Friday, April 4, 2008

Craft showed out...

I went this morning up to Richmond with my parents, my girls, and my nephew Jake to the infamous Bizarre Bazzar craft show. I had a moment yesterday when I found out Jake was tagging along, not that I didn't want him to be with us, but rather with two car seats, and the double stroller it makes my parents car pretty tight and they have the same car Dave and I have, the expedition. So I had some concerns about where I was going to put all the awesome stuff I was going to buy. I threatend to drive myself, but my family told me I was being insane and that there would be plenty of room. Of course everything I bought fit in my Land's End tote so once again I am just going to blame my insaneness on the baby in my belly.

The spring show is never as big as the Christmas show, but its still super cute and good. I was happy that it wasn't as crowded, so that made it easier on my dad who was entertaining the Gile's girls. One booth was selling sheets for your bed, and I may have totally wasted my money on them, as the deal is just too good to be true. They are brand new, 400 thread count, and any size you wanted from twin to cal king was just $22.00. I bought one set as we need sheets for our new mattress for our master bedroom, and I want to see if after one washing if they fall apart. But hey for the price I just need to test it out, and if they work out great! I also found Laura some flip flops. Last summer I paid a crazy amount for some cute ones from Gymboree, and Laura threw a fit and refused to wear them as she did not want anything between her toes. This year however she started putting my flip flops on and clops through the house in them. On my trip to PA I bought her some tacky glittery ones from the Disney Store to test out again, and SHE LOVES them. She tracks them down every morning even after I put her in different shoes and has a fit until they are on. Last night she even slept in her bed with them. Rachel however is going through the same phase as Laura last year, and hates anything in her toes so I didn't get her any flip flops at the show. Shhhh don't tell her...

I got some silver shells. I am guessing that they are real shells diped in silver or something that resembles silver, their pretty regardless, and I want to arrange them in a clear vase or something in the house with these blue shells I got at the Christmas show last December. I also bought some bag that has a liner inside. I can either use it as a lunch bag or a dirty diaper bag, and lots of other stuff. I think it would be also good for putting wet bathing suits in it for the pool or beach. And that's all I got. Dave is going to be so proud of me for not going crazy and spending more. I used serious self control and reminded myself that my work car needs new brakes between now and when I go back to work next week. Damn that car for holding me back lol!

So this weekend I am not sure what we have planned. Dave is working nights so the days I will spend it entertaining the kids, and its supposed to rain all day tomorow which is crummy cause I hate staying inside all day. I rather take the kids out so they can burn off their energy, makes for a happier mommy!

A while back I read a blog on someone I am friends with through Myspace who inspired me to take my own bags to grocery stores. I did it once and then I fell off the bandwagon. I had a moment when I went to Walmart and at the last second didn't take my bags in as I was afraid they would think I was shop lifting or something if they saw me go in with a bunch of tote bags. Silly I know! Anyways, the secretary at one of my units told me she started doing it and she thought the same thing, and also worried that her older kids would be embarrased if she did it in front of them, but she says the stores are nice about it and no cashier seems bothered. I have decieded I will try again. Will be interesting to see how long I last this time. I think the trick for me will be to store some in my car so I have them when I make spur of the moment stops.

Something else I am going to try sometime this lifetime, maybe even this weekend, are veggi purees in food. Jessica Seinfield wrote a cookbook on it, as she had a hard time getting her kids to eat veggies, so she started purreing them and adding it to normal dishes. Think purreed sweet potatoes in pancake batter and you get the idea. I got the cookbook for Christmas, but have not tried anything out. I have never pureed anything in my life either, so this should be interesting. Hopefully it will be easy enough and I will be inspired to make my own baby food for our baby on the way so I can be like my cool friend Jamie who is mom of the year for making her own baby food.

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Jaime said...

Aww. It's really not hard to do. It just takes a little planning. A lot of stuff like sweet potatoes and bananas you can just fork mash. Apples and stuff like that, though, you do have to puree. I have a hand blender that came with a sorta miniature food processor attachment that I use to do that stuff.