Monday, April 7, 2008

It was a crazy Saturday as I am determined the kids banned together and thought they would give me a run for the money. We got to go outside some in the morning as it didn't rain until later, but man after we came inside the crankys came out of both of them. Rachel is my emotional child, and will cry at the drop of a hat, of course she's only 13 months, and can't really express herself yet, but good grief. Laura was trying to get into everything that she is not supposed to be in, picture her climbing on the dining room table trying to get my purse and what not. It's funny but when they get quiet I know they are into something they are not supposed to be in. Dave was trying to sleep all day (trying being the key word) so I felt awful for their behavior. Part of the problem was they didn't want to take their full naps. I even ventured up to the playroom ( I shouldn't even call it that yet) which was a huge mistake. I had not been in the room for freaking ever, and with good reason. The room is a disaster. It's actually a pretty big room, and before we had kids we had a air hockey table in there, a couch, and a TV and stereo. Well, everything is still in there plus 2 more TV's, none of the TV's are hooked up so they are taking up a big chunk of room. A ton of the kids toys are stacked on top of the air hockey table, most brand new and not even open yet. Some are older toys they got for Christmas or Birthdays and are not ready for yet, and some we just have not gotten around to opening. We also have younger toys they have outgrown but we are saving for number three. Horrible enough, when we have had birthdays at our house the kids usually head upstairs to play in this room and have left trash up there. Thanks guys. I just seriously never go in the room. I gave orders to put the toys in there to Dave, and I figured it was bad in there, just never figured it was that bad....

Anyways, like an idiot I take the kids up there and Laura finds a baby stroller and we only have one which causes problem since Rachel deciedes she really wants to play with it as well. Even a bigger problem- we have stairs going down from the hallway into the bonus room, and they both want to fight over the stroller at the top of the stairs, and every time I put them back in the chaotic room with me they go up the stairs. So we give up on that, and head back downstairs where I try to get them interested in coloring, which works for a while. woooo... They are not bad kids, they just had an off day I guess, and my patience just is not there. All I could think about during all of this was, what am I going to do with a 3rd? When this happens I just repeat in my head "John and Kate plus 8 can do it so I can do this" LOL. I swear sometimes I think I watch that show just so I can appreciate how easy I have it. I am in awe of her organization though.

Sunday, I thought Dave had to work that night for some reason, so I was prepared for another rough day without his help, but he came home from work that morning and reminded me he was off, AND he brought home breakfast for me. Big props to Dave. What a better day it was. After there naps we all went to the Virginia Living Museum, and I renewed our membership so we have another fun filled year there. Last year Laura thought it was ok, and paid attention some, and of course Rachel slept through most everything since she was a baby, but yesterdays visit they were both in awe, and loved seeing all the Fish. We couldn't do the outside stuff since it was raining, but they had a blast, and I look forward to taking them back. We then went to BJ's in Hampton which is like a Costco. My mom has a membership so I always take her card and she gives me her credit card so the names match up and I just go through the self check line to try to advoid someone looking at the picture on her membership card, and then I just pay her back when I get home. It was a disappointing trip, and makes me appreciate my Costco in Newport News. I only wish Costco sold Pampers at our location. They just carry Huggies and their own brand. Huggies seem to leak on my kids, and the store brand Dave can't stand how they feel, so we suck it up and he gets the Pampers from Sam's Club. I do everything at Costco though, from getting my pictures developed, to buying the kids milk.

So last night I sat down with Dave after the kids went to bed, and told him I was about to spend a small fortune on Pottery Barn Kids play room storage. At first he tried to tell me he was going to build the storage himself, and then I reminded him of all the other projects he has paint a new nursery, tile our master bathroom, build a playset outside, paint the hallway, etc etc etc and he gave in and gave me his blessing. So within a week I want the airhockey table out of there and either thrown away or given away. I don't care at this point, but after years of talking about getting the playroom ready, we are going to get that damn room ready.

I want to buy a small cheap off brand Flat screen TV for the room. Surprisingly, Dave doesn't want us to. I was shocked since hes all about TV's. He wants to use one of the TV's we have upstairs and put it in an entertainment center. His view is we can store all their DVD's in one place (and I am sure his playstation, video game crap as well)my view is I want something mounted to the wall and not taking up any space as the kids have a ton of toys and need the room. I am not looking at getting something huge or expensive, I just wanted something cheap but flat and with a built in DVD player. I may lose this battle though....and personally I don't care as long as we can have the room set up for the kids asap.

So today might just be the big day if the baby will show its privates. I could hardly sleep last night, and I am dying to see it again and especially in 3d/4d. It's been rainy here so I am thinking Dave may not be able to play golf after all. I took today off after all, and I think I will spend some of the day buying stuff for the baby if we can find out the sex!!!!

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Welllllllllllllll???? I'm dying to hear! How did it go today???