Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa Picture!!

Tonight my sisters kids and my crew headed to the Picture People to do pictures of the grandkids for my parents and grandparents. Those experiences are always painful, wonderful. Every year we say it's the last picture, and then wham, I get knocked up again, and we need a new pictures with the new baby girl, or so it seems. Anyways, we lived through it, AND the local Picture People in my neck of the woods had a Santa tonight on hand for pics. He was pretty nifty looking I thought. Anyways, my oldest two are not fans of Santa by any means as our prior two attempts this year resulted in panic attacks and lots of tears. We were at the place long enough though, and Santa was relentless in getting them to warm up to him. He was determined to make a good impression by giving my girls crayons to color while we were waiting for the photographer, and he kept talking to them. He just was not going to give up. What a trooper. Either that or he gets a commission for every picture with him in it that you buy....

Anyways, we did the pictures of all the kids with each other, and then Santa wanted to do a picture with them. Of course all the older kids tried to act all cool by refusing for a while to do a picture. God forbid some tweens get their picture taken with Santa. HA I am going to post the picture on their myspaces now. After their mom's threatened to take their cell phones away they complied, and as you see here we have a non-crying picture with Santa. Whatever works.... The fact these young kids have cell phones is another story...Seriously, WTF

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Beav's Wife said...

that is precious! i'm so jealous-getting jack to pose with santa is like pulling teeth! what a special keepsake for your family. do you write something and then put a line through it? i can't figure it out!