Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekend highlights....

It was a busy weekend for us between a birthday party, a work party, and some last minute Christmas shopping. At my work party we played Bunco, it was my first time playing, and I really liked it. It was fun, or at least I think I did considering I had a lot of punch... haha. I am dying to play in a group. Doubt my neighborhood will be starting a group anytime soon as my neighbors are old as dirt for the most part. But if anyone has a group and needs another player, hit me up. Or if you know a lot people that want to play, start a group and invite me! I'm desperate like that. I am guessing you need 16 people to play as that is how many were playing at our party. I even won a snow globe last night cause I got the most Buncos. Please, no haters, you know you all want cool snow globes like me too.

I ran today. Well kinda... I am sure my running partner, Sarah thinks I am the most out of shape person ever... She can probably walk backwards with her eyes closed and still beat me while I run. I am attempting to do the couch to 5k program...Of course I went about this all backwards, as I did the 5k on Thanksgiving. I walked a lot of it, and my time was sad, so I don't know if I would even count it.... Anyways, today was my first time doing the Couch to 5k program. For the first week you do a 5 min walk and then run for 1 minute, and then walk for 90 seconds and you do that for 20 min. It sounded like it was super easy, but I was pretty spent by the time the 20 min was up. You are supposed to do this two more times in the first week. I can't remember what week 2 is, but I gotta get through this week first. I just googled couch to 5k and found the plan that way. I freaking still hate running, but it's too hard for me to get to the gym, and the Wii fit will only do but so much for me. I still love my Wii fit though! Gotta love the step class and yoga. I am also going to sign up for the New Year's Day 5k in Hampton. Hey at least I get a T-shirt for signing up. I also am going to add into the mix of my running workouts some work outs on TV. We have digital cable through Cox, and on demand they have different workouts you can do on their health/fitness on demand. I recently did the Biggest Loser Cardio Max work out, and let's just say I felt like a loser when I was done lol. It kicked my hiney. I actually thought it wouldn't be that bad as the people Bob had with him doing it were fat, so I had high hopes for a minute, but the fat people put me to shame. Seriously it hurt to sit down or walk for a day or two.

Sadly enough I doubt I will be able to lose any weight until after Christmas despite all this crap I am doing, because I can't stop eatting all the the lovely holiday goodies I am surrounded by. You better believe I am still popping Alli though. Maybe after the holidays I will see some results. I am determined though to drop two more clothing sizes.

Dave and I broke down and got a battery operated car for the kids. I actually decieded I was going to wait until next year as I have so much for them already, but Toy's R Us had the two seater Barbie Jeep on sale, and I had a 20% off coupon. So I saw it as a sign and gave in. We got the last one tonight, and it's super cute. I know they are going to love it! I can't wait to see Laura and Rachel's face on Christmas day. I figured I would just hold back a lot of the other toys I bought, and give those to them during Laura and Rachel's bday in Feb, and that way Bday shopping is already done.



Katie said...

Wanna send your homey the couch to 5K workout? That way we can post picture of our respective butts as we train! It will be motivating :)

Katie Smith said...

Hi Robyn! I happen to come across your blog on pinterest and saw some of your stuff. Its great! I was hoping you would drop by and check my stuff out and subscribe to my page. I would love to connect with more people who love crafting and creating! Thanks, Kaite!