Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dish Pantry

I was reading one of my mom's Paula Dean magazines, and my girl Paula wrote an article about the dish pantry. I think I have only heard them called butler pantry's, but essentially, that is what the pantry is, it's a place to store all your serving pieces, and other large kitchen related items. Paula wrote about how they were in every home back in the day, and then you just didn't hear about them anymore, but that now they are making a comeback. Paula has a nice one as you can only imagine, and she went on to share a story about some of the dishes in it, and apparently each issue this year will showcase something from her dish pantry.

Pantry's in general are not around much anymore. It's sad really. I know my great grandmother had a huge pantry, and my own mom has a nice one, but generally people turn part of their cabinets into a pantry, or if your like me you have a small closet filled to the gills with stuff that's non pantry related. In our "pantry" I store our vacuum, some BB gun riffles, and some of the kids art work, that I can't throw away, but don't exactly know what to do with it. There might be a few food items, but the majority of my real pantry items are in a lazy susan cabinet by my stove.

Of course when we were building our house I wasn't concerned about a nice big pantry, my main worry was making sure we had a huge bath tub. and that we could hurry up and just get in the house. I just didn't care about things like I do now. Now don't get me wrong, I like my kitchen, but man I just love the idea of a huge food pantry, and more room for dishes.

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Holly said...

Far out! That is a seriously impressive pantry! :O