Saturday, April 19, 2008


So this morning I ran a load of clothes in the washing machine, and was walking over to my parent's clothes line to hang them to dry, and as I approach it, I look down and see a f*ing snake. Now for the record it was little, but I have a HUGE fear of snakes. I turned around with my laundry basket and walked as calmly as possible back into my house. Dave saw my face when I came in and knew something was wrong, and all I could say was snake. He was my hero and beheaded it with a shovel. All you animal lovers don't hate on me. I KNOW that snakes wont mess you unless you mess with them, but I don't need a snake in the yard my kids play in, so if I see any, I am going to find someone to kill it. Don't try to educate me further about the subject, its just not going to happen.

I made Dave stay with me as I hung the clothes, and I made him go back with me to get them off the clothing line when they were done. Hopefully I will get over it and be able to go by myself back to the clothes line as I enjoy letting them dry in the sun. But if I see one more over there then thats it, its back to the dryer for good.


Jenny said...

OMG-I would have FREAKED OUT! Yay, your hubby saved the day!
:0) LOL

Katie said...

That is not a little snake. It's kinda big actually. And I think beheading with a shovel is way better than being shot. (That's what my redneck stepmom does to snakes.)You should leave his body outside so the other snakes figure out what happens when they enter the Giles garden.