Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Whats new with me

• I am in potty training hell with my oldest who should be trained by now, any suggestions are welcome. She freaking screams when she sees me break out the big girl underwear.
• I am running in a freaking 5K tomorrow and its going to be 30 sum degrees. WTF I would totally bail out on it if I didn’t have a friend doing it with me. I hate running and I hate cold weather, the combo can’t be good. Maybe I will fake an asthma attack or something.
• I am in the middle of shedding like a dog from the previous pregnancy. God help me if I am forced to do a comb over.
• My face is breaking out like I am 13 years old from hormone crazyness from said pregnancy
• I started putting away my Christmas decorations and it sucks, putting them up is never as fun as putting them out
• Emily rolled over for the first time a few days ago, I am so proud of her
• I am seeing a movie tonight with my husband on NYE and I am sooo excited to have a date with him.
• The hubby is getting his vasectomy the day before Valentine’s Day, how funny is that?
• I bought a super cute dress from Ann Taylor loft on sale plus an extra 50% from coupons and promotions, the damn thing better fit and look cute
• I can’t seem to drop anymore weight, its funny that I am even surprised considering how much crap I ate over the holidays, but I am still popping Alli so I think that’s at least preventing me from gaining.


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