Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dear Costco, I love you

Seriously, I just need to move in Costco. I love it...I recently gave their store brand Kirkland diapers another look. I have just been getting Pampers from Sam's, and I tried the Huggies again, but I just don't like the Huggies. They leak for my kids anyways. So, I had a coupon for the Kirkland brand diapers, and I had heard they had improved them recently, and I think I am in love...They don't feel like "cheap" diapers, and you get a lot more bang for your buck. They rock. I have always used the Kirkland brand wipes as well and swear by them.

I also did something recently I should have done a long time ago... Costco only takes American Express, and I didn't have that card, so whenever I go I either write a check or pay cash. I go quite a lot as everyone already knows. Anyways, I decieded to check into the American Express card that they have applications for there. The card offers no annual fee if you are a Costco member, and you earn money to use at Costco with it. If you buy gas with it at ANY gas station you earn 3% back, and every other purchase you use with it you earn at least 1% back. The earnings check can only be used at Costco, BUT if you earn say $100, and you take the check to Costco and buy a $5 item they give you your change in cash. I only recommend someone getting this card if they buy a lot at Costco, and if your going to pay off the balance in full each month. If you don't it's defeating the the entire point. I just got my card this week, and I am only going to use it for gas, and for my regular Costco outtings. Another cool thing about the card is it has your picture on it, so you can use the card as your membership card as well. You can apply for the card online or in store. It's well worth it for my family at least.


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