Friday, January 21, 2011

Menu planning...or at least thinking about it...

I am attempting to menu plan this week. I hate taking the time to do it, but it sure beats pondering all day what to cook, and then having to make last minute trips to the grocery store, or just throwing my hands in the air and called for pizza to be delievered. I am not sure if I mentioned it, in our vacation recap post, but on our way to and from we stopped at a little store in Stuarts Draft, VA called The Cheese Shop. This is an adorable Amish Style bulk foods store. They have a small deli section, but the main draw of the store is their bulk spices and other bulk items. The deals are AMAZING. If you are not driving through you can order from their website but I really encourage anyone who is going to be nerby to stop in. Anyways, on our trip I stocked up on spices, seasonings, etc. This has greatly helped me with my cooking lately, as I pretty much have a big supply of the things we like in our meals now, to probably get us through 6 months when hopefully we will back near there again.

So back to my menu planning....I made up some Pioner Woman pizza dough this morning to use for either some pizza one night or calzones in the next few days, and Monday I am having a taco bar for my husbands birthday party at the house, but other then that I am blanking out, and will be spending the day looking over my cookbooks, or see what Mrs. PW is up to. If you have a good meal idea send it my way! What does your family eat a lot of? I need to grocery shop tomorrow so I gotta get my weeks game plan going... BTW I know some people do a months worth of menu planning, and that is AMAZING. That is seriously some skills.



Jamie said...

I make this a lot and it is so awesome! I also make these often, too

and I love this website for recipe ideas, too

Jamie said...

Here is another easy recipe (and you can do it with other marinades, too)

Wesley gobbles these up!!

Mom of Three said...

Thanks Jamie!