Tuesday, January 31, 2012

If you need me I will be laminating everything in sight...

*A week or so ago, I did a Pinterest Project (the Christmas Card year book) in which I wanted to use a laminator to laminate the front and back of the book.  I knew I could go to Office Max or something of the like, but was hoping a friend had one I could borrow really fast.  I didn't know anyone with one, but my daughter Rachel's teacher was sweet enough to see my FB shoutout, and told me to just send it with my kiddo and she would take care of it at school.  Later I read on a friends blog, that she had received one from Costco, and it was easy to use, and cheap!  While I was at Costco this past Sunday, I checked it out, and it was even marked down further for about $14, so I snatched one up!  I took it out later that night to laminate my daughters school schedule for the year, and was really happy with how easy it was to work!  I have already started a Pinterest Board on things I plan to print out and laminate.  I think it will really come in handy for projects, learning games for the kids, and of course to help me with my battle to organize myself.  My next project I plan on using it for, is for Valentine's for the girls classmates to make them more sturdy, after they make them.  I love the one I purchased because it's nice and compact, so very easy to store, simple to use, and of course it was very inexpensive.

*I just finished reading a great book called The Midwife's Confessions.  It's the second book I have read by this author, and it was another book I couldn't put down.... I had it downloaded on my ipad, and my iphone.  I have never really read any books on my iphone before, but it came in handy, and made waiting in carpool lines more productive, and it was nice to whip out my phone on lunch break and get a chapter knocked out here and there. I will totally use this app more now.

* I am now trying to finish up a book I started earlier this year, which is basically about how different men and women communicate.  It's pretty obvious that men and women are different, but it's just so bizarre how different we process things, and how we can get so mad at each other by just not simply understanding how we process things differently.  Honestly, I didn't think I would learn anything new from this book, that a friend had loaned me, and I liked to think of myself as a boy expert after growing up with guys and playing baseball with them for years and years. I thought I pretty much knew everything, but it's been interesting.  Of course I wont leave the house with this one, because reading books that are considered Self Help genre just scream "issues" lol.


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Jenny said...

I loved the Midwife's Confessions too...which other book of her's did you read?