Sunday, April 13, 2008

The neighbors can be rest assured that my bike tire is fixed now, and I forgive them for the nail in the road. I know how silly for me to be so upset about it, but I just love riding my bike, and was exciting to have my bike ready for me.

The weekend has been busy and fun. Dave got the air hockey table out of the bonus room and has talked his parents into taking it for all the grandkids to play with. I don't know why as the table is pretty crappy but as long as its out of my house, who cares! We have decieded to have a garage sale again I guess in the next month or so. We just have some junk to get rid of, and stuff that didn't sell from the last one we had last fall, and we might as well get some money out of it. This time I think we are going to set up to have a place come and get what doesn't sell, instead of store it back in the garage until the next one, just to get rid of some clutter.

I think we are going to try to put together the Pottery Barn storage stuff in the playroom at some point today if we have time. So we are making progress on that room, AND I have talked Dave into getting a new TV for the upstairs. However he doesn't want to hang it on the wall, he wants to get a entertainment center for it to sit on. But whatever, its a compromise.

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