Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Strep throat has entered our household....My middle child has it, and soon probably everyone else will have it. I joke that I never use my sick time for myself, as with three kiddos they come first. Also, the husband just went back to working nights, which we have done before in the past, but we are attempting to get adjusted to that as well.

Some issues with that includes that our bedroom is downstairs. We planned it that way when we built our house, but that doesn't make it that wonderful when we are right smack in the middle of winter, and mainly stuck inside. The kids are older now, but more active and LOUDER. I do try to banish the kids to the playroom upstairs, but when I am in the kitchen or doing some other stuff down stairs my kiddos like to be right behind me to "help". One thing we are going to do to help him is to get plantation shutters put in our bedroom asap. We had some put in a while back in our breafast area, and the game plan was to get the whole house done, but unless someone wants to donate to that cause, we have to do a little at a time. They got put on the back burner, but since those suckers block out light like a champ, and look a million times nicer then black out curtains, the bedroom is the priority.

So in other news, as far as birthday planning for the girls I am trying to choose between a cutesty princess party at our house for their friends, or this really cool place I just found that is a little kid gym. Honestly the little kid gym sounds really cool, they could invite a bunch of friends, the parties sound really organized. It's called My-Time Gym. If I do the princess party though, let's face it, I wouldn't invite their male friends, and Rachel especially has a lot of male friends at school. She's the tomboy of the group so far. I mean I guess I could invite them, but I don't think they would really enjoy themselves, or want to dress up like a princess. Or at least their dad's probably wouldn't appreciate that too much. So basically I am set on one combined kid party, but as far as the family party goes I am still on the fence. Part of me is leaning towards combining it, and not sweating this like a crazy person. When I ask the girls they don't seem bothered by having them together, so if they are ok with it, I guess I should be to. I am going to give myself a deadline of this coming Sunday to figure it out.

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