Sunday, January 22, 2012

Strike a pose....

My husband likes to joke on me for taking pictures of myself with my iphone.  That handy dandy camera on the front of it is really helpful though, and honestly I never have a mirror on me, so often I use it for a mirror if I need one.  I also like to capture good hair days, hehe.  And face it, being the mommy often means you don't have many pictures of yourself, as I am the one always behind our camera, so if I want a new facebook profile photo I just take it myself.

While I was getting a shower yesterday my daughter Rachel decided to play with my phone.  One of her sisters tattled on her while I was blow drying my hair, and I was eager to just finish the process so I just said it was ok.  Later on though I discovered that Rachel herself loves the iphone camera a little bit.  She had take over 40 pictures, mainly of herself in about a 5 minute time span.  Oh yes, she likes the camera. 

The first one was a little blurry.

But soon she got the hang out of it, and was cheesing and posing like it was her job.

Then she got all artsy and started taking pictures of her toys.  I like this one she captured of Woody.

She's hilarious, and obviously totally my daughter =)