Sunday, January 31, 2010

And then they grew up on me...

Well we finally broke down and have the girls in real beds now.... I know I know... We had both Laura and Rachel in the cribs that were converted into day beds for freaking ever. I didn't want to move them too soon because of the horror stories I had heard from others, and then my main problem was that their beds converted into full size beds, but I couldn't figure out how to do it... Babies r' us was most unhelpful, and on many different occassions when I would go in and ask they would pretty much shrug their shoulders at me. I also was trying to figure out if I wanted to paint their rooms before getting beds, and finally I figured to leave it like it was. I also toyed with the idea of getting them twin beds so they would have more room... but I figured to stick with the full size as I had full size mattreses already in the attic, and I reasoned they had a huge playroom, so they don't really need a lot of room.

I found the papers that came with Laura's crib and called the manufacters customer service line the other day to find out what I had to do to get the conversion kit. The lady told me I could order the conversion kit through them, but I could get the same thing from a furniture store much cheaper.... So I made Dave call Haverty's and we were good to go.... I deceided to get Rachel a different bed altogether, as I wasn't sure how I was going to like her bed convered. I got her's through I found the beddings at Target. Rachel's beding goes awesome with her paint in her room. The girls love their big girl beds, but I still get sad when I walk in their rooms and see a big girl bed....


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hate to see how I act about college...

I know I said my next blog would have pictures but get over it. Currently I am super stressing over preschool for next year. It’s time to do early registration for the following school year, and I was just getting used to the idea that Emily would just barely meet the cut off and could go to school with her sisters. I accepted that she would be ok because it was just one day a week and just for a short period of time. I got myself all psyched up about it, and then wham…Guess what…. The school is doing away with the two year one day a week program…. They are going to just do two days a week or three. I also have to hurry up and register NOW as they will open the rest of the spaces up to newcomers in a few weeks, and they expect the 2 year old classes to fill up fast. This changes everything….

Ummm Emily is just 15 months old. She’s still a baby, and I am not sure how I feel about 2 days a week, and you can forget about 3 days a week. Nope. No sir. Not happening. Call me over protective, I don’t care, it’s just not happening. She will just be freaking turning 2. That’s just crazy. Another problem is with the 2’s it’s a co-op program meaning a parent takes turns in the classroom so about 2-3 times a year now I help out in Rachel’s class currently. Meaning next year it would double, and I would have to change my work schedule around and be off on those days when it was my turn. Everyone knows I do not adapt to change well, so this is most upsetting.

So what do I do? Do I just suck it up and just send her. Or do I just wait and send her the next year… I honestly was thinking about putting Laura in 5 days a week, and have Rachel go 2 or 3 days a week, but this whole change thing has me flustered regarding the monthly costs because of course the prices are jacked up now that I am going to have to probably do Laura three days, Rachel 2, and Emily 2. Oh, and you know this momma is also trying to match this all up with my preferred teachers, so I am all stressed with how I am going to make that work.

Also, I can’t just let her test the waters and then yank her out, because they wont refund my money, which is loony, but hey, they want their money. God help the ladies in the office when I am done asking my million and one questions.

**EDIT** After beating myself up about this for a few days I have decieded not to enroll her for next year...I am going to hold off, and later if I feel she is ready and they have room I may put her in. But for now, no school next year for Em.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Monday

Yes once again I am doing another post without pictures. I am sorry… but just deal, I will upload some pictures on my next post to make it up. I know blogs are not that interesting if you don’t have some pictures. Speaking of which, I love some of those blogs people are doing on what they wore. It’s neat to see how people mix things up, and can give you ideas on colors , styles to wear. Be glad this is not one of those blogs though, as today I am a mess. If I were to do one of those posts it would be as follows

- grey cable sweater- Faded Glory (Walmart), stop judging, it’s the one clothing piece that I own from walmart, and I bought it on a whim and I hate it because it doesn’t hold it’s shape well. I know some people like Walmarts clothing, I just don’t because everything I have bought falls apart after a few washings…

- Black dress pants – The Limited (purchased at TJMAXX back in 2007… I love these pants ,however the hem fell out of one of the legs pretty much back in 2007 and I have yet to fix it…. Note to self, fix pants

- Silver and Pink New Balances – Purchased from TJMAXX 2009 I am wearing sneakers because I went to the gym this morning, and when I left I did have on some heels, but when I saw it was pouring I decided to put back on my sneakers so I could make a mad dash to the car, and when I got to work it was still raining, and I decided to just complete my bum look for the day and not change back into heels.

Don’t worry, my accessories are more exciting….

I am wearing my real David Yurman Bracelet that I was gifted from my mom and dad this Christmas, and I am also wearing a fake one that I got while we went on vacation this past month. I am also wearing some fake David Yurman earrings that I got from a Premier Designs party that I love, but they look like something off of Dynasty, and kinda clash with the bum outfit but whatever…That’s just how I roll…

My hair is pulled back with a headband and a hair clip because of said rain.

Hopefully my new shoes arrive from the UPS man this week so I can wear a more exciting less bummy outfit. My new shoes have me that excited…

And that is why I don’t do a fashion blog… I am walking fashion crisis, especially when weather is bad, and it’s a Monday. Seriously, I used to wear PJ pants to high school, and umm I might have tried to wear black ones to work here and there…and someone needs to stage a flip flop intervention with me STAT.

Friday, January 22, 2010


I am so sorry I have not posted any pictures of hair drama yet. Honestly it's becauseI have been short on time, and a bit cell phone challenged. I have only taken pictures with the cell and I don't know how you put pictures from that to a computer. I did have a friend put them on for me on my facebook, but then I think she deleted the after picture by accident, but I will post pictures soon.

In other technology news I have started to also download TV shows and then watch them later while working out, which has been fun. God I love my Itouch. So far I have watched some old The OC episodes (I miss that show so much), and even a original 90210 episode. I wanted to download some Nip Tuck to watch, but because that show is pretty racy and I watch these shows in public places, I don't want anyone to think I am working out while watching a porno. That wouldn't be cool.

I did learn that our local library has Nip/Tuck season one on DVD, so I have been watching that at night. I love the library. You can't beat free.

Have you guys signed up for You are missing out...They have normal stores too, not just high end stores.. You will never miss a sale again, and it's like having a personal shopper...honestly so far the only thing I have purchased is actually a birthday present for my mom... but that's not to say I have no lusted over many items at bargain prices... I may or may no be praying that some Tory Burch high heel shoes in patent leather show up in my size on the website. I used major restraint not to purchase some suade ones... so I made a deal that if patent ones show up I can buy them.

**update- tory burch must read my blog because I got an alert with the patent high heel shoes and they were 50% off so umm yeah, I made them mine...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why I am eating Ramen the rest of the month...

For a while now I have had a girl I know come to our house and do my hair. She's actually really good, and because she's learning still and because she's just a sweet person, her prices are very friendly. I got a wild hair up my butt,and decieded I wanted some red hair. I was thinking more strawberry blond, then Ronald McDonald, but well, it's pretty easy to think what happend next....Yepp, I looked like a idiot. When my mom saw it she was horrified, when Emily saw it she didn't know who I was, and the rest of my kids just stared, and Dave played dumb and pretended it was fine. He's a smart man.

I attempted to get used to it over the weekend. This meant, washing my hair 5 times in an attempt to fade it right away. Experiementing with hair styles to show the least red. Crying. Not leaving the house because I was too embarrassed. Anger that I chose this. You get the picture. I totally lost it. Yesterday I had went to work with a game plan. I was going to call a salon and come hell or high water someone was going to help me, and god forbid all these chemicals cause my hair to fall out. Luckily I found a place to help me and I got an appointment at 2pm. Meanwhile, the patients at my work banded together and decieded to all have crisis after crisis to try to make me late or miss the appointment. Seriously, sometimes you have to fake sympathy for people and it's not easy, but I very seriously didn't feel empathy for any of them yesterday because I was so wrapped up in my own hair crisis. Now don't get crazy, I still did my job, but seriously, there comes a time in every social workers life in when we have heard it all before, and we realize that some people don't want help, they just want a handout. That is pretty much what I was dealing with. Anyways, I made to my appointment, and I shelled out a crazy amount to have a hair god help me out. She did a ton of highlights, and by then end I loved the color. Grant it, I don't have my normal blonde hair back, I pretty much have the color I was actually going for in the first place, and it's cute. She also assured me that the rest of the red in my hair will fade fast as red never lasts long even if it's permanent, so she says it will just keep getting better and better...

Girlfriend got a great tip, and even talked me into getting some hair products that were wayyy overpriced, but I was willing to pretty much do whatever she told me to,she did throw in a free travel flat iron at least.

So now I am hair happy again, but pretty much broke till pay day. Such is life.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Shop it to me!

I think I am always the last to try these things, but if you have not heard about you have got to sign up. Don't worry- it's free... You set up your account, pick out what brands, stores you like,your sizes and then once a day or once a week depending how often you want emails you can get emails with sales on items. It's really cool...This way you don't have to search through website after website.. you can set it up for women, men, and children. It seriously genius!

Sign up now!

Friday, January 15, 2010


So we are 15 days into the New Year, and so far I am still working on my year goals. One of my goals was to work on being a better wife and mom. Not meaning I stink at that, but meaning to just work on my patience and appreciation...cough cough. It must be working as my husband completed cleaning out the garage, and I can get my work car in there again. Things are organized in there, and apparently he's getting some special hooks and things for his birthday from his parents to help get things in order out there. He's turning the big 31 in a week!

Overall organization in the home is coming along. I cleaned out the closet/pantry in the den, which is usually the place that I hide clutter and mess when we have company. I weeded through some things in my closet I have not worn in over a year and donated them, and I am trying to come up with a pattern for cleaning regularly. I received my MomAgenda in the mail that I ordered, and I love it! Best planner in the world... I love how it has room for you to write down the kids activites for the days, room for to do lists, it's just perfect. I was a happy woman when it came in the mail and I got to sit down and started filling it in. Check out the website and order one! I got the mini one so it could fit in my purse.

For my fitness goals I have been steady going to the gym, except while we were out of town. The check in girl at the gym knows me name, so that tells you I am going often. I have found I do better when I got in the morning before work. The gym is never crowded before work, and I have to admit I do feel more energized, and well... it get's the workout out of the way for the day. I wasn't even working today and I got up early so I could go to the gym before Dave left for work. That's commitment. Now my eatting habbits still need a lot of work. I have not really committed to dieting yet, but I am attempting to make better choices. I loaded up on some fruits at Costco yesterday, and I am trying to drink more water vs diet coke.

Another thing that has helped me during my workouts is my Itouch. I know this is dumb, but I never really listend to music before while working out unless I was attempting a jog around the neighborhood. In the past in the gym I would just listen to the TV, or just people watch. Don't ask me why I never tried music before at the gym, but I finally dragged in the Itouch and cranked my music and wow, it helps me go faster with my cardio, and it helps block out most distractions.

My play list right now for cardio is the following: (warning, I love all music for the most part, so my ipod is pretty embarrassing sometimes, so stiffle any laughter)

1. Gimme More- Britney Spears
2. Rich Girl- Down with Webster
3.Touch of Grey- Grateful Dead
4. Tik Tok- Ke$ha
5. Bad Romance- Lady Gaga
6. Phenomenon
7. Can You Feel It- Michael Jackson
8. It's Tricky- RUN DMC
9. American Girl- Tom Petty
10. Sharp Dressed Man- ZZ Top

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm back!

We just got back from vacation in Massanutten. We were excited to use our RCI timeshare for the first time somewhere. FYI if someone leaves you a timeshare, prepare to have a crazy time getting everything worked out and deeded over. We have another week we are attempting to use at a beach, but we shall see as it's apparently hard to land them at a beach during beach season. Anyways, we had a good time. We didn't ski, but we did tubing several times, went to the indoor water park a few times, hung out, took in the sites, Dave and I both got massages at the Spa, and we just had a good time. We let his parents go the over half of the week, because Dave had court, and we also figured if we spent a week there we would get bored. Hopefully his parents have a relaxing time as well.

Random thoughts about this week so far:
*My daughter broke a pair of my fake Chanel sunglasses, and I was very upset. I would have been less upset if she'd broken my expensive pair, rather then these cheap $5 ones. RIP the mean time I have been stalking pictures of Elin Woods cause she always has the coolest shades on these days. You know to hide from the press. I have been googling her sunglasses that she wears and they are a tad out of my price range lol.

* While on vacation I finished reading Fire Fly Lane, and it was awesome! It was kinda slow in the begining, but halfway through I was hooked in, and at the end I was a blubbering mess... It's such a good book about friendship.

* I went back to work today and my day didn't start out that good as I apparently pissed off a guy at Social Security over the phone, I was seriously being nice, but he got snarky, and I lost it on him, and he hung up on me...and then I didn't appreciate it and had to very seriously had to take a valium, after I was done having a hissy at work. Seriously, I threatend to go up to his call center and beat him up. It wasn't pretty. I probably gave him a good story though to tell his friends. I hope the call was recorded for training purposes.

*I went back to the gym today and I feel like a sloth after eating like crap the last few days. I refuse to weigh myself right now.

* I am kinda sorta trying to limit my diet coke intake. I think I love it too much to give up forever, but I gotta cut back cause it's getting a bit embarrassing at the amount of it I drink, and I know I need to drink more water. Baby steps!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Becoming a gym rat...


Seriously. Why is it that there are people out there that like to walk naked around bathrooms in the gym locker room. I have been a member of just about every gym at some point in time in my area, (don’t judge) and there are always these weird people that enjoy walking around naked in the locker room after a shower, etc. For the love of Jesus please, put you under garments on before walking all around. I know we are all grown women, but try to be a little modest. No one needs to see that much of your ass that early in the morning. Excuse my cussing, I am working on that, and should add it as a goal for 2010, but you wont catch my bare ass in the gym locker room at least.

Monday, January 4, 2010


In this New Year I have been attempting to come up with some goals to accomplish...

1. Lose weight. I can not stand that for almost 9 years this is something that I am still trying to get a hold of. Crap, for like 15 years weight in general has been a looming demon. I either ate to little or ate too much. Weighed too little, or weighed to much. Grant it I never looked like the mom in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape", or had to have a feeding tube to force feed myself, but I would like to look in the mirror and feel pretty, and to not be afraid of what the scale says.

2. Find a system to keep the house in better order, and to just be better organized in general. This may not be something I can really do until the children are in college, but I have to continue to try. Organization has been crazy in this household lately, and I keep thinking to myself it can't be done because of the kids, but really it has to be done because of the kids. If they grow up in disorganization, they will think it's acceptable.... Side note: I asked for the Kitchen Folio from for Christmas. Now, it wont clean my house, but it's my go to book for notes from school, important info, etc. I love it! I also ordered their 2010 mini planner, and I am hoping the UPS brings it soon so I can sit down one night and get my planner filled in.

3. Be a better wife, mom, and friend. I am so lucky to have such a great husband, even though he makes messes of the garage, and I want him to know how much I love and appreciate him. I also want to spend more time with the kids, create lasting memories, and not wish away the years. I also need to be a better friend, as because I am often busy with life and such I have not been a good friend, meaning I am horrible about calling people back, making plans with people, etc and in general I would like to renew some old friendships, and make so new ones this year.

I think these three items are more then enough to keep me busy, and require lot's of work. I hope I can follow through on these things. If you catch me slacking on something, call me out!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

New Years Eve we went to a Hibachi with another couple. Last year we did the same thing with the same couple, so I think that's going to be a tradition for us. We hung out with them for a while after, but made it home well before midnight. We ended up hanging out the rest of the night with our sitter, and Laura refused to go to bed so we all rang in the new year together and watched some fireworks on our front porch that some neighbors were setting off.

I ended up selling the elliptical pretty quickly, and I followed through with getting myself crazy. New Years Day I headed up to Richmond with a friend and I got myself a Louis Vuitton neverfull bag. I freaking love it. For years and years I have obsessed on those brand of bags, carried a fake one from China town about 6 years ago for over a year, lusted after the real ones, and studied the website. I went with the neverfull because honestly, I wanted one of the more affordable bags. Either way I was going to have to throw down, but I didn't want spend more then I had to. I also wanted one that I would use frequently, and the neverfull bag is pretty sturdy, roomy and can hold a crazy amount. See how I am trying to act like I made a perfectly practical purchase? Ha! But honestly I know I will never own another one, so I wanted one I could get a lot of use out of, and the wouldn't go out of style.

We spent the rest of the day wandering around the Stony Point Fashion Park, having lunch and we ended up finding some good sales at a few other stores. She has a little girl herself, so we had fun finding some things for our kids. It was a great way to enjoy the first day of the year.

Today Dave and I took down the Christmas tree, and for the past few days I have tried really hard to clean up around the house, but it's been near to impossible. I put away all the kids toys in the play room, but they just end up dragging them all down stairs. I will be so happy when this cold weather is over so my kids can get outside instead of being cooped up in a house. They are going nuts!

Speaking of taking down the Christmas tree, I might swear off real ones after this year. Earlier this Christmas season our tree fell over in the middle of the night creating a huge mess, and then today we took all the ornaments off, but about killed ourselves taking the lights off. It was a huge tangled mess and our tree was so dry that most of the needles ended up being shaken all over the ground. We watered it well like we should but this one was just a crappy tree I think as it quit drinking water early on, so it ended up so dry and brittle. Anyways, I had swept up a garbage bag full of tree needles, threw the bag away in the trash can, and then vacuumed up the rest. Next thing I know while I am getting Emily dressed, my other two went in the trash can, took out the bag of tree needles and poured it all over the downstairs. What the heck were they thinking???

They attempted to sweep it up again before I came around the corner. I can look back and laugh now, but earlier this morning mommy was not a happy camper. The girls were sent to their rooms, and I attempted to keep my head from spinning excerocist style. The dag on tree was just a pain in the neck this year, and therefore I am declaring a fake one next year. I also smelled like a freaking evergreen air refresher all day after wrestling with needles.

We have ended up having a busy weekend with a family reunion this afternoon, my grandma and dads birthday celebration tomorrow, and Monday I am home as there are some doc appointments to tend to.

Also, we leave for vacation next Saturday for the ski resort, so I gotta get us all packed up for that. I am looking forward to that, and hope the kids and us have a blast!