Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I need a day trip to Hobby Lobby....

On the way to and from vacation I begged the husband to let me stop in Hobby Lobby in Richmond to see its glory. I had never been to one before, and for years now I have been dreaming about it. All of you bloggers make me so jealous with the goodies you find! So, my first trip in on the way up, I was completely overwhelmed. It was freaking huge! Way bigger then Michaels. They seriously had a map at the front of the store, and it was much needed. I didn't want to hold us up on our drive, so I just did a mad dash (we had already made a stop to exchange a Christmas present, so I needed to hurry.) My big purchase was a large Gold "G". It was half off so I scored it for $5. I plan on hanging it in the dining room. I also got a glue stick (boring purchase, but I needed to have one for a craft to do with the kids while we were away.)

I was really surprised by the large amount of houseware items. Tons and tons of picture frames, knob pulls, decorations, etc. Super cute stuff all priced very well. The scrapbook aisles were massive, the fabric department was nice, and they had some cute holiday items for Valentine's Day.

So fast forward to when we were coming home I stopped in again. I was able to spend a little more time. I picked up these cute heart ornaments so I could do a little Valentine tree. Got a box of them for 30% off of $3. I also got a cute little feather heart wreath for the front door for $9. I wanted to go crazy and buy more, but I stuck to getting Valentine's decor, and needed to not spend a lot.

I forgot to take a picture of the wreath, but I will get back with that another day...I put the heart ornaments on a small white tree that I used at Christmas in one of the girl's rooms.

So anyways, if you love crafts, and good deals on home decor Hobby Lobby is your dream come true... I hope to make a day of it, and go back to take my time in a few months...


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