Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Massanutten 2011

And were back! This was the second year we ventured with the girls to Massanutten, and it did not disappoint. We went to the indoor waterpark a couple of time, went tubing, attempted skiing, and just hung out. The skiing portion was hilarious! Laura was old enough for lessons, but we didn't think she would like to do it by herself as her sisters are too young and the lessons last pretty much all day, so we gave it a shot of trying to have Dave teach them. Apparently, he's not a great teacher lol. I have no room to talk, I like skiing, but I am not good. I stick to the easy hills, and pretty much hope noone gets near me. Seriously if I would have taken them one of us would have broken a leg. Anyways, it took Dave and the girls forever to get down the hill each time (he took them one at a time), and I spent a bunch of time taking pictures of people who I thought were Dave and the girls, and when they would get closer I would learn they were strangers lol. It pretty much took them half and hour to come down the bunny hill. So the verdict on skiing, Laura is not a fan, but she has pretty good coordination. Rachel loved it, but has two left feet. They will do a ski class next year and get some actual instruction. =)

Tubeing is always one of our favorite activites. Emily tried it out, she just made the height requirement. She wanted to do it, and went down one time with a scared look on her face, and the second time she screamed bloody murder, and whimpered so she was done. I am proud of her though for trying it. My older girls enjoyed racing each other and giggling about who was going to win.

It was nice to get away and soak up some family time with out distractions. As I was being silly with the kiddos in the back of my mind I kept thinking, one day they will roll their eyes at me, and think I am a huge dork, but right now, they just want to play with me. I just love my family so much. I am so blessed.


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