Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas recap

Christmas was wonderful, but lord, it was crazy too.... Next year I will make sure I take some mega vacation time around this time. I go back to work Tuesday, but I need more time to take care of things. I got up at 6am, to cook a breakfast caserole, and Dave and I always exchange with each other before we wake the kids. It's always nice to have some calmness before. I got the Kindle from Dave, which rocks. I have not downloaded any books yet, but I already have a list a mile long that I want to read. He also got me a Nike Digital watch that I wanted for running when I resume this Coach to 5k thing I want to do that I have had to put off. It's a cute watch, from Costco of course! He also got me a white down vest, and a Underarmour workout shirt, so if I can't run well, at least I will look the part!

After the kids wake up and they see their Santa stuff my parents came over to check out want Santa brought them, and I give my parents their gifts. Dave's parents swang by too for a little bit, and then we went next door where things got nutty as we opened everything from the parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. My parents always out do themselves on Christmas on everyone. My mom surprised me with a Bernina sewing machine, and some sewing accessories. I don't know how to sew, but I want to learn, and I can't wait! I really want to learn to make some cute things for the kids. Like I need another freaking hobby, but at least it will serve a great purpose. I am going to call the sewing shop to get some lessons that come for free when you purchase a machine from them, and I also hope my mom will help me out as well with some learning.

After we do my parents house and have lunch we go to Dave's parents house where his side of the family is and do everything all over again. Everyone got some great stuff, and with all the food at the different houses we stuffed ourselves silly.

You know every year when Santa sets up the girls stuff, Santa panics for a little bit thinking he should have brought more, and then by the end of Christmas Day, Santa wonders where the heck all the new crap is going to go for the kids! It's just always insane... The girls love the jeep they got, and the Elmo Live was a big hit too. Seriously, if your kid is into Elmo, get one, its well worth the price. It even entertained me for a while.

I will post some pics later!


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