Monday, April 21, 2008

My Confession....

Today at work we had a insurance meeting. The financial casemanager comes to our unit during these and we go over each patients insurance with me and the Secretaries of both my units. She brought plants for each of us at this visit. One for me as last month was Social Work month and I missed the last meeting, and one for the other two ladies as Wednesday is Admin. Professional's Day. The other secretary didn't show up. She works at the other clinic and when I called to check on her I was told she was going to be late for work. I had finished up my stuff early, and had decided I was going to go to my other unit to take the other secretary her plant, and to get some work done over there. I had good intentions. I really really did!!

However, on my way over I rode past the Williamsburg Outlets....They have expanded and have 25 new shops, and some of them opened this past weekend. I had not seen them yet or even looked up what was coming. So as I was driving past them I saw these huge letters over a store : KATE SPADE

I did an illegal U-turn and turned in, and went right into Kate Spade, and molested everything in there. Seriously, I bet the sales ladies were glad to see me leave so they could wipe everything down I touched. I ended up with a sensibly priced bag for my mom for her b-day gift. I try to do nice gifts for her since she does so much for me. She watches my babies for me, and never fails to go out shopping without bringing home something for the kids or Dave and I. She's just awesome like that. So I got a pretty bag for her and could have maxed out all of my credit cards on stuff for me if I hadn't reminded myself I needed to save for our trip. Seriously, I want a pair of sunglasses, a business card holder, wallet, and like 10 bags from there asap.

They are also opening a Hanna Anderson Outlet soon! Yepp, my wallet is in trouble...

I left and ended up going home, feeling guilty I didn't make it to the other unit, but proud of myself for getting my mom something nice.

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