Sunday, January 30, 2011

And so it begins....

Yesterday morning after I recovered from morning bootcamp, I ventured over to our local little league down the street, and signed up our youngest for T-ball. I can't not stress enough to you how weird that was, as it doesn't feel that long ago that I was spending my years on the ball field. Ok so maybe it has been a long time in reality, but walking in and filling out the form made me feel OLD. Seriously I almost cried. She's going to be five next Sunday. FIVE! Time needs to slow down. So... I don't know if baseball/softball will be her thing, as it was mine, but I'm pretty excited, and she is too.

This morning I took her to Target on a mission. She needed some new school shoes, and I ended up letting her pick out a helmet and bat bag for T-ball. My dad always bought me a helmet as needed, and when he coached he bought every player on the teams their own helmets, because... well helmet sharing can be gross. He even personalized them with our names and uniform numbers. He wasn't about to let us become victims of lice and other cooties. So the very thought of my little girl sharing a helmet gives me the shakes. Laura picked out the pink one, (who could blame her, I totally wish we had the cute colors when I played), and I let her get a pink Easton bat bag as well. She has a glove already, and closer to the season we will get her some cleats (no need to get that now in case her feet grow). Dave's parents are getting her a bat for her birthday, so she will be all good to go! I can't get over that she's going to be old enough to play. This makes me way too emotional.

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Lindsey@ Harpersville Home said...

Sweet! I hope she loves it!! :)