Thursday, January 13, 2011

Some book reading....

While we were gone on vacation I read two books: 1. The Newest Sookie Stackhouse series book and 2. The Glass Castle. Obviously if your not a True Blood/HBO fan that book doesn't mean a thing to you. The Glass Castle though I have to recommed to EVERYONE.

I heard about this book from a friend at work. She talked it up, and the next thing I knew a few patients had read it,and other staff members, and were raving about it, so I knew it had to be good. I don't want to give away everything from this book, but basically it's a true account of a woman who is now a reporter for MSNBC, growing up in extreame poverty. Her parents also without a doubt have some issues of their own. This author captures such a hard childhood. Please go read it. I checked it out from the local library, and since I gobbled it up in no time, I lent it to my mom to read before it's due back.

What I liked about this book is it really made me think. We all have our own family issues. Show me a family that doesn't have something crazy going on. Some hide it better then others, but there are secrets everywhere. Don't let perfect people fool you. I don't need to go into details , but my point is, this book made me so happy that I didn't have a childhood like the one in the book. Yes I fought with my parents like any kid/teen usually does, yes now I worry about being a super parent to my children. Sometimes we get caught up in how our parents should have maybe done this or that differently, and now as a parent I find myself worrying constantly over the craziest details (example we may or may not have tracked down a school board member to get some insider scoops on school for next year, and even did begging for help making sure we get what we want for our oldest for next year, this mom and dad don't mess around.)

Anyways, the book made me really appreciate and realize what the cushy childhood and adulthood we have. Sometimes you get caught up in the negative and wish for this, or get sad about this. Neither my children or my kids ever had to worry about not having food, clothes, and other basic needs. I didn't have parents who were so selfish about themselves, I had parents who did everything they could for me, and gave me as much oppurtunites as humanly possible. I know that I would do anything for my children too. The bottom line is, this books made me ache for children who have no control about their up bringing, and made me so thankful for my life. When my kids are older and complain about something, I am just going to make them read this book.


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