Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday ordeals...

Today was fun and busy. We finished up the lady big box project, and then I went to the mall to spend my Gymbucks at Gymboree. You know, I guess it can be a good deal sometimes, but not such a good deal for me today. I bought two outfits for both girls and even with my Gymbucks I spent a small fortune. Oh well! At Old Navy I bought my first pair of Maternity shorts for the summer. Shorts are something I dread when pregnant, but these don't seem that bad. Remind me of that this summer...

The weather was gorgous so we spent a lot of time outside today. I did some yard work and cleaned the pollen of my cars, and chased the girls around. I took them to playground up the road at the church and they had a blast. I love days when we can play outside. That way Dave can get a good sleep, and the kids stay busy and active.

Our trip to Charleston, SC has been booked. I had wanted to stay in the historic area but evidently its a small fortune a night to stay there and most places were booked. I rather spend the money on shopping, and sightseeing, so Holiday Inn Express here we come baby lol. Whatever though, there not that bad. I am getting a massage at some place Friday there and I am counting down until that let me tell you.

I had quite the moment tonight. Dave got me a pink beach cruiser for my birthday last summer, and I dragged that out today and had my tired filled back up, and went for a nice long bike ride this evening. All was well, until I came back to our street, and I ran over a frigging nail in front of a house on our street that has had some work done lately. Immediatly my tire went flat, and I flipped out. Dave was outside and witnessed my ordeal which included me crying and screaming in the direction of my neighbors house vowing to make them pay for a new tire. Pissed me off as I love riding my bike, and I had made plans in my head to ride my bike down to the shopping center tomorow to get my eyebrows waxed and possibly a pedicure if they weren't busy. I love my freaking bike, and my back tire is now ruined. Dave says he will get it fixed tomorow on his way home from work. Watch them be out of those tires or something, or give me one that doesn't match. I know I sound like a freak, and I should be happy I didn't get hurt, but seriously all I wanted to do was ring my neighbors door bell and tell them to have their help clean up after themselves.

Pregnant Robyn can be scary folks.

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