Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I have a hard time sticking to just one topic....

This morning I got 1 out of three workouts in that I am trying my hardest to get in each week.... Should be interesting how I fit the other two in as I have alot going on in my mornings the rest of the week, guess I might have to break out the Wii Fit, not sure if I am ready to hear it call me a fatty. I loath working out in the evenings as I don't want to be away from the kiddos and my husband, and I also hate the PM gym crowds. Freaks me out.

I made a successful stop in Target as well today to grab some toothpaste. I was excited to get that for free as it was on sale, and I had a Target coupon and a manufacture coupon. Love getting deals like that. I also zoomed through the dollar aisle and spotted the cute "Love" sign (it was a $2.50 item) and these cute lipstick pens. I want to put together a little goody bag for the girls to get on Valentine's Day from us and I think these will be perfect in it.

I downloaded a book on my ipad (Thinner by Stephen King),and I have three other requests pending at the library (didn't download them as they were on the high side as far as Kindle and Ibooks go...) Those books I have pending are "Water for Elephants", "The Glass Castle", and "Commencement". I am excited to read them all, especially Water for Elephants since the movie will be out soon. I am ready to get back on a reading kick!


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AverettLadyNana said...

Cute, cute, cute stuff from Target..