Monday, December 1, 2008

Hair Crack

Have you ever seen the movie Beauty Shop with Queen Latifah? It's pretty funny and worth renting. Any hoo she has this stuff she calls hair crack that all her customers love. I have found the hair crack people. It is the holy grail of hair products...

Please let me introduce to you Morocan Oil... The lady who has done my hair the last two times used this. She's not one to be pushy with hair products (don't you hate stylists who do that?) so I didn't even know it was for sale until I kept asking her questions about it, and she ended up telling me they sell it.

What you do is put a nickle size amount in your palm when your hair is still damp from a shower, and work it through. Then style your hair as usual (blowdry etc) It's great if you color your hair and your hair is dry from styling, and apparently even if your hair is oily it will work wonders for you as well. The stuff smells super yummy as well.

Of course its not cheap, the bottle cost me $42.00 I believe, but it will last you a really long time, and you will love it and not regret buying it, unlike half that crap stylists talk you into buying. If you live locally you can get it at the salon I go to, Style By Design. Not sure who else sells it around here, but you can also of course buy it online, and if you live around here and your my friend you know I would let you sample my stash. Check It Out


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