Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Growning up Pains...

I turned 30 this year. Apparently life goes down hill. Yesterday I went to the dentist. I never have issues at the dentist. It's usually a "let's do your cleaning and xrays, and be on your way". Not this time. Apparently, having children, and age are causing me some dental issues. Nothing major, but I am pissed to say I have my first cavities EVER. Oh, and apparently I knicked my gumline brushing, and if it doesn't heal or if it gets worse I might need a gum graft. I kid you not. Didn't know that even existed, but it better heal because that doesn't sound like something cheap or pain free. Apparently they graft skin from the roof your mouth. If I need that they better knock me out for about a week.

Yesterday after that news we plunked down money for tires. Needed, but not fun.

Today I went to the "lady doctor", where we began discussing when to start mammograms, and later colonoscopies. Seriously, since when did I turn into such a old lady?? I still feel 17.

While I am at it, I better get my hearing and eyes checked. I might need cataract surgery and hearing aides at the rate I am going.

I spent my whole life wanting to grow up, and now that I am, I just want to be young again.


Jenny said...

I'm starting to feel old too...finding lots of grays in the midst of my freshly highlighted locks-ugh...

Saw what you're reading-I loved that book! I'm reading the American Wife-it's really good!

Lindse@Harpersville Home said...

i'm sorry you had all the trouble!! Your post made me giggle though. I wish I could hear you talk in real life because I'm sure you're hilarious!

I'll pray for your dental woes!! Hope it heals itself!