Friday, January 27, 2012

My mom heart is full...

My daughters school starts each day off with Chapel in the morning.  Yesterday, her class was singing a song in front of their school in church, so my husband, girls, and mother in law and I, made sure we didn't miss it.  I had never been to one of their chapel services before, but my husband and I were very impressed with how well behaved all of the children were.  I just love this school.  Laura's class sang the Butterfly song, and I was just so proud of her!  During her preschool years, Laura would never sing in front of others.  She would stand and look terrified!  Yesterday, she looked so confident, and was having a blast up there with her classmates.  I told her a thousand times before I went back to work, and when I got home last night how proud I am of her.  She has requested to have a friend over for a sleepover tonight, and by goodness I am making that happen.   Photobucket

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