Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Take this job and.....

I tell ‘ya what…. if I need to hit the lottery I’m quitting my job. Every year I get the needy patients food baskets from the Salvation Army if they qualify. Some years they ask for proof of income, some years they don’t. I don’t even freaking have to do this anymore, but I do it to be nice. I may not be nice anymore. Well this year I went out on leave before they would take applications, so obviously I wasn’t doing it this year. Those that got them last year would still get a notice through their mail from the organization letting them know when to sign up, the only thing difference was I wouldn’t be doing the applications for them and turning them in or picking up their stuff and getting it to them since I was out. They still had the opportunity though to do it if they stepped up. Last year we had one lady who isn’t what I would call needy, sign up and she did it on a year they didn’t need the proof of income so I guess they took her word she needed it, and she got it. I don’t think she was honest in her application for it, but that is besides the point. Well this year no one has really breathed a word about me not doing it while I was out having a baby, except, you guessed it, Miss Entitlement 2008. Apparently she’s hating on me quite a bit from the notes I have read. (giggle) First of all, I don’t feel sorry for her as there are far more people in town who need the items more, and obviously I didn’t have the baby and go out on leave just leave my needy people high and dry. Second, when I started doing this I actually thought people would be all excited and grateful. Nope, doesn’t happen. EVER. Third, no one uses the items on the actual holidays cause I’m nosey and always ask. Fourth, it’s seriously not an exciting food basket. We are talking a couple of canned goods, maybe some dry beans if your lucky, but they do give a $15 voucher for food to a local grocery store. But let’s face it, $15 doesn’t go far. In fact after I give them out each year, instead of thank you’s I get complaints ‘cause the baskets "suck". Just what I want to hear after I wait in long lines and take time away from work to get them. And finally since they contact everyone by mail that gets one in years past she could have stepped up and mailed it in herself. Opportunity was there for her….But apparently, according to her I had my baby this year so I could just stick it to her. Should be fun times when I see her for the first time this week. For the record, I wont be doing them again. EVER. You can quote me.


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