Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Yepp, my pregnancy attitude is just the best. I can be so freaking irritable when I have a baby in my belly. Monday I had planned to take off since our ultrasound appointment is at 10am, and hopefully we will find out the gender (with my luck we wont), and then I had wanted to get the baby something special to celebrate what it is, and then have a nice lunch with the husband. However, my husbands plan is to go with me, rush back home, get his golf crap together and then meet his BFF for a round of golf. Not my idea of a special day butt head!!! However, apparently they are going to some snobby golf course for free and I hate to disappoint my husband as I know how much he loves golf and how he lets me run off and have my free time, so I can't say anything when I am soooo tempted to just smack him with the mop. I actually hit him with a mop last weekend but thats another story, and I have been asked to work on my temper lol.

I am also irritated as he only has like one weekend off a month with his stupid schedule, and I look forward to them. I don't know why as everyone else in the world wants his attention then as well, but I still hold out an hope to have him to myself with the kids. Of course though he and his brother are making plans to go freaking Turkey hunting at his grannys on that weekend. He hasn't hunted since college, but apparently he just has to go and kill a poor turkey immedialty or hes not a man.

I mentioned the other night that I just wanted one day to lay in bed and watch TV and nap and not have to worry about the kids AND not feel guilty about someone watching them. I don't know what it is, but I get this overwhelming feeling of guilt if someone watches the kids and its not due to me being at work or something else important. I think its a female thing as men have no problem with this. But if I did this, and had my parents watch them, I wouldn't be able to enjoy the day as I would just think what a crappy mom I was for not using a day off to spend time with them. After I explain this to Dave he says he has a great plan, and his plan is to take the kids with him when he goes hunting, in hopes that it is his moms turn to be taking care of his ill granny, and have his mom not only take care of her but also the girls. That idea does not make me feel guilt free and willing to lounge around all weekend while my kids are several hours are away from me. The idea set me off and I in fact told him the idea sucked, and if my kids were heading several hours away I would be with them.

So just a warning that my blogs may be rants for quite sometime, and that I will try my best work on my 'tude, and someone may want to suggest to my husband that I need some butt kissing big time. Like every day.

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