovely gift card =)


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Get the goods on your neighbors...

You have to check out this free website .... My friend posted a blog about as she found this website and I had to check out my own neighborhood cause I am nosey like that!



So my friend sent me an email today to let me know one of the digital pages I did made on the websites gallery! Laura and I are famous now haha. Check it out:

I am sure its a ploy to get me super excited and create lots more pages and spend money, and it just might work =)


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The pages I did

These are my first pages from I made a third page, but I am waiting to see the quality of what they send me before I go crazy and order anymore. I think the templates they have are super cute!


Digital Scrapbooking

So I have been playing on this website called and I think I am addicted. The only digital scrapbooking I have done before was on creative memorys website. They have a free program, and I made book for Laura on her 1st birthday party. It was cute and all, but I still prefer to scrapbook with all my supplies. Good lord knows how much money I have sunk in that stuff over the years...

Anyways, if you have children, especially small kids you need to check it out. The pages are 12 x 12 which happens to be the page size I use for most of my albums. I made two pages last night and ordered them as I want to check out their quality, and they have free shipping going on with a coupon code that I THINK is summership.... I will have to check my email box on that though so if you want the code let me know. The pages cost $7.50 but thats no so bad I guess. I plan on adding these pages to my regular book since they are 12 x 12, and if I like the quality of them once I get them in the mail I might have to make a few more here and there, especially when they are running free shipping or other sales. It sure makes scrapbooking easy, as scrapbooking with your tools and all your embellishments gets a bit time consuming, so this is easier to make time for as they have done all the hard work for you as you. So check them out, and if you have another digital scrapbook website you use let me know!


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pringle Can boredom...

I decided I was going to do something with a empty Pringle Can we had. By the way, I had not had a Pringle in forever and man there good...great for taking to the pool too...

All I did was put some of my scrapbooking paper around the can, the cardstock I had was really thick so I used hot gun glue on the end of it too hold it in place. I glued some ribbon around the top and bottom, and then put some sequin stickys on it to decorate it some.

I wasn't sure what the heck I was going to do with it at first. I cleaned it out, but I could still smell the sour cream scent, so I decided to use it to hold spaghetti noodles. Figure the scent wont really matter with them. I did have to snap the ends of the spaghetti about half an inch to fit in the container, but hey it works and looks cute in the kitchen.

Photobucket src="" border=0>

Recent pics of the kids..

Some pics from July of my baby girls, who really aren't baby's anymore... Enjoy!


Online shopping....

If you love cute preppy monogram items and what not you have to check on this site from a fellow blogger.... I have ordered some flip flops, Tervis Tumblers, and stickers for some gifts and can't wait until they arrive! Check her out now! There is free shipping until July 30th... a lot of these goodies make great Christmas presents....


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Can you tell everyone is napping in the house, and yeah I should be cleaning, but whatever, I will ramble more on here and then get my booty in gear. Rachel has not had a bottle since the day I took it away, and she survived. It wasn't really that bad, my mom may have a different opinion, and probably would have snuck one to her if she was able to find them, but she's cured of the bottle... at least until she sees new baby girl get one, but maybe by then she will have forgotten how lovely it was.

I am in the process of setting up a date to do baby pictures. The guy that did our family photo back in the fall, and Christmas pics of the kids has this baby package that a friend of mine told me about, and I am going to do it. It starts with maternity pics (don't laugh), at your house, and in the nursery (hopefully it will be done by then!), and he comes to the house to take pics of the baby every so often for the first year. The pics he's done of my friend and her baby's first year have been awsome.... I am sure she's gone crazy purchasing them. The cool thing is his fee is super cheap, its like one price for all the sessions of him coming to the house, and he brings some backgrounds, and of course uses your natural enviornment, he also gives you a free 5 x 7 with each session. Of course, his prices for prints are expensive, but it's still a good deal, and I will have to tell myself to use restraint, or rather David will have to tell me to use restraint.

SO I do feel silly about the materinty pics. I don't want any exposed belly shots. Take all the pics of the belly with a shirt over it and we are cool, but unless he's going to photoshop the hoo-hoo out of my belly it's not coming out. I have not gotten any stretch marks this time around (most likely cause the other two stretched the belly out), but my other kids sure marked me up. So we shall see how that photo session goes lol. I can't picture any shots of the husband all kissing my belly either, 'cause I would be giggling like a school girl, and Dave would be rolling his eyes at me.

Ok I gotta pry my butt off the couch and get moving while everyone is still out of my way.


Some of our house...

This is a little tour of the house, the master bedroom, and kitchen were are off limits at least these last few days, and my den pic isn't that great either, but hopefully by the end of this weekend we will get it in gear and have the house cleaner.

So let's start with the kids rooms. I love their nurseries. Laura is still in a crib, she turned 2 in Feb, and I am not sure when to make the move to a regular bed, but for now the crib works for her. Her crib coverts to a bed, so I guess pretty soon we will bite the big one and make it into a big girl bed. The thought makes me a little sad though...
laura room2

The theme of her room is pretty much pink and green.

Another view of Laura's room
laura room1
She has two small closets which are jammed with clothes. There is a dresser on the far left you can't see with even more clothes.

With Rachel's room we wanted to do sorta a beachy theme/under the sea. I love her colors. Her bedding was super cute too, but like Laura she was using the bumper pad to try to get out of the crib with so we took it out. Her sheets have cute palm trees on them.

I never did get around to getting her a curtain for her window, I totally forgot, so I might need to get one when I get them for the other babies room.
rachel room1

rachel room2

Both of their rooms are pretty identical with the dormer windows and two small closets. Rachel's closets and dresser are pretty slammed too. Laura and Rachel also have matching dressers. Her crib is white too, but different then Laura's and coverts into a bed as well.

I turned one of the upstairs bedrooms into a office, and I also do my scrapbooking up there on the table. We don't even use the computer and printer up there. Both are super old and probably do not work so I guess I need to dispose of them soon. I actually scrapbooked a little last weekend and you can see the page I was working on kinda on the table. I didn't finish the page and thats all I accomplished when I was up there, but hey, its progress...
scrapbook room

The bonus room over our garage is now offically the playroom. This picture was taken while the kids were playing and making a mess, but hey, thats what the room is for. You can see the Ab Lounge we never use, mainly because I am always pregnant, and not sure what Dave's excuse is, since he bought it for myself. I at least have an excuse. I do love the toy storage we got for the kids from Pottery Barn. As you can tell the kids do not need anymore freaking toys. I pretty much do not buy them any because they just get so much at Christmas from "santa" and family. Plus it seems all they do is pull all the toys out and then run off to look for something else to do.


The other room upstairs in the new baby's room, and we are in the middle of painting it so nothing really to see just yet. This baby's room doesn't have a dormer window, but she will have a much bigger closet that I have started putting clothes in for her. There is another closet in there as well that is small that I currently have been putting my wrapping paper and gift package stuff in. It's still in there as I have not gotten around to finding another place to put it. It will probably just go in the scrapbook room.

There is also a full bath upstairs, that noone uses that all three girls will share eventually. I forgot to take a picture of that room mainly because we never use it. It's not that exciting looking but I will get around to take a picture of it. One cool thing about it is the toilet and shower are separate from the sink and mirrow area, so that will make it easier for them one day when they are all teens... possibly...

Down stairs when you first come in from the front door the dining room is on the right. Dave painted this room last year and did the wood detail stuff. I want to get a new light fixture for this room as I don't like the brass one we have now. I picked out the brass one when we built it, and took it back, but never found anything else I liked better, so I had to go back and buy it again. I will figure it out one day I guess. Excuse the table as my bday stuff was on it, and I think this picture has Dave sitting in a chair in the corner lol.
dining room

One the left when you first come in the house from the front door is the Living Room. The most unused room in the house, but oh well. We put our Christmas Tree in here, and use it some then. It opens into the Den, so when we have people over the over flow goes in there and you can still see the TV.
Living room1

This is a view of the same room that I took standing in the den
living room2

Another view of the Living room while in the den of the other wall.
living room3

We have the kids play table in there as they like to play in there somtimes with their coloring books. Yeah nicest room in the house and we have them in their with play dough and crayons somtimes cause were smart parents like that.

This is view of the den, it's a crappy picture and I didn't take any other views out of lazyness and partly cause since its the most used room in the house it probably wasn't in tip top shape.
den view

I will take more pics of it later.

This is the hallway from the front door that leads to the den. We have a ton of pics of the kids in the hallway on the walls.

When you go down the hallway the den is on the left and the kitchen is on the right, and its all open. Our kitchen is small which you will see later, and it has a little breakfast nook. Off the kitchen is small hallway with a teeny half bath, and our laundry room is off there as well. The Laundry room is small too but hey it works. Our bedroom is off the den and I will take pics of that later when its nicer looking

So that's most of our house. The rooms are on the small side, but there's room for all of us to have our own space, and thats the main thing since theres so many of us now!