Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

So 2011 is here! We had a low key New Years Eve. For the past three years we have gone with another couple to a Hibachi ( I am sure I goofed that spelling) for dinner. We followed through with that, and then took went to watch Fire Works over in Hampton at the Town Center. The fireworks idea ended up being really good. It wasn't too cold, or very crowded, and it was a family themed event, so they did the fireworks early at 8pm, and had cool things for the kids to look at or listen to before.

We came home and Dave and I were just wiped out, and he wasn't feeling good so we went to bed before the ball dropped cause we are super lame and old like that. We even griped about being woken up by some fireworks that were being set off (We must need Centrum Silver now).

We spent New Year's Day at my great Aunt's house at a family reunion, and visiting with my in-laws. I used the party today as a last hurrah of the girls in their Christmas dresses. Before we left I took their pictures in front of the Christmas tree. I will be taking it down tomorrow morning, and undecorating the rest of the house which makes me feel sad. I am trying to come up with some Valentine's Day decorations to give the house some pizzaz.... If you have any ideas shoot them my way! I need a new wreath for Valentine's Day, which I will attempt to make.

As far as New Year's resoultions, I honestly want to work on pretty much the same things I say every year... isn't how that always goes? I want to workout more regularly, become better organized, and just be a great wife and mother. I know those things are pretty challenging, but I just need to develope better routines in general. I need to set a goal to work out at least 3 times a week. Three isn't a big number, but honestly it's super hard to find the time. Or rather just have the motivation to make the time... Same with homekeeping. Thought I feel our house isn't a disaster, it could use some better cleaning routines, instead of waiting until there's a crazy amount of laundry, etc. I am thinking about starting Fly Lady again... There is an app on the Ipad using the flylady routine, and I might just give it a go...It's a good time to set up something new, now that the holidays are over, and a lot of the chaos has quieted down. Also, I am trying to get the kids in better cleaning habbits with their rooms and playrooms, and it's kinda hard to get on them about having a mess when our bedroom can be just as crazy.

Another part of my whole home keeping goal, is to be a better meal planner. I was doing good with this, and then I just got sidetracked. I need to get back on it as I know if I do this it will make grocery shopping so much easier, and it saves money, and what's not to like about that?

What are your organizing tips?


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