Sunday, April 20, 2008

What I plan on Making next.....

Today I got up and printed a coupon for Bed Bath and Beyond. I was on a mission for my Aunt-in-law's birthday gift. Her daughter gave myself and Dave's brother a choice of two ideas. 1. a small crock pot, and 2. Some sort of cups in her everyday china pattern. Turns out both his brothers family and us decieded to go with a crock pot and realized this later. Oh well, she can take one back, and get something else. ANYWAYS, while I was there I also bought one of those metal barn star thingys. It seems they are getting pretty popular in some areas and people are hanging them on the outside of homes. I think they are neat, but I don't want one on the outside of my house. I instead want to use my scrapbook tools and stick paper and pictures on it.

I first saw the idea from someone in my scrapbook group. A lady made one for another lady for her birthday that had pictures of the birthday woman and her family all over it. It was really pretty! So I saw one of the stars in the shop and decieded I need to try to make one, and I think I am going to do one for my mom of the kids of course. If it works out I will take a picture, and put a picture on here, and then make one for everyone I freaking know for Christmas or something lol.

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Jenny said...

You are so freaking creative. Aren't you tired with 2 and 1 on the way? I so need to take inspiration from you and get my butt in gear...I've become way too lazy!