Tuesday, April 8, 2008

So yesterday was the big day, and when we arrived at the place we got there a bit early so we sat in the car and Dave was trying to figure out what gift he would get the baby if its a boy. For our girls when we found out the sex, we would go by baby bracelets and have them engraved with their initials. Dave deciedes if its a boy, he would like to go by little cowboy boots. YES cowboy boots... I just didn't get it, but I played along.

We went in and the place was really nice, and the woman who also owns the shop and does the ultrasouds was sweet as could be. We went into a huge room with some chairs and couches, and I hopped up on the table ready. It started off looking like a regular ultrasound, and she just flipped a button to show the 3d stuff, and she kinda went back and fort between regular and 3d/4d. It was really neat. It was kinda crazy looking because the baby is so young, so its very skeletel looking and whatnot. She then checked out the sex and told us, and we just started cracking up laughing. Dave was just certain it was a boy, and I have to admit I was thinking it was as I have been feeling different this pregnancy, and I guess I just thought I would get something different this time lol. We are happy though of course as we love our girls and love everything that goes along with them. We got a ton of pics, a CD, and a DVD, plus they also gave us some freebies like some samples of formula, etc. I thought it was a great deal for just $80. They only offer one package unlike some places that have a bunch, but I thought it was pretty comprehensive and she took her time so we got lots of time to see the baby girl. She says if we want to come back later on when the baby is further along its only $60.

Dave of course still says there is a chance it could still be a boy, so I guess May 6th Dave will get the final check to make sure its still a girl. We are pretty certain its a girl though, we even went and purchased another baby bracelet, but no engravings yet as we don't know about a name right now. I even already ordered the bedding.

I am excited, and at the same time overwhelmed with everything that just needs to be done. I am also sooo tired all the time that it makes everything else even harder. I went through baby clothes tonight for a while and started hanging up things in the new nursery. I had given so much away, but I still had so much stuff, so this baby isn't hurting at all, and somehow, someway, there are still some things with tags on them that they didn't get around to wearing. I sorted some things to give away that are just the wrong seasons, and I started a pile to take to a consigment shop, and tomorow I am going to call and try to get an appointment set up to drop it off. I was proud of myself for getting some of that mess accomplished. My next mission is to clean out the nursery that has serves as a guest bedroom/ dumping ground for things we don't know what to do with. I moved some things to the attic that we need to keep, but some of the stuff just needs to be thrown away. I was using one closet in the room to store my wrapping paper and gift bags, and now I have no idea where to put that crap. I guess I need to get one of those organizers that you store under beds or something to put it in. I am just running out of room! So that gets me thinking of some stuff in the attic that needs throwing out or organizing, and of course the stuff to organize the playroom will be here in a few days, and we need to clean out that room, and thats when I panic and realize just how much crap needs to be done. I guess I just need to focus on one thing at a time.

Dave and I are trying to plan a trip possibly this month for a little getaway for us before I blow up like a whale, and before theres another addition to the family. We were thinking about going somewhere nice and tropical and then realized that Dave doesn't have a passport, and mine has my maiden name on it, so I doubt its any good anymore, so that nixed that. Dave thought about booking a 3-4 day cruise, but I am not sure I would feel safe about being out on a boat in the middle of nowhere while I am pregnant, so I ruined that. Our latest brain storm is a trip to Charleston, SC, and right now thats what we are leaning towards, but that may change by this evening lol. But regardless, we are going somewhere by the end of this month I guess!

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Jenny said...

If it makes you feel any better, I was 28 weeks when I went on a cruise...that was when Dave and I were married, actually!!!!! Yes, Jack was HUGE surprise and so we just dropped everything and got married on a cruise. It was wonderful. I found out the week before we left that you aren't supposed to cruise past 27 weeks...oh well. I felt the same what you do though...just took a chance and did it anyway!