Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I have a pot belly...

My belly has popped- meaning I def look pregnant now, and strangers notice. It's no longer a question of "has she just gained some weight?" I can see baby kicks if I look down at my stomach. I will have to post a belly pic today if I have time. Sadly, I think I have to be forced to put away my regular jeans and hopefully will see them again come fall. Good bye nice non-elastic waist jeans. Please be kind to me when I attempt to put you back on in a few months. Don't make me put on spanx first either. By the way they are making maternity size spanx now! I saw some at a maternity shop. I admit I am a bit curious but pretty sure during the summer I am not going to want an extra layer, or have to fight with them during my million trips to the bathroom.

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