Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Freecycle rocks!

So far I am really likeing this Freecycle concept. I got the bag of clothes, and there were some things I wouldn't let my child be caught dead in, BUT there were some things that were fine, so all in all I was pleased. I am going to donate the things I don't want to Goodwill on the way to work tomorrow. My person picked up the vacume we had to give away as well and sent an email saying how happy they were. I also put together a bag of baby clothes of things that wont work for the baby coming along, and items I didn't want to take to consignment, and I have a taker getting those in the morning from my porch.

Dave had me send out a request for old kitchen cabinets as he wants some to hang in the garage for storage to hold his crap in. Our garage remains to be a nightmare, so hopefully some storage will inspire him to organize some of the mess. My parents garage is super organized as my dad built all this cabinets and shelves, I think Dave needs to just copy him, and I know he would be more then glad to help him, but I think Dave has some sort of vision.

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